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@noahruddell I dont know exactly how it pans out, but the upside for its global acceptance is astronomical @RobSilver @MattWi77iams Mysteriously increased spin rate (Cough) (Cough) @danieltkelley @DBro_FFB @MagicSportsGuy Don't worry Dan, I got you 👇🏻 @BauerOutage Rats. They have the numbers, and access to the places we live.
@FantasyGuruDrew You gamble, you win. @MattWi77iams T-1000 esqueImagine taking that many days off of work @draftchampagne @SPStreamer Thats higher than I was hoping esp the 75 I thought maybe the low K might shy people away @TheAlgoholic I tried! @SPStreamer Wheelers the perfect complement to a balanced staff, did EVERYTHING I love in 2020 5.6% BB 55.9% GB 19… @RotoClegg @SPStreamer @Fantrax I think Bauer tried to out others, MLB didn't care so he took action. Bauers the t… a little 2-2 on #NFL parlays Big weekend for the Corked Stats Crew @FTNBets
Week 7 #NFL filling pockets at the 🏛NY Prop Exchange🏛 @FTNBets 5-0 on Props so far ✅ you tailed Corked Stats @FTNNetwork today you already got paid... Skip right to the 4pm games👇🏻 for a last minu…
Retweeted by MLB Moving AveragesIf you tailed Corked Stats @FTNNetwork today you already got paid... Skip right to the 4pm games👇🏻 for a last minu… @danieltkelley @MagicSportsGuy The boys on To The Window highlighted it being a function of the boost in play actio… @MagicSportsGuy I echoed this exact sentiment on the podcast this week. You can play Watson w/confidence but needin… TDs called back 15 minutes into the day hurts12 Sunday #NFL games broken down with free picks + plays in under 40 minutes @FTNNetwork
Retweeted by MLB Moving Averages @DadSox Even though they haven't really been great? I'm biased here admittedly I love the Jankees @Mike_Kurland @_mattywood_ Randy knows Kung Fu.Which MLB Evil Empire do you enjoy watching lose more? @Mike_Kurland You think that's a ball you're holding?Arozarenas's G is so strong right now he faceplanted rounding third when he had no business even going and still scored#NFL Corked Stats: October 23 Hosted by @MLBMovingAvg, Corked Stats explains advanced sports betting models, sport…
Retweeted by MLB Moving Averages @Wanderfulworld1 I was regretting putting negative vibes out in the universe but that was a SICK pitch And it turn… when the good team also gets lucky Ump missed that strike call to JocThe feat is impressive, no question, but I think this list also speaks volumes to drawing conclusions from these sa…
12 Sunday #NFL games broken down with free picks + plays in under 40 minutes @FTNNetwork the pace of this, good stuff @MLBMovingAvg
Retweeted by MLB Moving AveragesWe Dropped a 🔥🔥 #DFS Episode for @ChalkFade covering the ENTIRE Main Slate going Game by Game with @EliotCrist
Retweeted by MLB Moving AveragesPretty sure I'm a genius I wake up every Saturday to take my little guy out for a walk in the park... (Whispers)… @Overnundergirl If people tried to understand each other & find a peaceful center it would be fine Its a disaster.… @Overnundergirl Put that mute button to work Any word that causes stupid digital beef gets the silent treatment…
@NoisyHuevos Funny really, itd not only open the door for a legitimate product supplying tax dollars, but also prov… @NoisyHuevos Have you heard a good argument why it isn't legal in all 50 states? Seems like every state could use that money @MagicSportsGuy (WHISPERS) I like the football team's defense @RobSilver @PhilDussault27 @sporer @baseballpods Launch Angle Listener Lesson #4,516 @RobSilver @PhilDussault27 @sporer @baseballpods True, but an extremely smart Canadian baseball analyst always says… @DBro_FFB @EliotCrist @MagicSportsGuy all of a sudden, I'm oddly intrigued @RobSilver @PhilDussault27 @sporer @baseballpods Delicious seasonal fruit analogies aside, I'm trying not to equate… More ''sharp money'' will get flushed down the toilet on the Jets again this weekend @DerekCarty @baseballpods @ToddZola @jeffwzimmerman @ATCNY @MikeGianella @Jeff_Erickson @rudygamble Bookmark this ish @PhilDussault27 @ToddZola @baseballpods @jeffwzimmerman @ATCNY @DerekCarty @MikeGianella @Jeff_Erickson @rudygamble @ToddZola @DerekCarty @ATCNY @baseballpods @jeffwzimmerman @MikeGianella @Jeff_Erickson @rudygamble That's kinda wh… @DerekCarty @PhilDussault27 @baseballpods @jeffwzimmerman @ATCNY @ToddZola @MikeGianella @Jeff_Erickson @rudygamble @PhilDussault27 @baseballpods @jeffwzimmerman @ATCNY @ToddZola @DerekCarty @MikeGianella @Jeff_Erickson @rudygamble @YancyEaton Alex looks concerned, but he believes it. Nick seems more skeptical imo lol @baseballpods @jeffwzimmerman @ATCNY @ToddZola @DerekCarty @MikeGianella @Jeff_Erickson @rudygamble I'm really exci…🎚Corked Stats #NFL Wk7 @FTNNetwork🎚 🗃Advanced stats & FREE picks w/🏛 The NY Prop Exchange🏛 PIT/TEN 1:43 DAL/WAS 5… @SPStreamer @bdentrek Hes interesting for sure. I havent gotten that deep yet, I'm wondering if it was ever clarif… @SPStreamer @bdentrek At what ADP I didn't think we'd be having our first intervention before Halloween Fantasy… @SPStreamer @bdentrek Youre apparently pretty deep into your research lol @EliotCrist I had to sit through 47 targets but I'm joining the party @FTNBets @ShaunRainey Exactly, once we get passed the fact he fell he did an excellent job maximizing it @EliotCrist Winner gets all my DMs for a week lol
@JeffRatcliffe If I go anywhere for the day with the kids, cargo shorts are essential in playing the sherpa role @MagicSportsGuy @FTNBets I know you were finding your center and achieving inner peace out there stargazing, Im tailing every one of these @TheAlgoholic 64.4% is (-180) in the first place, forget the fact that you can get (-160) Politics gets more emoti… @smada_bb @BrianJSeymour @drhoa3 I thought the same until I started reading the chat board or getting DMs about my… @BrianJSeymour @smada_bb @drhoa3 Derek and I have competed in a ton in these leagues Hes still uses his handle, I dont Im a coward @darrenrovell 64.4% implied probability translates to Biden (-181) Hes currently at (-160) I wonder how markets w… @smada_bb Thx Volume play is appealing for many, giving the ability to balance portfolios for a wider basket of pl… know I'm on the podcast but in all seriousness we cover so much of the methodology & process-based thinking in re… @ctmbaseball @BrentHQ oooooooh a little worksmithery from Matty Mo Joe Flush(ing)grove He'd be a really good fit there @ctmbaseball @BrentHQ YES, its still October and its already Mustgrove vs Flushgrove Love it @TeamPokerPastor @FantasyGuruDrew I think I should expand on something critical Drew mentioned using the term lonel… @TeamPokerPastor @FantasyGuruDrew Ooooh we talking process??? My claim to fame is losing like a winner This is on… @PitcherList That ball broke so hard the catcher had to go palm down
@Roto_Frank Absolutely he's a baller too That 2nd round will be really interesting to see how different valuation methods play out @Roto_Frank I think this means I should set my KDS at 3 to play for the earlier pick on the way back You really ca… @scotteTheKing @NoisyHuevos @SiriusXMFantasy I'm with you both re: wind, but once there's a certain amount of accum… @BennyR11 Just Enjoy The Stank @MagicSportsGuy a star? hmmmm thats a great pic btw, im sure it doesn't even do justice to the real thing @MagicSportsGuy what are those things in the sky?Lot of heat around DraftKings stock, you're welcome @wolfjadam do i pin someone else's tweet
Retweeted by MLB Moving Averages @GehlNik @Rayner_Teo is a great place to start Comb through that timeline and start to learn the terms on investop… @atanker11 @DraftKings $DKNG Love the underlying fundamentals + could be consolidating here for move higher. Keep… @LarsonLarsen Too bearish for me I like to get my cash behind vehicles that either have positive momentum or stron… @ProspectsBLVD $BLNK- Too volatile for me at a glance, wait for the drop $NOK- Heading in the right direction, but… @rseckel1188 $GME I wouldnt enter here; Had I got in at that bottom Id be trailing and looking to take profits 📈📉stock tickers📈📉 again today Drop the stock below, I'll chart it out with targetsIf it can feel like a series is over after 5 innings...*flattened *Let's go flat fish
@DavidPurdum Feels like a trick to get us to not go wait for the Great Pumpkin 🎃 I'm not falling for itMLB bet(s) updated by: John L (18:28:19 EST)
Retweeted by MLB Moving Averages @FTNNetwork We should make the tie breaker how many words I can read in 1 minute @grieserulz14 @MagicSportsGuy @tenaciousDJONES Enter on the original thread and meet the reqs plzMy guess is 1 fwiw.Much respect to @MagicSportsGuy on this one, sorry @tenaciousDJONES I died that night right next to you ANY. AUTHE…'m looking for some equity positions Who has a stock ticker they want charted @BillKrackman @DickieV It's definitely closer than +190 with the Rays being able to reset the rotation and rest bullpen. @RotoGut Google calender engaged In your honor Vlad, I'll be taking the next 30 seconds off (but not really Im working on my 2021 model) @baseballpods @FantasyBestBal1 @BrianJSeymour WOOHOO YOU AINT NOBODY IN THE PODCAST SPHERE WITHOUT A BLESSING FROM… @EliotCrist Cowboys and chill?BOOKMARK THIS POD Evergreen discussion for anyone w/questions not only about MLB bestball, but how to properly bui…
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Guys take off more days running for President than I do as a handicapper