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Jeremy Frank @MLBRandomStats Buffalo Grove, IL

Baseball stats & commentary. Author. Founder of @Diamond_Digest. Not affiliated with MLB. Purdue Data Science ‘23 🚂

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that is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a football gameOh my Louisiana @ValpoBasketball @ValpoBasketball @PAndres2001 2010
@FabianArdaya @ByRobertMurray @Russ_Dorsey1 👋🏼 @kevinaspry that’s good to hear @MaxSportsStudio Sports in america is prob the only one I’ll actually enjoy but Analysis gets me a math minor so prob that one @SamMillerBB Sorry to hear that Sam @benmalone1908 oh really? @marconi64 def won’t be @PaddyKen32 prob mostly the same material overall! @oculemonade ya @jwdblue42 cool cool @kylelewisfan kinda like a proofs class for calculus @jwdblue42 you taking it? @baseballcontext dang @aerospace_alex lol you’re prob the first person that’s said thatMy class schedule for next semester if anyone cares @bschaeffer12 cant even support that team rnDang what am I gonna do with this awesome sweatshirt @zguz84 you should beLen is the best in the biz tho, really happy for him! Sucks he won’t be covering the Cubs anymore :( @LenKasperOh no i’m so sad about this Luka Garza
@DevanFink Congrats DevAnother good gift for your baseball loving friends and family:
Retweeted by Jeremy FrankA good gift for your baseball loving friends and family:
Retweeted by Jeremy Frank @PAndres2001 @thejohnriker @gablcarroll basketball school @RyanQDavis I know Kevin Pillar was last year @Moore_Stats @calpolystatclub congrats man @TJ_Cavanagh carsen was way too good of a scorer to ever have 7 assists in a game @TJ_Cavanagh tough game from the red storm today, must suck losing to purdue grad transfer matt haarmsthese crazy college basketball slates every day really don’t want me studying for finals @RyanQDavis @Wrigley_Ivy noThe Los Angeles Dodgers acquired RHP Corey Knebel from the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for a player to be named l…
Retweeted by Jeremy FrankThe Cubs haven't announced it officially yet, but per a source, Kyle Schwarber has been informed he won't be tender…
Retweeted by Jeremy FrankAngels have acquired Jose Iglesias from the Orioles, source tells The Athletic.
Retweeted by Jeremy Frank
It’s so on brand for MLB to force teams to make roster decisions without knowing what positions will be in their ba… White Sox have nontendered starter Carlos Rodon and outfielder Nomar Mazara. Both are now free agents.
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@JosephDuhownik 3 now @OaklandMBB @AndrewPerpetua Agreed @brianneubert his shot selection has been really impressive @J_Frank17 Haha thanks! I haven’t been tweeting too much baseball stuff recently but appreciate it name buddy @cam_da_man__ sup @J_Frank17 ha
If MLB retroactively instituted a “Home Run Derby rule” for Barry Bonds saying that every batted ball that didn’t g…
Retweeted by Jeremy Frank @NYMets_fan No it doesn’t, so I guess not a true HRD rule. Fair balls only @paintingcorner thanks Pat that was a good game today @cam_da_man__ still will don’t worryIf MLB retroactively instituted a “Home Run Derby rule” for Barry Bonds saying that every batted ball that didn’t g…
@neilmjohnson I dont think that necessarily means gaming isnt the primary purpose. It just means that streaming is… @RFreemyer spread @billjamesonline goalposts should be V shapes so you get rewarded for more kick power. make it wider as you get higher
@ArVaFan55 @sabr unfortunately no quick way I don’t think @Byu_bob have to make it automatic first down if it’s that kind of situation or something like thatoregon is exploiting the half the distance to the goal rule. but a false start is 5 yards. so dumbthey’ve missed two offsides this drive brutal @PAndres2001 it would actually probably be vs wisconsin and be the de facto championship week lol @CorRock3148 @joshezrol had it first
@jonbecker_ no I think he is right @Sam_Vecenie what do you think about Edey on purdue @JonRothstein isn’t the whole idea to buy stock before their price goes way up @CorRock3148 Nojel clamped him last year @MackNova he gets a free year of eligibility so there’s no reason not to from a basketball perspective @Ken_Rosenthal leading candidate for the cy sneed award @CespedesBBQAnother good gift for your baseball loving friends and family: good gift for your baseball loving friends and family: @Dongsuk317 it’s the character that counts @Dongsuk317 he’s asian @DevanFink @PassonJim reply @JosephDuhownik @purdueexponent 8:43 tip @brianneubert think we get any Gillis at the 3?
@MaizenBrew @insidenu love it @joshezrol @Forman the center version of klay thompson @Forman did he have one dribble? @treynay @BoiledSports Yup. Ivey is a shot creator this team was really missing last year. Especially needed with hunter out @BoiledSports Was surprised at how little Ivey played in comparison to Newman @LibertyMBB_ @LibertyMBB_ @BarstoolPU Edey. Buy Stock Now.
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@BoiledSports announcers didn’t notice either apparently @BoiledSports he has 2 assists @BarstoolPU edey szn @jonbecker_ @GregJohnsMLB and @statcast @AjMastrantonio @BillyWagner4HOF If Billy Wagner returned to baseball and tossed 186.1 innings with a 5.55 ERA and… Trevor Hoffman returned to baseball, and struck everyone out for 162 straight innings, Billy Wagner would still have a better career K%.
Retweeted by Jeremy FrankPlayers with a 1.000 OPS and 30 defensive runs above average in a season: Ken Griffey Jr 1996 Scott Rolen 2004
@g_katz14 @thepeytonhillis same here @PAndres2001 thanks minnesota @brianneubert damn i really wanted to see him play next year @JerSiegs may as well have him run backwards. but yeah you could do whatever you want to the guy on defense and it… @bjaysrants it’s so fun i wish teams did it more @bjaysrants it’s underutilized @NolanMcDerm Yup @stlfanbc7