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trying to draw but this comes on and my brain just imagines endless kickflips’re
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Also I think sometimes jokey drawings are funnier if I don't try to make them look nice.I've learned to not be bothered if a jokey drawing I do with no effort gets a lot of attention over drawings that t…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤I've already seen it said multiple times but jeez "Show tons of love for Crash and Tony Hawk and breath new life in… this fucking sucks stream belongs in a museum'm not like "yay government" about this but I'm happy it's there as long as it pisses a bunch of bigots off.🖤✂️💔 #callillust
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤[🎤Audition🎤] You have EXACTLY ONE WEEK LEFT before the deadline closes to apply to be our hololive English VTuber (…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 @Blankzilla Yeah I really like how Vegeta isn't even going to try for Ultra Instinct, I want to see them grow on different paths entirely.
inside you there are two wolves assume this is what @moricalliope meant on the Scarface stream about "Hawaiian Shirt that says Crimes on it"… new direction for coloring is to stop trying to figure out how light actually effects color and just going with… heard you talkin- @moricalliope #callillust
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤roleswap... mythswap? #hololiveEN
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Interesting (?) note: I wanted to do something interesting with her eyes so I referenced a wine pouring into a glas… heard you talkin- @moricalliope #callillust the beginning of a #DarkUniverse. another night where I'm like "They should bring back Snowboard Kids"
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Me trying to get motivated for work every day (From Watcher's "Weird Wonderful World") if anyone has made this one yet but here you go
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤ink ink doodle I haven't saved this yet @bmacconnell1 @alexsteacy Read more than just one tweet in the thread and investigate how much I love vtubers in my timeline.(I hope everyone understands the joke is just that the people who had this dumb idea to begin with were probably ex…"Ah I can't wait to see what great works of creativity comes from these challenging times." *everyone becomes VTubers*My boy's legs are gonna be so strongI'm tryin to have my cowboy in the cow boy game be a good boy but the carriage left without me and I don't want to… a beautiful moment. My two year old saw just joe Biden on the tv and said “mommy that’s the man who levitates…
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@PositronicWoman @Yuri_Librarian Also reminds me of this recent clip Democwats take contwow of da Senate as thwee new membews awe swown in by Vice Pwesident Hawwis. Fowwow fow wive…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Realizing that a lot of my new followers might think I have a skull in my twitter name because I like Calliope Mori… Birthday David Lynch
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 @cynicalmonkey Some day I will get back into the marbles, I can't let my Midnight Wisps t-shirt go to waste.The only sport I care about anymore do these people know what that Hallelujah song is about Leonard Cohen got wild top and wrote a song about tha…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 @Yuri_Librarian if I'm remembering it right @Yuri_Librarian The old lady defending the experiments made me very angry @BreezeGelyian Oh, yes that is what they are saying. They're just upset that I am who I am @BreezeGelyian If you wanna be technical everything has a political side to it. My comics are ESPECIALLY political…'m not the biggest Nirvana fan, but I think about the lyrics to In Bloom a lot as a writer/creatoryou are not immune to hololive
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤I love seeing people do tricks on those old 80's skateboards that are all fish shapedRecently found a VHS tape from when my dad brought his videocamera to our first day of shooting Search For Animal C…
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Meanwhile volcanic rocks are being found in Brazil that look like Cookie Monster
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 @Yuri_Librarian Aphrodite say ara araAfter hurting my hand, recovering, doing some deadline necessary work, and some fun stuff to ease back into drawing… really like calling people "Fuckwit" It's very snappyI like it when the translations ALSO use different font for Death Sensei @MLeeLunsford @moricalliope @takanashikiara [TH TL]
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Also last thing. I think VTubing can be a great thing for people to get into on either side, and I hope the commun… they said it was Burner Account I felt okay QT them. Just report it.I hope they know “how dare you be so fucking cool” is the funniest hate I’ve ever receivedHappy they censored their swears on their dumb as hell rant about hating politicsNormal thing to send to someone. “Vtuber community” be sure to let me know more of your thoughts. starring Burt Reynolds I Be a Cowboy in Another World!?? Vol 1 Extra: Chapter 0Open world BraveStarr AAA video gameCow/Boy Part V: The ReddeadeningPerson: wow I remember that old comic Me: *still trying to get the full thing in print*I mean I wrote it too I guess.People like "Wait you drew Supernormal step?" just want ONE of these open world games set in the past to hide a delorean in a cave somewhere that you can actua… @Arcane_Lain gonna drift that horseRed Dead Dedeadeded 2I started playing the Cow and Boy game. The second one.~🎶 #callillust
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤I did it! Here are the three major Fiona's since I first made her way back when
Completely fair by the way, I don't want to take pictures of me either*meme where you post a picture someone else has taken of you* Me: haha, as if anyone would ever want to take a picture of me! Hilarious!“Get creative, 47”
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Please don’t act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the m…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 @warandpeace I don't think so, but I can perfectly picture it in my headThis still pops in my head every once in a while is updated! #Hiveworks #webcomics If you're new to the comic, you can start by reading mor…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 @MLeeLunsford @moricalliope @takanashikiara 翻訳してみた。Jpn translation #callillust #artsofashes
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Today is the anniversary of January 17, 1893, in which America launched a coup against our last monarch, Queen Lili…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 is updated! #Hiveworks #webcomics If you're new to the comic, you can start by reading mor… meme shark @gawrgura hit 2 Million subscribers on youtube, proud of gar goober
フィギュアコマ撮り【さくらvsレッドブル】 #StopMotion #StreetFighter 本編はこちら
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤🖌️ CLIP STUDIO PAINT BRUSH SALE--45% OFF! 🖌️ Use the code MOVE at checkout for 45% off. All this week, the deepe…
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤 @moricalliope @takanashikiara Thank you for all the likes and such deadbeats and @moricalliope #callilust listening to her song Cursed Night again and it gave me winter feelings so here's a cold weather @moricalliope
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤I had to draw one last @moricalliope before the year ends! #callillust
Retweeted by Mx. Moz 💀🖤Here's how my character turned out (I also started the Nightclub ownership stuff) just went clothes shopping and drove around trying not to hit anything.turns out playing GTAV Online in a private solo session is a kind of a chill way to spend time. Just spent like 4… @Blueshift09 As long as you give credit and link to the original somehow I'm okay with it!people who think burgers will get too expensive in order to raise the minimum wage must think it takes an hour to make one fast food burgerWIP Preview of me trying to capture the spirit of my... 2003 I wanna say? art style. Before my eyes were sullied by… started sketching and my strategy for trying to draw like I did in high school is to pretend I'm drawing a charac…'d be especially wild to try and draw the one I made back in high school, before my art style started getting more action-orientedI should draw the three versions of Fiona in my brain to show the difference between them. @alexsteacy Alternate Universe more like. I even draw her slightly differently.
Night out! Three pages of @moricalliope origin all finished and cleaned up! (And now featuring a cameo by…
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