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TSM FTX mle @mleQT_ British Columbia 🍁

emily 🤍 | Professional Valorant Player For @TSM FTX | IGL #5 | @Twitch Partner | 17 | Email:

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YESSIRSKI #TSMWIN @cozyjozie @zecK_VAL @TeamSerenity @TSM ily @karnthc @zecK_VAL @TeamSerenity @TSM i cant WAIT till bootcamp u fuck LOL @karnthc @zecK_VAL @TeamSerenity @TSM this is why :)) @zecK_VAL @TeamSerenity @TSM MY CROSSHAIR WENT NYROOOOMClean 2-0 against @TeamSerenity Purple! GGs to them as we move onto Day 2 in #VCTGameChangers qualies. Precise gunp…
Retweeted by TSM FTX mle @zecK_VAL @TeamSerenity @TSM I LAGGED FRAMES = 0 STOP @triiggr @TestyFPS_ @hoolignVAL man. @BadEmperor_ @athxna @CAthCSGO BAHAHAHAum guys??? @athxna @CAthCSGO
Off stream, #TSMFTXValorant take down Sanctity in a clean 2-0 fashion, GGWP! Round 2 is up next, so stay tuned for…
Retweeted by TSM FTX mleYESSIRSKI #TSMWIN @CAthCSGO @BlizzardCS BAHHAHAHAH @CAthCSGO @BlizzardCS wait cath… this isnt valorant…
@rushhh___ @version1gg LETS GO RUSH!! u better get a new aloe plant 😔im actually going to lose my mind LMAO @NattyFPS @version1gg @NaomiFPS @BasedGodMilk @KarraOf @rushhh___ LOVE YOU MORE 💜 @version1gg @NaomiFPS @NattyFPS @BasedGodMilk @KarraOf @rushhh___ WOOOO LETS GO CUTIES!! 🥳 @qtcinderella @TSM DAMN RIGHT CONGRATS AGAIN QT!! 🥳❤️
@karnthc @akaL4CE @RedKohVAL hey u r just pretty 😳 @RedKohVAL @karnthc @akaL4CE hey go away lemme bully her for a bit, its all outta love @karnthc @akaL4CE @RedKohVAL i mean thats how it normally is yeah? BAHAHHAH @karnthc @akaL4CE @RedKohVAL BAHAHHA DONUT NOOOOO @Complexity @akaL4CE OKAY LACE I SEE U @KrakennIV @gaming_paige @Dshah0429 nah i was in a whole other ball park @KrakennIV @gaming_paige @Dshah0429 oh… nvm then! @KrakennIV bro facts @karnthc @zecK_VAL uhhhhhhhh @karnthc @zecK_VAL yo have u tried taking a deep breath?? BAHAHHA @zecK_VAL BAHAHAHAI live for this...
Retweeted by TSM FTX mle @SoTruw just use ur main..?
@AeroValorant LMAO @AeroValorant what in the middle school @gaming_paige i will beeee <3 @Zoessielol @KrakennIV tough time mom, tough times. @KrakennIV man.choccy milk make my pain go away 😔From fan, to creator, to family. Welcome home, @qtcinderella. Welcome to #TSM
Retweeted by TSM FTX mle @TSM @qtcinderella WHAAAA HEY HI I LOVE YOU CONGRATS WELCOME TO THE FAM!!! ❤️🥳 @KrakennIV u deserve it mfer, one of the most genuine ppl ive met.WHAT IS THIS PATCH????
@mythicaaaa BET if it is, ill watch n show my support ❤️ @mythicaaaa YESSS UR GONNA POP OFF!! is it streamed anywhere? @mythicaaaa you got this!! @athxna wait do i follow u??? @athxna yes she is cute everyone follow mommy athxna supremacy
@RyannJumps ???????me: "donut check ur phone" @karnthc : "my phones okay" ... @akaL4CE BAHHAHA luv u ❤️ @akaL4CE um.... *flashbacks*
@_Posters @DekyFPS NAH CONVEX SUPREMACY @frostyZK @steph_ecx @nmgreeen vouch, thats how i got mine 💯
everyone is missing out on our sing-a-long queues @KrakennIVi love these girls so much and it makes me so happy seeing every one of us succeeding. @rushhh___ AWEEEE RUSHHHH ❤️
@KrakennIV @Bjorlulu mf i love dental hygiene what r u talking abouttt @SoTruw ??? @Tiffae DOOD I CANT WAIT WODKKWJD @vaiblol YOOOOO @sfX_x1 RIGHT? look at @KrakennIV pfp LIKE DOOD THESE PHOTOS REPRESENT OUR INTELLIGENCE SO WELL LMAO @sfX_x1 hey.. listen… i meant for discord… ALSO this is matching LOL @togarashi69 its a vibe lowkeyMATCHING PFPS IS SO HARD TO CHOOSE FOR WHAT??? @tupperwareplays ??????
MAN PEOPLE IN THE VAL COMMUNITY ARE ACTUALLY SO WEIRD @phanesVAL unfollowed. LMAOim going back to fortnite. @ysk1ng yup. @ttvxoxohailey um… it made me pass out… rlly fast.. BUT THATS STILL THE PLAN LMAOA @togarashi69 man.uh goodmorning???
@Jazzyk1ns UR SOOO PRETTYYYYYRTRTRTRT. Has not only been one of the best players, but has been by far one of the best teammates ill ever get the… @ttvxoxohailey YUP SAME, and valorant isnt helping so now im laying in bed staring at my ceiling! LMAO @ttvxoxohailey hailey. its 6 am and im already losing my mind 😔 @ysk1ng @AeroValorant dayton. sit. @ysk1ng @AeroValorant yes @RedKohVAL @karnthc im sorry i cant help myself 😔 @KrakennIV ryan.i want someone to look at me the way wall-e looks at eva 😔 @KrakennIV one day my friend.
2021, mixed emotions smh. @karnthc @togarashi69 I CANT WIDJWDHIKOOOOO AWFGAOUIGFOUGF @RuinTxM @Asunaa nah convex supremacywait... @Asunaa USING CONVEX OP????????? @ghoulishbat_ @sfX_x1 ;) @akaL4CE @KrakennIV wait pause.. iron lobbies lace… @KrakennIV no fr is it like a fake it until you make it mentality?? Just work hard to be the best rather then act l… will never understand people who have egos but have nothing to actually back it up @p1nkraain @nubstir nah this guys boosted radiant by tiff get me out LMAOAOA @VraxLIVE @TSM luv u vraxypoo❤️ @Dshah0429 YESSSS @TheSenpaiNick @TSM ❤️❤️
@emma2k_ @TSM love you emma ❤️ @athxna @TSM @CAthCSGO yeah i second this^^VANILLA ICE ICE BABYYYYY