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Esports Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Player, Executive Producer, Tournament Lead, and Commentator since 2002. #Gaming4Good Hire me: 📧

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@oreeeo Where u goinnnn @DoughBoii_Og @Molly_Pocket_13 I will help crowd fund this if Bezos doesnt.Criminally underrated show: “Wayne” on Amazon Prime video Thought @Molly_Pocket_13 would hate it because of the v… NYSL $100K WarzoneMania Draft order is SET. Come join @MLGPuckett, @NAMELESS, @JGODYT, and @Boble as they reve…
Retweeted by Puckett For Hire @eneKeyHunt @PowerGPU can you help my agent out with a rig. I need him to carry me
Damn, Siri hitting me in the feels today. Out of all the places on the planet, this vid has me missing a conventi… awake? This @andbox_official pro deserves way more than 40 veiwers...Get in here. @eneKeyHunt Big oooof @Muddawg @MLGSundance @Vegaa12 @Enable @kittylina3 I see green under that bacon. @MikeyBDatBull g a m e s? @StuV2 Much love Stu! @MrAdamAp @LEGIQN this man if you need a PS5! He knows ppl @YellingMadman @Chaosxsilencer I know you got a full house already, but can I be adopted? @Alchemister5 @marrodc02 Yup, I was just listing OlineFeel for the Cowboys’ this year. Frederick C - Retired Tyron Smith OT - Out for the year La’el Collins OT - Out f…
@dephh_csgo Everything bagel seasoned cashews make this the most glorious charcuterie board I’ve seen @Alchemister5 Where’s the update @TheAlexValle Yeah! Papa Valle!Logan Thomas gonna start at QB for WFT next year @ozenrique So we have to LoL instead? @jamesstew4 We couldn’t find crispy onions. Used sour cream and onion pringles as topping instead 😂 @jamesstew4 Swelll done @supersamjam_ and AFK folks who aren’t taking their dog out or taking care of kids. @Nedmundo14 Haha miss you guys. Hope you are finally able to relax between seasons @SebPark @WavePunkRL @SpacestationGG @lukeslimmons Esports needed another model other than @Nadeshot. Killing the quarantine game manI don’t understand why @Nedmundo14 doesn’t have a gold star in Hollywood yet. @overwatchleague is lucky he likes… tried cooking our first Thanksgiving meal. Pumpkin Purée ended up on the 12 ft ceiling and I can’t reach it… @MJCheen @Gigante Nick save him a slice. Pretty sure I still have cheen’s address from when I sent him Papa John’s. @Gigante Omggggggg @RLewisReports @SeltzerPlease What else is on the Lewis List? Just started Wayne on Amazon Prime. Pretty solid acti… @nimby She’s Thicccc @GreatOtul Def seen it! @GODRX Come get yolked 🍳 @GODRX They call me the 🥚 machine @zchmz Zach’s new job is making posters for @Sony @ibestrafing Coach User @Parasite who is the squad? How many smokes would be ideal? @xCaliGrrlx I love your people @JoshBeardRadio @LevelNextGG @AdamBWitten @OneGreatUser Ton of fun with these boys tonight... lets go again!Shoutout to @EsportsatFSU from @MLGPuckett as he shows us his broadcast powers overseeing all of the matches going…
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Come watch @OhioState beat @Indiana again... 400 Colleges, competing for $150,000 in @EAMaddenNFL! Casting the fi… action, like Westerns? Bone Tomahawk was pretty damn entertaining. 8/10 on the Covid content scale. @ItsFearItSelf Heal up kid @Vansilli LG with some major turn over @Walshy Such a sick brand. Just too early my guy @Nadeshot @Tommey @100Thieves Didn’t you sign him for Warzone...5th man might be getting play time this year @Galen_Andress Cheers Galen, hope you’ve been awesome @MilesTheRoss I am a noob and never connected you with my man @ZarduBen. Can sort you legends in a dm to trade info @XSETLaden @ClintonSparks The struggle bus was full that day @Ninja I think I could fit another one in here’s a real one for this. Any Buckeyes stuck at school alone? College me, like current me would never turn do… you make/sell a product and work in the industry?! I want to purchase and support small business this holiday se…
Retweeted by Puckett For Hire @Hiltonators @itskaplan I’ve been jittery on camera and knew it was a problem when I started getting headaches on t… @TheStupot Much love to the OGGave in yesterday and ordered a venti coffee at 4pmET. I was 4 days caffeine clean. Now it’s 6:33am and I am WIDE… I need your help. If you want to do good, donate to a charity this holiday. If you want to do evil, plea… to the legend @Jonsandman for the mega host and gifted subs. Stayed up a little too late, but it was tota… on: Halp, I need friends How’d you get to where you are today? On top of hard work, I treated everyone I’ve worked wit… For the 2PC streamers. @ItsFearItSelf When do your results come back? @tylerlansdown @PezRadar Team player @TazMo TazBro best bro. I would post pictures of us, but it could hurt our reputation as outstanding students @MrFrankLaSpina @cmjansen @Soembie @Spex_J @YouGotSnowd sweet, I'll send you my new address. Large shoes pls
@MilesTheRoss Just shoot him! @asalisbury Weirdo, Genius, same thing @MysteriousSlays @Clayster @Muddawg @HaleyHey_ In my case we are just fearful of spreading Covid to high risk famil… @asalisbury Not gonna lie it’s been ROUGH.We are three days away from 🦃 @Muddawg @HaleyHey_ Made the call to mom last week. Brutal but required2021 news has arrived @SweatyPapi When we hanging!? Thursday? @hookscourt Highest quality human 🙌 @imrobvoice @Thorin How long you been avoiding it? @PapiChuloCorona Oh man. That’s insane. How early into your break did that happen ? @Thorin Yes captain
@andyholloway Team Dozers QB - Josh Allen RB - Henry WR - AJ Brown TE - Kittle (you will be missed)Day 4 with no caffeine. My head has stopped hurting. I want to crawl back in bed at 5pmPods up! Check it out! tweeps, if anyone needs some serious holiday fun to brighten up Thanksgiving Monday and get you in the holiday…
Retweeted by Puckett For Hire @justsome_donkus @ZuckersBagels I am not a fan of salmon or most fish. Try different sushi all the time, but just p… @DKarma I will watch you winBummed I won’t see @MattMrX online until 2021. The WOW got’em for sure @hitstreak @Blizzard_Ent See you in a few weeksLooking back at pics like these, I’m very thankful @Molly_Pocket_13 came into my life and threw away everything in… @Teanah @JoeCecot Hope you guys are doing awesome and enjoying a well deserved break this weekend 🍻 @DallasEmpire @INTELCallofDuty @Shotzzy This content 🔥 @TheMattLucero @ZuckersBagels Had an everything toasted. Tomato is a hard no, but I think I need to try the onion caper combo next @Punkraygun22 @Alchemister5 can tell who is who by the coke bottle @Drift0r I am in, as long as I get eggdog @SauterScoots Done @Cr1ngle @ZuckersBagels Wasn’t brave enough for crunch @mannimalnj @ZuckersBagels I’m not alone @Fwiz @PowerGPU @Moshcrates Fwiz would like a computer in his computer please