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Miguel Lozada @MLozada Long Beach, CA

Sr. Partnerships Manager @Elgato ❤️ @1uzenda 👶🏻 @Teamolliesworld |🇵🇷Puerto Rican | US Navy Vet | Other Socials Links & Email in Pin Tweet Below

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This GameStop stock stuff is what happens when 90s kids get a little money lmao
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaIf you’re dumb like I am, here’s a quick 5 minute explanation of what’s happening with GameStop and Wall Street…
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @shinyidol @Wario64 @Xbox MLB The Show 21... kidding - update your iOS devices NOW.
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaWe're working on bringing captions to Voice Tweets via the same tech @TwitterSpaces is using for their live caption…
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @TheHealy6 @KOT4Q YOOO THESE ARE HEAT WHERE!?!?Shining Fates Sneak Peek tomorrow morning!
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaWant Sound Effects Added To Your Streams? Grab yourself the @elgato Stream Deck, watch this video and get to stream…
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Wave 3 on sale! $139.99 hurry before it goes out of stock and comes back later at the $160 price!… of the most common free stocks given away on Robinhood is... $GME GameStop. Sign up here and we both get a fr… Offline "Army Olive" Unboxing
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaFeels good man
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada$GME Gamestop is Wild... long mindset vibe't tell Tommey
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaForever in our hearts.
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaHigh octane non stop action packed gameplay 👍 LIVE NOW #CallofDuty #ColdWar
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaRest In Peace, #KobeBryant & #GigiBryant. 🥺🐍🏀🙏 8️⃣/2️⃣4️⃣/2️⃣ (🎥 via @Bosslogic)
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaThank you Kobe Bryant. Thank you was for providing a mindset in being a different kind competitive in all aspects…
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaThe Evolution of Kobe Bryant's Signature Sneakers
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @frankies_comics Will you guys be posting when the Miles #23 goes live? Really want that piece, son is a big Miles and Basketball fan.No lies detected
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaTEAM #KONG 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaSomeone just told me they got their Twitch 1099s. Time for general tax advice for all US based new media creators…
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaPulled these out from the darkness and wanted to shed some light on ‘em! Whatcha think? #pokemon @Brett_Phillips8
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaThe Diablo Publishing team made some custom Nikes dubbed “Big Red” for the team. My new footwear at all future Di…
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaAnyone have this Sylveon card and willing to trade for my shiny vault mewtwo
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @Koijutsu Same lens I use for my streams. 🔥You asked for it, and you got it! 2021 will be a great year for @YouTubeGaming and we're kicking it off with Accou…
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🐦 Today we’re introducing @Birdwatch, a community-driven approach to addressing misleading information. And we want…
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @LeonhartYT @Brett_Phillips8 This is the man Brett! @Brett_Phillips8 YOOOOO YOU GOT SOME HEAT THERE! I'll DM you some infoThings that don't happen in SoCal often... Is this Hail or Snow? @MaxxChewning How good are these!?!? Might make the trip lolOne of many questions answered last week about partnerships during a Q&A stream. More here soon- TikTok:…
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaCongrats to our partner @aDrive_tK! 🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaIf you've been waiting to grab a new mic, the @elgato Wave:3 is on sale!
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada📢 SALE ALERT 📢 Wave:3 is on sale for $139.99! 🛒:
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Open job position @elgato! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 UK Partnerships Manager ➡️ Full-time ➡️ Remote possible ➡️ Work in an exc…
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @RippleJD I have. In the 80s and 90s. This 2021 though... ideally it folds down, concern here would be access to my… @S7arbuck No idea. But I was considering it until I saw that. Need the access to reach back to my son anytime thoug… the Cybertruck has a front middle seat?! Why... vs Kong's trailer shows a few other Titans in the fight: 🐲 Nozuki 🦇 Warbat 🤖 And... Mechagodzilla?!…
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada👟👟👟👟
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Looking for a way to store your sealed Pokémon ETB cases. Look no further and only $10! Link:…
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaAnyone going to cop the Mahomes x adidas UltraBOOST DNA ‘Black/Metallic Gold’ today? wow. Mecha Godzilla is all over the trailer.
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaGodzilla vs Kong looks amazing! HBO Max looking good this year.’s LA Times tribute to Kobe and Gianna 🙏
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaLooking for a way to store your sealed Pokémon ETB cases. Look no further and only $10! Link:… @EROCKhd Awe that halo Pic 🥰 @MLozada
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @MLozada
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaWelp Bernie Meme now retired. Meme #2 of 2021 McGregor... Do your best internet... FOLDED MCGREGOR!!!! #UFC257
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaTwitch doesn't want to kick all the shitty people off it's platform. They don't want to do anything that will massi…
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaIf anybody has Sky Broadband you can get this Velocity skin for Beck by being a Sky VIP! Big thanks to @joshatt532
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@seeson @discord @Faucius OMG HARIBO CANDYEvery Snorlax Card ever made from 1999-2021 Loved editing this video, probably the longest to put together but so…
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @drdisrespect I’ve seen what you wear. Lmao. Don’t know if you stuck up an elf for them or you’re going River dancing.
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @aDrive_tK @Twitch Congrats 25th Anniversary Stamped Promo Pack Opening 👀 TikTok: YT:
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada.@ChipotleTweets Era MLB LA Palm Snapbacks... cop or nah?
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaDont miss out on these Funkos! @knitehawk YesNooo not @kikehndez will always route for you as a fellow Boricua though! Dale. @CJ_Gomez_ Ganador contactado a finales de noviembre👀 should I hold a giveaway for a pack or two?! Watch is back! Nike LeBron 8 “Graffiti” releasing tomorrow! Shake trend took the world by storm 8 years ago. To think how a pandemic really makes you appreciate the lit…
@LeonhartYT @IO_Clemens Congrats going to pick it up this weekend hopefully.The hero the world needs. The 2-hour premiere event airs Tuesday, February 23! Stream next day free only on The CW.…
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @UnlistedLeaf 🔥🔥🔥 @RayApollo @BigCheeseKIT I’m a med. just for reference @ChipotleTweets I'm definitely getting a burrito soon because of @MLozada 👑😆
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaHeyo! A live stream is goin' on from my sponsors over at elgato! where you can ask questions about sponsorships, pa…
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaLIVE NOW! Come ask questions about PARTNERSHIPS NOW!
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaIt's time! Pull up! @elgato Game Night with @LordBalvin
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @MaryZendejasLB @suziepriceLB3 @RobertGarcia Really hope that 3701 Pacific Place doesnt get approved when this morn… @RainmakerJL @Bluengold34 Yes. @RainmakerJL @Bluengold34 You can’t even play Warzone or any F2P games on Xbox now without it. @Mitch_Jacobs 101 Q&A Stream in about 2 hours. Live here: Ask general questions about anyt… @Mitch_Jacobs 🐐 @DANNYonPC @JFest Is the money real? 🤔What’s better - a millions dollars or a million followers?
Retweeted by Miguel LozadaDonovan Mitchell throwing this pass from everywhere I guess 😳
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @KicksAddiction I just want those Kantos lolAnd by this California city they mean Long Beach.
Retweeted by Miguel Lozada @AltriveEpic @amplehills @KicksAddiction @CJSaucee I'd say if you believe you can do the job and use your experience and adapt. Why not apply? Never know. @Noobkill213 thanks man! @KevSlider @amplehills @LukeGotzon @amplehills @FRSkyRRoZ @amplehills