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Author- latest: THE LAST CONFESSION OF AUTUMN CASTERLY (PenguinTeen) Rep’d by @SarahLandis1. IG: meredithltate24. AMM Mentor. Hard of hearing. MSW. Dog pics.

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@SG_Marsh Congratulations!! @donzolidis Hey at least you give a warning first!Why more YA needs to embrace “adult main characters” Why more fantasy needs to embrace “the real world” Why more th…🍰 COVER REVEAL 🍰 I'm delighted to share the cover of my next YA romcom, WE CAN'T KEEP MEETING LIKE THIS, out 6/1/2…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @adiba_j 💕💕💕💕 @Michelle4Laughs Editing my response because I liked other ideas people posted more - going to put individual baggi… @AshleyHearn I had a relative complain that I post too much anti-trump stuff so like a mature adult I handled it by posting moreReminder that if you’re entering #DVpit and want an extra set of eyes on your pitches, I’m certainly by no means an…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @tashiebhuiyan always me 😭this is. a real good thread
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @AmyFeld Wow. I’m glad they made him leave. Also hi!! 👋 from a fellow MSW!!!
@KayAyDrew YESHi, as a licensed social worker, this is trash and a direct violation of the NASW code of ethics. If you’re a socia… @_malloryjones Congratulations!!! This is so lovely! ❤️Some imprint authors & books to support in light of this terrible news:
Retweeted by Meredith TateI’ve read many amazing YA books that came out of Imprint. Much love to everyone impacted by the news. ❤️Reminder that if you’re entering #DVpit and want an extra set of eyes on your pitches, I’m certainly by no means an… @AuthorLBrown Same! We always keep them on the tv even if my husband is watching without me @elishia_e 🥺 my husband last night I wanted a giant bean bag and this morning my IG is full of ads for giant bean bags I hate it here @adiba_j @ab_varaham I love it!!IT'S HERE 🎉🎉 Check out the cover of HANI AND ISHU'S GUIDE TO FAKE DATING, along with an exclusive excerpt of the f…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @jlzdrok Omg we had the same hardcover release date and now I think we have the same paperback date too? Lol
@jennifercarolyn I want to go hereLiving in a red state and feeling like your vote doesn’t matter? Vote anyway. Hate the two party system? Vote anyw… @rlynn_solomon @BerkleyRomance @KirkusReviews Ahhh congratulations!!! I can’t wait for this book!! @BegunRiv @yoannna @Pinguicha Pile of Books is great!! And of course the English floor in Orell Füssli.... I miss Zürich 😭 @ReenaDeen8 Oh yay congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you!! @KayAyDrew Ahhhh!! I didn’t know this! When stuff is safe again we should get together!!! @KayAyDrew This lady is me and it’s never too cold for dunks iced coffee I get judged for this literally every othe… @Rockets2Writing @mainstreetbooks Yay happy book birthday Jamie!!!! 💕🎂📚#Tracker220 is out TODAY!!! You can find it at Amazon: B&N:
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @bongomansam Somerville, Beverly, Cambridge, Marlborough, Quincy, Medford, Malden, Salem, Andover, Dedham, Walpole,…
@MerynLobb @KylieSchachte Happy birthday!!! @chelseaichaso @SourcebooksFire @KristySHunter Omg I’m so excited!!!🔥YA COVER REVEAL🔥 I'm so excited to share the cover for THE DARK WAY DOWN, my next young adult thriller out August…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @jenniferstolzer @LaurenMillerMO Definitely a doodle!! @lexduncan 🙋🏼‍♀️ @mike_speegle 👀“Dead genres.” All the dystopian. All the fantasy. All the paranormal. All the love triangles. I want it all.
@annmrose DMing you! @annmrose OMG @annmrose Wait- there are food trucks in Tomball?! 👀👀👀 @faridahlikestea I was terrified about getting mine removed and then distinctly remember afterward feeling like it… found a whole park full of food trucks 😩my dream got to meet the amazing @ohdeeandy and we didn’t get a photo together 😭 next time!! @MelodyRobinette “If she sends me one more photo of her dog istg”I finally got to meet my amazing and talented #AMM mentee @MelodyRobinette in person rather than blowing up her pho… @MelodyRobinette @ohdeeandy Can confirm
PSA: if you encounter a Deaf/Hard-of-hearing person and they can’t understand you due to mask-wearing, DO NOT pull…
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@Penchant4Words 👀👀👀Are you a BIPOC creator? Scholastic’s 0-8 group wants to hear from you! Until 12/15/20, we are accepting portfolios…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @bookavid @Pinguicha Can I be president of the Lucas fan clubI finished this magical book last night and promptly word-vomited all my fangirling into @Pinguicha’s DMs - it’s so… @WritingRon @DavidDunton I’m so excited for you!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! 🎈🎊🍾🎉🥳🤩
@IsabelWriter09 So well deserved!! Congrats!! @addiethorley @PageStreetKids I love it!!!SURPRISE! Feast your eyes on the SKY BREAKER cover, via storygram tours! So excited to share the end of Enebish’s…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @maerespicio Good times 😂 @maerespicio I asked a boy to dance and he said no. Then I asked another boy to dance and he said yes and some girl… you wear a mask when going through the drive thru?? My husband and I do, because it’s often less than six feet b…
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That moment when revisions finally click into place!!! @faridahlikestea Love it! Happy birthday!!!! 🎂Graphic novels are novels. I don't give a crap what kinda format a kid reads in as long as a kid reads.
Retweeted by Meredith Tate☀️COVER REVEAL☀️ To the hopelessly hopeful Black girls recovering from heartbreak; to the anxious Black girls afra…
Retweeted by Meredith TateDo you wear a mask when going through the drive thru?? My husband and I do, because it’s often less than six feet b… @JessicaCapelle Yes, early 30s @kfosterauthor Congratulations!!!
“What does it mean to be a woman of color?” Megan Thee Stallion for New York Times.
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @DanteMedema Happy book birthday Dante!!! I can’t wait to read it!! @mara_fitzgerald Happy book birthday I can’t wait to read it!! @amandajoywrites Whoa that’s gorgeous!!!
@MissDahlELama Baby grand piano. I play it every single day and never regretted it! The luxury I didn’t get I reme…! The cover for my 2nd book HEARTBREAKERS AND FAKERS is here! This book has: 💔 fake dating 💔 childhood nem…
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how it started how its going
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@MarieMwrites Yesssss!!
@TaraReganauthor Definitely stick with it! It took me most of season 1 before I got into it. There’s some great cha…🚨Agented/published authors in all categories interested in being a mentor for #AuthorMentorMatch R8! 🚨 Mentor appl…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @atrueblood5 Same! I’m glad the episodes are fairly short so it’s easier to stick with it until you get into it @AuthorEasley Definitely stick with it!! Some of the best character development I’ve seen!Me watching episode 1 of Schitt’s Creek: meh I don’t get why people love this show so much Me watching the season…
@mrsjgbuck Summer 2021 I have a geeky romcom that’s “You’ve Got Mail” at Comic Con, coming out with Penguin Teen (t… @JennyMarieH @owlhollowpress Congratulations!!! @KristinaForest @saraagent @ZareenJaffery @KokilaBooks @PenguinTeen Yay congratulations!! @msmayaprasad Omg congratulations!!!How it started, where it went - CP edition 💕💕@JRHoward9 (Well at least this is our most recent pic together - 2… @SugarFireSmoke You guys have the best namesthat was trash. and i know trash.
Retweeted by Meredith TateIs it just me or are they letting him talk way longer #VPDebate2020
@RJsomer 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Kalief Browder was held in solitary confinement for two years because he couldn’t afford a $3,000 bail for allegedl…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @thelemonwitch_ What if I want 4how it started vs how it's going
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @PoorRobin They’re so professional I love themIT’S HERE! See the cover for @RosariaMunda's #Flamefall and the new paperback cover for #Fireborne! (+an author Q&A…
Retweeted by Meredith Tate @axieoh @littlemissgang @zipcy88 @harperteen @EpicReads Aw I love it!!! Congrats!!