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visually motivated bloke working with co-founding friends of MediaMolecule on Dreams - the next-gen of Creative Gaming, on PS4

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@McCloudStrife yeah, but reflowed in a toaster oven. stencil+paste etc4HP is small <sweats> get why there's no text formatting on social media websites so people don't abuse it but I feel like we could dev…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk)Amazing day at @mediamolecule talking about #DreamsPS4 and how @aardman could use it as part of our pipeline. What…
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this thread... cursed the magnetic-jelly-bass-thing (TM) #MadeInDreams
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk)ok oli is getting a bit good at dreams. brilliant sound design and tight visuals. hes pushing my engine to new plac… #DreamsPs4 my top 3 songs in Dreams week #2 is outtttt!!! GO WATCHHHH!!! All the creators did an amazing jo…
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@lpzw_modules and now a front panel! slight panic when I realised I'd made it an inch higher than eurorack by mista… @lpzw_modules well, it's a layout of sorts. I really ought to go to bed - and get my kids to draw the front panel o…
and now I've drawn a schematic... I wonder if I can turn this into a single weekend project. I've got all the bits… @musicthing @DivKid @lpzw_modules @JamesCarruthers i think I'm too much of a maximalist :) @lpzw_modules @DivKid @JamesCarruthers yeah fiddled with some Vero board and you're right! 4hp it is! @Atrix256 congrats!update: once an idea takes hold :( fitted my bytebeat VCO/LFO into 4HP! with big pitch knob/cv, slew rate knob/cv, sha… a few 4hp modules manage to squeeze a knob side by side with a jack, eg maybe iirc @DivKid awsome lfo thing… @musicthing you don't know if there's a vertical pcb mount USB connector that's about the same height as a thonkiconn jack, is there? @farty yeah was gonna throw an lpf input in there. plan forming...module idea: 8hp, one big rate knob (lfo to audio rate), cv in, small vertical oled, 4 buttons to edit string on sc… @jamesdraper @hyperdude53 shitWow look at those Impy judges! Almost as impressive a lineup as the creations/creators nominated themselves! Congra…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk) @raz0rback2 @mediamolecule @TomLeigh15 thanks! and whats the *exact* workflow that youre doing that’s failing? what… @raz0rback2 @mediamolecule cc @TomLeigh15 - will need indreams linkstaking a week off twitter! see you in a bit. #afk1h to go get them dealz...
@soonhokwn @graycrawford would love to chat generally about this stuff, will shoot you a mail one day :) thankyou! @soonhokwn @graycrawford thankyou! don’t worry if its a faff, it was a passing thought and then gary pointed out yo… is Microsoft Content, and why did it use 65% of the battery power on my laptop over the last week :( @lorenschmidt some kind of right-on-the-edge epsilon thing where rays shot right in the corner immediately fail in… @klausweidner @farty @tannicalloy @thespite yeah! we actually have played around with all sorts of rigs at the offi… @graycrawford @soonhokwn thanks for the tip gray! @graycrawford @soonhokwn btw @soonhokwn if you're willing to share the experimental app I'd love to try it out....… @graycrawford @soonhokwn yes, this is *exactly* what I'm talking about. the advent of ARKit makes it kinda cute tha… @thespite @klausweidner it also does animation & logic etc, so eg you could record the stream of data into a timeli… @klausweidner @thespite yeah multiple trackers would be lovely, but I guess in-game calibration would be somewhat p… @thespite @p01 yeah I think you'd need to do dead-reckoning on the acceleration and it would be no good. I was afte… @thespite wow ok I have some catching up to do. so what you're saying is, webxr on a non-shit browser, running on a… @thespite my main barrier was the thought of downloading xcode. but now I can make the thing in js? holy moly. can… @thespite jesus now I've got to do it @thespite oooh ooooh oooooh webvr?is there a phone app that uses the new fangled AR APIs to basically just use the phone as a 6 DOF tracker? gyros wo… dev? Had a game commissioned? If you had a demo and needed funding to finish the game, and it hadn't been pic…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk)I don't pretend to fully understand the technology behind this but it looks ace!
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk) @edhargrave @abbieheppe paging @cheevil behold the floof @abbieheppe holy shit is that your cat? he is a mega chonker! what an absolute unit! amazing! i love him! @krazytuazka nah, commodore 64 & zx spectrum I heardBig congrats to all the people giving up on their New Years resolutions right around now. As Jean-Paul Sartre remin…
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i have a working plinky using the @ALLPCBOfficial assembled boards! now wondering if i should assemble the other 8/… @Bozzyisaspud @ProGenesis lovely idea . would have to get the ps4 to export mp3 to web, as the timelines actually u… @BogdanVera @tapgiles @BoatReddish maybe import some guitar cab impulses and try using a reverb gadget with custom… are the odds. Apparently some glass doors are oriented just right to cause the sun to reach an office via mult…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk) @Elca_Gaming @jangofett890 @DreamingMks @ProGenesis everything is feasible :) there are companies that provide it.… #PS4share
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk) @jangofett890 @DreamingMks @ProGenesis to be clear, I am not making a comment on what dreams is, or will be, or wha… @jangofett890 @DreamingMks @ProGenesis ...copyright holders might pay more negative attention to dreams. & from the… @jangofett890 @DreamingMks @ProGenesis I can't speak for other sites, nor lawyers, nor even for sony. but it isnt j… excited that this is going to happen! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk)Welcome to Dreamwater City ✨ After an idea and many hours later, I proudly present you my new scene, which was ful…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk) @BoatReddish @EnochRootDreams @Lotte_Double the greatest artistic expression of all time . lyrical genius
@richardmatthias ill make a sign lol :) that’s the tidy version... @ebrombaugh yeah so I'm learning! Man the rabbit hole goes deep :) I'm comforting myself that between the two diffe… @eesn thanks! Will do :) i enjoy the high bits enough :)))the #DreamsPS4 community are so amazing <wipes tear from eye> after posting my daughter’s silly homework story abou… @EnochRootDreams @BoatReddish @Lotte_Double maybe I should get Isla to record some vocals in dreams. but she's not very metal. @DreamingMks @ProGenesis indeed; thats what I argued in the first place to keep the feature in for beta. but then i… I put diagnostic code on it: all 8 channels of touch were perfect (HAPPY AGAIN) but then I mated it with yes… are unusably glitchy. just noisy crap ugh. (SUPER SAD) and that was bedtime. almost didnt dare touch it to… HAPPY!) but then the frontboard CPU (the one responsible for captouch) refuses to program (SAD! is it the tweak…, bringing up hobby electronics can be a rollercoaster, eh? last night I put headers on the first of my 10 SMD-a… @l7nzin @KimboSlasher @SonySantaMonica @Johnee_B @mediamolecule @marcoshealey hmm, one for the very long todo list I'm afraid :) @BoatReddish @EnochRootDreams glad you did as I only just saw this! METAL! I love you lot so much. @ProGenesis weeeelll... I'd love to bring it back. but the reason it hasn't been is precisely because we can't real… @l7nzin @KimboSlasher @SonySantaMonica @Johnee_B @mediamolecule @marcoshealey if you dont mind shelling out for a m… @kebby @rktic ooh good call! I think I remember skimming that and thinking 'must come back to this'. and never did. doh. thanks. @rktic cool! yeah I love gentle movement on all the things :) whats going into the second input of the ring mod? the sine + ?? @rktic ps lol you fancy bastard if this is your version of a 'quick test tone' :) <3 @psenough I cant remember if I posted it but I also watched it yesterday :) great minds! xxx @rktic lovely! so in raw terms, that's a little dc offset into a soft clipper/saturator, gently modulated over time? @zerosweven @mediamolecule yeah we should probably use it a bit more! sorry its a bit inconsistent. I definitely th… devious
@Lef0nda congrats and good luck! :) @Donzanoid ooh thats fun!my physics teacher, Sharon Newman(n?), saw that I was bored & took it upon herself to teach me & 1 other kid A-leve… @Donzanoid yeah exactly! and like his recent album ('volume massimo') says, really benefits from being played LOUDtune du jour @matthewflorianz @richardmatthias nice find! I've seen that pattern - harmonics coming and going, modulating the ti… @DNealeColorado @hunicke your daughter is going to go far. what a legendsound-engineer twitter, as part of my continuing obsession with cortini, can someone explain how he makes the drone… what am available for work! I am specialized in Unity and web development for AR, VR and video games; anything in 2 or…
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Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk) @mylarmelodies particularly loved the bit about bach :) also the battles back ref as in keeping everything alive vi… an excellent episode! really interesting chat:
My 40 minute deep dive into "fake" chips is up! Been working on this on and off for 3 year…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk) @EnochRootDreams @farty holy molyHey! So I've finally finished The Watergardens! It's a little journey focused on visuals and atmosphere completely…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 (afk)me: okay, looks like my ram is broken. I guess I need to buy new ones *opens website* ram: HYPERX FURY me: ram: V…
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