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visually motivated bloke working with co-founding friends of MediaMolecule on Dreams - the next-gen of Creative Gaming, on PS4

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@constantnoise getting closer! @musicthing thanks! video demo coming next @dnlbrgs yup! @Vlanco thanks a lot! did the best i could with limited skill and a drawing program thar only does straight lines & circle arcs... 😳and, as if by magic, to go with my 3d printed case, the postman delivered my final (final) (final use this one) (re… @Mandelbo @farty that sounds great! tho the reason it sounds different to my ear is his right hand is playing quite…
today i learned about the hexany scale - its a pentatonic microtonal thing that goes c e f g g# but the e is really… @cheevil to be clear, I am a cherry. not a bum. @The_Brave that was brilliant! everything. tho i must have missed my cameo as a fat bald ginger nose picker slouche… @The_Brave oh awesome! will check it out as soon as the kids are in bed! @eesn thanks! very clearly written. @munificentbob yeah. in this case tho, I'm applying an arpeggiator to a held chord, so I need to make up something… @eesn interesting! @kebby @designerzen its the mean, isnt it? if an even number, I always took the average of the two middle... ie for 2, its just the mean @designerzen yeah. i could go half way to sustain level rather than 0, (if lower than current level ie always reduc… @xiotex enjoy! :) making trackers/synths was the reason i got into coding in the first place, its such fun. @designerzen yeah im liking where youre coming from actually! even if maybe your original reply was in jest... neve… @BGyss @_photex_ this is a really impressive vid! we suck at deformation so god knows how they did this :) @BogdanVera @kebby what about in arp mode? do you release for one tick before each note? i could have sworn i speci… @BogdanVera @kebby well done us! :) @xiotex c on a little arm processor :) i did the dreams one on ps4 too, its an addiction :) @designerzen my voice allocation is weird :) its more 8 parallel monosynths , by design... so i think it was mislea… @kebby yeah! actually @BogdanVera what did i do for dreams? we have a legeto option and this all makes sense to me… @xiotex yeah! :). its a poly synth, and i am coding it so i can decide the retrig options :) hence the question. se… @designerzen huh that’s interesting. at least youd hear it then... @gazcredible it is @munificentbob yeah thats how i thought of it too - tho by trigger in your tweet above, that sounds more like the g… @BogdanVera ah til! i thought legato just related to overlapping gates, but that makes sense @BigHotSneeze yeah that’s the problem it sounds like a ‘missing trigger’. but jumping to 0 feels artificial to me.… @kebby yeah ive always (unthinkingly) let it keep-attacking, but was debugging an intermittent ‘missing trigger’-it… @TobiasBerghoff the lego shop in leicester square is round the corner if you could pick up the death star/ millenni… experts, if youve got an ADSR envelope with a long attack dialled in and lets say its half-way thru attacking… @TobiasBerghoff mostly houses. got the new haunted house kit... @TobiasBerghoff if you dont mind playing lego all day...we are lucky enough to have some aircon in one room in the house - the (tiny) kids room. the whole family is now ea… @mnstrmnch an ender 3 pro. getting mixed results so far - but its only day 2 so i reckon it can be made good! 7/10 initial impressionsmy first 3d print! the worlds smallest 24hp eurorack case, just for plinky! (runs off usb power & has its own headp… love to see a @LOOKMUMNOCMPUTR take on this kind of thing. square wave generator controlled from fret board i… is gonna be so wild everyone will just have to permanently be tripping acid to cope @antony_de_fault Every single time I see her smirk, it boils my blood, I swear. She's like a Disney villain strippe…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄my prolific partner has made tbis awesome animated short with a rewilding/eco message - shes looking for schools/na…
@EnochRootDreams oh no had high expectations for Dreams in VR, but the game exceded my expectations, practically everything is better in…
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@EnochRootDreams you are too kind :) but that would be too much to ask. if the need ever gets too great, i reckon i… build videos, puppetry and Bob Ross like pace of delivery. Why have I only just discovered The CrafsMan???…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 @thonk_synth @Jewelots_ yeah - dont envy them that at all! tho they've had a decade to automate the easy stuff....… @Jewelots_ yeah i guess they cant really scale the production easily, prints still take epic time to print. it mean… are shapeways prices for basic plastic prints so high? £50+ for a medium size print, and it takes a month. for…
@stevestreeting @iUserProfile great analogy! @iUserProfile i agree with all that! i loved series 1, but felt cheated by all the ‘rule changes’ / new layers adde… @constantnoise the non spoilery answer is: apparently it was conceived and pitched as a 3 series deal from the begi… @constantnoise that would be quite spoilery, I guess. do you want an answer?lockdown TV show binary reviews: Dark series 1: Yes. Dark series 2&3: No. Giri/Haji: Yes. I May Destroy You: Yes.
@BritishSpiders isla asked me to send you this to say thankyou for iding the last couple of spider photos :) @Blitz_Hop @mediamolecule is there an indreams feedback post for it? im sure its in the todo list :)
@Peter_shirley computing moments of inertia, I think? vague kids entertainment - get the 'french -sophia' voice to say silly things in english; she has a delightfully cari… editing
If you can spare anything, please donate to the Lebanese Red cross and help save lives. #beirutexplosion
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄TIL that spider eggs, before they hatch, go through a phase that is really called ‘eggs with legs!’ and they look l… looks like fireworks going off before the large explosion at the #Beirut port. #Lebanon
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄 @EvilKimau @BogdanVera oh no noPlease watch this show!!! I’ve never seen anything like it. Absolutely essential television.
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my partners been working hard on this, launches today! a mentoring scheme for british east / s east asian film make…
@JunaeBenne takes over and hosts an amazing conversation with some DOPE women in the fighting game community. Feat.…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄now i want to try making some cyanotypes... lovely work below! and e: shatter sphere and pieces #Processing #CreativeCoding #PlotterTwitter
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Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄“Got a Tory MP arrested on a rape charge” “How old is he” “He’s a former minister” “How old is he?” “50s” “STOP THE…
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@BritishSpiders oh dear! i think our cats had found it, tho it was alive. we gave it water and i released it this morning! poor thing.
@antovsky @hyperdude53 what he said :) sorry you lost it, but irs always better next time! and get it into git or something! :) @hyperdude53 oh dear! gonna need a lot more context. what editor are you using? ehat do you mean by ‘main file’? wh… @BritishSpiders another id if you’ll forgive me - spotted this chap/lady on our sofa in london. a common house spid…
oh my god. LISP in dreams? wonderful lunacy. @tonycoxphoto ‘hey idiot! i need you to do me a favour! btw youre a twat! now do me that favour or else’ @wvo @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey looks amazing! great job. ah the curse of being too ahead :)doh! i woke up at 3am with the answer in my head. the spi code is dereferencing a pointer that happens to be in the… @EeroMutka @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey i do actually have the source code archived somewhere, but last i… @wolfarae @groupgetscom @GregDavill i contacted @groupgetscom support and they were really helpful & fast, told me…
@mister_borogove alas it seems to be locked to a single dma channel. @PierreTerdiman @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey exactly! with rendering & lights/shadows also working. ah, 20… @richardmatthias @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey i think it was the moment in my life where i was most ahead… @richardmatthias @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey 2003/4? ish? yeah it was stencilled portals and then lots of…'s been incredible to work with @noahcyrus to create this #MadeInDreams music video for her single, ''July''. 🎶💖…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄the upshot is that I cant even touch the SPI bus while erasing flash pages to store parameters. and I guess I can w…, as it happens) just sort of 'locks up' while any erases are in progress. WAT. its not documented as doing tha… so when you power down it's all retained, while still playing audio using 99% of CPU (lol) reading cod… 'alex's mysterious electronics noob hardware bugs' - the STM32L4 series has dual-banks of flash, so you ca… @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey and the shadow stuff wasnt just a tech showoff (tho it was that too, lol) - i… thread on a prototype I made with @marcoshealey, dave & kareem at lionhead in the 00s- portals with scale, cro… @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey we also had crafting from cubes of clay - you can see it in the video - preda… @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey stuff like: put 2 portals on floor, drop an object into the portal, it will *… @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey Im super proud of the portals in the room btw - never been bettered. they sup… @Sackinima @Rhodochrone @marcoshealey yeah! they werent inspired by us, but it was the zeitgeist man! we showed a p… @mediamolecule @mmalex @marcoshealey What VR means to Dreamers: I think you guys would really enjoy reading this po…
Retweeted by tanh(mmalex) 🦄One To Watch: JakoJako (Electronic Beats TV) via @YouTube @GregDavill @groupgetscom i need to learn some of your zen! thanks :)
@novelistparty sign me up!kids having an enormous amount of fun making David Attenborough say 'I love jumping spider poo poo'