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Manuel Matuzović @mmatuzo Vienna, Austria

FE Dev ❤️ / #a11y, #css, #performance / @wearewebclerks / teacher / speaker / @htm_hell / @fe_boo

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If I host a podcast on SoundCloud, what counts as a play in my statistics? Clicks on SC _and_ clicks in external se…
Check out the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices for more information about ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)… think of a button with a custom JS event. If there’s only visual feedback, it’s pretty damn hard to understand… just tried to enter the office. Enter code & confirm – nothing. Again – nothing. Remove noise cancelling ear pho… morning!
Just published a new release of my little accessible accordion tabs UI component including a few bugfixes and a bre…
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @m_ott Gulp because it's easy to use.📣 Developers of the World Wide Web! What tool(s) are you using for your build process these days?
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @hyperhiebl ...hired to do and you're okay with doing it, they should at least provide you with resources and time to learn it properly. @hyperhiebl As someone who still writes bad markup at times, I can tell you that most of us have made the same expe… @mmatuzo In Belgium, schools are the first to be at fault. Students can't study what their teachers don't even unde…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićYou can even share the advice with a loved one., it’s not a course, but still. PRs welcome! PS: Yes, I’m proud of the domain name. you miss the event last week? Don't worry, all talks are available on YouTube. Enjoy! 💜
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Home Sweet Lobster 🦞❤️ @hankchizljaw *unfollowing*Are you a person that makes digital things for other people? Awesome—because this page is all about making things f…
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*whose 🙄And I'm especially excited because @mxbck is on that list, as well. 🙌☺️Guess who's name is on that list. 😍 I'm so excited to be part of this year's #id24!’m looking for my next role! 💻 Frontend developer 🌐 Remote or Berlin 🌱 A place to grow and learn 🌈 Values that go…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićIf you do: <button role=button> I can only assume you write "shirt" on all of your shirts. Sure, it does no real…
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @stommepoes @sarahebourne @MarcoInEnglish Okay, mea culpa. Ad button: <div class="btn"></div> of course @HTMLPolice Wait, what!? HTML supports buttons? TIL! @hankchizljaw sToP wHinInG wE ARe ReHYdraTiNG aNyWAy @hankchizljaw iT ScALEs rEAllY weLLMe: “Oh, they’ve relaunched XY.” *Opens Dev Tools* 2 unoptimized images: 3.8 MB 3 JS bundles: 999KB Roboto: 209KB…
@mxbck Nice! Enjoy while I'm still in Vienna programming HTML and CSS. @Footballrausch @StonedLack natürlich!
@erikkroes We should get one when I visit Amsterdam next year (hopefully)! @olliekav Don't know if people are aware of Schema but semantics have more direct impact on users. That might be a… @erikkroes Milkshake, for real? I think the last time I had a milkshake was 10 years ago,... but I really don't kno… being said, I think I'll summarize the results and replies of this tweet in an article with code samples, pro/… Some suggested solutions are a little „too semantic“ for my liking, e.g. ol >li > article > h2 + dl > dt + dd 7.… believe many devs are afraid of using tables because we’ve told them for years that tables are bad, but tables ar… to everyone who participated. The results and especially the comments are interesting. 1. ul/ol seems to be… @heydonworks @bhenbe Lutton :D @hdv found one, too. :( @heydonworks That’s why you just use both. Better safe than sorry! ht/t @bhenbe @Sean_Smyth @joelanman @vavroom @SaraSoueidan Yeah, but there are different context. You can access a link without… @Sean_Smyth @joelanman @vavroom @SaraSoueidan Screen readers provide different ways of navigation. For example, you… morning! Plans for today: ✅ 5km run ✔️ Finish the audit I'm working on ✔️ Write the outline for a new talk… @zarkojank Uživaj!
@smaerdian @HenriHelvetica @csswizardry Nah, it's just that I don't enjoy Radler anymore. My taste has changed, it's too sweet. :) @Grady_Booch Obviously. @hey_uli Thanks, Uli! 🙌 @HenriHelvetica @csswizardry @smaerdian Have you ever tried Gösser Radler? It was my favourite for a long time. @hey_uli I'd recommend to read the discussion here, some interesting ideas and opinions :) @BarkDirk Not sure if people really don't care or if it's my fault because I phrased it that way. But that again ju… @martingarnett01 This has not so much to do with HTML alone but with web development itself. As is often the case,… @scottohara You, Scott, are a smart person. I’m always glad when I find you in my replies. :) Thanks! Many have s… @HenriHelvetica Duuude, that’s impressive. I just started running regularly again 2 weeks ago and my fastest run wa… @_tayrichie you know, Taylor, accessibility or whatever @joelanman @vavroom @SaraSoueidan Yes, I know and thanks for pointing it out! 🙌🏻 @scottohara Something like this. There's this list (or whatever) and a detail page for eac… @MHLut haha no I’m auditing a site someone else has built but I’m definitely looking forward to Friday afternoon drinks. :) @accessabilly Yep. :) @WatcherJoshua That's the thing, for *layout*. Here, we are dealing with structured data. Ask yourself: Would I put…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićClassic! cannot believe "Ul"... is leading in this poll. The way this question is phrased, it *so* is a bloody data table!…
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @SaraSoueidan @uniondesign @vavroom Interesting thought! It depends on the content. What's handy about tables is th…'s the original: love the Веб-стандарты crew. They’ve translated my article “Accessible to some”, which is now available in En… @woolfie5 Recommended read: unlocked., ein Lied über Glasreiniger. . . . Gern geschehen! @ddprrt @yellowled <Font face="Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif"></Font> 🔥 @mikaelgramont @SaraSoueidan It depends on the software. You can jump from heading to heading in most, VO lists lan… @yatil * true, * everything * starts * to * look * like * a * list. * 😁 @nonswearyphil @yatil @SaraSoueidan 😁 @yatil @SaraSoueidan Ok, thanks. And you’d go for article + heading because it might be easier to scan and it gives… @vavroom @SaraSoueidan I left it out on purpose to make the discussion more interesting. :) @vavroom @SaraSoueidan What I was trying to describe was something like this. :) @ddprrt lol noob. the correct answer is map, area, marquee. @yatil @SaraSoueidan Why not ul/ol? @SaraSoueidan Hmm,..why article? Because each job is an independent item of content?Let’s say you’re building a career/jobs page and you have a list of 20 jobs each with job title, location, hours/we… Tip: Use Log on Events to explore which event handlers are being fired, in which order, with which argume…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićTIL #38: Using the background-origin property you can position background images relative to the inner border edge… morning!
@ilithya_net Don't know if that's your jam but skegss are great, too! :) User Preferences on the Web. @yatil will share his presentation with us today. Very curious to hear abo…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićJuly @CSS__Cafe in the making with @hdv talking about the "Origin of Cascades":
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @yellowled Nur in dem Font oder gar nicht? Weil dann charset falsch oder nicht da!? @HTeuMeuLeu @Phacks Ah shit, okay, thanks. Is it also normal that it strips out <!--[if !mso]><![endif]-->? @cariefisher hahaha yeah that’s absolutely what I was trying to achieve with this look 😁 @DerVonDenBergen @ilithya_net @Media I know that’s why I’m using it. The problem is that it doesn’t get delivered t… @ilithya_net You’re right, I’ll have to use inline styles for most things. Unfortunately, it’s not the issue here b… @ilithya_net @hankchizljaw Yes :)°C und mehr - diese Woche bleibt es heiß! Wenn ihr plant schwimmen zu gehen, vergesst nicht auf der Bäderampel na…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićAre there any e-mail/signature/outlook pros? If I send this signature from Apple Mail to Outlook, I get a red back… @lynnandtonic @CodePen Incredible! 😍 @hola_soy_milk @mxbck Haha yeah maybe not :D @stormgrass Bin vielleicht ein bisserl biased weil ich dich persönlich kenne, aber sooo oasch bist du nicht. <3Ok, @mxbck wrote a rap and performed it at the meetup yesterday. Now it’s time for me to deliver: Thank you…, @mxbck wrote a rap and performed it at the meetup yesterday. Now it’s time for me to deliver: Thank you…, @mxbck wrote a rap and performed it at the meetup yesterday. Now it’s time for me to deliver: Thank you…
@hdanyo @falke_wander @ZeitsprungFM Haha ur leiwand :D200 people are watching our event right now. I did not expect that. 😲 don't need a twitch account to watch the meetup. You can access it on
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @hankchizljaw Playing yourself down won’t help, Andy. You’ll do fine! 💙