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Manuel Matuzović @mmatuzo Vienna, Austria

FE Dev ❤️ / #a11y, #css, #performance / @wearewebclerks / teacher / speaker / @htm_hell / @fe_boo

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My strategy for reducing time spent on Twitter: 1. Block Twitter in Firefox. 2. Have interesting thought 2 days lat…
@adriancooke Yes, I do, thank you!📣 I’ve just published the first premium, paid-for tutorial on Piccalilli and it is *huge*. Over 4.5k words and you…
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ahaha I'm having so much fun redesigning this site. You’re going to love the details and Easter eggs. 😁🖤“The Surprising Things That CSS Can Animate” by @lonekorean You can animate z-index. 🤯 @terabaud As far as I remember the problems get really hard really soon. I don’t think that I was able to solve 10. :)“Multi-Function Button” by @aardrian @mariokandut @NotionHQ @Pinterest @github seems to be exactly what I was looking for (h/t @Treggify)“Be Careful with Dynamic Accessible Names” by @aardrian else remember Project Euler? I used to love solving the problems when I began to learn JavaScript 12 years. @frontenddude @NotionHQ Ah, interesting. Do you use a specific template, like Gallery? @nachtfunke 🤗🙌Do you keep photos of magazine covers, buildings, paintings, drawings, records, screenshots of websites etc. that i…
@dominiksumer @CodePen Not sure about that but you can change it if you have a pro account. @Flocke Haha single div JS component? Now that would be a challenge. 😁 @JonathanDHolden Here you are: to the pen: basic but good enough for my first single div. Not sure if I the configurator was actually really necessary.… @CarolSaysThings Thanks, Carol! 🙌🏻 @dominiksumer Nailed it! 🔥😁Okay, time to put many years of writing CSS and hours of watching talks and reading articles to test: I have to dra…
@justmarkup One of the most popular answers to any question related to web development is “it depends”. That’s an a…’m now officially part of the Smashing Magazine Experts Panel. 😱 Can’t wait to read and review your fantastic arti… @MicheBarks First I thought that this wasn’t an issue for me, then I noticed this (see screenshot) accidentally and… @urbantrout @csswizardry Noice! It’s simple and elegant, I like it. The only thing I would change is to remove the… @simevidas @ambrwlsn90 Yeah maybe but its more convenient to be able click the anchor link next to the heading wher… @bharat_kumar I’m using the static site generator @eleven_ty and the site is hosted on @Netlify. All I do is push i…
Do you know @vavroom? You should! Get to know him tomorrow. He'll join the stream at 8pm (UTC+1/CEST) on…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićMy website is still under construction (again!?) but I just pushed some new features: - Personal, non-web dev blog… @stommepoes haha I like that, too, but if you’re schadening your freude it actually means you’re harming your joy. :D @AndreaBaccolini Are you sure? It works for me. There’s mixed content, maybe that’s an issue. It’s also embedded h… and SVG Masks demos know you're a screen reader user if something is TL doctor instead of TLDR
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💡 This works wonderfully well with HTML by the way, as you can have a single input[type="email"] take multiple entr…
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @BellOmuboye @frontstackio Aight!📣 The next Frontstack event is coming! At our 5th annual event, we're celebrating our favourite things about front…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićHow to choose the right typeface for your UI or app? New episode of #PimpMyType out now! Where I pick on Hellvetica…
Retweeted by Manuel MatuzovićCheck out the new A11yweekly website and sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already. Great job,…“Grids Part 2: Semantics” by @codingchaos
“Fixing Smooth Scrolling & Page Search” by @derSchepp
@mxbck @Wattenberger Love it, amazing stuff!
@mxbck 🙃 @Robb0wen Yes, please, write about linguistics. I studied Slavic languages for 2 years and I fell in love with ling… guess I should just do whatever I want on my on site and care less what others think. Just like I do in real life. 3/3non-web content inspired me to “take my website” back and turn it into my _personal_ site rather than just a place… I went through unread posts in my RSS reader. Although I’ve only subscribed to web dev blogs I mostly enjoyed… @serbinnen Ustareich is jetzt wie in Tschechei vielleit oda was i ned, so sog i. Sollen olle nach Hause gehn! @stormgrass Ich schätz mal, du warst wegen Mundstuhl dort!? @stormgrass Ich hab den am 2 days a week 2004 aus einer 1,5l Eistee Plastikflasche getrunken/in mich reingeschüttet…“Don’t draw the UI, draw the priority” by @robinrendle“Making Persistent Build Folders in Netlify” by @mxbck
“Guide to Advanced CSS Selectors - Part One” by @5t3ph“Thoughts on screen readers and image recognition” by @LeonieWatson beautiful, funny and informative “webbed briefs” video by @heydonworks. Is Progressive Enhancement Dead Ye…
@derSchepp you can compare two lighthouse reports here
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović“Lists” by @adactio “If I can take something that might be a problem for a user, and tur… @Linda_Keating I believe that we don’t see too many vertical navigations because they’re not practical and only a g… @supremebeing09 What a beautiful website! 😯Keep 'em coming! I’m collecting different types of burger-less mobile navigations in this post. :)… @guecklhorn Hmm... Thanks! :) @IamSchulz The small font size in the navigation is one of the few things I don’t like about the new design. :/ @_florianbauer Pfuh, ganz schön viel los. :) Aber die Hauptnavigation ist versteckt. Die Links darunter sind mehr s… @__tmns Cool! I didn’t notice that @smashingmag did that. :) @msclaudo Fantastic work, Claudine. That’s a beautiful design, I love how you’re working with typography and spacin…, Twitter friends! I'm looking for websites with well designed headers with navigations (with at least four links…
All I wanted to do was add 2 new sections to @htm_hell and refresh the design a little bit. Today I spent half the… I know anyone at PayPal with the inclination and/or influence to resolve the significant screen reader accessibi…
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović2021 isn’t even a week old and I’m sure I’ve already read one of my favorite posts of this year. Simple and beauti…
Video description: I'm trying to paste a password in a login form, but I can't because I keep selecting the label t…, please, please use and _display_ form labels. The placeholder attribute is no replacement for <label> and… Grid is lovely, but there can be unintended consequences 😬. This wonderful interactive article by @mmatuzo sh…
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @JoshWComeau Thanks for sharing, Josh! 🙌🏻
@m_ott 🙌🏻 @maxxscho Makes sense. I tried that as well, but it’s killing me when bottom doesn’t come directly after position i… @Linda_Keating Honestly I don’t know because I don’t work in a large team and in my small team I'm the one who decides how to write CSS. 😁 @ohhelloana haha nice but your pattern looks better. The cat is awesome and I like the tape in the footer! :)Happy new year! 🎉 I wrote down some quick thoughts on grouping and sorting CSS properties. @mrvalaty @htm_hell Love it! 😁
@mxbck @htm_hell Sweet Max always trying to be funny but almost never useful.I just started working on the new design for @htm_hell. How should I order CSS properties?“Are your Anchor Links Accessible?” by @ambrwlsn90
@TweetsOfSumit @stripe Oh, wow. Gratuliere!“WebAIM: Document and Content Language”
@ericwbailey Love it! @avramator Osjetili smo i u Austriji. 😱 @bharat_kumar Thanks! @websmyth Sounds promising, thanks! Any particular reasons why you moved? @dominiksumer @ConvertKit Cool, thanks! @websmyth Looks great, thank you!Which newsletter service do you recommend? Requirements: - basic subscription form - weekly newsletter - few hund… @Florent_ATo There’s the ideal standardized implementation and then there’s the “we have to make this work as fast… @stoyanstefanov Good one, but afaik native lazyloading doesn’t work with iframes yet. @Florent_ATo I had to deal with iframes quite a lot this year. Many third party services don’t provide APIs. Also,… share a HTML tip, trick, or code snippet to help us all make better websites. I’ll start: You can name an <…"Progressive enhancement is amazing. Building websites layer by layer allows for a cleaner separation of concerns,…
Retweeted by Manuel Matuzović @chriscoyier Great work! I especially like the gradient colors and the design of article pages.
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@KamilHavlicek About 20cm. :)