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Horoscopes for @TheCut and MADAME CLAIREVOYANT'S GUIDE TO THE STARS for @HarperCollins and other work too.

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@hedhouseman world’s best pants!!
was looking for a different tweet about bookstores but actual lol @ this one again’ve been running this crowdfund at @skylightbooks to send free books to public schools in LA - please chip in if y…
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyant @kate_mckean @stephopitz lolllll oh noi have no opinions about anything, to be clear!!!! idc!!!!!hi literary internet 🙂 i’m looking for book recommendations 🙂 anyone know any good adult novels written for children?today's discourse
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyanthappy scorpio season // alice notley, the queen.
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyanti know everyone’s zoomed out but this reading on saturday, by students and alumni of the minnesota prison writing w…
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyant @MtrKDJoyce playing a tiny tiny part in this story is seriously one of the great honors of my life ❤️
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Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyanti know everyone’s zoomed out but this reading on saturday, by students and alumni of the minnesota prison writing w… @oh_ew lol i have NEVER screamed as loud at anything on tv as i did the first time i saw one of those episodes!to clarify, this is not about whether you’d GET onto the show (literally none of us would!!) but about how you woul… @CAMONGHNE lol honestly, this checks out!!! @hikikonormie lol fan favorite! @hikikonormie that is in the too normal category imo!!alt option: no (too disgusted by the thing where they have to spit like hamburgers and mustard into each other's mouths)would you be a good love island contestant(this is not in response to any Discourse it’s just me thinking my own lil thoughts about my own lil life!)things i hear w roughly equal frequency: -“friendship is perfect, magic, pure!!!!” -“why does nobody ever talk abou… @megiddings @colettearrand nooooo it's too real!!! @hedhouseman editor of my dreaaammmms ✨✨✨ @hedhouseman just thinking about how much i loved being commissioned and paid and worked with and edited by you!!“friendship is the most important relation” is both true AND also a sentiment that can be wielded in cruel and coercive ways! that’s all!!!! @megiddings !!! @elissawashuta @esmewang hahahha oh my god @esmewang lol sorry!! is a shoe brand you can buy at dsw, change my mind @croninghag lmao EXACTLY!!!!Ultimate Scorpio poems feat @alice_notley
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyant(is it three syllables? then YES it has at some point gotten stuck in my head in the lou reed voice)🎶(lou reed voice) scorrrrrpiooooo, it’s my life and it’s my wife 🎶Read your horoscope from @MmeClairevoyant
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@borrowedbirds i will almost definitely regret it lol @Galactic_Rabbit honetly so powerful and so literal this time!! @borrowedbirds it stations direct on.......nov 3 😬in case you were wondering yes i DID break my phone during mercury retrograde, astrology is real, no questions please @nellienooks it’s seriously so great, thank you!!this is so so good @sarahsmacdonald ovie!!!!!!!! angel, aquarius, @sarahsmacdonald i just finished 5!! watching 4 now and i’m soo attached toodo you remember a year/two ago when people were like “it’s just that the dems are saving up their political capital…
@bpmcgackin too true 💛💕❣️i use emoji hearts the same way i use punctuation, the same way i season food: no rules, no method, just doing it all by feel 🤪 @paperalphabet right?!! unreal! @aelaineo i want to so muchhhh @KatWithSword lol help @KatWithSword yes 😞😞😞on the one hand this is entirely too much snow, on the other hand— @reblgrrlraechel @elissawashuta omg raechel you specifically are really going to love this one i think!obsessed on the record!! to be obsessed on main but i’m full-on obsessed!!! with @elissawashuta ‘s new book kidding, i’m a sagittarius, i live for fun 🙃in these difficult times i’m extremely grateful for each and every one of the three fun experiences i’ve ever had in my life
good morning! i love you! it’s almost scorpio season! 🦂🦂
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyant @joliekerr 😍🥰 @joliekerr wow the way this tweet slammed me with the long-repressed knowledge that i used to say wicked! @mollytolsky lol molly i was just thinking EXACTLY this 😞 @bpmcgackin lmao you GET me ♐️♐️Monday morning pep talk from @MmeClairevoyant. I feel seen. And hopeful ♌
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyant @randallwrites ooh i’ll take a look! thank you!!does anyone remember a kids book where the main character wishes to trade lives with his cat (?) only to regret it… mood morning! i love you! it’s almost scorpio season! 🦂🦂
@KatWithSword my childhood bookstore!!! just the best ❤️❤️
didn’t care about The Lists but i swear if i don’t make it onto a couple gift guides..! @chipmnk 😭❤️listen.......i hate to humiliate myself online like this book would make a very great gift 👻 @dennismhogan same, i hate it!! @mckinneykelsey trade u a coat for a tattoo 🤠(these are not the nicest pictures but i’m here to say that i am making a COAT and it is going to be very large! ve…'s a new immigration bail fund for the Midwest! Join me in making a recurring donation to ensure people are ab…
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can't believe i used to wake up early and bake bread BREAD and SWEAT and shovel that stinkin' dough in and out of a…
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyanthave i ever in my life done anything BUT play myselfthe screamer has logged on the one hand i’m very stressed, on the other hand my beautiful angelic dog is positively SCREAMING because she w… deserve dignified living. This should not be a difficult or contested subject.
Retweeted by Madame ClairevoyantHELLO WORLD @GRomeroLacruz AND I ARE DOING THE DAMN THING 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪
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i’m sorry i’m sorry but “things like Capital or Steven Pinker” is genuinely making me lolfeeling threatened by all these ads for clothing that will last 💀a lifetime💀
@heyguys_heyguys her implication that it’s somehow loser behavior to try to do the right thing despite limited information..???? @LZats lol i’ve never given anyway so it’s not like i have any real high horse here, but ugh! still!!!🙃 try!!!! @smathewss wowwww i’m sweating, it’s too potent!!!in the mood for some attention, should i do a bad take about bisexuality or should i call the novel innately bourge…
hello #PortfolioDay i can make all your dreams come true, as long as they involve illustrations, designs or animati…
Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyant @nahhhlina @SabinaStent lol honestly i assume people who hate me will find a way to keep doing that, it’s fine; i j… @nahhhlina YES i’ve been too lazy so far but it really seems like the only way?in observance of mercury retrograde may i suggest: locking your account 😈🕳“In other modern constitutional states, constitutions come and go, and they are never considered sacred in the mann…
Retweeted by Madame ClairevoyantCelebrate CANCEL AMAZON PRIME DAY with Pilsen Community Books! Email proof of your CANCELLED Amazon Prime subscript…
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Retweeted by Madame Clairevoyant @Galactic_Rabbit sorry but it’s just the rules that anyone who has written a very good book isn’t allowed to say th… off because acb’s face scares me too much :( @jdgtranen hope! named by the people at the rescue bc she only has 3 legs lol, the cheesiest but we kept it anyway!the neighbor gave hope a slice of american cheese on our walk this morning, now she’s depressed every second that s…