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sona/aaryn/亜琳| typos in every language i tweet| slow reply | concept artist | store inquiry @sspadesy oc side acc @sstandardsapien

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@OZE_Art TOMORROW ILL START B3COMING ON3 😔😔😔 @einabler My spirit animal @cutiesugi Googling how to be a cbeesevcakeMy sinus is acting up and i cant sleep Sigh @Laninuuu only i can eat myself if i eat myself will get twice as large, disappear or maintain the same mass and volumesometimes i want to drop everything and just be a cheesecake @einabler siapa ngapain haahhaimagine if in 20 years, someone will introduce themselves at their work place as "toby, tobias kadachi"especially art wise ive made the resolve a long time ago to only rely on myself and my artits funny how i want to have a long-term working partnership with someone but i dont want to rely on anyone @bampshi Followed~#WonkEyesLiveTour2021 04.16 東京公演 at O-EAST+配信 感動的な締め括りは、皆さんへ送る #応援ソング「FLOWERS」でした! #心のエナジードリンク 、染み渡りました! ⬇︎LISTEN…
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃IM GLAD I STARTED WATCHING HANAKIMI BC ITS SO HILARIOUS AHHAHAHAHA THEYRE ALL DUMB I LOVE IT IM ALL FOR DUMB SHENANIGANS AND CHARACTERS @cfadilla NYOOM TO UR DMSOMEONE TALK TO ME ABOUT KING GNU I NEED TO LET OUT HIS EMOTION think ive only made 1 king gnu fanart full cast I WANNA DRAW MORE OF THE 4 OF THEM描きすぎちゃった😂 それでも楽しかった。flashは人生はこのめちゃめちゃ爆弾、つまらないこと気にするなそのままの君で続けるんだの曲と思う。めっちゃchaoticですね For sure i got carried away d…
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃 @cfadilla Gw kek "YEA! THIS IS SO WHOLESOME" But also "Lah ko gw masih d tag" 😂😂Ok im done with my why i like king gnu essay For now😂They make each other a better artist (and im sure person) and just to know this dynamic This kind of sincerity that… bond is evident in their works Such as how he gives iguchi difficult to sing parts (and iguchi himself said tha… guy that respects where it all started from and the process of how it came to be And the people alongside who als… way how in mirepa album daiki added the tokyo chaotic track thats a mix of his older stuff And how he told us t… my respect for king gnu, daiki in particular just multiplies everytime i learn see something new from them俺にとってフジロックは特別だ フジでRadioheadを見てからバンドやりてえってヌーを始めた.2017年King Gnuがルーキーステージに初めて出たのも懐かしい 俺たちはフジロックを未来に繋げるため演ります.数少ない居場所…
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃 @cfadilla KEINGET YG ERMHOI SM COTA TWEET2AN ABT SUPPORTING EACH OTHER LUCU BGT TP GW KE TAG GT TERUS GW SALFOK 😂😂😂One of the thing that makes me look up to daiki so much is how he's always mindful of the people around him Truly someone i aspire to beDaiki thanking satoru sekiyu and kazuki on his insta story is filling me with good vibes @cfadilla Lo nungguin ad kanbe y Gw langsung suudzon Cota kemaren jg post d insta pake kaos ny ermhoi! @cfadilla Talkshow apa! @SOlunistia the perks of working from home is that no one will hear me laughing and screaming as i watch and work HAHA @SOlunistia IT IS to someone who doesnt rly watch dorama and romance its actually pretty funny and fun to watch im… @Itootired ktmuan d airport nih cyin @Itootired i belom gw lombok yuk gili trawangan asik @Itootired beliin tiket gw @Itootired mau pantai anyer yg deket, bali, apa bangka blitong ancol bukan pilihan HAHAHAHAwait i saw nodame and nodame was funny i guess i can do rom coms if like its like nodamejust to let you all know when im writing in full caps i basically have the same frequency and expression as lucille… THE DOG IS SO CUTE.... i want a golden too bbwease....i like that she's not there to make a wrong right but its os sover the op agsdhfja like who in why where whisgbfyhasbdfjadsbyfyoOOOOOOOOOOOO DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the reason ashiya, (idk i kept wanting to write ayashi lol) is there and… @cfadilla 😂😂 @cfadilla Everyday daiki Everydai daiki Everydaiki Smooth brain momentI cant believe im watching hana kimi?????? I dont watch dorama Let alone anything romance related But a friend sai… my sis described as a dysfucntional group: a group of people at times being play-rude or sarcastic to each oth… friend i based leon off of just said he wants to use leon as his icon This is the highest form of approval ill…
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃ようやくミレパライブのスタジ仕上げました ちょっと忘れちゃった😂 #MillenniumParade #常田大希
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃I went with the unparalleled force for their band name! What i had in mind for their music is.. gamelan mix with…
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃I miss the beach.... @cardcaptoryona G punya cucu buat daftarin G ngerti daftar online 😔😔 @cardcaptoryona GW JG G NGERTI CMN ANGIN HAIRDRYER PDHL 😂Kapan bs nonton king gnu 😩 @15DEATH IyaaaNgeringin rambut tuh biar g masuk angin Malah masuk angin kena hairdryer tuh gmn!!!!!!Gw masuk angin dr kena hairdryer??????? 😩And this is why i like it when people cant pinpoint my age gender or nationality immediately from my art Bc beside… also the reason from an artist's pov i dont care abt NFT Its never abt the artHonestly At times im such a purist in art As in if it doesnt have anything to do with the art i will give literally…描きたい🔥🔥🔥 Spongebobのplanktonとミレパを描くはどうかな Thats too lame of a joke even for me 😂😂😂 @vicious_mongrel @artfolapp followed! @minami_pref みなみさん!!!! 受け取ってくれてありがとう🥺🥺 So honored you're wearing it to work🙈🙈 Im so glad you like it 😭🙏🙏 💕亜琳さん@mmediocreman のファンアートTシャツを着て働いてた! 職場の人に自慢した😭ありがとう😭 Thank you for a wonderful shirt😭 #kinggnu #nightpool
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃 @cfadilla BAHAHQHHQ Recreate yg mn? do EET n then show us @cfadilla Tar dm gw alamat lo yak!りょーとさんの歌声好き!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Laying out my more finushed stuff likes this made me realize that i do have some stuff i made that doesnt look that bad 😂😂 @OZE_Art WAH NO i hsve even weirder dimension bc i crop is as how i want it to be 😂😂😂 @JuneTree_ Sameeee @orentama Ikr! Not sure how this app will be in the long run tho but as of now im kinda digging it @HaruChizz Right!? I can get used to this! @colours_melting OOOOO everyday u learn something new Thank you! @0_____ao うちも技術不足が感じて。its really frustrating 😔 好きすぎてだから描いてる時粗を探すになってと思う そうです!なるほど、教えてくれてありがとう!コタさんに似合うですね frankly…
@wereville my teacher does this with us at the start of class everytime! its a really good mental exercise toothinking about being 170cm how high of a platform shoes can i get before id be walking on stilts and looking ridiculous @reynald_k133 I love lucille smh Shes my spirit animal Loose seal hahahhalevel of stress: sharpay evans
Retweeted by SONA/aaryn 👑🐃 @0_____ao cute 💕 @cfadilla soalnya apapun itu yg ad d kanbe itu yg lo cari selama ini sebenernya (mungkin) gw g pernah se amaze itu… i have a house im gonna buy a empty container for parmesan and label and call it gene gene parmesanmy sister said "isnt that just sitcom" ... ..... she's not wrong mix in some dysfunctional (blood or found) family and thats ma jamI suddenly wanna try writing for romancr or romcom Spoilers The romance part will quickly dwindle away but im stil… FEB 2021 NOTICE: shirts and charms are currently under production! it ended up taking longer than expected o… one asked for it but i wanna make ghost in the shell and doroherodo merchs especially stickersIm rly loving the layout bc ig square crop and twitter's looks bad... @cardcaptoryona @cardcaptoryona do u wanna see me acting bullyable like you @asthaeticzzz HIGH FIVE PARTNER @colours_melting WAIT i thought the dominant hand should be more flexible? @0_____ao そうも思います!写真の上に模写してもまだ似ない。諦めたこともいっぱいある 😂😂 ちなみに、インスタでバンダナを被っているのコタさん見ましたか👀 あれはバンダナと言えるでしょうか @cfadilla Syifa bikin lookbook perimetron 2021 @OZE_Art Followed u back ayeeee @sowarupinn4 ありがとう!!🙏🙏 Tempalayは曲がいいビジュアルいいしよね! @cfadilla Mau yg flash ato yg lain jg? Mau smua jg gpp si Biar g bolak balij tempat print wjkw NAH IYA KAN DIA MAU… @122241_ ありがとう! myuさんの他の絵を楽しみです! @0_____ao AAAA thats so cute 💕 @Luiechu BAHAHA LUMI WHY @parak1d AYEEE @GuardianDany added~!idk how patreon works but i rly wanna pledge to dan olson hm @cardcaptoryona @cfadilla ukhti kanbe