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Meltdown @mmeltdownn Canada | he/him

50k YouTuber | the kid laroi stan | second account: @meltdon I do YouTube, but with blocks :)

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1 BEDWARS LOSE = PAIN (this will be for a video!) COME WATCH LIVE @Rudylmaolive The Among Us Sex Simulator is Stupidly Funnybedwars loss = extremely sour candy challenge tonight on twitch @atfirstblood ok @marelletta ok @GEVidsTweet literally an inspiration @HarryButAverage JESUSSSS @ILightified No @gabesweats What?? @justChazm AYY THATS INSANE CONGRATS
@ILightified no @yoTipsi @vkiixor thanks for the free advertisement 😳melt on a class trial what will he do 😳😳😳 #melttwt πŸ€—
Retweeted by Meltdown @LeshiiDied OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BADASS HELLO???? @AngeIicat Angelica. @GeorgeMcF_ you sure? o.0 @AgroGames LETS GOOOOokay maybe snow is not that bad @JackManifoldTV @neekolul @JhbTeam @Froste Oh lord jhb is under fire rn @JackManifoldTV @tommyinnit Tommy fanbase is a bunch if 12 year old girls who fangirls him, same for carl and dream… @tommyinnit Tommy fanbase is a bunch if 12 year old girls who fangirls him, same for carl and dream, and sidemen fa…
@JackManifoldTV It wouldn't be 80% surely πŸ™„ @thekidlaroi not mine but you should check out 'help herself' by bbno$ ! @fluctraa JESUS LETS GOO @killmaecro +1 @akostorm @peachuiis @meltdon true but i already ordered black o.O maybe i can do purple in the future @peachuiis @meltdon black! @OhhEgypts ITS SO EXPENSIVE FOR WHATTTT @TikoFn Minecraft ‼️ @lildellaa LETS GOOOOOOO @Toast_y_ hey @atfirstblood @meltdon OOO TELL ME WHICH ONE @markczn @marelletta @snifferish CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!look at how far you've come, don't stop now. you got this. @ImImperfectt_ @sapnap that's insane man, so happy for you πŸ₯³πŸ‘‘ @HarryButAverage vouch :) @HarryButAverage get watch time and click = boom
@NellyBenellyyy ???????????? @NellyBenellyyy hey @ItsEvanTube Ayy that's sick @MedTheCheese @thekidlaroii @thekidlaroi @justinbieber ? @ignMqdusa hiiiiiiiiiiiiii @thekidlaroii @thekidlaroi @justinbieber OMG LETS GOO @whitew00d HEYY @Zestu_ better than apple phones @Zestu_ yes @AgroGames actual king 🀝 @tommyinnit @AngeIicat @BitzelYT LMFAOOOOOO @Sub2Dxzys hllozsxcasdasdfasdfadcZScfadaedfearf @AgroGames bro seeing you pop off is making me so happy man, you got a big future @Wheatskins_ Ok @Wheatskins_ Wheatskinswhat if the imposter was never sus... πŸ˜”
@timtomboing oh my god thank you that's so good imma cry @Calvin2une stay safe man i hope everything is okay and i wish you the best of luck πŸ’œ @turtilzlol i love you wtf turtilz @HarryButAverage LISTEN TO ME IM NOT GOOD YOURE JUST BAD LMFAOO @HarryButAverage hey @JustVurb @tommyinnit Ok @tommyinnit @TalentLacking SIGNAL BOOST @TalentLacking tnt poop MAIN_2.mp4
@Specularvtwo love you dude, you're a real one @FCLmao wait this is amazing im so grateful <3 :D:D:FjsrfgigrsngrwgEAzvsdzaedsfgmeltdown bedwars β˜‚οΈ
Retweeted by Meltdownits so hard to stream when all you got is just people commenting on your appearance, saying i look 'dead and tired'… @Zyphalopagus bro you're something else. if there's anyone in this community that deserves to go mainstream it's YOU @oecalovey bro real talk i have always thought like that @meltdon you are so bad
Retweeted by Meltdown @zoemevorah @zoemevorah nope @zoemevorah lol @GEVidsTweet What @ZyphonYT WhatMeltdown @meltdon Nah they just dont like you bro @meltdon Why are you so sad melydowb
@MurphyTXS @MCChampionship_ @Noxcrew @PresntVEVO @AreuMadLoL @ItsEvakz @Smajor1995 Shut The Fuck up @dotwavpresents the most op team'RE TOO OP
Retweeted by MeltdownGREEN.
Retweeted by MeltdownTEAM GREENSCREEN @TapLHarV @McBirken @Spifeyy @RedVacktor @Anthostv @JustVurb @Elaina_Exe @BurdTV yesthey are WINGS not CAT EARS. @NellyBenellyyy Happy birthday nelly :) @colliniguess Ok @colliniguess Ya @gaydanflanagan @Jordan25401277 @BlackySpeakz Aidan Flanagan @killmaecro true :)
@JustNathanTV no @HarryButAverage LETS GOOO @HarryButAverage thanks king :) you should upload more @JustNathanTV let's hope :) @iAmPolarize LMAO @marleduh actual weirdos holy shit I hate people @Skeppy love u king πŸ’œ @Laqqyy Happy birthday Laqqy :) Proud of your success so far @Nyxioto but..