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✨cute valentine’s gift ideas if your boyfriend’s favorite movie is wolf of wall street✨ 1. therapyhaven’t checked canvas yet bc i like surprises and don’t hate myself 🥰 @tacobell_xmas oh my god oops close your eyes 😭watching season 4 episode 4 of gilmore girls i’m in spain the s is silent
@SatouriSerena omg 🥺🥺 @SatouriSerena i’m obsessedjust got my first threatening email of the semester! thank u hume center 🥰 @usuallysara me too it got me thinking lol my mom did not let me leave the house during thatdoes anyone remember the nova buttslasher?overcooked has the cooking mama relaxing vibes and nostalgia i didn’t know i needed @crixare4kids where is this from i need it @chipnanimus she so sexyi asked mitchell to give me some goldfish and he poured me exactly 7.5 💀I am no longer working on myself I am now doing drugs
Retweeted by MEREDITHme turning down the music so i can see better @floralflareon new girls!send newgs
I FIXED IT BITCH GIVE ME AN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEGREE!!! anyone have scar recommendations? i have a scar on my leg from shaving and apparently it will not go away :/if you ever get into an argument with a white man just ask him how he’s coping with his male pattern baldness, shit… i compare thee to a summer’s day? no, a summer’s day is not a bitch. @drewgouge NOOOOOOO i’m crying oh my god please someone get me help 😭my most concerning personality trait is that from the ages of 5-13 i NEVER put milk in my cereal that shit stayed dry @drewgouge i literally thought that chicken was a waffle i am blind and dumbsomeone asked me for relationship advice on one of my tik toks. bitch go somewhere else this is the mental hospital… @cmjones0704 yeah but it might hurt your ears 😭thinking ab this comment under one of my tik toks
@tacobell_xmas @mitchdavis_ @mitchdavis_ certified professional huggerme: the standards for men aren’t that low! also me whenever he turns the steering wheel with an open palm: @drewgouge omg ty!! 🥺pref!! 🖤 mom is on some new shit ab men being psych majors doesn’t sit right w me like i feel like at that point it’s just special training to be a better liaraux is broken so if we ever go on a drive just know u about to be serenaded
Maybe not for you, but someone else.
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Retweeted by MEREDITHzayn’s new album oh my god on repeat boy streaked across the field at homecoming then punched the principal in the face 2. a boy got sent to the hosp… my high school but still juicy enough to make the washington post ab irish reunification also slap: when I take one (1) good picture and post it on every social media platform I have
Retweeted by MEREDITHnot my mom telling me she’s watching bridgerton and me replying “isn’t that a little inappropriate” 💀and i’m even prettier irl that’s crazy
Retweeted by MEREDITHarmie hammer is a perfect example of why we should kink shamestirring natural pb 🤝 stirring mac & cheese sounds like good pussy @CromwellLogan omg ily! your speech today was so cute! 🥺🥺 @tacobell_xmas anyone else hoard plastic bags out of guilt every time you use them? i literally have a pile in the closet of… the kroger trying to grocery shop after a 13 hour zoom call @tacobell_xmas roots! or pizza!
exhibit A: is linkedin lowkey becoming facebook, y’all need to stop posting random shit on therepov: zoom recruitment lunch break math class was in a computer lab in a strip mall
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Retweeted by MEREDITHwtf is an open relationship ??? Bitch I’ll kill u
Retweeted by MEREDITHi will never join a zoom meeting with my camera on. I gotta see what the vibes are first
Retweeted by MEREDITH @mariaprovo21 thank you 🥺sisterhood!! 💜 can neurotypical people like genuinely not hear the buzz of electronics
Retweeted by MEREDITHso true bestie !!’
Retweeted by MEREDITH @HoesChiMinh this came from a tik tok u can’t fool methe english in this tweet is a little 🥴 as alwaysapparently today the supreme court banned the prescription of mifepristone (an abortion drug) by mail but simultane…
my sorority watches my strange addiction between every round and we’re on the sexually attracted to balloons episode #justgirlythingsbeen getting hella views on my tik toks after a year of only getting 20 views which means the algorithm finally thinks i’m hot 😎Inside the Capitol this morning where Speaker Pelosi usually walks to her office.
Retweeted by MEREDITHmegan’s crying in the car is so so slept onjust met my rush crush 🥰philanthropy day 2! 💗 @anyawithaya miss you too 💗instrumental irish dance music in the shower>>>>> @anyawithaya ofc duh 🥺would you still like me if i were a cloud
Retweeted by MEREDITHmy sticky bra held it down today better than any man ever could and for that i am gratefulbeing hot is so vanilla which is why i like being a hot mess
cooking myself dinner in an hour is about to be the worst most exhausting thing of my lifethe kale i got from kroger is truly spectacular i cannot describe it, it just tastes so much better. whoever made this kale i’m sending love @_trulyjulie thank you 🥺and then i found me a lover who could play the bass, he's kinda quiet, but his body ain't. spend the days dreaming and the nights awakerecruitment day 1! my car got towed last night :/ watching my life unfold rn asking me how i’m not taken. i’m taken for granted every dayI hate texting can we just merge into one soul
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@tacobell_xmas i love you and your math brain too 🥺you’ve heard of mean girls. now get ready for: median and mode girlsplease be straight up with me even if u think it'll hurt my feelings I rather know than overthink literally everything
Retweeted by MEREDITHYou joined twitter. ↓ You didn’t understand. ↓ Forgot about it for years.…
Retweeted by MEREDITHi love laying up. 😩 we ain’t even gotta do nun let’s just lay together. 🥰
Retweeted by MEREDITHa really good example of the fact that i was “always like this” is that my favorite song when i was 5 was 16 tons b… only love the college experience because it's the only time in their lives they live in walkable communities
Retweeted by MEREDITHI don’t mind doing my makeup it’s my hair that I have no patience for 😭
Retweeted by MEREDITHmen, where do you keep your pee bottles? @tacobell_xmas and i need to knowseeing someone you hooked up with in public calling me out for being petty and speeding up to ride even w the car on the next lane to block the bitch be…
calling kroger “krogs” just to start a fightidk what y’all are talking ab i don’t even remember last march i erased it