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"It’s designed to drive me crazy and I refuse to let that happen" - Steven Donziger on his 800th day of being under… In conversation with me on his podcast, Michael Moore describes my 800-day house arrest by a private Chev…
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Kafka in America. It can’t happen here? My conversation with human rights lawyer @SDonziger on the 800th day of h…
A great op-ed in the Times by Alex Press about the upcoming possible strike by IATSE, the Union that represents the…
Support and volunteer with @Indiawaltonbflo here: Walton is close to becoming the first socialist mayor of a major American city in over a half century. She’s…
“Climate Game Over.”Read this sobering piece. We need a REAL goddamn, badass environmental movement that is relentl…
I think I know the things that Senators Manchin and Sinema hate about this Build Back Better bill — and I know what…
Thank you! And that one of these budgets saves lives, protects children and better educates a nation suffering from… on the Katie Halper Show, we all made calls to @JoeManchinWV and now you have to call him too, okay? (202)…
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Tune in to hear @MMFlint Michael Moore, @AlexandriaV2005 Villaseñor @JeromeFosterII talk climate change!…
Retweeted by Michael MooreFilming the @KatieHalperShow tonight with so many amazing individuals including @AlexandriaV2005, @MMFlint, and of…
Retweeted by Michael MooreJoin us LIVE at 7pm ET:, Joe. We’re already working on it! Thanks for the backing. Repub Senate seats in PA, WI, NC, FL, etc all op…“This is not progressives versus moderates. This is the entire Democratic Party and Joe Biden versus Kyrsten Sinema…
Retweeted by Michael MooreEMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM: Rep. @IlhanMN joins me from Capitol Hill to discuss the historic opportunity we have with…
From my appearance last night with @mehdirhasan on MSNBC:
Mike Answers All Your Vaccine Fears , by @MMFlint
Retweeted by Michael MooreMy full conversation with @mehdirhasan us LIVE:"These are war criminals." The blunt response from Michael Moore (@MMFlint) tonight, when I asked him on the…
Retweeted by Michael MooreHow surprised is @MMFlint that Pres. Joe Biden has embraced a progressive, Bernie Sanders agenda? “Joe Biden is a s…
Retweeted by Michael MooreWho’s watching @MSNBC? I’m about to start what should be a fun and fascinating conversation on domestic and foreign…
Retweeted by Michael MooreGoing LIVE on MSNBC with @mehdirhasan at 8:15pm ET. Tune in!
7 Simple Truths Be Told and Shared with All Sunday, on the @MehdiHasanShow on @MSNBC, Oscar-winning filmmaker and activist @MMFlint joins me to talk budge…
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Yes! Republicans! Keep calling for more recounts and election audits! At this rate we’ll soon learn Biden won India… got a chance to listen to his new album and it is INCREDIBLE. Featuring collaborations with Bruce Springsteen, Ed… new conversation with a dear friend and rock legend, @tmorello.
Tears Down the West Side Highway September 22, 2001
Resignation Speech of the Year (h/t @tmorello)“We’re Number One! We’re Number One! USA! USA! USA!” — Annoying chant of false nationalist pride often heard in… in America, Closer to Home September 19, 2001
Thank you. you. And thanks to the hundreds of thousands who’ve watch it this past week. Still available to watch for fre… me on Facebook Live NOW:
A Serious Wow and a Thank You On Our One-Month Anniversary! McKenzie’s long build-up just now of justifying & rationalizing and finally admitting his “mistake” — his m…
CONGRATULATIONS GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM and your landslide victory! You crushed it. Another huge loss for Trump and Rep…
Get to the polls today in CA — vote early, vote in person (, vote by mail and postmark it,… Elder is one effin’ bad dude. He’ll overturn abortion rights, he’ll feed into corporations polluting the plan… my friends in California — You have less than 10 hours (8 pm PT, to be exact) to save yourselves and our republi… Time! Thank you Bill Gates for the free chip in my arm! Hope this finally makes my Windows 7 work right. An…
The response to our free screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 was so overwhelming, we’re keeping it up for free on my YouTu… you @MMFlint for joining me on #PoliticsNation to discuss the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, th…
Retweeted by Michael MooreMy conversation on MSNBC with @TheRevAl today on the 20th anniversary of 9/11:
I will be LIVE on MSNBC with @TheRevAl at 5:40pm ET. Tune-in!Michael Moore, an Oscar-winning filmmaker and host of the podcast “Rumble,” joins @GMA to reflect on 9/11.…
Retweeted by Michael MooreMichael Moore talking to Abdul Henderson @arh7501, a former marine who refused to serve after Iraq and who went aro…
Retweeted by Michael MooreThe closing salvo (5minutes) of this film will always be remarkable. "...the war is nit meant to be won..."
Retweeted by Michael MooreWatching now Fahrenheit 9/11 with @MMFlint and 1000s of others from all over the world.
Retweeted by Michael MooreLIVE NOW: FAHRENHEIT 9/11. JOIN US: Fahrenheit 9/11 + Live Q&A , by @MMFlint
Retweeted by Michael MooreMust see TV:
Retweeted by Michael MooreCountdown to the FREE screening of @MMFlint iconic #documentary "Fahrenheit/911." Here's a link to the film, livest…
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2021 me tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT! Free screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 + a live Q&A and some very special guests! Biden, you just ended one endless war, only to find yourself in a 2nd endless war — a war that has already kill…'ll be joining Brian Williams LIVE on MSNBC at 11:30pm ET. Tune in!
Tomorrow night, Fri. Sept 10, 9pm ET - join me live, on the eve of 9/11, to watch a free screening of my 2004 film,… COVID vaccine for the world’s poorest people living in extreme poverty is being developed without patents and w…
Retweeted by Michael MooreHappy Birthday @BernieSanders!
My conversation last night with @cenkuygur and @AnaKasparian of @TheYoungTurks on our defeat in Afghanistan, the 20… a great way to start the day. Gitty up! Gitty up, I say! And take all the haters with you. Moore on form. In The End, Bin Laden Won, by @MMFlint
Retweeted by Michael Moore.This is a MUST-READ article written by Michael Moore… In The End, Bin Laden Won, by @MMFlint
Retweeted by Michael MooreThank you, Danny! Join us for a free screening on Friday night! is heart-breaking, brilliant and true. Thank you @MMFlint In The End, Bin Laden Won, by @MMFlint
Retweeted by Michael Moore"In a strange and sad way, Bin Laden won. But he couldn't have done it without us," @MMFlint told @cenkuygur and…
Retweeted by Michael MooreI decided to go and meet the Taliban in the spring of 1999, two years before the 9/11 attacks. They had banned kite…
Oscar-winning filmmaker @MMFlint will be joining @cenkuygur and @AnaKasparian for hour two TODAY on #tytlive! Tune…
Retweeted by Michael MooreSenator Robert F. Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy, issues statement regarding possible release of Sirhan Sirhan"Bin Laden had our number. Killing him, disbanding al-Qaeda, may have made it look like we won. But in death, he is…
My conversation this afternoon with @AlexWitt on the end of our war on Afghanistan: @LeaBlackMiami @MSNBC @AlexWitt'll be LIVE on MSNBC at 2:30pm ET. Tune in!
Thank you for these kind words.
Michael Moore interviews Chris Hedges about empire, Christian fascists and sublime madness.
Retweeted by Michael Moore"Will They Every Trust Us Again?"... a scene from Fahrenheit 9/11 Join me on September 10th at 9pm ET for a FREE w…
Hedges wrote a book in '08 titled, “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.” He detailed the… new conversation with one of the great truth-tellers of our time, Chris Hedges. In addition to the upcoming 9/… it’s been a weird night in NYC. Never been thru a tornado warning here. The flooding, massive. Afraid of what… would like to invite you to join me for a free worldwide screening on Friday, September 10th, of "Fahrenheit 9/11…
The Trump-dominated Supreme Court has refused to block Texas from banning abortion, effectively killing Roe v Wade.… conversation with @AriMelber about President Biden's courageous and correct decision to end the war in Afghanist…
"They got money for war, but can't feed the poor" - Tupac, "Keep Ya Head Up." #2Pac #Tupac
Retweeted by Michael MooreLove that ⁦@MMFlint⁩ teed it up with his Tupac Shakur mic drop, but ⁦@AriMelber⁩ brought it home by knowing how Tup…
Retweeted by Michael MooreI’ll be LIVE on MSNBC with @AriMelber at 6:15pm ET. Tune in!
WAR IS OVER. 4:33pm ET. ENOUGH! No more wars. Peace. Apologies to all. Time to fix ourselves and strengthen our…
Making my 1st film, Roger & Me, I was broke so I wrote to some famous people to ask for help. Only one responded: E… me be clear: there's no scenario in which someone who looked like me, with my name, could get away with even si…
Retweeted by Michael MooreIt really is as simple as that. And it’s the only way to win.
The Miracle of Kabul  | Episode 208: Rumble with Michael Moore actions over the past 12 days deserve our gratitude and our respect. It takes incredible fortitude to fight of… Biden has done the unthinkable -- he has pissed off the bloodthirsty, pro-war swamp of war profiteers and…
Stand your ground, Joe. Stick to the plan, Joe. Bring ‘em home, Joe. You’re doing the right thing. ISIS can’t stop…
"It made it illegal for police anywhere to raid newsrooms. Just before President Jimmy Carter left office, he signe…"and we ended up in the New York Times and the CBS Evening News. We won, the 10,000 copies of our paper were give…"The Flint police stormed in and raided the place, literally stopping the presses, and removed my printing plates f…