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Mike @mmkstarr California

Poet (BlazeVox &c.), game designer @beingamesstudio, photographer @starrandcophoto, aspiring D&D DM.

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The argument that small quantities of stress are needed to survive never rang with me. Wouldn't the most efficient… @gorskon @alisonpalk I think they said "studies" and used the plural pronoun "them". So your statement kinda doesn'… @themotleyfool Does this imply that it's theoretically possible to make money trading options?Is postmodern art anything that absolutely crushes the fourth wall?There's so much fear in my your body*It's so weird that the gene regulatory networks are constantly changing in expression as you age.Pseudoscience doesn't make me nearly as angry as it should. Am I a bad scientist? Or am I just accepting and above it all?I'm supposed to be reading this: but my reading stamina is currently depleted. @AcademicFoxhole Missed the introduction b/c of crap WiFi signal, now it's hard to engage in the middle of the story. Sorry I missed it!!!Who do you think's stronger: people in the military, or the people who protect the money?Pinterest gives me two thoughts: Most people on the internet use the internet as a place to hide; and I don't like the U.S.Of course you'd rely on particle physics to probe something as intricate and delicate as the brain. @Iamsterdam #VondelparkLove @DairyQueen WHY do companies always do this ambiguous stuff. IS IT TWO 1/3 lb. PATTIES OR TWO PATTIES TOTAL 1/3 lb.…'t stem cells like polygels anyway?Like in a gel.I think one of the next checkpoints for the technological progress of our species is using something instead of col… I make a lot of faces by myself / when I'm by myself / to myself.I'm glad I don't have software installed on my laptop that automatically detects faces and then searches for a near… every theoretical personality correlation with race a stereotype? (Yes, I have to ask *rolls eyes*).Looks like it's nasty anti-autism Wednesday on LinkedIn.
If you are male, have you ever considered yourself a mitochondrial dead end in evolution?This is what I'm talking about. I'm not really part of the network yet.Fuck. I'm supposed to be at #PMWC2020. Whoops.Well. Call it a luxury. But I saved. So, unemployed, but, able to get by. Anyway, I don't feel like watching educat… @LivUniLibrary've long wanted to get back to my nonexistent statistics roots.Neat! Modeling! @ian_hoffecker Looks like they haven't uploaded the code to GitHub yet.Cuz I imagine it would be, but I don't actually know, and what if it isn't? That's such a huge market opportunity.Wait is protein crystallography high throughput yet?anhedonia.I don't even like do fun things cuz...Insomnia.I really am a very negative person. It mostly comes out on the internet.Homework! I hate homework! Woohoo! your email a hundred times a day. @beinGamesStudio time on Pinterest.Insomnia, sleeping in late, total inability to wake up on time, restlessness, anhedonia, adult-onset ADHD.As of now my favorite social media site is LinkedIn b/c it has the most reality in it. REAL SHIT, guys. @cmuratori @AdventIslands Is this true?CAN A SINGLE TWITCH STREAM BE ENTERTAINING PLZ.Or a complete idolatrist. Everyone's lying! Everyone but him!I kind of don't see how it's possible to defend Trump in all regards without being a complete nihilist. WhAt Is TrUtH tO BeGiN wItH!?!I want to meet like really smart people. People who can teach me things. I don't think my social media sphere is (n… for a walk through the neighborhood, as per daily. Thought about surface plasmon resonance a bit.Talks Machina was pretty good tonight. I started watching the Might Nein campaign from the beginning but it feels e… hate watching videos.No. I didn't watch a single ML video today.The sheer loss of productivity to the economy that site creates should put it liable for suit from the highest authorities.Pinterest has got to be the stupidest invention of a website (dare it garners that title?) ever created. @quinnecl @getvent I don't understand it but it is very artistic.I just don't like anything. And I'm usually angry. So, not good recipe for a happy life.RELATIVE RISK INCREASE: 1100% ABSOLUTE RISK INCREASE: ~1%
Retweeted by MikeI'm just waiting for the day to end. This is miserable. @tswaterman Shit dawg if we could overthrow this terd it would be like helluv sweet sauce. @JfranMora @unity3d Happy moving boxes.I love how the freeway is in effect shut down if you need to run errands or anything during commute hours. Wonderful engineering.Peugeots are the sexiest cars.
@shiber @pigsarchive Analytically speaking, I think what happened here is the little dog watched the big dog jump a… @verysmallriver @gravislizard pinneapolisThey support 2FA but don't support people who use VPNs. Very hypocritical.Uphold is a total shitshow. Getting the keys to work is impossible, and the tech support website doesn't even accept my internet connection.Stress is generally seen as a bad thing, but for some people small amounts of stress can actually serve as a great…
Retweeted by Mike @FreyaHolmer This is an amazing figure. everyone! Sign up for Brave Rewards so I can tip you when you make an awesome post!I want to be a great--not awesome, just great is good enough--DM.I love learning the rules of D&D.I am exposed.
Retweeted by MikeReading the Player's Manual to get a better grasp of the rules. @PorbleG @AndroidGamingFX See? Even fighting stigmas and stereotypes, at such a young age! She's got a bright future ahead of her. @AndroidGamingFX @PorbleG Just like in real life, not everyone is in your story forever. @AndroidGamingFX @PorbleG This is actually what I love about it. It spits in the face of traditional Western narrat… @PorbleG Why can't modern novels be more like this. @FromPhDtoLife It totally depends on the field. PhD in molecular biology or immunology lands you a full sector up i… @dobuzhinsky I find it difficult for my eye to follow to the vanishing point. Interesting.Pinterest is showing me all this stuff from the 60s or whenever, and it's heck of disturbing. Like, screw childhood… Frida Kahlo's art isn't good. It's more about the story of her and what she did.Fucking terrible. this is fucking awful. People told me how bad the tobacco lobby is, but I had no idea. #historyI wonder if there's a website that monitors linguistic trends internationally (just English would be fine for me) i… @themotleyfool A modicum of socioeconomic responsibility.Remember: fannie is an old word for ass. #anachronisticlifeprotipOn week 2 of the ML course (got sidetracked with a bunch of other productivity-based tasks). Finally! I finished th… feel like I've reached a milestone.
Thinking of a name for a Traveller character. What is the poshest forename in the Universe? Bonus points for a su…
Retweeted by Mike @ShyingMell Yeah, this is true.Fun fact: Canada, NL and Iceland give subsidies to their respective music industries. Anyone know any others?
Retweeted by Mike @JonEntine Wait, aren't the babies in that figure upside down? @beinGamesStudio @JonEntine @SteRoPo Buuuut theeeeey're "naturallll" *sarcastic grimace*FLUIDIGM: Landmark Nature Publication Demonstrates the Power of the Fluidigm Hyperion Imaging System to Identify Nov
Retweeted by Mike @SoulboundDice I think the silver looks best! =)Broad Institute: Dozens of non-oncology drugs can kill cancer cells
Retweeted by MikeBasic signals processing algorithms run on the history of all equity trade markets on Earth.