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Martini__007 @MMXRP123 Adelaide, South Australia

UFC and MMA Fan, Crypto Investor

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@martincpvalk The crypto world needs to understand...IBM=Stellar and Accenture= Ripple. They are not guessing,…
Retweeted by Martini__007 @tony_xrpz @martincpvalk Thankyou for the follow!! 🙏🏽😃 @tony_xrpz @martincpvalk Will XRP be worth a lot more than XLM in Your opinion? @MDaygame Haha yeah last time I was in LA and Vegas, a few girls I approached their eyes lit up when I started talking 😂 @MDaygame I’m in South Australia. Small city, Quality is decent here... personalities average. I’ve found persona… @MDaygame Thanks man! Gonna head back when we can next get on planes ;) @MDaygame What’s the general girls like in NYC personality and looks wise?
@GeneralHodl @X__Anderson Even if it doesn’t become successful, there’s only 12 million coins, and a 100m market ca… @DrHorwitz @FitFounder @InvestorsTheory And that declining test levels as you age is not because of aging but the f… @pnwmtnbiker @FitFounder And some people age better than others too.. @pnwmtnbiker @FitFounder Yeah but how much of that is not test levels but just aging in general? @DrHorwitz @FitFounder @InvestorsTheory I’ve watched a study on YouTube that say healthy and fit 60 year olds have… @nadnerb217 @thebearablebull @ganeshhiremath @MatthewLINY This might not make any sense but I read somewhere that u… @nadnerb217 @thebearablebull @ganeshhiremath @MatthewLINY Could CMEgroup set a price point for it ?? @DpStateNate @javzabaleta @alpharivelino She’s bad news
@OCBo9 @alpharivelino All yours buddy, enjoy the Gonorrhea tell her to at least shower before hand 😂 @alpharivelino The girl on left is absolutely feminine and beautiful... nice smile .... Girl on the right just gross and dirty
@HaileyMiles14 @arfan621 @KyleTrouble Girls are sometimes too much for me ... so maybe if prefer an introverted girl still?? @HaileyMiles14 @arfan621 @KyleTrouble @arfan621 exactly. @HaileyMiles14 but this is the thing Hailey, I feel like… @sparky00618 @JoshuaT70123978 @Ianbins @dwarfula70899 Fark !!! What the.... he knew?? @SuicidalTende20 @iturtlez_ok @ColbyCovMMA @casualmmadotcom @dc_mma Height doesn’t equal size... there are 6foot3 L… @KyleTrouble Thanks Kyle, around the right women once I get comfortable with them to where I can be myself, I becom… @oddslotcom @XRPcryptowolf The was deadline too for XRP. Eoy 2021. It’s got to do something by then surely @HaileyMiles14 @KyleTrouble I’m introverted man. And I literally am forced to settle for less..well it’s getting to that stage @taylorburrowes Very true ...this needs to tweeted to all women @sebastarz_ @Paisan26849860 I think it will be that time to be honest... @ecossexrp1 Tbh it went over my head too and I’m glad because I have probably dodged a few scams like sushi becoz of it
@DualityXrp If it ever will... @ImTheDebate Oh hang on, I just found out they haven’t turned on the gas yet @BDaygamer Thanks man @kaboom12344 Haha pretty much same for me! @7ulfaqar @FitFounder That’s true! But how is it easy? Because everyone’s buying online now? @constantmusings @FitFounder But much easier to do stuff when you’re rich @7ulfaqar @FitFounder Easy to say, it’s extremely difficult and almost luck to do what you like and make money from it @kaboom12344 Not having a go at you Kaboom I love you but fuck I am frustrated!! @kaboom12344 I just want to see at least 1 damn bank actually use Ripplenet and XRP, forget the partnerships and fo… @kaboom12344 I feel like January 2021 gonna come and we will still be at .26 lol @MayBABY90s @IntelligentXRP Will be or may be? @timheps @IntelligentXRP @JoelKatz Haha yeah for sure. I just don’t know if they will buy XRP coz that’s a huge cos… @timheps @IntelligentXRP @JoelKatz That’s why utility and adoption is the the key my man... Need these coins to be used @timheps @IntelligentXRP @JoelKatz Yeah true...gonna need some damn big investors though with 100B tokens @xlady8787 Interesting , I wonder if he inserted the XRP with wings logo on the boat or if that was already there? @GotPickup The only outcome you want is either her jumping around in joy or her sleeping on top of you @BDaygamer How did you end it after she said that ?? I always stumble on those no end dead end phrases @IntelligentXRP @JoelKatz Yeah true.. sometimes it just seems too good to be true, but from everything we’ve seen $…
@DualityXrp Ripple is tackling a massive market and admitting tackling banks that move very slow with tech and also… @IntelligentXRP I would like to know realistically how much XRP will get to. To be honest I feel like it’s maximum…
@XRPcryptowolf @gordongekko369 here we go ;)
@AJA_Cortes Training tonight, I rang the gym and told them to let their staff and all members know the strongest fu… @JohnLeToure @GlobalTaxSol @xrp_hodl_ @bgarlinghouse @Ripple Doesn’t make any sense though that they are now bannin…
@BGIradji Yeah who knows , they may give tether a chance to fix their problems and comply to standards or something
@BGIradji I’m just wondering what happens when tether a stable coin gets regulated and they realise tether is pumping coins with fake volume @PUA_DATING_TIPS I like to go for shy girls more because I feel I can control how much of something I want and at what times @UpholdInc @UpholdInc should consider deleting this tweet
@BrWrecked @GotPickup Yep for sure. Even on tinder when I was matching with heaps of women, I would start a convo… @BrWrecked @GotPickup For sure. I learnt this late unfortunately, every time a girl would not write back or reject… @XtRemelyPotent @MaxPrimeXRP @Cryptotatos @ashgoblue Regulations molasses
@paik_michael Do you better then before? Just out of curiosity? @FentySystem So bump up their ages abit, imagine he’s 32 and she’s 25, is there still a problem with that? @magicartgoddess @tanaebriana Maybe he just is attracted to them more...I’m white but I’m more attracted to latinas or black women... @seducerscrt @DejaRu22 7 years.. big fucking deal. That’s nothing @DejaRu22 But that’s just like someone who’s 32 dating a 25 yrold, is that really a big deal??? @jungleincxrp @UpholdInc Ledger nanos are stilll the best ! Hold your own crypto
@ObviousRise Can you tell us what other coins you will be buying? @ASAPTRAV904 @XRP_Harvester @HamEggsnSam I get your point man. Yeah the more ppl post shit like this, the more ppl… @PolkaDotPepe @von_crypto @MilianIstatkov @xxmikecheckxx @ArreliusC @ChillZoneInt Going to be an interesting battle… @Yannick_Veys I really want to...but I’ve struggled to work out what to sell or do! @Prfect_Symmetry @Neloangelo314 @Isha80677101 @SamuelRichman2 @Papinextdior I think of it like this, it ain’t no wa… @Neloangelo314 Get your popcorn and watch XRP go from .24 to 500+ Gonna be glorious when this happens 😎😎 @amtvmedia Can you talk about XRP @TWayneHicks Thanks, is it something you would do at my age,? @TWayneHicks I’m 33 and single and with no kids, would you still recommend a guy my age to jet set and move around?… @PolkaDotPepe @von_crypto @xxmikecheckxx @ArreliusC @ChillZoneInt That’s good so it could change at some point ? @PolkaDotPepe @von_crypto @xxmikecheckxx @ArreliusC @ChillZoneInt It’s probably agnostic ?
@selfconquering Good luck finding one @alpharivelino @holdensscofield Thanks Riv! Really appreciate this!! @alpharivelino @holdensscofield Hahah that’s brilliant!! The story would have given her a mysterious feel too, li… @alpharivelino @holdensscofield I really have to read that book! So don’t be afraid to talk passionate about thing… @alpharivelino @holdensscofield This is what kills me Riv, I’m also introverted and it sucks, all of our natural tr… @BIGCHAMPTHEBOSS @XRPDINAR Are you guys only buying XRP at the moment?? Or other coins? @XRPeuphoria_ What the fuck is the point of making a movie like this??? Why would they think any normal adult wou… @cashflownexus @melancon_joey Time will tell @ObviousRise I head a big crash is coming soon? @Lionel46294550 Hahah wow....and would regulations help speed this up? @Lionel46294550 Ahhhhhh interesting!!! Haha so the price will need to be set at a certain amount so XRP can provide… @Lionel46294550 Awesome, but I guess we only really need XRP to be used as a bridge for XRPs price to take off ? @MrFreshTime @FSchittini Thanks Micky B, it seems that all the countries are setting up RTGS systems for non cross… @Lionel46294550 Do you think all those banks you’ve worked at will adopt XRP by the end of this year? Or basically… @TWayneHicks Shoot me if I ever get to that point in my life.
@northerndoggy @IntelligentXRP Yeah i think we are pretty close to something big happening for XRP @leejonghyeuk Is this your calendar Lee? @GrantB911 @OBE1XRP This video should be shown to all cops and this is how to correctly arrest without having to ev… @GrantB911 The cop did the right thing also by not instantly shooting the guy for trying to resist arrest @IntelligentXRP To be honest my opinion changes from day to day, some days make me bullish other days I feel like X…
@gordongekko369 awesome, its an absolute steal at this price man @gordongekko369 i'm loading up on XRP as much as I can before 1st of Oct @gordongekko369 @leejonghyeuk Thanks Gordo, makes sense if Digital metals, oil, and other energies that can be toke… @leejonghyeuk wait Lee what is a Rainbow currency mean? @SamRoss_ @itsover99000 @C3_Nik all exchanges are dodgy. @WillyWonkaXRP Hahahaha What the actual fuck is going on in USA??? Everyone there has lost the plot