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jon: thanks for looking after my cat. just a heads up, he sleeps a lot me: makes sense jon: and he hates monday… game krassenstein little meme, thanks for everything but it’s time to go
Retweeted by soul nate“i’m a vegetarian, and i’m not fucking scared of him,” i say to nobody in particular, referring to frankensteingreatest film ever made
Retweeted by soul nateHer impact
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Retweeted by soul natecan’t believe bitcoin is tanking again Biden sir congratulations on becoming the guy who owes me $2000
Retweeted by soul natei am losing my mind
Retweeted by soul natethis scene in casino royale always fucks me up Lofi Bernie Sanders.
Retweeted by soul nateman. 4 years of getting bullied by the literal president of the united states has really fucked the people on the n… a beautiful moment. My two year old saw just joe Biden on the tv and said “mommy that’s the man who levitates…
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lady gaga just rolled out a diamond-encrusted guillotine in the middle of her national anthem performance?It's a good day for everyone but I know all the people who called him drumpf and cheeto in chief are going absolutely ape today
Retweeted by soul nate @chunkyfila sorry if this is controversial, but you’re great and deserve a nice birthdayPLEASE FEED BARRON TWICE A DAY. ENJOY!
Retweeted by soul nateon all my zoom calls today, i’m gonna say “GOOD morning” instead of “good morning” and everyone is gonna know what it meansLook, a lot of people are going to say things today like “Donald Trump was the worst president ever” and “He’s a bi…
Retweeted by soul natedamn dude, congrats on building 20% of a fence or whatever
Retweeted by soul natethank you donald trump sir. you’ll always be PRESIDENT soft wet bitch to meMy mom is breaking news to me about Steve Bannon’s pardon
Retweeted by soul nateThis man's whole life is in shambles because he got mad at Seth Meyers and Barack Obama roasting him. Could've just…
Retweeted by soul nategeorge ezra i am coming for you. all make fun of the people who clap when the plane lands but people also get mad if I boo when the plane lands so make up your minds
Retweeted by soul nateWe did it joe
Retweeted by soul nateit gives me no pleasure to report that tomorrow they are taking randy rainbow to the vet to put him downwow...facetiming my girlfriend while she’s “working on her screenplay”...
Retweeted by soul nate“what flavor would it be” double stuffed. do your jobs you imbeciles.@nabisco make a commemorative oreo for the second impeachment you fucking cowards @dcostalis good thing they can’t read @diskpix epic fail mr cheetohno matter how you feel about mr donald trump, i think we can all agree: the worst thing he did was be orange and say covfefedonald trump, pardon stanley yelnats. a man can only dig so many holesThe way they’re rolling out the covid vaccine in LA we’re finally going to know actors’ real ages
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long neck means you're evil
Retweeted by soul nateokay but i feel like i should be able to get a covid vaccine OR a ps5 @MILFWEEED @sushipregnancy does this make me a viral tik tok teen now @sushipregnancy @MILFWEEED little did i knowme: people love playlists with really specific names, like “lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to” her: yes but I’m…
Retweeted by soul natesaying “we should see other people” -confusing -what does it mean -i literally see other people every day saying…
Retweeted by soul nateWhen you go to look somebody up on Wikipedia and there’s a section labeled “controversies”
Retweeted by soul nate told that wearing my Denim kimono to the oscars will probably destroy racism and sjw in one feel swoop
Retweeted by soul nate @2Saddington @taylorswift13 this was like staring god in the faceif you haven’t used this pandemic to perfect a new skill, hustle, or art, then you’ve wasted it. for instance, i ha… spinoff of young sheldon called old sheldon where he dies immediately
Retweeted by soul natejust discovered a new universal new yorker caption you meet a vegetarian that's like "my favorite food is a kale wrap" and sometimes you meet a vegetarian t…
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Retweeted by soul nateThe fable of the tortoise and the hare teaches us the important lesson that it’s bad strategy to take a nap during a race
Retweeted by soul natemy middle school girlfriend is WANTED by the FBI for stealing nancy pelosi’s computer and trying to sell it to the Russians.
Retweeted by soul nateYou’ll go to bed while the group chat is named like “Friends 🙂” and wake up to “Cum Socks”
Retweeted by soul natewhy would they give two kids the same name
Retweeted by soul nate @klikkonthis @jesshuntley if there’s one place that i would believe actually has unique squirrels it’s disney
Retweeted by soul natetour guide: one time, i saw one eating pizza from the caf. that’s just what we call the cafeteria here, you see. another unique detail @MaraWilson i would die for both squirrel girl and robertbeing too entranced with the horror of my past to try and fuck up my future is honestly kinda cool
Retweeted by soul nateevery college tour guide: you may think you know squirrels, but you better strap the fuck in while i tell you about our special little guyssay what you will about hillary clinton but she did have some good policies (email should be illegal)There are Wine Moms and then there are Sexy Dessert Moms
Retweeted by soul nateWhenever someone asks to use my phone for a sec I make a rapid series of Google searches to pad my search history,…
Retweeted by soul nateNervously trying to decide if that one small speck of white paint in the corner of that square is part of a crosswa…
Retweeted by soul nateJan 2021 so far... #SATC #SATCNextChapter
Retweeted by soul nate @bocxtop holy shit
if we raise the minimum wage to $15 then milk will cost $100. a haircut will cost 4 golden buttons. a new pair of s…
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Retweeted by soul nateconservative: so a janitor should make $15 an hour? me: yes conservative: and i guess kids flipping burgers shoul…
Retweeted by soul nate“if you pay fast food workers more, then you’ll have to pay trade workers more.. and you’ll have to pay teachers mo… @hog_mild this was the objective tbh @hog_mild but u know, isnt that enough @kibblesmith when i do it it’s AMERICA, when the poors do it it is GROTESQUE. pretty simple @sushipregnancy why would you come for me like this minimum wage discussion has revealed some peak classism
Retweeted by soul nateim remaining neutral until i hear both sides
Retweeted by soul nateBars in college towns keep naming themselves distinguished stuff like “The Gentleman’s Timepiece ” knowing damn wel…
Retweeted by soul nate @hog_mild they probably don’t deserve ur respect anyway @carlson_cade @PleaseBeGneiss hey cade where’s the justice in working people not being able to feed their families. thanksLosing it at this
Retweeted by soul nate$7 minimum wage? congrats buying a house and affording healthcare just became impossible
Retweeted by soul nate @VulcanTrainer @Kil1ertofu lmfao @abernothing EINS ZWEI DREI VIER @TwitchyByte @PinkWug lmao this rules’s wrong
Retweeted by soul nate @abernothing i’m so glad ur here and that i do not have to bear the burden of perfect taste alone @abernothing u made a banger even better @abernothing [arcade fire voice] no cargo @Joe_the_L on the one hand that’s despicable but on the other i do love a comfy chair @A_aronsssmith according to who, aaron? not guys with blurry profile pics surely @PinkWug the math is actually super easy if u don’t have a disdain for the working classconservative: so a janitor should make $15 an hour? me: yes conservative: and i guess kids flipping burgers shoul…
imagine your government calling you an essential worker and then saying you don’t deserve $15/hour
Retweeted by soul nate @grovymango wish i were him @grovymango vibes are off the charts @iggepop114 i apologizeme: [has anything] my cat: were you going to sit on the rest of that
Retweeted by soul nateDudes will take one philosophy class and then won't shut tf up about Plato's cave allergy
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