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@Zellsis #YouAreZellsisEpisode four of the max_rounds 30 podcast. We had a lot of interesting topics to discuss this week, so I hope you e… @ImpressioNCSGO No Mongolian slots is a farce too. Mongolia is probably Asia's strongest region behind China right now 😠You can really tell how out of step with reality the TO of this event are offering multiple spots to regions with n… a fucking joke, @ASUS_ROG hastening the death of Asian CS with their outdated and ridiculous nationality rules…😢 I get sad every time I see these because in a different universe teams like Bren could realistically claim the As…
As a casual observer of the VCT mess I feel like the issue is that Riot want to shove 7 regions into a 10 team even… and xsepower are fair enough additions but the reported players feel more like they're picking up cheap scrap… reported additions to MAD Lions sound like a waste of time considering none of them are superstar talents and a… your 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑 is your brain on recency bias. @RyanAtRBM Only a few more months until we can get obsessed with Among Us again 🥺ESEA has put a lot of work into cash cups, their leagues, and largely retired Rank S. FACEIT doesn’t do ECS or FPL…’s crazy how after years of being rivals ESEA and FACEIT have changed their business models to the point where th…
This move leaves sherps as the sole remaining member of the GSG9 lineup that qualified to Premier. @SolGoat @2TR1LL Mutinies are the spooky illuminati tactic that ESEA doesn't want you to know.Here is the article I mentioned last night regarding CLASIA and FrostayK's removal from Secret Club. Interesting a… @JPARKJMC @Phyyy_Y @1moopey Please see my newest tweet.Hey just to clear up the confusion, this isn't ESIC nor is it some world shattering change. Its regarding the dismi… @Phyyy_Y @1moopey Its 3am my man.Please note this is not about ESIC. @Pol0cs Negative. @1moopey Article forthcoming.NA CS:GO's version of the Saturday Night Massacre going on right now.Very sudden removal over in the Secret Club camp, makes you wonder about the leadership balance within the team wit…
I'm interested in what FLASHPOINT does here. Do they hold Season 3 this summer when half their partners don't have… @pedroumbeerto I don't think MAD Lions care about CS:GO, they've been a revolving door of cheap Danish talent that… @piethrouer What about FLASHPOINT? Doesn't seem like the non-legacy CS orgs give a shit about it.Incredibly disappointing news as this team continues to flounder. I am expecting MAD Lions at this point to disband… need to stop sleeping on @RBG_Esports. They are one of the most well-rounded and skilled teams in Premier th… @ABOverDrive @RLewisReports In what way, there is obviously interest on your end in setting the record straight. @ABOverDrive @RLewisReports So have they paid Kvik and his teammates yet? If not it seems their criticism of the or… @RyanAtRBM Gotta save this shit for your super followers. You gotta think about the gainz.MTU is now scouting for CS:GO! - Players - Managers/Analysts - Coaches We’re looking to expand the current CSG…
Retweeted by Mnmzzz - JeffThe multiple Creed puns were brought to you by @tolkienfanatic
@Mod645 .@Upmind_, @SCJREAL, @BoggsCS 👀 @DesignedByRaja @LiquipediaVAL Liquipedia is a project of Team Liquid.With perfect 6-0 records so far, @BnB_pt2 and @ExtraSaltGG are the first two teams to lock in playoff spots in ESEA… you or someone you know is interested in collegiate CSGO, please reach out to me via Twitter DM or discord (Koi#…
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The week 4 episode of max_rounds 30 is now available! Apologies for the wait! This week we discuss the vek news,…
Retweeted by Mnmzzz - JeffThis dude is starting his daily practice at 5am, what an absolute legend. interview by @RoadtoDrWalDO for @dust2us. Waldo sat down with sensu to discuss his ban from ESEA and his time…
@MikeMsquires @Exeedme @dupreeh @HLTVorg @ELEAGUETV @LiquipediaCS @redditCSGO @Tgwri1s @Dustus @tolkienfanatic 🤔Well that lineup certainly is a throwback. chilling in VALORANT when he sees ESL hassling Bad News Bears:🦈➡️🐉 🥰 little confused by this too @ESLCS @ESLqntm are you able to clarify?
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@DuckMoriarty @Wolves @WolvesEsports Congrats! The big man of UK esports is coming up 🥳 @Tgwri1s Don’t forget FLASHPOINT 🥴 @hex4MT @muriloricci @LiquipediaVAL You have to go out of your way to find userpages, ignore the disclaimer, and th…;dr: The VALORANT community doesn’t have critical thinking skills and took a clearly fake page at face value. @zainfairuz @launders @CarbonDogma ESIC ban, not Valve ban.A lot of these bans have been widely criticized already so I don't have a whole lot to add, but I have to repeat th… 2: adding the Valve bans thanks to @CarbonDogma who had already done the math. Here is a breakdown of the Val… Liquipedia I'm adding the Valve bans related to the coach bug, and having to calculate demerit points by hand is driving me insane.rin leaves SKDC
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Guaranteed CIS team in the grand finals.CIS Ascendant: 😍
@_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM Its brave of Ryan to be a part of the counter-circlejerk regarding C9 but it has been more tha… Chaos now have no teams, no CEO, and haven't really done a whole lot so far this year besides post on Twitter.…
This is Twitch admitting that their DMCA detection system is so fundamentally flawed that even their own channels p… @HexTCSGO @tweissCS 🤡Likewise, the fact that we still have the situation where ESEA and DreamHack events have scheduling conflicts reall… is massively stupid that ESEA/DreamHack can't just tell teams prior to the start of the Open Qualifiers whether… @nurfed25 Me and everyone I was playing with in Central US got booted from Discord. Must be that server cluster.Looks like ESEA, Faceit, and Discord are down.So Recon 5 and Recon 5 Black are playing in the DreamHack Open March Qualifier. This would seemingly be a violation…
reck replaces wippie on Rebirth
Retweeted by Mnmzzz - JeffNote that I completely understand that they likely wouldn't be getting invites to BLAST and ESL events, but surely… are 2 months into 2021 and we haven't seen MAD Lions play or try to qualify to a single event. Considering they'…'m legitimately so happy Liquid didn't choke, that's all I ask for in my team.Reminder that the first DreamHack Open March 2021 Open Qualifier starts today. At the time of posting interested te… of ya’ll don’t remember iBUYPOWER’s most recent foray into CS:GO. to announce the OWL and CDL leagues will be played in Neom for the next 10 years as an exclusive partnershi… stacked roster. Hope to see their continued growth with another experienced player and coach to help lead th… @steffemvrs @lowridercs Rise were in a position where they weren't able to reschedule and they didn't want to play… @lowridercs I got no source but they haven't added anyone yet or had anyone pay up so regardless its going to be a fly by night operation.
@witnessgg @Jet_CSGO I hope so as turning down the invite to Premier was always an option.ICYMI 🔽 @zaannzz @AtomiKCSGO @SolGoat True true I'm just looking for a team who actually wants to play @AtomiKCSGO @SolGoat Cold Take: vein + armen > jet- + DARYL @AtomiKCSGO @SolGoat Yeah but surely VEIN, armen, hendy, and/or Ryze could've put a lineup together to actually play the season.Two hours until we get another forfeit from Watch This. Very glad they got the spot over paiN, ex-Vireo​.pro, or re… @piethrouer The one for me:
Retweeted by Mnmzzz - JeffRecon 5 replace cJ with AAustiN
Retweeted by Mnmzzz - Jeff @piethrouer The one for me: is another classic case of a group of skilled NA players torpedoing their careers because of immaturity and sh… is a shame because I would say 2018-2019 was something of an Indian CS golden age as you had the likes of Entity… are currently the undisputed best team in India, winning 7 events in a row. Unfortunately this has to be… @RyanAtRBM Remember last summer when Breaking911 went down for 48 hours and magically transformed from a center-lef…
nitr0 took time out of celebrating the birth of his first child to give OG a nice refreshing glass of clown juice. it past the pilot 😅 Hope you enjoy! of the important side implications of timbermen being banned is that they will likely take the direct demotion… @piethrouer @_BrianCS Tryhard doesn’t give a fuckI feel like NA VALORANT is in the same spot NA CS:GO was in during 2017-2019 where almost every new org was a compl…