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to be clear I beat him on my 2nd try both times. this isn't about fight difficulty this is about who he ismy one bloodstained thought:: Zangetsu is a fucking bum ass chump poser and doesn't deserve to talk to Miriami am extremely excited for this but also asking y’all in advance to not show up in leather duster coats like y’all…
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@Mobius_Games Hey, my game crashed during the "memories flashing before your eyes" sequence and it wiped my savegam… The Outer Wilds just crashed and ate my save data. Am I totally boned? Or is there a way to recover it -- More Outer Wilds, Still Early in the GameNyc is like 100 degrees right now and the mta is garbage but it still beats being part of “$600 mortgage for 5 bedr…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @aj_joven same that are great @_JoeCS THIS IS TOO GOOD
PSA: CHANGE YOUR USERAGENT TO THIS TO GET OLD TWITTER "Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Presto/2.12.388 Version/…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz that whole goofy runOh Outer Wilds? Good Game. But do you know about Outer Outer Outer Wilds
If you 1) believe these GOP cretins when they say they condemn the racism directed at @IlhanMN, even as those same…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzAge of information is good for telling us stuff we don’t need to know
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzwhy cant we get 1.5 million people to signup to clean the oceans
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @SiberianReality I can say confidently that stuff is happening !!!canon #EvangelionNetflix viewing order is: 1. episode 24 2. end of Eva 3. episode 26 4. episode 25 5. episode 23-5…
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@HoustonRockets @russwest44
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Going to try my hardest not to be on this site a little while. Find me other places :)Bloodstained.... good?We can either continue to enable this president and simply report on the vile of garbage that comes out of his mout…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzCoach K doesn't think Zion should have played in Summer League - and @WindhorstESPN says he fears more top rookies…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzA RACIST: I am racist NY TIMES: A-ha! And now the racial stage is set, and this roguish imp shall dance his dance
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzever just feel like the world is about to end? like, not in 2045, but like, on august 2nd?my contact at Homestead provided these photos of their work for me to share.
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzshinji get in the botnetThe History Channel's descent into a showcase for Nazi minutia & crackpot alien theories should have been a sign of…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @GraceOnFootball jk jk jk we don't need Mbappe we have Rhian @GraceOnFootball this but ONLY if we also get Mbappe to "quiet" those rumors too @regresssion mmmmmmmm @regresssion oh my god I didn't even put that together. I was referencing Raymond carver. but I do love that bookWhat We Talk About When We Talk About Sasuke
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzy’all think i can get dolly parton and megan thee stallion on a old town road remix?
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz🤲🏾🚫 Nobody's going to just give our generation political power 🙅🏽‍♀️ We aren't waiting for the torch to pass…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzthe words "space vape spray paint" were just saidI am so interested to see if Take Kubo gets legit burn at Madrid under Zidane. I’ve only seen the kid play a couple…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @_HHFF @krrishd Its proximity to Oakland and BerkeleyThere was an article I read recently where a US attorney was questioning a doctor about immigrants, and started by…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzLooking forward to a future where our kids make fun of us by rasterizing 2010s anime screenshots and writing "I'm t…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzHappy Prime Day everyone!!!
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz"Detention camps are an abomination. I'm not standing by." This is the written statement shared with comrades by Wi…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzi love wetsture sauce on my stakeNo Mario Maker Mornings tomorrow. Solidarity with the workers at Amazon who are striking. Eat the rich. 👊
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzThese chalky gays in these streets hash tagging #hotgirlsummer ain’t listened to a damn Megan thee Stallion song I have to laugh
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzCome on members of Congress, call out the president for his racist tweets this morning. Show some leadership. It’s…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @_JoeCS this bangs
whatever you do, do not show these stats to Federer
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzRoger Federer's bedroom, 20 years ago.
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzHey, Twitter, who’s being racist this morning? TWITTER:
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzSaluting these women. Stay pushing. Stay shining. Stay working. Stay a pain in the ass of the #RacistInChief and al…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzWimbledon.... No, we're playing Bradford todayUh oh @SHAQ 🤭🤭
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzNeymar's total incompetence at managing his career will leave him stuck at PSG but only after alienating the club a…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzI swear, every time a storyboarder is like "ok this next scene is just some mechanical stuff to show that they're d…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @Alison_Coffee PUZZLE!~ ah you know what im keeping it @Alison_Coffee that's only,,,, one piece,, of the pizzle Cao Cao in the building, Total War Three Kingdoms watch me play this game BADLY!!!!!the smoke wanter @jjmacnab Written by #WillemVanSpronsen in 2011.
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzrest in power @Friends_Table ? @quantumdotdot @austin_walker @Friends_Table was looking for the biggie gif of "brooklyn we did it!" to say "hieron…
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz22 and I’m not sorry I LIKE VISUALLY ENGAGING FOODS
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @TerrificBRoth ur the pepper god, s rank peppersrespect the real area 51
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @TrentonHassles Please kill me
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Fate Grand Order became a thirst dispenser faster than I thought it wouldUhhhhhhh Did Miles Bridges just euro into a windmill?!? 😱 #NBASummer
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz*extremely young thug voice* yeehaw
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzIf you are a fan & supporter of Sean Price then honor his memory & sign this petition to save the Sean Price mural…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzHey everyone, lets blow this young mans level up with hearts, nice comments, and pretty pictures/stamps :) Gabe is…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzNot sure if you remember saying you’d play one of Gabe’s levels @GrandPOOBear but he has been obsessing since I tol…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzThis was the ending of Annihilation
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzChecking out GRIFTLANDS by KLEI on STREAM right about NOW
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzFascism doesn’t arrive in jackboots. It’s men in suits looking calmly over overcrowded cages full of people, and de…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzThis is what happens when you get a party that has largely defined itself solely in antagonistic or reactive terms…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzThe Dem establishment hates AOC more than Trump because AOC became popular pushing all the things they historically…
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzICE officers are posted on 125th and Madison in Harlem
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzhittin that dougie before the performance 😎😎
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @RevRyeBread @RevRyeBread what’s ur hot ones interstial AP team? Mine is Halle Berry, Desus and Mero, and Aubrey PlazaIf there is a flute in popular culture I’m gonna do a mask off edit @sparkletone @TerrificBRoth I just quote tweeted u @RevRyeBread Hot ones Interstitial AP when @RevRyeBread SameI relate to this and know all about it and feel the same way as you do isn’t it cool being this drift compatible tell ur grandma that u was throwing up gang signs in the studio
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzHoly fuck year is 2043. I’m fully grown up with my own ranch and kids and Lil Nas x is still releasing old town remixes.
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzif i was troy i would simply not take a giant wooden horse and be content with my no-giant-wooden-horse existence.
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@a_cado_appears @nataliewatson I need to know the writing credits on that verse @Geo_Gabe me when I rage quit
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordzis this bird doing a vape trick
Retweeted by Mo thee Swordz @aj_joven This is painfulYou’re not God OR my father OR my boss
Retweeted by Mo thee SwordzWhile Jordan was strictly through head-to-head playoff matchups, Kawhi adds indirect influence. He broke up OKC & t…
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