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@maxxsib You missed out on a warlord @GOATfromNYC the good days1st team: Arcane Revival Favourite Team: Honesty Impact Favourite Duo: Deatorean Favourite Stack: Whoism PC stacks…
@Tgray1018 Twice actually. T of all your genetics, how did you get short AND diabetes @Tgray1018 You can't even beat an m&m in a 1v1-hush. @Tgray1018 how about i present you a pancreas
Retweeted by MochiGetting to present my research paper at my college's Honors Conference!Her: I hope you know what you doing Me:
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Retweeted by MochiIt's been over a year 😔 @suhlater I only ask the questions here. I can't stand Carti @DeathUnbound @HattaUkyo @suhlater No Carti @MentalCataylst VALID @izzcyl @Bamboozle____ Just no Yb @DeathUnbound @_Shonen_ @melloneen Fate is cruel but I'm crueler @_Shonen_ @DeathUnbound everyone has your ps5 @melloneen Lil Pepe? @melloneen @Abrasionary @CoachNemo @sozaire @agar1204 @Bamboozle____ YB? @Vosyli @JlNGO_ !!!!! @Jazzfram12321 coming off the bench to bag
Retweeted by Mochispotify wrapped reveal
Retweeted by Mochi @DeathUnbound For me currently, it's shows and movies where you get to see the psychological downward spiral and in… @TeamDreamville @TeamDreamville is the best ranked game I have ever played, never had this much fun playing omg im so happy
Retweeted by Mochisomeone please come get abraz
Retweeted by Mochi @sozaire Sorry for appropriating Hall's culture
Retweeted by Mochi @GgKlepto I see Jcole and Post in there tho, so I'll let you slide @GgKlepto Drake not even in my top favorite artists @GgKlepto Drake?? @Kuso_Nezumi @V6Kage High School Football Player Rushed A School Shooter And Sacrificed His Own Life To Save His Classmates…
Retweeted by Mochi @RubennGyurii @gypsigh @JustinnCee @akijareH Same think I like rap yall @EZG_Flame @JustinnCee Only Eminem allowed @senxketsuV2 @Koraxos2 Acceptable. @matchasluuut I would let you in, but put you on the other side of the building with Kora @Koraxos2 @matchasluuut Interesting. @akijareH Everything else is very valid @traietor You every night @Amberessxnce I meant artists, but I’ll check those out. @Akar1dos @MrDanny___ Enter King. @traietor Stop listening to 1D, then you can enter @akijareH You can come in, but that sad shit out @traietor My ears accept a variety of tunes. @CraVenture_ VIP STATUS I SEE @senxketsuV2 EXCEPTIONALLY VALID
Retweeted by MochiSend your top 5 most listened to via Spotify Wrapped It is Judgement Day. who would’ve guessed getting to drive my new car, So this is what power steering feels likeAre you telling me I'm missing out on the most fun time to play lucio???
Retweeted by Mochiwhat y'all know about luxury
Retweeted by MochiBlizzard avoiding putting out a balance patch for 6 months
Retweeted by Mochi @McGunpla @TheCreatorW @swordflayy @ManMilk2 activision blizzard has an employee lineup consisting of Benjamin Mendys
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Retweeted by MochiBreaking: Oakland County law enforcement report 3 students dead in Oxford High School shooting. At least one teache…
Retweeted by MochiBREAKING: Destiny 2 cheat maker accuses Bungie of unfair tactics.
Retweeted by Mochi“Miles Morales” #Destiny2 #Marvel 📸:
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Retweeted by Mochi#Gjallardays GIMME DIS PLEASE he should, the second he doesnt, thats the moment I'm gonna step in
Retweeted by Mochiguess i’ll be watching spider man far from home
Retweeted by Mochi @jdankman @oscarmayer If animals didn’t want to be eaten then why are they made out of food?
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Retweeted by MochiThey called him a madman
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Retweeted by Mochi @Jasmineistoxic @DeathUnbound I found your ps5
Retweeted by MochiIf the next kid that bags my groceries does a shitty job I stg-Y’all owe that self-defence man an apology. Them tutorials actually work 😭
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Retweeted by Mochi @Auditivax_ @logan_mans @100khailey And then even with a 4 or a 5, those high competition schools will still prefer you to take…