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@ignCalvin Congrats cal! Wish U had got the red one tho ☹️
@mockmebitch UGHHH n this is why i wanna suck yo tits
Retweeted by Slexi?So nervous for tomorrow 😟😖Hes ended his stream now but will be streaming again later tonight @draf6969 @tbhvers Ofc!! ❤️SHOW SOME LOVE AND CHECK HIM OUT ❤️❤️❤️ @ignCalvin Shit... sameLOLOH SHIT I THOUGHT I PUT TO THE STRONGEST PERSON I KNOW LMAOO IGNORE THIS EVERYONEPerson*Shoutout to one of the strongest people I know @tbhvers you are amazing and I love you ❤️ @ignCalvin And then call it deadpool @ignCalvin RedJust why?? @zzzTAYLUH Wow🥰 @Tryhard_PvP LMFAOOOO @PengoLaker @ignHeaded @desiredjrYT LMAOO @sIuttyweeb Any day babyyy @sIuttyweeb Love you
@ni6mi Jesus I love you!! @Kunoli2 LMAOO @jasmineinluv Anytime babes! X @kwittenss We need to soon! @FullMetalNad I have the 11 but I broke it :( @Kunoli2 LMAO @qtsiggy Love you babyyy @Ehliptical Miss u! @tbhvers You were the only person I was tryna impress @TheRealBenJee @Demaciate I MISS YOU GUYS ❤️ @tbhvers I love every inch of you 👀❤️ @Specularpotato @ignBabyGlory @SkylineTrains POTATO! 😂 @Nappykinz Love you baby! ❤️ @ignCalvin ME ME!! PICK ME! @Tryhard_PvP It really be like that... @zodiakN1 LMAOO @Tdb20s yessssss @clarepls MISS YOU!!!! @Tdb20s THE BEST AND ONE OF MY FAVS <3 @realshaaf @dariogoat @TheBroJordan SHAAF NOT U TOO @AdviserXD @draf6969 SAMMEE LOL @ThisSword @celestia717 LOL nah she too pretty @ignCalvin TELL ME WHEN?! u need to teach me tho LOL @ignHeaded u wish @draf6969 @AdviserXD LOOL @Razerzone BET @Strobberie @ignHeaded 👀👀 @AdviserXD Ur 2cps scares me 😂 @Razerzone We need to play PIXELMON again!! @QmsYT QMS 😂 @ignHeaded What gamemode 👀 @dylwun 😂 @downwithrecii LOL @ignPineapple @ignHeaded Dan’s a babe @dylwun I’d spark you clean out mate @mocksvilles I’ll watch a game play on it first and see if it’s my kinda game and then I’ll maybe get it! @dariogoat @TheBroJordan don’t you start this as well 😂 @mocksvilles No... is it good, should I get it 👀 @kittengirlari OMG I LOVE Youu! ❤️ @taplberries ME TOO! @Nelier8 One of my faves Erick 😉❤️❤️ @YouBloww Blow me @sIuttyweeb @mahdisihn YumWanna play minecraft?☺️ @SpeedToggled Proud of you ❤️❤️Thank you all for 20,000 Subscribers <3333333
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@PuffedDown @PengoLaker 18✌🏼 2.0's SOTW begins in 1 hour! In celebration, we'll be giving away the following: 💜 1 Pyro Rank 💛 1 Infern…
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.@TeamYouTube can i get some help I'm getting being falsely privacy complaint by someone and they are trying to ta…
Retweeted by Slexi?Hey @TeamYouTube someone is reporting false complaints, trying to take down my videos. Can I get some help?
Retweeted by Slexi? @tbhvers @TeamYouTube @TeamYouTube @TeamYouTube Okay thank you! @TeamYouTube Hey, I'm getting false privacy complaints currently. Is there anything that can be done? All these vid… @Nelier8 Banter
Allies are back! Join us tomorrow at 6:00 PM EST for SOTW on Infernal 2.0. In celebration, we will be giving away t…
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@SpeedToggled MOOD
Make it happen boys
Retweeted by Slexi?Selling this YoutubeBanner (with your skin and color change if needed) for $10. Dm me or join my discord and make a…
Retweeted by Slexi?VOUCH INSANE WORK @_Aalucard_ Congrats!! :)
@NegativeGfx @joustsxd @neatliPOG YOU’re amazing!! ❤️ @joustsxd @neatliPOG @NegativeGfx OMG I CANT DECIDE... IGN: Slexi Style: 1📢Free Profile Pictures Requirements: Follow @joustsxd & @NegativeGfx Like & Retweet this tweet Comment your IGN &…
Retweeted by Slexi? @LeftB0ob Seeing this makes me so demotivated 😂
@edepressd Love u x @edepressd Jesus 😍 @urxvalentine Congrats!! @L_olopok Nice keep up the hard workdid my makeup cute i feel powerful (•̀ᴗ•́)و
Retweeted by Slexi? @Specularpotato Congrats potato!!! @ignCalvin So proud of you cal!! ❤️LETS FUCKING G O O O O THANK YOU. IMMA C R Y
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@ignCalvin PROUD OF YOU CAL ❤️ @Zyphalopagus You deserve it!! Proud of you ❤️i'm so grateful to be in this position, thank you💚💜
Retweeted by Slexi? @edepressd ✨Doing 11 hour shifts then going for an hour long run after seems long, but honestly it’s so refreshing! 🏃🏼‍♀️💨💨
Infernal 2.0's SOTW begins tomorrow at 6PM EST! In celebration, we will be giving away the following: 🎁 1 High Rol…
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Does anyone else get this kid a shit 🙃 I have no words... is LONGGG