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@ChristineMonge @BarbInNebraska I spent a lot of time yesterday in prayer and have just started feeling a resigned… @cupcake_savant Our teachers are shifting their mindset to planning lessons that are more student-centered so they…
@PatrickTiernan Core subjects to start - religion, ELA, and math. We’re using webcams and Zoom/Google Meets on ActivBoards. @PatrickTiernan @adkopp76 Yes @realjodeeblanco Not a specific tool - just being overwhelmed by navigating too many. @jdferries @realjodeeblanco Yup. We are using our Renweb LMS to communicate all assignments and provide links. It… @polonerd @LaneWalker2 @BarbInNebraska @jdferries I'm "secretly" excited about how doing parallel teaching will for… @MnMonster11 Great question - wish I had an answer. We plan to have our counselor address each class once we open… @techzebu I'm trying to keep track of where the states are requiring virtual. Hoping not in Ohio since we have so… @adkopp76 Parents can opt out of in-person instruction. Here is our remote learning plan. @realjodeeblanco I was feeling bad about how much communication I've had with teachers and parents in July because… @adkopp76 @jenalvis Will do. How sad. @techzebu Where are you, Lisa? @BarbInNebraska @techzebu Are you remote or in person?#CatholicEdChat So far, we're holding steady at opening for in-person and allowing families to opt out. Strong pus… Good Morning from Cleveland!
@sfxprincipal You might get the idea on Twitter that Catholic school employees should all work for free and provide… @realjodeeblanco @ncara At the end of my video for parents I asked them to present the plan to their children with… SIS, Renweb, now has an LMS. I’m hoping that might make it easier for our families to find lessons each day if… @PatrickTiernan We’re able to cohort our kids, so we would limit the quarantine to just that class. @johnhughes1993 Depending on size. We have only one class per grade, so we can offer full in-person for families th… @PatrickTiernan Our county health department says that they will contact anyone exposed to a person with a positive… Diocese has provided a useful framework, but it’s up to each individual school to figure out how to open safely… since March. 🤣 #catholicedchat Morning! I’m a K-8 administrator in Cleveland. #catholicedchat
That’s my own kid! Not rigged. 😂
@CatholicDems Our parish began a Racial Equity series during Lent, which was amazing. We had to stop because of the…
@Flocabulary Since we’re not in school, is there a way to share the video on social media? Our school has an account.
Thursday at 7 on Facebook Live.
Good news!
Looking forward to this first step as a parish/school community.
@engelworks @CatholicHighrEd @NCEATALK I know it would help to have student teachers spend time in our schools. Giv… @Kevin_Cacabelos What A year, is of course what I meant. @mjolse This is fantastic. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it. @APannie7 @AbGreer @gerald_smithjr Same! @ksedleader The image I used in my statement to parents will be in our lobby this fall. It’s a huge painting done b… I’m going to keep reading, watching, listening, and learning. #CatholicEdChat @AbGreer Great question for me to ask my teachers.A5 Last year - my first as principal- I brought in the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio for a workshop on unconsc… @Kevin_Cacabelos What’s year to be a history teacher! @cupcake_savant @FrankTribe I used to teach it and loved it. Once I learned about the white savior idea, I paired i… @Kevin_Cacabelos I recommend 13th to everyone! Such an eye opener. I’m embarrassed I didn’t know about this - and I… I put out a statement to our school families after getting some great feedback from some parents. We have formed… I am blessed that our parish was hosting a series during Lent about Racial Equity. Unfortunately, we had to stop… @msgunter Yes!A2 I’m white but grew up in a suburb recognized for being a model of integration. I thought I had a pretty good han… @nceakpmears May have to put this on my bulletin board. 😄 @engelworks Spot on!A1 #CatholicEdChat As a school administrator,I need to recognize and understand any challenges our students and fam… @gerald_smithjr This topic is super important to me. Thanks for leading us.Good Morning! I’m the principal of the only Catholic school in Shaker Heights, Ohio. #CatholicEdChat
@AbGreer Thank you.
@ncara Great idea. @beththomas @jdferries Boxcast @jdferries I’m reluctant to make major purchases until I’m sure about what we’ll need. We’re focused on strengtheni… @jdferries It’s going to be a long summer. @polonerd 😂One more question for the group - who wants to make a prediction about what back to school will look like? #CatholicEdChatAny elementary level books that speak to current events? I’m wondering if a read aloud might be good for our younge… @msgunter @ncara @polonerd @jdferries @cathyrobey3 Between the World and Me is so important for white people to rea… @msgunter @ncara Our wonderful former bishop. Nelson Perez, went to Philly, and I miss his voice. I still follow hi… @jdferries @cathyrobey3 @ncara She seems quite intelligent. 😀 @jdferries @cathyrobey3 @ncara Such important work, especially for Catholic schools. We had an implicit bias training that was phenomenal. @cathyrobey3 @jdferries @ncara I don’t want to discount the very real and appropriate rage they are feeling by tell… @jdferries @ncara Thank you!Our school is racially diverse, and I want to show support for our Black families right now, but I don’t know how. @ncara Is this an open chat? If so, I’m wondering what, if anything, our schools might be doing regarding George Fl… A few of our teachers planned socially distanced parking lot parties. #catholicedchat Next week, it’s virtual Field Day, Clean Up Day, 8th grade graduation, Move Up Day (virtual), and then last sc… we had drive-through donuts & coffee for our parent volunteers. #catholicedchat @ncara Thank goodness, right? I don’t think I can yet fully process what we just went through.Good Morning! Next week is our last week. All academics are finishedthough. #catholicedchat
@NCEATALK I’ll be busy that whole day. Any way to watch it later?
@jdferries @APannie7 @kristinefull @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller I agree. It’s encouraging. And yes, this is for… @BarbInNebraska @APannie7 @jdferries @kristinefull @MicheleCMueller I know our parents are mostly grateful and real… @APannie7 @jdferries @kristinefull @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller I’ve been surveying them along the way. For som… @ChristineMonge @APannie7 @jdferries @kristinefull @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller True! Teachers have reported ge… @MicheleCMueller @ChristineMonge @jdferries @LaneWalker2 @Studyo Yes! I just worked with an 8th grader on making a… @BarbInNebraska I desperately want a corgi puppy, but can’t justify spending that much. 😫 @APannie7 @jdferries @kristinefull @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller I’m looking at the results of a survey I sent y… The last week of school will include: a virtual Field Day with 8th grade team captains; drop off and pick up day… @jdferries @ChristineMonge @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 I think we’ve learned through this that few students are s… @BarbInNebraska So important. @BarbInNebraska Our 7th and K prayer partners usually go on a farm field trip together, so they watched a fun lives… @ncara We’ve been live-streaming our school Masses each week, and I will livestream our final awards ceremony.I’m curious about whether teachers are trying to find digital ways to replicate what they would usually do in the c… @AJCattapan I filmed our 6th grade teacher’s video yesterday. It was really sweet. @LaneWalker2 I really feel for our teachers. I keep telling them to just give it up to God, but they are so caring… @AJCattapan 3 weeks for us, but everyone is ready to be finished. We started remote learning on March 16. I think Ohio was first.A1 I asked the teachers to film a “Goodbye, Classroom” video to share with students. I thought that might help prov… Looking for good answers to this. I’ve had two teachers ask if they can have parking lot gatherings with safe so… to add the hashtag! Guess my coffee is already wearing off. #CatholicEdChat Morning! I’m Maureen.
@alicekeeler Do you offer a self-paced Google Classroom tutorial for teachers?
Sad to be missing our art show tonight, but grateful for the Artsonia app, which is a nice way to showcase student…
❤️❤️❤️ @AbGreer One year my kids woke me up to give me a waffle maker they wanted me to use immediately to make them waffles. Happy Mother’s Day!
@jdferries @40ishoracle @WeVideo Looks interesting - the plan and the webinar.A1 I really don’t know what I would have said to myself. Maybe just to get ready to live in a world where time has…