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Latest TOO podcast "70 - European Your Opinion" featuring special guest @TeslaParaTodos is available in the usual a…
@DirtyTesla @TesLatino I don’t remember giving anyone permission you'll be in South Florida on Saturday, February 8, come to the first ever EV-ent at BaseCamp Miami. For details…
Retweeted by Tesla Owners OnlineHis royal highness says bow before me 🤣 sale, grab it before it’s gone! Tesla being able to sell and service in MI, read this. @Brett_Swanson7 makes some great points. We'll discuss… podcast tonight so if you have Tesla or car questions use this form to submit them and we'll do our best to ans… @TeslaMilton We wasn’t acting like the usual doucheOnly a Canadian Lambo driver would take it out in the winter. #GivesNoEfs @Teslarati @Teslatunity @BLKMDL3 @UnpluggedTesla @marc_benton Check out @MountainPassEV products Mike @Teslarati @ResidentSponge @InsideEVs @cleantechnica @mrkylefield @EVWantToBe @Tesla @octopus_energy Energy use tracking for me would be a big win!NEW VIDEO - Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector Winner or Dud? Link #Tesla #WallConnector #Charger @PTPetra @wadeanderson The Canadian has awoken! @DirtyTesla If you’re going to ask wheel and tire questions ways summon the wizard @IanPavelko @TesLatino There's so much more people don't know about me, like that one time at band camp... @DirtyTesla I wish, long way to go....Thanks to all of you who have subscribed to our YouTube channel, I'm so humbled. I love you! ❤️
@SCWgreg @jeremyjudkins @TesLatino @Teslatunity @teslaquadcities @DirtyTesla @tesla_raj @TeslaWolfy @MFrunker @DirtyTesla I get crazy comments too, par for the course on being on YouTube. Let them complain, little do they kno… Petro-Canada's electric vehicle charging fees revealed ahead of next week's implementation #EV #Tesla
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @thibault_minet It’s a bit smaller. Biggest difference is the cord, half as thick and 6’ shorter @ryander @Apple Ugh, you just had to say that huh? Trying hard to forget about that dreadful mouse @MatorinLaw That’s a promo video, it’s tinted like the Model 3Oooh, pretty Upgrade video coming soon! @marc_benton It’s toxic. Tell themI just did an unboxing video in case you missed it! Tesla Wall Connector unboxing via @YouTubeLook what just arrived! anyone in the Greater Toronto area does indeed take delivery of a Model Y next month please reach out to me, I’l… @teslabros Had it in the X, honestly? No @IanPavelko 😢 @comeaujo I do but not a $3M house just to get it.TSLA 🚀 Oh, and they’re worth over 100B now... Second only to Toyota. don’t covet a fancy or a bigger house but this home near me is just ... ❤️ just traded as a $100 billion company for the first time (in after-hours trading) $tsla
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @loganthefirst Not yetHas your gas car ever improved with age? Here are 124 features Tesla has added via free over the air software upda… @hot_rod_co His hatred overrules any sound financial responsibility @dealer_of_happy @elonmusk LolI get the distinct impression Mark hates Elon Musk @marc_hamel @teslamodel3fan @elonmusk @Tesla @Teslarati Absolutely can be adjusted. Have them look at it again @Stevebility @marc_hamel @teslamodel3fan @elonmusk @Tesla @Teslarati Found the troll ☝🏻 @loganthefirst I wish that program was available here @kimpaquette @AEONde @elonmusk @Tesla @SpaceX @ValueAnalyst1 @vincent13031925 @SteveHamel16 @nextmove_de Canadian seems to confirm that Model Y deliveries could begin as soon as next month
@elonmusk @teslaquadcities @detroitnews Great precedent, now hopefully Connecticut and Texas will fall in line 👍🏼Can’t wait to see this! Okanagan residents: got questions about electric vehicles? Come to this free event in Kelowna on Jan 29!
Retweeted by Tesla Owners OnlineQuizz Time: Name everything wrong in this picture... go @thirdrowtesla Consistent demand/profits and rising stock @Poxenium The issue has always been the dealer lobbies using a just law in an unjust way against Tesla. Also, GM h… @gepasi And Texas...Sure hope this is good news for buyers in Michigan. This has been an ongoing thing for a long time. @whatsinside Model X for comfort and style, Model 3/Y for better battery tech @jeremyjudkins Sounds about right especially if there’s paint correction prior to ensure everything is good before application @dealer_of_happy Please come say hi, I’d love to meet you!Must read: Tesla Short Sellers Filed a Fake NHTSA Petition Under My Name be a LOT people seeing the ass end of this car peeling away from them at an astonishing rate of speed 😉 Fans: Here's the perfect reason to visit Miami! Updates on EVs and Tea on February 8th. @getjeda What about the promised roller coaster in Fremont? @28delayslater @elonmusk @PicklePunchD @flcnhvy @thirdrowtesla @Gfilche @Sofiaan @Kristennetten @vincent13031925 Le… @elonmusk any updates on when we will get the FSD preview in Canada? Thanks!If there’s anything to learn from Tesla: investing in core battery tech makes all the difference in how compelling… @ModelXdriver @TeslaMilton @tesla_talks @thirdrowtesla @btsparks He’s getting a lot of flak for that NHTSA submissi… @TeslaMilton @tesla_talks @thirdrowtesla @btsparks He’s definitely using the TSLAQ blocklistSame old Porsche design. I’d rather have a Model Y @MKBHD Would make for an awesome Halloween costume 😁 @bullishbroker24 @jeremyjudkins Battery does preheat on the Model 3 if you leave it long enough but it takes a long… news! The LEGO Ideas Cybertruck has received over 10,000 supporters which means it moves onto the review pro… @TeslaStars @BLKMDL3 Satin PPF on a midnight silver Tesla looks like that @voiceabseil That feature already exists to the @thirdrowtesla team on a great interview with Elon. If you haven’t heard or seen it yet check it ou… @ValueAnalyst1 Coffee flavoured coffeeSo happy to have them on board! These guys are innovative and I’m sure they have some other creative ideas for us i… @arctechinc Nice! Mine is arriving tomorrow or WednesdayModel Y: the breakout automobile of 2020. Seriously.
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Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @kushortiz @elonmusk @Tesla @Teslarati Sorry, not a chance. Elon calls them “fool cells” for a reason @BLKMDL3 Pay it forward. Maybe they’ll want to get a Model Y next time 👍🏼 @stekkerauto @ValueAnalyst1 @Lebeaucarnews Referral codes only apply to S/X/3 right now @getjeda ? 😁 @Tesla Stock is up, negativists are losing their shirts so they’re up to their usual FUD tactics. Here’s the thing:… @jeremyjudkins Cold? Hold my beer baseless allegation is brought to you by the nasty noisy negativists. @therealjoeallen @elonmusk @telsa That hasn’t been revealed yet1.7M minutes of watch time on just this video alone. I triggered the trolls big time 🤪 @MattiHaapoja Had the same problem when I had Samsung Galaxy phones, they just don’t hold their value like iPhones do @nekware @thirdrowtesla There’s no way they need to have 7 variants of SUVs or sedans. Reminds me of the old Apple… @thirdrowtesla BMW is outa control @Elektrical1 @elonmusk I’ve managed to only curb one wheel so far and that was on my Model X. In tight situations I… partners w/ Tesla as its map data service provider in the Chinese mainland! W/ China's 1st Scalable Vect…
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @Erdayastronaut He didn’t finish: “Trust no one” @kimpaquette @TeslaHistorian Keep the current one 🥰 @EVWantToBe 😢Nothing make me happier than using a Model X to transport the astronauts to the launch pad. As it should be @KTLA What about all the polluting cars on the road? They get a free pass on the carbon emissions? If you’re gonna… @DMC_Ryan @tonyspizza415 ☝🏻this