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We're doing a show tonight! Have car or Tesla questions? Submit them using this form and we'll do our best to answ… @UnpluggedTesla Better bushings than Tesla I hope? Failing upper control arms is still a problem on Model 3s @BenSullins @MKBHD No
We have dates! It’s my year to upgrade too 👍🏼 @MattiHaapoja I spilled some in mine yesterday. Literally undriveable. @teslaphotografr White @TheTeslaLife No need for a retrofit when an CSS adapter is currently in testing... @plaidbeagle @TeslaJoy @teslaownersSV Samsung T5 SSDWorks great when your passenger is working on a laptop during road trips. Cuts the glare down immensely 👍🏼 @haligonian4 Where you going to fuel it???Hydrogen powered?? Hard pass @jeremyjudkins @28delayslater a special car review today. Should I do it:Ugh, he did this to himself flash: Tesla Newly Established An Insurance Brokerage Company in China.
Retweeted by Tesla Owners OnlineHere you see again a little timelapse of Sentinel 2 L1C true color images of #GigaBerlin. Thanks to @CopernicusEU
Retweeted by Tesla Owners OnlineIt’s good thing I don’t use TikTok. Or Android anymore @28delayslater Fred is always mad. BTW he needs a haircut, he looks like a homeless guy @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla @NickFlamand You’ll still have the same amount invested @28delayslater There’s no way when it arrives will still have 600 miles of range. It will be more. Much more @tesla_raj @BenSullins @seanmmitchell Should be renamed TesLab. Sounds properPercentage mode. That is allFinally, a Tesla meetup after months of not seeing my friends. Good turnout tonight, this was only a third of how m… Announces a Five-for-One Stock Split. Getting the stock back into retail investor territory is very welcome…
First new features being added to the gen 3 wall connector. I knew they’d add some, glad I upgraded. My most reques… @loganthefirst They’re going after the luxury market, nothing wrong with that. Remember, Tesla started at the top a… @28delayslater Hitting the luxury market and there’s nothing wrong with that 👍🏼 @Bb1Kehn They hired a bunch of ex Tesla battery people so I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Same cylindrical 2… 💪🏼 Don’t forget, battery day is coming. Tesla won’t be left behind for long I think....’s song is “save a horse, ride a cowboy”. Crank it to 11 @marc_benton @elonmusk @Mark_Goldberg_ @Tesla Wait, is it plaid of short shorts?? Make up your minds @elonmusk @Mark_Goldberg_ @Tesla Herb is OK but nailed Tony Clifton @slye Seems to work on mobile in my Tesla account @slye I think it might be related to the number of referrals. Looking at the past referral program on my desktop it… need ~10 users to try my new app that adds a HomeWidget. This app only runs on iOS 14, so if you aren't running i…
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @Poxenium @slye I’m sure they’re great but I have an Apple Watch, lots of other Apple products and I like the ecosy… @Poxenium @slye Sorry. Already switched a few times back and forth. I’m done with AndroidHahahahaha ⁦@DMC_Ryan⁩ else’s Loot Box utterly borked in the app? Never works for me, I get the white screen of death all the time.…
@JVerdura @DMC_Ryan @jgrano305 Belongs in a museum like Petersen in LA @JVerdura @jgrano305 Outer panels CF or the whole body?Juicin’ up @BenSullins Gonna send them a C&D?True @MontrealTesla @DriveTeslaca @teslainvernon @Rayquaza_Z @NatalCicuto @TeslaOwnersBC @arctechinc @elonmusk @IanPavelko @gaspassman CCS in the new level 3 (DC fast charge) standard. CHAdeMO is on the way out. @us_hamster @DirtyTesla Sorry, auto high beams @us_hamster @DirtyTesla Auto headlights turned on. To turn it off press the stalk forward @chrisatzinger @deadmau5 YupHave a Tesla with the premium sound system? Play Monophobia by @deadmau5 and crank it to 11 @JVerdura Indeed it was the silver EVP. Marin Headlands right? @seanmmitchell Went out in the last update @CovelloMassimo @MontrealTesla Also, the car in the picture is a Model S which depending on the vintage doesn’t charge as fast as a Model 3 @CovelloMassimo @MontrealTesla I’ve never gotten more than 36kW on my CHAdeMO adapter. This picture showing 57kW at… @CovelloMassimo Could just be that station....🚨🚨BREAKING 🚨🚨 There's hope for a CCS adapter in North America (South Korea uses the same Tesla connector in the car… @AustinCooper90 @MKBHD Useless toy compared to useful transportation? @jeremyjudkins @slye That's my plan. I have one of them pre-sold. That will pay for the exposure on both and still have some $$ left over. @jeremyjudkins @slye 2/2 on the an MVPA purchase. I'll have to pay 13% Ontario sales tax on each car (Thats 45K eac… @jeremyjudkins @slye 1/2 Definitely income tax issues for US "winners". Don't forget the retail sales tax implicati… @dburkland Doesn't need to be Alcantara, black fabric would be great too @MKBHD Neat but at $75K how many people are going to buy one?For any Canadians interested in upgrading their MCU1 to the latest MCU2, here is what I got from my local service r…
Retweeted by Tesla Owners OnlineWatched? They should be scared. Very scared. of our @Tesmanian_com Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats for Tesla Model Y. We just finished the final fitment…
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @thatt3slaguy Go watch “Tread” on Netflix. How many people remember that rampage? @kimpaquette Good morning!I can see the nursing home robots now: “you’re gonna eat these damned mashed potatoes” 😁 Signature Red. That would have been a nice offering for a few hundred cars at first. @28delayslater Deservedly @slye I won’t commentANTICIPATING THE NEXT SIX QUARTERS James Stephenson @ICannot_Enough illustrates for us how the next 18 months are…
Retweeted by Tesla Owners OnlineTesla community, you now have a proper meme to use and abuse! 😁 @tesla_raj Totally going to abuse that one 😁 @nate_mccomb @Tesla Happy Teslaversary Nate! @nickwhoward IT HAD A TV IN IT. In 1982!!!!As a teenager in 1982 I saw this in a local store and wanted it immediately. Ahead of its time. @SuperSaf @MKBHD I’ve been at it 5 years, it’s a hard grind but we do it for the love of the products 👍🏼 @teslatidbits My wife dropped hers too 😢 @getjeda @SuperSaf 👆🏼this @Out_of_Spec The faster you go the more air gets into their faces. Dogs are happiest with the wind blowing their jowls around 😁 @slye Clearly your customers aren’t getting their money’s worth 🤣
My new video from today at #GigaBerlin
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @teslabros Rivian & Lucid @stephenpallotta Metric system is full of correlations like that 👍🏼 @kimpaquette @seanmmitchell I sure hope he doesn’t get turned away at customs. We’re pretty fierce about US travellers right now @InsideEVs Compensating looks like Tesla is planning (already doing?) display of (recognized) Tesla cars on autopilot cars visualization…
Retweeted by Tesla Owners OnlineTesla Cybertruck’s real-time adaptive features get closer with new suspension update
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @christorrella At least the kids kept their bikes away from the car. Fingerprints I can handle, dings from dropped bikes is another matter. @seanmmitchell The i8 does that too @SawyerMerritt Pretty much insinuated by Elon in the last earnings call. 12-18 month timeframe for the CT, Semi and Roadster @nickwhoward White @teslavangelist @elonmusk @teslaownersSV Double tap parking button to bring up door controlsTesla Owners Club of Australia Meetup, June 2020 Sydney Power Cruise
Retweeted by Tesla Owners Online @slye Tim Apple that you?Pro tip from Kyle 👇🏼 @seanmmitchell For me it would cost 3-4 times that to go from Toronto. Airlines here rape us
How can you not admire Elon?