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Cat daddy. Herbal enthusiast. Freelance fictioneer and daily contributor to Bleed Cubbie Blue. Musician. Foodie. He/him/it/they, don't care.

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Baseball history unpacked, October 21 - #Cubs and #MLB olds and news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.…
I do not give a rat's ass about the World Series.Cub Tracks plates it up - #Cubs and #MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.
Oh gods I watched football yesterday. But I am still not giving the NFL any money.I have to say that I am major-league pleased with the Vox VT40X and am regarding the unavailability of my primary a… history unpacked, October 19 - #Cubs and #MLB olds and news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.… much dumbness on the hoof. @CubsCentral08 Chord inversions are fun anyway. Then I can play Mandolin Wind and Maggie May. :)
@CubsCentral08 I keep wanting to buy one. Probably should. @CubsCentral08 Depends on what I'm playing. I do everything from jazz to metal. Or did. I'm relearning the instrume… Tracks’ here comes the flood - #Cubs and #MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.
The fossil Eremotherium was from south Georgia. And it was an important one, since it firmly establish the presence…
Retweeted by Duane PesiceNightmares in Yellow was 700% funded, y'all. We're at work on the books. Thanks to everyone! @CubsCentral08 Yes I do. I have vintage stompboxes. Arion Metal Master, DOD Phasor and delay, Dunlop wah, Big Muff… @EdwardRMorris Never an issue for me. You be you.Time to play. This amp just arrived and the cats are already sorry. Tracks is strong ‘til the finish - #Cubs and #MLB news and notes, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.… plan a roundtable worldbuild and a horror noir. Also the start of a line of chapbooks and assorted other things.We should be announcing new anthologies/calls fairly soon. A Walk In A Darker Wood is about to go around for final… @EmpireOfBloodRW @kickstarter @SPMiskowski @michaelwehunt @KaaronWarren @MGSoundVisions @misanthropemike have a story idea, almost McLuhanesque, about the medium determining the nature of the audience. I haven't quite… I'm tired of mean-spirited egocentrics. Dunning/Kruger will be the death of us all. @EdwardRMorris I know. I read it on someone's post. @EdwardRMorris I've never met the man. But I have disliked his work for a long time. His criticism was recommended… @EdwardRMorris Strangely the review I was bitching about in another post is by a person affiliated with STJ. It's l… @EdwardRMorris Damon never met Amazon :PI got hacked off by a lame review and it wasn't even my book. But it's a good book and the review was bullshit. @EdwardRMorris Rachel Maddow used that word to describe the first Prez debate. Works in both instances.I can't stand it when people constantly yammer without anything to say. One such gave me a migraine.
@MorganScorpion @AmyCrossBooks @ramseycampbell1 @LairdBarron @GwendolynKiste @valmcdermid @RGalbraith see by the trending tweets that the nitwit contingent is active.The project I am working on has short-faced bears, the Knights of the Golden Circle, and Baron Samedi as a rapper.… @farahrosesmith Damn. I'm sorry. People love you though. Trust me on this.Baseball history unpacked, October 16 - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.…
2020 Two more days to go. 154$ from the last secret stretch goal.October 16 final score and highlights -- final game #PS4share out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (MLB® The Show™ 20) live at from my PS4 #simCubs #simMLB #PS4share #Cubs#PS4live (MLB® The Show™ 20) live at Tracks stays the course - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news, by BCB’s Duane Pesice. @BCB_Sara I thought I could not loathe news director Chuck Todd more. I was wrong. @fabulousraye Good. Let's hope the latter prevails.Companies hope to put tens of thousands of communications satellites in orbit. They could harm not just optical, bu…
Retweeted by Duane PesiceI have a new horror short story and will put it on my blog for free, on Thursday the 29th.The museum's chocolate fountain is the largest in the world, standing nearly 30 feet tall and featuring around 1,50…
Retweeted by Duane Pesice
Baseball history unpacked, October 14 - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news and notes, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.…
October 14 final score and highlights #PS4share from my PS4 #simCubs #simMLB #PS4share #Cubs#PS4live (MLB® The Show™ 20) live at Tracks hits the lights - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice. @fabulousraye The cran mango is awesome tooSimCubs NLDS game four at 11 am CT, tomorrow.
October 14 final score and highlights #PS4share from my PS4 #simCubs #simMLB #PS4share #Cubs #PS4live (MLB® The Show™ 20) live at history unpacked, October 12 - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.…
Cub Tracks plays it off - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice. sucked but I played with a puppy so that was okay. pan pizzas.
October 12 final score and highlights #PS4share from my PS4 #simCubs #simMLB #PS4share #Cubs #PS4live (MLB® The Show™ 20) live at Tracks’ something about Yu - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news, by BCB’s Duane Pesice.
October 11 final score and highlights #PS4share out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (MLB® The Show™ 20) live at from my PS4! #simCubs #simMLB #PS4share #Cubs #PS4live (MLB® The Show™ 20) live at history unpacked, October 9 - #Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice.… @fabulousraye Am just about to start #8. I read the whole series last week.Add the uncertainty over whether the expanded playoff format, DH or other 2020 rules will be in play for 2021 as fa…
Retweeted by Duane PesiceWeed stocks surge as Kamala Harris vows to decriminalize pot in debate
Retweeted by Duane Pesice @fabulousraye Ima make some with my homegrown.Ima watch the football. I want to see Tom Brady looking up at the sky, often. You feel me, Khalil Mack?
9 days to go. Let's see if we can get to 100 backers. Over 600% funded! Japan! Enough royalties to buy a round of chicken nuggets and a bag of socks. I'll take it! @fabulousraye I'd rather pass out. Pass me the gas please. :P @90feetfromhome I don't do zombies. Or vampies or anything else that has merged into generic parahuman. The satire… @90feetfromhome The Walking Dead. @90feetfromhome It has aged badly. Probably watchable but seems naive.Cub Tracks generally manages - #Cubs and MLB news, from BCB’s Duane Pesice. in $5 to help this campaign fly.
Retweeted by Duane Pesice @BCB_Sara "Help me. Help me." @SLGreenberg Al Hedison"Help me. Help me." The Fly.Merrick Garland should have gotten a fair hearing too.Why is Pence allowed to speak beyond his 2 minutes. A firm cut off from Page is needed. Rules must be followed in d…
Retweeted by Duane Pesice @Russ_Dorsey1 should have long ago.Cut to fucking commercial if he speaks out of turn. Stop letting this happen.Moe just jumped up and nose-bonked Ms. Harris. Good boi.Daniel Patrick Moynihan is rolling in his grave as VP Pence uses his quote in the service of lies.
Retweeted by Duane PesiceThank you means shut the fuck up Casper.Shut the fuck up Casper. @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden He should though. That is also a fact.Trump and Pence coming into office in January 2017 did not change the slope of economic growth or job growth from t…
Retweeted by Duane PesicePence lives in a fact-free environment.My cats are all watching. This is weird. Tell Moe who to slap. @KamalaHarris is all of us
Retweeted by Duane Pesice @fabulousraye I basically just stay on low-level, like a depression simmer. One-pot clinical depression hooray.How Donald Trump and Mike Pence handled the coronavirus crisis is the greatest failure of any American presidency.
Retweeted by Duane Pesice @fabulousraye Ass to assburgerLet's remember that Pence had a radio show and is a skilled and smooth liar himself. He's spouting bullshit, but calmly.Kamala Harris had to visibly restrain herself from laughing.A federal appeals court said Manhattan’s district attorney can enforce a subpoena seeking Donald Trump’s tax return…
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@CSlatsky Same. I was into prog when they broke. I recognized the tapping from Steve Hacketts work but Eddie was mo…