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all the good names were taken

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At night #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by modern modron @Neveth omg you have ... the boy...
More fontwork by my partner tip from @Subnautica
Retweeted by modern modron @nictringali civilization on a ringworld is everything I wantyou know how animal crossing is on like, this curved plane like a cylinder. what if... the other direction#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch annoyed with waiting for paths #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #SixFanarts!!! I played...character favoritism, just a little
Retweeted by modern modron @HTHRFLWRS The thing about legally changing your name is nobody tells you when to stopstarted too late so i cant put this up till tomorrow #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @electronicbeth Flatwoods monster! @breebird33 love that chamberlain!okies after pooling from here and instagram, we've got: Legosi from Beastars The Chamberlain for Dark Crystal Nadja…
Retweeted by modern modronstrawberry..milk #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @wphrygian wowie zowie!
@celloandbehold it's so tempting. they taste like money @HTHRFLWRS Hyper-heck!!!?
@ggnewed I had to unpack some of the bits with my partner when we watched it but 100% worth it for David byrneDidn't think I had anything to cook today but I whipped up a fried rice.. perhaps not the prettiest but tasty and f… with care / keep taking and nobody explodes mashup @davemakes Or a curse, either or @davemakes every video game is a miracle @andimlenny What's the Pokemon you'd most want to hugdomino is a web tool for creating mind maps / thought collages / essays and sharing them as standalone web pages c…
Retweeted by modern modron @snacklesbian Nothing beats home chicken eggs imo?!?!?!?!!!! not sure when it happened but it's 2020 and we like guy fieri now. frankly, im gladit's like animal crossing in real life!
Why does my head hurt so much when I try to remember what this is?
Retweeted by modern modron @eatthepen @ragzouken @ducklingsmith Thank you for the update thats really good to hear @Neveth George Washington Goth
Bob and George is 20 years old today
Retweeted by modern modron @mimsy_mome you got this! @tom_content I like getting eggs!!!i... like egg day ya'll @dphrygian I finished it though
@mdekrey Now this is starting April off right! Thank you :) @Steneub I mean, I already told him I want to grow old together on the porch of a beach house @Steneub @YallBot1 oh wow what an obnoxious botits been 15 days and neither I nor my partner (who lives in a different apartment) have symptoms or know anyone who… @slimefiend GrouchesCrossroads #pixelart
Retweeted by modern modron @HTHRFLWRS crossing to us : @KoboldUnderlord I LOVE KIPO!!!
Hi #TransDayOfVisibility! I'm Josie (she/they). 🏳️‍⚧️ I'm a trans & non-binary woman who makes audio for video gam…
Retweeted by modern modronWant a comic I made? It's riso-printed and really cool! If you like ttrpgs, adventure time, or zelda... I think you…
Retweeted by modern modronstarting a new genre of music. it's called badcore. it sucks
Retweeted by modern modronhi me samanthuel and i'm trans. i made megaman sprite game and mickey's dick smasher and started the dreaded "don't…
Retweeted by modern modronHappy #TransDayOfVisibility ! To all our Trans game-developers, we're so proud of you! Keep making amazing games, k…
Retweeted by modern modronHappy #TransDayOfVisibility! My name is Ellie, I draw stuff and cry a lot. (she/they)
Retweeted by modern modron @wingsfundme Mixolumia is a puzzle game by a nonbinary dev (hello!) and @visagermusic is working on additional musi…
Retweeted by modern modronHappy #TDOV to my brothers, sisters and others :)#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @HTHRFLWRS of all the cursed but realistic things you've written, this might be the most cursed and most realisticApril Fools is over now. April First is officially "April Cools". You are only to give people sincere compliments about how cool they are.
Retweeted by modern modron @HTHRFLWRS What I'd you used a smaller 3My amazing partner has been practicing his lettering and listening to the group discord talk about AC ... Leading t…
@anderjak ok but are golden fruit a thing still? I havent seen any yet ...sure am glad that my stomach's been cramping all day @DrStephTaylor watch out for the quiche badger???used leftover pizza and eggs to make a kind of ... pizza quiche ... it's really tasty! terrifying lightning happening what feels like right outside my window! @ShanBeaShan yeah! @jakeyouh also uh, c2quarantine/HoL @jakeyouh friend spotted @HTHRFLWRS what if it moved twice as far?guess I dont need a hug to randomly cry now!!! GREAT!!! @HTHRFLWRS Yes!!! This is greatif i got a hug rn i'd probably cry for 4 hours straightHello, dear followers! Due to current events, I have finally created a patreon. If you have enjoyed any of my 20+…
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Mr box, I'm trying.
Retweeted by modern modron @snoothaver *gently hits you with butterfly net* (it's a really good look!) @rudedetectives ohmy GOD this darkroom puzzle @dragonGlitchLLC pretty early! im in sportica @slimefiend @masklayer how do i subscribe to his podcast?Took a ring fit break from animal crossing ... If only I could run around my islandoh no... #RingFitAdventure #NintendoSwitch @threadsmind i'd say it does! I really enjoyed that (eventually, I was so ANGRY at the first two books for some reason lol) @Sqoozh#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @rudedetectives as much as im enjoying midnight in salem, im ready for classic nancy!10 hours stream of nancy drew... oh boy! @rudedetectives @PunkSincerity oh! I read the first ... two books I think? very excellentlooking for book suggestions - I favor scifi and 'urban fantasy' but any suggestions are welcome! @snoothaver O... Stompts....#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Embotronic Woo! My gates are open! @Embotronic I'm up! Are we switch friends yet? @anderjak Thanks, me too @dumplingsquid @rudedetectives Er! Not ? @dumplingsquid @rudedetectives It'll be great to get some classic Nancy? @dumplingsquid @rudedetectives ahh I totally forgot about this! ill have to catch the video later but also ... looking forward to it haha
do... frog villagers just... not carry unbrellas in the rain? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @HTHRFLWRS just toss it into the sunhad to pick up medications and they had distilled water back in, score!🧵Gonna slowly maintain this thread of emergent folk games people are playing in Animal Crossing New Horizons 👇 (Pl…
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