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Progressive indie games publishing. We eat a cake a week. Necronator: Dead Wrong is out now:

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@AmazonStudios @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @lhgluke @caneandrinse Agus ar ais chugat 👏👏 @ThatRyanB Do we like WHAT? @Gabriel68379237 @togeproductions @LRDGames @BlueBottleGames @Mi_Clos @PixelDelusion @CinderConeGames We would say… some don't like our rainbow logo 😫 and we take all feedback on board. So with that in mind...we're leaving… but you gonna learn how to dust off in Ostranauts 🤠👍 🚀 @justsurvivorYT @ostranauts Ooh 👀🐔 🌪 @PdxInteractive Here for Better Norse HorsesHow do current times change the way studios do networking & #fundraising online? What to do if you as #gamedev don’…
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@thegameawards RosebudDefinitely play with sound to get a taste of that Out There: Oceans of Time atmosphere 🌌 years old! @devolverdigital thanks for the sads playing the new build of @LRDGames Rogue State Revolution and the cut-scenes alone are improving our day!… @WiredP 2 teabags into the mug
@shokmunky @tweetcharisreid Good luck 🥳New Ostranauts Video: VOD of my live streaming the most recent dev build to Steam Festival viewers:…
Retweeted by 🐺Modern Wolf 🐺 @DevRelCallum Reported @backbonegame Yes. It was on the tip of my tongue @backbonegame Did they do that know the one?Modern Wolf Blog: Recap on our involvement with @GuerrillaCollec and Steam Summer Festival 🧐👇… @WhiteThornGames excuse me but just saw this and yes please hello there #PitchYaGame 👋🐺 We're publishing Out There: Oceans of Time by @Mi_Clos Explore a vast, breath-t… @LostWordsGame @rhipratchett @GamesSketchbook The artwork and transitions are wonderful. @tweetcharisreid HypnoCat @tweetcharisreid They were blocked and sent to Mt Doom. We got no time for it 🐺💅 @TwiceTheSlice So glad to be following this story 🥰Some #TuesdayMotivation for us all 😌
Goes from ":o" to ":D" really well. :9 Follow us on steam for more info! #indiedev
Retweeted by 🐺Modern Wolf 🐺 @larianstudios Hearts was auto-corrected from "stomach" @larianstudios Will it fill the void in our hearts?I know a spot #kosmokrats 🧴 @TwiceTheSlice THANK YOU!You can follow us on our publisher store. This helps you get updates in Steam when we have events, updates, sales a… @TwiceTheSlice THIS IS HEARTBREAKING MAKE HER A FRIEND @iamleyeti Better aren't you thinking about Bugsnax? @Wieneraaron Give him the biggest room in the house @tweetcharisreid Happy birthday 🦵🐔🎂 @talecrafter @shaunaitcheson @DeathTrash Love that this game is what our mum calls us @ZaphodCortez @PdxInteractive Just wrapping it up for you @PdxInteractive There's a lot of rain here for the summer please Paradox 😫Morning. Feeling tired might delete later
@EternalStephHD So so sorry to hearDo not trust that chin 😱 @VoiceJayBritton Is Jay OK?NECRONATOR: DEAD WRONG NEWS👾 Chubat has declared that yes you may finally enjoy the Mod and Workshop update🙌 Find…
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BREAKING NEWS - we can confirm that zombie farts are now explosively flammable and may be used to tactical advantag…
Retweeted by 🐺Modern Wolf 🐺 @AnimatedAnt These are adorable. Where they from?👋👾 @AggroCrabGames
@rockpapershot Oh wow this is big big @tweetcharisreid the effort... @backbonegame HAVE A TRASH DAY! 💕Modern Wolf🐺 works with some of the best #indiegame devs across the globe. 💫@togeproductions 💫 @LRDGames 💫… @ifnotnowgwen @WhenInManila @tacodevourer Mandatory office supplies. More so than like chairs or desks. @ifnotnowgwen @WhenInManila @tacodevourer Have yet to look at anything to do with this game and not become HONGRY!Our team works remotely but this is one of our official office wolf pets. His name is Lucas 🥺 (there's a whole thin… @PixelChark @officialvalkia @EternalStephHD Are you also truly aware of your status being below your cat if all you… @officialvalkia @EternalStephHD That cat is wondering "where are the pictures of me tho" @DoomCube @spookydoorway Great news Paul. Congrats to yourselves and the team. Big fan of Season 1 and will be one… @BobDuckNWeave 👏Bob Merch 👏Bob Merch @BobDuckNWeave But where are the Bob clothes?These new Steam review awards have some high octane wholesome effects like this one for Necronator: Dead Wrong… is very warm @Coatsink Miss you already @DevRelCallum What about .smg?😎👇 the demo live stream of Ostranauts during the Steam Festival of Games? We've got you covered. You can watch a…
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@backbonegame the netherealms beckon thee return feel like @IQ_Adventures @shaunaitcheson @itchio They will come for you 🗡🐢 @IQ_Adventures @shaunaitcheson @itchio this is heartbreaking but a marketing tactic that has worked on us. So well done you monsters 😭 @IQ_Adventures @shaunaitcheson @itchio Need you to confirm that he isn't crying blood 🥲 IS HE OK? Scavenger by Ostranauts creator @dcfedor is currently part of the @humble Indie Hits Sale if you want to get in… @AmeliaTyler Please remain ok forever Amelia! We're really glad to hear you're in the clear! 💕🐺💕 @MFinn115 @CBSNews A plant may help ease those tears @WiredP and if for some reason you can't find the tools in your library, you can install it manually through this lin… DEAD WRONG NEWS👾 Chubat has declared that yes you may finally enjoy the Mod and Workshop update🙌 Find… irl vs animated us 😳 @PdxInteractive The Stellaris Just catapult us into space. No need for a return. Thanks @PhotoGraaf_ @BraveAtNight That's the positivity we need! @BraveAtNight All of these things I did last Tues so will be nice to escape into your game 😪Morning folks 👋🐺 To quote @rockpapershot when talking about Necronator: Dead Wrong "Eat your strategy vegetables"… @ZEROxFUSIONZ But you're kinder to your toys right?
@sarahhana Good luck 🤯Well, dear indie gamers and devs. Here is my lockdown gift to you. I hope you like. Please retweet and spread the l…
Retweeted by 🐺Modern Wolf 🐺 @RawFury @backbonegame Stuck in a Bin Call the Coastguard: 2Shirley had a great time fyi @PlayWearTalkRed Hope you both have a relaxing eveningEver wonder how many goddamn steps go into animating a scene? Answer: Ouch many. Rough animation/Tiedown by Frans…
Retweeted by 🐺Modern Wolf 🐺This may look a lot like a #WishlistWednesday post, but if you look carefully it's a classic painting from 1905 cal…
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