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Moechilla @Moechillasama Bullying Koalanoob and Contii

Valorant - F/A | 🍲@1contii 🎧@koalanoob 🐰@428Light 🐍@domCSGO | I will change the world | x1

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@Yonji_x1 Happy birthday my favorite drunk streamer @koalanoob Good job though keep the throne or I'll steal it from you @koalanoob I'm making a joke miku is the 3rd sister silly goober. @koalanoob No you're #3 silly. @Ban_Val Been playing a lot of apex past few days, really fun and satisfying also helps you get better in movement…
@WedidOfficial @XSET Wanna join OOKERS? @bearkun Go to a doctor @Sticeyzx Happy birthday sticey, why pepesad cheer up king @vinnerwinner Nice acting skills @domcsgo @riftzxx @Hori_VAL @Abykvn @liryCbtw @koalanoob Not a simp... but if you make one you gotta make one for all 5... @ilyVal_ Oh for twitch? This is pretty cool @Hori_VAL Baking BUFF
@Clovrzx @bearkun @jcrueL_ @RESHURAA @RunnerPScs Why you doing Runner dirty @JMaldo_x1 Monsieur Kanpeki? I don't mind it but I can see why it's annoying. @JPARKJMC LMAO IT DID CRASH @Shanks_TTV Not worthy of your compliments1v3 Ace, won the game on OT naturally 😤 @kyedae @TenZOfficial You'll be his phone waifu for now. liked koala's more btw I really want to eat that crunchy outer layer and I'm a big fan of strawberry @koalanoob GG NT BETTER LUCK GETTING RADIANT RANK 1 THAN BEATING ME @zambiee_ @koalanoob Dude my mom thought it was for her and I just gave her a teddy bear lmao @zambiee_ @koalanoob I actually baked this for her lmao coincidentally koala was also making a cake so we decided to share oursBake-Off: Moechilla vs .@koalanoob Chocolate is mine, koala's is strawberry. Couldn't put a poll up sadge
@Hori_VAL Go away he's not allowed to have anyone. @Vanityxz The trick to countering ranked demons is rank IGLing and saying CUT NOISE FOR 30 SECONDS. Works all the time. @katsumiFPS I love bunnies @katsumiFPS @Hokkaishi @koalanoob We will tweet them tomorrow you can judge them @koalanoob @katsumiFPS @Hokkaishi Yeah you need the filter help :< @1hadofhfo @koalanoob @Hori_VAL @Hokkaishi LMAO @Hori_VAL @koalanoob @Hokkaishi Gonna work on it tonight. Will probably be done by tomorrow. @Hokkaishi @koalanoob CAKE @428Light @koalanoob I've been baking and cooking for 5 years, this guy has nothing on meNo stream tonight @koalanoob challenged me to a bake-off for tomorrow and I'm tryharding this.
@domCSGO @koalanoob thoughts? @currydtx @Asunaa Bro I'll take even 1k out of the 100k and I'll be happy. @Scrounge_ You're missing out on the Summer edition, Dragonfruit is so good @Hori_VAL @koalanoob He doesn't need a GF he has the quintuplet buff @harmfoo The fuck did you eat while opening your fast??? @ilyVal_ Hit me with the quintuplet @ilyVal_ AN AMV??! I mean... you should be doing both but if I had to chooooose...AMV easy @ilyVal_ Am I ever going to get one of your sick edits
@kyedae Why do you think Tyson wants 5 kids, he knows what's up.
GIVE ME AND .@Asunaa OUR MMR FIRST THEN BAN HIM. @Shanks_TTV Happy birthday! YouTube donations don't hit the same as gifting subs😔but I'll wait for your stream. @1contii I think you're screwed. @bearkun @yeonari_ @Justinovah If they give you the reason or clip itself, you have the ability to call them out or dispute it, which… @Justinovah Honestly you might've just voiced an opinion that was probably taken out of context as sexism or someth… @koalanoob @428Light @1contii Haha re-check the emojis i put @428Light @koalanoob @1contii I have 4 people on my bio now lmao
@Flight_R6 @428Light @koalanoob @1contii We don't want a homewrecker. @koalanoob @domCSGO @428Light @1contii As much as I want to agree with you, at least someone is taking one for the team. @bearkun Shake it till you make it.GF buff ain't got nothing on the Quintuplet buff 😤 @koalanoob Happy birthday @428Light Can't be washed if you just came back, people have been grinding. It'll take a few days to get your groove back.
I keep the cypher cam tag on me so I can have afterimages while running and gunning. @zekkenVAL No I definitely want to be on a Zekken clip it's an honor. @zekkenVAL SCRIM CLIPS??? BLUR, LEAK?? @edisonparklive @PlayVALORANT Use an Operator and Judge, you'll make Radiant.
@428Light Isekai time 👋 @bearkun If you can't react to these just quit lmao @crunchyyworld You forgot one more chad 😤 @WedidOfficial HELLO @floaromaa
@Vanityxz @Cloud9 FIRST.@Subroza When you're down bad so you bring up Asuna to cover up.
@HIAval @SpotUpVAL Would quit any team to play with him 🧦 Socky Wocky 🧦Since leaving @SpotUpVAL I am now LFT. Prefer to play duelist but can play anything for the right team. Just want t…
Retweeted by Moechilla @kinxps @Glorinsz @Governor_Val You're so good at designing holy shit.
Can you highlight red and green stars on the minimap so people watching the game can tell which Astra is placing wh… @428Light @koalanoob Nice man. @RESHURAA @Kyrokana @minaweeb MY YORU ACTUALLY IS CLEAN THOUGH @ChoboMe Happy birthday Step sis @minaweeb No its artistic.Got a banger banner in a day 🥰 thank you so much Light! Give this guy a follow. I love this so much, all the small… @428Light @LiquifyFR Make a Nino one :D @LiquifyFR @428Light Yo, Yotsuba you got me fam?
@Immortals @Polo_Capalot @RossyUA THAT'S HIS HANDLE GO FOLLOW HIM @kinxps @Glorinsz 🥺 @RESHURAA I'm telling you the sheriff got a hidden buff. @domCSGO Wow you're amazing!I need a new twitter banner... @RossyUA Happy birthday best friend @katsumiFPS So can you press f5? I'm done with this game already. @1contii @domCSGO @domCSGO Play different agents/roles and see how different playstyles come in, because they all play and position d…
@Hokkaishi ur 16 and ur not even an egirl @textskun That's a cursed image @domCSGO I love your reaction images. @RealStrongLegs @SoniqsEsports See you next NSG pro 10's gatekeeper. @Ban_Val @ookers_VAL mf got drone tagged twice and doesn't care. Get off the angle!!!!0-2 to @Renegades close games, finally got to play them instead of Soniqs for once. Too many sloppy mistakes, role…
@Jonaaa6_VAL @Ban_Val @Renegades Finally got to play you in officials, was fun. 😇 @RealStrongLegs @Ban_Val @Renegades WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PICTURE LMAO. I CAN'T BEAT THAT. @crunchyyworld you're pl… against .@Ban_Val and friends. @Renegades next. @jet_fps @SeekerValorant jet is an insane jett player!! Love this dude. @vinnerwinner @SeekerValorant Griefs my rank games but is still top 50 somehow... owns in tournies ig.. @envysJPN
@harmfoo @bearkun @Critical_Val You good lol? You know who you're talking back to right now? BEARKUN: DEMON SLAYER.… @zekkenVAL Idk about heads but this is a good phantom xhair. Inner: 1,5,2,4 Outer: 0,3,4,5