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For your very, very early Tuesday morning listening pleasure, here's Monday's Tony and Mo Football Show.…'s Monday's Tony and Mo Football Show: @megcoffey21 @jerad20 @WKladakis @barryfkatz @hannajason42
Six future Hall of Famers and a former Bearcat in this montage. @jerad20 @megcoffey21 @WKladakis @barryfkatz @hannajason42 beer is cold at Twin Peaks. @OhNoCoop @jefffcarr @dotsonc @wickterrell @soffenbaker @dougdirt24 Let me know when and I'll be happy to join.Tempting..... Tony and Mo Football Show starts in 3 minutes. Listen at QB Joe Burrow joined some elite company Sunday. Not rookie elite. Hall of Famers elite.
Retweeted by Mo EggerOn at 3:05 on ESPN1530. Join us at Twin Peaks in West Chester. Listen at Here's some mo… @pauldehnerjr can you watch this for both of us?’ll never forget Whitworth almost killing a man for a dirty hit on Dalton. These Cowboys are sad and soft
Retweeted by Mo EggerTranslation: Owners are doing better than they'd like you to know!
Retweeted by Mo EggerBREAKING: ESPN has abandoned plans for a college basketball bubble in Orlando, leaving dozens of teams without game…
Retweeted by Mo EggerOn with @tony_pike15 now on ESPN1530. Listen at to be on with Bill Cunningham. Listen at thorough summary and analysis of the Carlos Dunlap clown show. @Der_skib @tony_pike15 Same.Join @tony_pike15 and me at Twin Peaks in West Chester for today's Tony and Mo Football Show. Bengals on the losing…
Retweeted by Mo EggerLol Goodell. @tony_pike15 and me at Twin Peaks in West Chester for today's Tony and Mo Football Show. Bengals on the losing… @kenbroo @littlemiamibrew @700wlw I've been waiting for an invite.TONIGHT on #SportsofAllSorts: Jim and Rodney join me to talk #Bengals woes, @MoEgger1530 tells me if the #Bearcats
Retweeted by Mo Egger @AvaWickham @TwinPeaksLodge Neither did I. @RunnerINdee That's my Sunday!
Join @tony_pike15 and me for tomorrow's Tony and Mo Football Show at @TwinPeaksLodge in West Chester. We will disc… forward to tomorrow's Tony and Mo Football Show at @TwinPeaksLodge in West Chester. Gonna be fun to talk… see that after a heartbreaking loss for his teammates, Carlos Dunlap is looking for a cup of attention.Joe Burrow deserved to win today.What was Darius Phillips doing?What a play call!Similar situation to last week... @KellyRippin @holygrailbanks Good seeing you, as always.The view of today's National Football League excitement. looking forward to my next live hit from @holygrailbanks with @kenbroo on 700WLW, just prior to his chat wit… @GoBearcatsFB too rusty to win on the road vs. a ranked team after an unexpected extra week off? And was Desmon…
Retweeted by Mo Egger @Johnny_Boston19 @holygrailbanks Likewise! @Johnny_Boston19 @holygrailbanks I hosted the postgame show until 1:30am, so no.I'll be joining @kenbroo on 700WLW in moments, just prior to his live chat with the Grammy-nominated Robbie Dupree.… riding high from last night, and at it early this morning for the Baxla Tractor Pregame Party at… @barryfkatz @WKladakis This is what I wanted to wake up to see.By my count, Alabama, Georgia, UNC, and Cincinnati. impressive win of Luke Fickell's run at UC.Cats are gonna win by almost 30 on the road against a ranked team in a game in which they had 6 more passing yards than penalty yards.Tied Joe Miller for the longest rushing TD in school history, except Joe didn't barf in the 1953 game in which he h… Ridder. Gone. Ballgame.Is there a golf course on LaSalle's campus? stand by the UC defense. Surprisingly, Sonny D elects not to try a field goal to cut the lead to 12. Maybe next time.I am enjoying the way Sonny Dykes is coaching tonight.Sauce.They scored.They went for it.Go for it....Appreciating SMU's desire to run the ball on second and long.Not really sure what Sonny Dykes is doing, but ok....Was textbook targeting. This crew is brutal. .One of these two teams hasn't played in 21 days.Pregame Show Kharma strikes again. This week's guest, Josh Whyle, caps off a perfect game-opening drive.On the air with @Dan_Hoard and @jimkelly7 bringing you UC v. SMU, starting at 8:35 on 700WLW. Listen at
@WKladakis @holygrailbanks I will gladly discuss one of those two things.Join me for tomorrow's Baxla Tractor Pregame Party presented by @papajohnscincy, at @holygrailbanks! lot of people feel that things like gutting minor league towns of their teams, silly TV blackout policies, and si… right across the line today is actress Heather Graham, who was born Jan. 29, 1970. At 18,530 days old, she'…
Retweeted by Mo EggerWill the rule apply to his 2025 28-team playoffs or is this another rule that only applies to the regular season? @AndyFurmanFSR @graeters Thanks Drew, you too. @ReggieWilsonTV @graeters I know. Because she's hanging out with me, right?
Maybe the teams that missed out on the Antonio Brown clown show sweepstakes would still like to acquire a wideout.Looking forward to Sunday's Baxla Tractor Pregame Party presented by @papajohnscincy from @holygrailbanks You mig… is a @graeters Chip Wheelie Friday afternoon. out all of the amazing things KAA does for adults with disabilities and consider donating to our Annual Appea…
Retweeted by Mo EggerThe Packers are definitely calling around about WRs. No idea on specific targets, but have heard they are making pl…
Retweeted by Mo EggerLooking forward to Sunday's Baxla Tractor Pregame Party presented by @papajohnscincy from @holygrailbanks See you… TE Austin Hooper missed practice today due to an illness (not COVID-related). He has been ruled out for Sunday
Retweeted by Mo EggerHow much money was the focus group paid to come up with the name? right now. Join us during your lunch break. Listen at @tony_pike15 and me for Cincy 3:60 at noon on ESPN1530. Talking Bengals/Browns, UC/SMU, NFL trades, AJ Green,… this thread. Do some good.👇
Retweeted by Mo EggerEven better the second and third time.Hello. Here is yesterday's sports-talk radio presentation. Thank you for your continued unconditional love and unwa… your very early morning listening enjoyment, here's Thursday's radio show. @kenbroo We will find out when I'm on with you at 9:20 on Sunday morning.....and here's this show in its entirety."Letter to You" has proven to be worth the wait. @HulsmanDoug Absolutely. @cammillerfilms New album drops in a few hours.....Here's to a beautiful October evening of sitting outside and listening to music.
@BSnow247 I'm sure he's a swell man. He seemed nice enough when he visited Cincinnati for the ASG. I loathe his leadership of the sport.Yep times 100,000,000,000. college bowl game.
Retweeted by Mo Egger @momcapes3 I was wondering about the look he was going for today. Guess now we know.5pm hour: 5:05 - A losing locker room doesn't have to be a lost locker room 5:20 - It never ends well for the Ben… - Yes, someone panicked. Which is good. 4:10 - Is it 2014 all over again in Cincinnati? 4:20 - Two huge chan… @DrewStubbmuffin I was just saying hi.We have an answer. left this garment in our studio. We think it is a skirt, and we have lots of questions about why it was lef… - 3 thoughts on the concept of a coach losing the locker room 3:20 - @JayMorrisonATH on Bengals/Browns 3:33… @RichardVersus @513shirtsOn at 3:05 on ESPN1530. Listen at This is a show preview.... you know that October is National Chili Month? Not that I needed a reason to hit up @Skyline_Chili before hea…
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