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This is a chemist, not a joke shop.

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@43TVRetro @goodgrieftrust @GrangeHill40 That’s me in the background! @ChartMusicTOTP Yikes!
@skipratmedia @erolalkan for the Trash Record Box playlist, kept me sane for train home from London with what seemed like… @vxpeax Lizard Labs? Curious to hear how you get on. @Brenter37 FUCK OFF AND DIE YOU UTTER CUNT OF A HUMAN BEING. @goodgrieftrust Hi - many thanks for yesterday. Had an amazing day! You said to email about getting a copy of the p… rudeness I’ve witnessed from Londoners to people who work in the service industry is shocking. Good manners co… @Justinhyde17 Yep. I’m in a Laura / Imelda sandwich.
This is possibly the greatest photo I’ve been involved with. Perfect Sausage Action. @ABZ_davieboy Assuming it’s the usual set list he dodged a bullet. Fucking shit cunts. Unless they do XTRMNR or VAN… can take those sausages, and shove them RIGHT INTO YOUR HEADS. #grangehill40 @ErkanMustafa Wot No Mags Spillane???Annette! #grangehill40’s Luck in the house. #grangehill40 panel. What a day #grangehill40 @GreenFuneralCo @goodgrieftrust Same arm @goodgrieftrust should talk to @GreenFuneralCo - linking Grange Hill to the JAMS. Just like the 2 tattoos on my right arm...Group photo time #grangehill40 Say Cake #grangehill40 up to the couple on their honeymoon to #grangehill40 wee present from ⁦@ErkanMustafa⁩ - what a guy. RIP TSP #grangehill40 else is the school dinner gonna be? #grangehill40 Yates is a pure London / Dundee hybrid. Amazing.#grangehill40 and Tommy with Alan Humphries in the background. #grangehill40 sitting next to us leans over: “who’d win a fight between Cathy and Imelda then, lads?” - clearly he’s imagined… to our seats by Tommy and Hughes. Holy shit this is gonna be mental. #grangehill40, Ro-land... #grangehill40
Surely nobody would come to Elstree out of choice. It makes Watford seem like Soho circa 1990. @BeakBristol Still says Mono. You sold out innit. Art Skool now - 👍 @BBCNewsnight @RachelSJohnson @maitlis A family of cunts. @LukeTurnerEsq Ah, enjoying my first ever Thameslink experience.This. Is the end of the line. Although I’ve seen the story played out before, I’m buying into it yet again. And the… Not all a walk bit you knowworrimean. @LukeTurnerEsq Your London playlist always goes on when in town but it’s about to soundtrack my walk from Euston to… @r_ibeka Best! ONLY. Who am I trying to kid... @r_ibeka GUTTED that I’m away on hols that night. PLEASE hint at a pre-Xmas one so that all is not lost. It’s the b… @LukeTurnerEsq You need to watch it 72 times for the full effect.Thought I’d be able to get a train from this shithole to Elstree but gotta go via Euston and St Pancras on a Friday… @AcidGrandads Current page @AcidGrandads Simon Reynolds is always good. It came out in 98 so quite funny reading now. Got it out the library. @pollybirkbeck Is it? Now? It makes me go all funny when I hear it. @07Macca @AcidGrandads I’m usually on the money - supermarket brands always say and @OddShawlands are good for it. Trains tho. @GraemeRedmond Mental innit.I usually operate on the ‘innocent till proven guilty’ vibe. Usually know what to go for as well but train: needs must etc. @plasmatron @lowtheband The saviours of January.Great photos - looks amazing! Are they playing the same set they’ve been doing for the last 10 years only worse cos… @pollybirkbeck How do you fall on Series / Season? I’m coping with Season nowadays, just about. @AcidGrandads Works quite well inna 20-years-on stylee. Talk of CD ROMs and suchlike. @AcidGrandads Btw train reading (again): @AcidGrandads Suppose at least it’s not got the fish stuff. I hope. Scared to check on Barnivore. @AcidGrandads I’ll take the sediment any day.Why the fuck does my train wine contain egg and milk? Not even in bold either. The vegan monkey says “leave it” but… @GlasgowRunner Heh heh - chance would be a fine thing... @AppleSupport Can you give me an address to make an official complaint to? Can't find anything on the website. Ide…
This time tomorrow I'll be on the train to London town for the #grangehill40 event at Elstree Studios. Who knows wh… @skipratmedia @_KiLN_ Aye - went to see her before but doubt I would again. Reminds me of early 80s "can't listen…
@_KiLN_ @Grimezsz If only she would ditch the cunt. @TheLucidDreamUK Top show once again fellas, albeit waaaaaay too short. Do hurry back! 🤘 @billisdeadatATK @TheLucidDreamUK Didn’t realise you were there or would have said hello. Bailed at 9.30 due to bei… @TheLucidDreamUK @andreunin How come Manchester gets a 50% longer set than us Weegies? @leer_and @ShivaD1 Aw that’s good to know. Cheers!
Massive thanks to all involved with the @leer_and rental chat this evening. @ShivaD1 and John Cavanagh in particula… @_Smiffy Never.If there's one thing guaranteed to put people off another #Indyref it's Tommy Sheridan and his Braveheart screening…
#YYES? Seriously? @billisdeadatATK @swissadam1 @JakeSniper No need. Individual items. 👍 @billisdeadatATK @swissadam1 @JakeSniper Result! Quite the achievement innit.
@Owen300513 @Coldwar_Steve @RetroBoyJon Outstanding. @Thirty3forty5 @WildBeerCo Agreed. This is something else.Wow! New fav beer is TOM YUM from the mentalists at @WildBeerCo - a sour Thai taste sensation. And it’s this colour…
Poor Erland Cooper came all the way from Orkney to play #SAYAward only to be talked over loudly by industry cunts.This can’t happen. Surely to fuck. @GlasgowRunner @thethe See yourself, @lornaje? @GlasgowRunner @thethe Best seats in the house as well by the sound of it.
@donnelly1977 @mcallister51 New Viz: @paulochiesa @BBC6Music @LizKershawDJ Nah. Electioneering is pure shite. Always skip. @ChartMusicTOTP Me and @lornaje made a drunken response the other night. To be played backwards... @AcidGrandads Cajmere feat Dajae: Brighter Days (Underground Goodies mix)Best show of the 4 I’ve seen so far. Top stuff, in the greatest venue on the planet...
Cannae wait, has been a long time coming...
@cakeface237 @MetroUK Oh dear, it’s a long way since Robbie Wright.It’s all looking a bit “Fried” out the window at work today. All that’s missing is an acid casualty in a turtle she…
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Amen to this. Just saw it at @GI_Glasgow and it was beautiful. @GothBritannia @maryannehobbs Oops wrong account there.
@ChartMusicTOTP Bummerdog Easter Egg Action
Retweeted by moggieboy @Coldwar_Steve The cairds, the last thing I told you was to mind the cairds! @billisdeadatATK @swissadam1 FYI - was a full rucksack & tent search and sniffer dogs the last time I went. And tha… @billisdeadatATK @swissadam1 Looks like ideal weather for it. Have a good wan!
The trajectory of Danny Boyle from the majestic 2012 Opening Ceremony to this cuntfest is a perfect metaphor for Br… best music journalism out there. Well worth a wee monthly bung in the age of everything being free and mostly s…
Maximum recommends for this. Manages to be chilling and very real, plenty of genuine LOLs and shot in a blaxploitat…
This is the greatest photo ever. #NationalDogsDay @realDonaldTrump CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNTFuck, @driftseachange is the only UK fest I’m gutted to have missed this year. Next year 100% there for sure. Looks perfect. @Coldwar_Steve Noel & Liz wishing Farage was dead. Doesn’t get much better. @PopularPups Just getting comfy. @marcrileydj This makes me feel physically sick. Disgusting behaviour - humans are cunts. Fuck humans.