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This is a chemist, not a joke shop.

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@Jezzieone @CraigatCoF Tim was there. I saw him in front of us. @CraigatCoF Aye there were pro cams all over the place. Will probably merit a heavily edited 20 secs on a documenta…
@Cambriadawn @CraigatCoF Too true. I tried my usual “get a set list off the sound guy” and was gonna send to Craig… @thetwilightsad You guys were phenomenal tonight. Can’t wait to see you in a fortnight. You and @kathrynjoseph_ w… @CraigatCoF Robert Smith in Talks Shit Shocker. I’m off to listen to 4.13 Scream... @meltdownfest @CraigatCoF @RobertSmith @thecure What a show! I worked out the theme after the second song so was ab… gig ever? Quite possibly. A run up and down every album and no Friday I’m In Love to be seen. Fuck me - Cureat… @LDRM_ Aye but can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to it.Never seen a queue like it for a merch stand opening. Exclusive tshirts... @CraigatCoF Cheers man! It’s all very exciting...Ticket sorted! Many thanks to @CraigatCoF who also sorted me out in Copenhagen a couple of years back. What a star… @CraigatCoF Cheers 👍Calling all #MeltdownFest Cure fans. Does anyone have a spare tkt for my Welsh pal who has come all the way from Ca… @meltdownfest @thetwilightsad @iLiKETRAiNS @Mybshwll @TheKVB @thesoftmoon Arse on seat by 7.15pm then. Cannae wait! @Coldwar_Steve KENDAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! @LazyCalm80 @Its_Bobbins @CraigatCoF About 5 I reckon... @LazyCalm80 Ah well, I guess they did then. @LazyCalm80 Nope. Alas not.
My Bloody Fucking Valentine. Immense. And still a complete shambles after all these years. Wouldn’t have it any oth… @donnelly1977 There is a food & drink fest outside the venue and it has a variety of ciders. No need for the added lager. All v tasty! @donnelly1977 Well y’know. All relative...Chilled sunny afternoon #MeltdownFest vibes at the outdoor stage before tonight’s Sonic Noise Attack courtesy of My… @Madincroydon @RegieSpam @judi_sutherland If only that had killed him we wouldn’t be in this mess.
What a stunning audio and visual show from @nineinchnails there. Full marks for presentation. TURN UP THE STROBES!… @1dmg @nineinchnails Just good F5 skillz! @1dmg @nineinchnails Mogwai last night, MBV tomorrow & The Cure Sunday. Have a good wan! @1dmg @nineinchnails Aye got 4-in-a-row starting last night. The sound in the venue is spectacular. @LukeTurnerEsq @mogwaiband Good to see Martin back behind the drum kit as well. 10/10! @1dmg @nineinchnails S’gonna be great. @CraigatCoF @thecure @pglost @kaelanmikla @cubanbrothers The Cuban Brothers are on all six bills. WTF?!
Holy Moly! The sound at #MeltdownFest is ASTONISHING. @mogwaiband and. @kathrynjoseph_ were STUNNING just there. Ro… THE MIGHTY MOGWAI @lornaje A skunt. But a skunt married to you... 💋... and who says he is stuck in the 80s? #MeltdownFest @c0NZ @mogwaiband Out the picture: one trouser leg rolled up.Tea towel skirts all the rage these days. #MeltdownFest ⁦@mogwaiband⁩ we fucking go... #MeltdownFest with ⁦@lornaje⁩“An oversize bronze Cave effigy, astride a rearing horse, naked save for a loincloth and brandishing a flaming torc… @_Smiffy The downward spiral innit. @plasmatron See you later on... @ededowen FFS... @plasmatron 9.40 VirginThe girl sitting diagonally opposite me on The Official #MeltdownFest Train To London has taken over 50 selfies sin…
@LukeTurnerEsq Halycon days of over-the-counter mushies about 15 year ago...Nice touch - good work @RobertSmith... @guardian XXXTinction
@thechurchband Is there a new venue for the Glasgow show? @moggieboy To do the backing vocals when they play I’m Cold
Retweeted by moggieboy#NP6Music Wonder if Siouxsie will make an appearance next Sunday...? @LukeTurnerEsq It's a belter. I keep going back to this as well: @theartyassassin Heh heh - alas not. @theartyassassin Called it! @Dominiquetd @timpopedirector Have only seen the Tim one. @Dominiquetd @timpopedirector TWO videos? Will head off and check that out... @Dominiquetd @timpopedirector It's not aged very well, but still find myself digging the 12" out from time to time... @theartyassassin It'll be Placebo next... @theartyassassin Maybe The Cure's cover of Mr Glitter: The Cure - A Foolish Arrangement. Such a good song that I named my WiFi network after it... @midgee_ This is Izzy the greyhound - we are kinda weekend parents. She’s a beauty!A pair of brown eyes this Sunday morning... @IainSaraswati Fuck me, 6 years. Right enough, I remember it was mid June...
Oh dear. This is going to become annoying as fuck really quickly. @GlasgowRunner So many great nights there over the years. Only ever went once when it was cinema but made up for it this millennium. @WbWiggyb3 @kcal_kitchen Not yet - can’t keep up! Every time I check there are new vegan places here. Will do tho..:Many a great gig at the ABC since it opened. Second only to the Barras I’d say. @LadytronMusic I don’t think the glasgow gig will be happening at the planned venue. 😢Horrifying.
Oh fuck no. @lidlmix I don’t want to even go thereA tribute club night. Is this a thing now? @JDTwitch *doffs cap* - great work for one so partial to the tabs 👍
@frenchbloke We love you, Miss Hannigan.Nature is an evil bastard. @midgee_ Ah of course - a holiday cat! Lorna adopted some of them in Tunisia, and we had a dog in Thailand. Good stuff... @midgee_ Awww - what's her name?
Gotta love the State bar. Next stop ⁦@pilofficial⁩ . Hopefully Miles Hunt has fucked off by now. you down the front... @STVNews Looks like he's been too close to the fireworks himself.