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This is a chemist, not a joke shop.

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I think I definitely knead to go to this. @DaftLimmy 8pm kickoff?
Wahey! Haven’t been so glad to be in Edinburgh since the heady days of early 90s PURE. Get me to Glasgow ASAFP please...Right Austria - you can get yersel tae fuck now. I’m going back for a long overdue cuddle from @lornaje and the sno… @The_Maslinator @cerpintor Gonna give this a miss due to closeness (seems a bit too soon, only announced a few days… @The_Maslinator @cerpintor Where dat?
@cakeface237 @davidclewis @WingsScotland No! Was listening to that today weirdly enough.
Yer actual apfel strudel inna fizzy pop stylee. Actually tastes no bad. Can’t see it taking off in Glasgow tho... never get used to the mainland Europe green man rule, where it’s ok for cars to turn the corner when you’re cr…
@mcallister51 No way!
View from hotel in Austria - beats fucking Motherwell for a workplace any day of the week.
I vote for @Benjaminsal & @jetfury to shake it up a bit. German translation of the Trump book looks suitably Nazi-esque:
Been in Austria for about 3 hours and the quality of the trains pisses on Scotrail from a great height. Cheap, freq… @_KiLN_ My fellow Chapter 1 Decent Cunt.
@ChartMusicTOTP Seems legit? @CastlesInSpace @therealsoundhog Ya dancer! CIS is back! Back! BACK!
@WbWiggyb3 Heh heh... @WbWiggyb3 Was good from mid 80s till mid 90s. @darkoutside @SunkenFoal Nice! If only I had the means to play it... @stephenclarke80 1989 - nice wee article about it here: @ArmstrongM I got all 3 when I could afford it and read all cover to cover.So NME is closing then. No surprises there. Still the best cover I ever bought... a fucking Tory-fest this will be. No shortage of shit festivals in 2018 so far...
@daztraction @ChartMusicTOTP Can't say the same here cunt-wise but it's all killer / no filler. And then there's t…, feel all special. Get yer @ChartMusicTOTP Patreon on... £3.60 a month you’ll spend this year, pop pickers: @ChartMusicTOTP Grand. Will get on it. @southbankcentre Did RS not get the Molko memo? @plasmatron See you there for Bob Sings ‘Faith’ With Mogwai...?For the first time ever, had to delete a book from my Kindle app due to ACTUAL RECURRING NIGHTMARES. Cheers…
@ChartMusicTOTP Wot no Icicle Works? @danielmarkavery @essentialmix Always good to hear the Autechre mix of @bobpetesarah - nicely slowed down... @AllthingsTheThe This has been the worst way to announce a tour ever, I would be a few hundred quid better off if t…
Shitty 90s trance night down at the Swedge was it? @glasgowfilmfest @naepasaran Dammit - empty seats. Wish I’d come along on the offchance. Oh well, have a ball... @uisgebeatha Only one I ever bought. Plus: video. Eiffel Tower all separate, blind Andy.
@Tim_Burgess @glasgowfilm ?Boo! Our #GFF18 is now over. Mark Felt was a great one to go out on though, gonna go on a US Politics Films binge n… @philliesofshaw See above. Have been waiting 10 years for this! @MsClaireBiddles I saw them last night and agree on both counts! @ChrisGPackham Fuck anglers. The “I just chuck it back in” argument can piss off as well. I’ll stick a hook through your mouth, then. Cunt.
@Jgs_x Heh heh. Accent = model’s own. @Jgs_x Just out yer Nico film. Great stuff! Shirts all from your own collection? @rimadas_Artist @glasgowfilmfest It was a beautiful, humbling film. I absolutely loved it. Shame you couldn’t make… at last! Sandwiched between @MrRichardNorris and @daztraction. What the fuuk went on...? news! Village Rockstars & Nico 1988 are on... @metoffice Five Day Weekend, Glasgow #3wordweather
State of these cunts. Teachers. Anything to avoid Farage on #bbcqt tho. @ChrisMcKeag Think that might be the carryout bit - it goes right through. @WeeEck64 TonsNils Frahm might have cancelled his gig, but now have the joy of showing @lornaje Blue Tulip Rose Read thanks to th… @skipratmedia Got a contact to email about an early evening DJ slot as well. @Thirty3forty5 @nilsfrahm @GCHalls @R11Gordon @Whisky_Mark @Davidacochrane @maryannehobbs Social calendar is taking… @Whisky_Mark @Thirty3forty5 @nilsfrahm @GCHalls @R11Gordon @Davidacochrane @maryannehobbs All booking fees mysterio… @donnelly1977 It’s the old Ketchup / Social. Does pints as standard, unlike Koelschip cunts with their schooners. Carry outs as well.Shawlands decent pub klaxon! After a few years of putting up with the B&P (shit music) and Glad Cafe (small childre… @glasgowfilmfest What was the surprise film going to be? @Thirty3forty5 @nilsfrahm @GCHalls @R11Gordon @Whisky_Mark @Davidacochrane @maryannehobbs Shite innit. @nilsfrahm No rescheduled gig according to my @seetickets email 👎 DAY WEEEKEND IN THE HOUSE. Cheers #BeastFromTheEast - I'll get them in. @nilsfrahm Get yourself to @thegladcafe - you can have dinner at ours beforehand. The Show Must Go On! @LukeTurnerEsq I just did a rim shot / cymbal crash in my head.Will be us and 20 other folk in wellies. Rock'n'roll! @Thirty3forty5 @ErasedTapes @nilsfrahm @GCHalls Will be mental if it's on and the place is empty. See you down the front! @glasgowlife Is Nils Frahm on at the Concert Hall?
@glasgowfilmfest Got tix for Brimstone & Glory and Surprise Film tonight but looks like all public transport will b… played, #BeastFromTheEast - nice wee day off work. Feel free to hang about tomorrow as well, Thursday's a cunt of a day for me. @swearclock What time is love?
Top Tip for anyone going to this: I hadn't bowled for approx 10 years so went for a practice on Sunday. Have barely… missed out an ‘n’:
@1dmg I thought GFF couldn’t sink lower than Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy a few years back but was proved wrong. All part of the fun tho...
@1dmg Great day tho! @1dmg You made a better call than us. Submergence. Gash.... however it’s spelt*submergence. Shite anyway.#GFF18 so far: 👍👍👍👍👍 Isle of Dogs 👍👍👍👍👍 The Public Image Is Rotten 👍👍👍👍 You Were Never Really Here 👍👍👍👍👍 Thoroughbreds 👎👊✊ SubmergedSubmerged = utter pish. James McAvoy what were you thinking?Hopefully the only turkey this year #GFF18 (apart from… @eddiecointreau Black Grape or Muppets?