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I am the one who knocks........and runs away!!!

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@thekaipullai Landmark moment ra. You have an official hater also. Celeb level 3000. @IYERant One guy in Kerala tried this at the start of their lockdown period. Got fined 50k. Another matter that the…
Dear Indians, this is not the time to prove your proactiveness in over delivering a task. Light lamps inside your f… uncle near my house is blowing a conch while his wife is going bonkers with a plate and spoon. My dear neighb…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanEvery passing day we hear about new religious gatherings that have happened post the lockdown. Tantamount to murder…
Has to be read and shared a lot more.
That end credit track every episode of the The Wire. Pure gold. @AbstractOpinion Mindhunter @UndBalalaika And then sell it to Amazon to rebrand it as Amazon Kandle. #okByeIndia on Sunday celebrate by lighting up every hour man. Who is going to give them any credit for solidarity.Sunday 9 pm would be the perfect time for a rock band to sing a ballad. #9pm9minutesWait Earth Hour was last week no. Why are we being asked to celebrate it this week.On a lighter note smokers will raise their cigarettes on Sunday at 9 pm.What fans do in stadiums will need to be done across the country. Tangible measures being shelved in favour of PR stunts. Cool..
New: A team of Indian scientists have developed a low-cost, simple paper-strip test which can detect the new corona…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanIs everyone fine with these gatherings??
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanChennai twitter. Does anyone know a way to get home-cooked food sent to an old couple in sowcarpet? They're alone a…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanWhatever the fuck your religion be, if You're not going to lockdown, social distance and largely become responsibl…
Retweeted by Srinivasan Mohan @sujit_dora I talk about individual elements. Media specifically. The behaviour is absolutely appalling.When you are oblivious to facts on the ground these kind of articles crop up. Yes the communalising is pathetic but… @akhilparam You forgot brainstorming and thinking out of the box. @thekaipullai Which speechGut feeling that Flattening the Curve will be added to the already annoying list of corporate jargon when this is all under control.How is this justified in any way. How! We fight amongst each other and also fight against common sense spectacularl… @darthdevi Same scenes.
Journalist puts out an unverified story, IAS officer on twitter refutes it, Journalist insists the story is right a…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanTo punish the Chinese for what they did to the world, the biggest sanctions that can be imposed on that country is… drawn for social distancing in queues across the world are a tribute to Def Leppard - because everybody is Two Steps Behind @CPBlr @DgpKarnataka this is what can potentially happen if you don't clarify your earlier statements on vehicles b… true virus in society. Cretins like him. Cause more confusion and make things all the more worse. And every last one who says why couldn't you b… to encourage hoarding 101 @vinaykashy See these details are what are necessary. Just putting out a blanket update like that won't help anyone… if social distancing and getting essentials wasn't tough enough, here comes another bouncer. Push a measure thro… @akhilparam Next level pichhakaaransTake million blessings ❤️❤️❤️❤️ gold level thread. guy on the right is exactly how I was during viva exams when a googly question was thrown.
Anyone who visited Good Shepherd Building on March 15 (Sunday) the Kodambakkam High Road in Nungambakkam, Chennai s…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanWait what? for experienced UX designers (3 - 8 Years) to work at Digital Studio TechMahindra, for location Hyderabad a…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanA friend in Koramangala, Bengaluru will be able to deliver 1,000 meals a day. FREE. And we can get a few more kitch…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanA thread full of introduction scenes of Vadivelu Starting with this one of the finest introduction I genuinely li…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanHe's been chained, beaten & has just led a painful life. His owners want to give him up. The dog is traumatized due…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanSaw some sports poll on which batsman would I choose to bat for my life. Interesting choice of words considering…!
Retweeted by Srinivasan Mohan @Numb_Skull @iBakasura Sigh afternoon naps ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @bally_opinion One of those games where i really couldn't help but admire Liverpool despite being a Milan fanThis country is running because of the sanitation workers. Period!
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanAmazing sting by @IndiaToday on ventilator vultures. Noida housing societies apparently stocking up on 10-12 ventil…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanDeboNair- Apt surname for a Bengali married to a Keralite @dankchikidang @asha_ny Amazonf prime video India.
@vinaykashy Oh haaaga but even then point well made..I mean you have to give it to these guys for making such a tough job look fun. That biker literally shat his pants… @thekaipullai Shit you are right. Both characters are valibu vayasu candidates. @thekaipullai That he will. Kaipullai has more vivegam than nai sekars veeram. So easy victory.Home Minister took work from home advice quite seriously. @thekaipullai Nesamani vs Kaipullai is the real battle. Kaipullai will edge it I feel.Wives shall socially distance from them permanently @ChuTneyPuDi Many happy returns ya 🤩🤩🤩
'Bro I'm feeling sleepy' is the 'I have to drop off I have another call' of group video calling among friends.Have to give credit where it's due. He's been talking about this right from February. parents will never complain about me not spending enough time with them ever again after this lockdown.Now that the virus is in India, a thread 👇🏼 on the potential geography of the virus spread based on known migration…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanDeaths due to lockdown in India. A thread:
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanShraddha Srinath appreciation tweet coz the lady doesn't get enough love 😌
Retweeted by Srinivasan Mohan @yemmay @tapanguchi @VidyaKrishnan Thank you for saying this. Much needed. Some of the lines in the article have be… to make a pertinent point but loses it when she compared the callousness meted to migrant workers by the poli…
I respectfully sent this email to @ForbesTech to let them know my perspective on "net worth", which they are compil…
Retweeted by Srinivasan Mohan @BurgerrB Haha yeah was making fun of the usual pronunciations I see of Gobi Manchurian. Looks a dream btw @BurgerrB Gopi? @nav4singh Wahi. @darthdevi Who is this mayiru fellowA dominatrix on Twitter will always be inclined towards RT chokes. #SeeWhatIDidThere @ChuTneyPuDi Unpopular opinion but the frigging truthNatural selection do your thing here. why not. my God @IYERant True that 😂😂😂 timely.
Severe weekend football withdrawal syndrome has returned.Modi ji memes on Coronavirus situation (A thread)
Retweeted by Srinivasan Mohan @anumccartney This is really great stuff. Could you tell me what the song was please? @vignesh129 Getting dark joke ideas for the phrase 'staying positive' 😂😂😂😂I think what I'd really like right now is a cozy British village murder mystery show where Patrick Stewart and Ian…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanSaif describing our national media and his son's current activity in one sentence if I call Toit now and ask for a table they will say 'No sir. All tables are full' #standardResponse @bkapilan @jagdishjojawar @prathvirajcs @hdarshan52 @gagan_yes @sathviknp @amareshbhat @S_Turlapati @adithya_krsna please don't hoard supplies. They are being available everyday. We will not run out Dude in grocery store: p… @RossOnRasslin - Sachin, TN- Dravid. person who responded positively to Instagram posts that asked if they would live in an isolated kick-ass hous… the midst of this gloom comes this nugget of happiness. a good dream last night. Lockdown ended and I was belting idli vade dip. The end. @ChuTneyPuDi Go back to sleep.. best
“The officer on duty asked me why I was out during curfew, so I showed him my ID & explained that I was a doctor on…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanBrooklyn 99 S7 thank you for wiping out the memories of season 6DuraiSingham is the hidden weapon we have against the Corona virus. Find out how. #SinghamNotIndiaFightsCoronaVirus uncle Dr Alok Bajpai, a Kanpur-based Psychiatrist, is offering free telephonic advise for the next 3 weeks (10am…
Retweeted by Srinivasan MohanThe ones who put those genuinely fighting for women empowerment to shame.