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it’s me again. Hi y’all

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@TYG_KO That don’t change nothin I said brothric @TYG_KO Oil yourself up and slide up and down the kitchen floor For science @TYG_KO Oooooh @1noTon1 I’m not even on probation. I haven’t even had trial yet. I’ve been on house arrest indefinitely
Retweeted by Mohawk Johnson @skampidoo Digimon cybersleuthAnd my prosecutor keeps bringing up my violations in court to keep me on house arrest. Violations that the notes sa… is more than the 20th time this has happenedMy monitor keeps going off while I’m at home Call the state’s attorney’s office and my alderman 3126031880 7732… @supernaira Fuck the police, glad you’re safe @supernaira Are you ok?Fellas is it gay to eat?
“Oh no! Hassleforth has crossed The Line Of Scrimmage. If not stopped he will unleash the dark one!”I don’t know what American football is doing ever but The Line of Scrimmage sounds like a counsel of wizards or som…
@Oprah_Gucci What......the .......entire....fuckCall the state’s attorney’s office and demand they treat me Caucasian 3126031880The judge that indicted me said out loud in court that he couldn’t see me in the fucking video they are using I-*thisI fucking hate it here. Days like this I wish they had just shot me. Instead I have an anklet while mfs like his ru… am literally on house arrest for allegedly hitting a cop in he helmet with a skateboard after police attacked pro… @Jaythafinesserr @MyleezaKardash @sexcmamaaa I didn’t. I was wrong. I’m sorry @AreYouYettiii What fever dream @MyleezaKardash @sexcmamaaa Why they on the floor?H.P. LikeyouasafriendcraftThey both trash but what the entire fuck....Y’all really listened to Eminem rap “how you ... gonna... name yourself....after a ... damn gun and have man. bun?”…👇🏾
Retweeted by Mohawk JohnsonThe digimon adventure 2020 reboot is amazingA friend has given me an Uktimate Muscle link and the new episode of Digimon is out. Don’t talk to me! @WalterSprockets Yay!!Now I gotta find Ultimate Muscle somewhereMy body woke me up for Saturday morning cartoons that haven’t aired in year @jedwill1999 They kept flagging my videos for racism and the last straw was taking me down for copyright infringeme… @jedwill1999 Not anymoreI wish I had the knees I did you’re a jerk to but I don’tThis was hilarious and hard on my knees. Please laugh. @braless__ This shit just punched me dead in my feelsAm I too late on the Bernie memes?
Retweeted by Mohawk Johnson @stucknthepoetry @ men @stucknthepoetry @glutenfreetiddy SameWhatever planet is in Gatorade please stop because I’m horny and angry @lilyncc Text me about this pleaseI don’t own the rights to this music #LovecraftCountry @stucknthepoetry What the colorist fuck?
@stucknthepoetry My roommates and I yell this video at each other constantlyReminder that I am still on house arrest, have not been tried or found guilty yet and my monitor doesn’t work. I am…
The internet really can be magical
Retweeted by Mohawk Johnson @MiDoriHP HiI got family who were endanger of being deported because of Trump. I got family who were almost imprisoned over wee… @rayvylla331 I’m always openREPOST IF BRAVE
Retweeted by Mohawk JohnsonProtesters like myself and Shaundric Mann are facing felony charges for protesting for black lives. White protester… @RaychJackson I still have them @rayvylla331 And an apology
Retweeted by Mohawk JohnsonYou can’t escape your proximity to whiteness vicariously by defending her’s. Acknowledge that she got where she is… way light skinned/mixed/non black poc are riding for and stanning Kamala like she didn’t spend her entire caree… get it. she’s making history. what about all the black ppl she put behind bars who’s name will not be remembered…
Retweeted by Mohawk JohnsonAnd we will keep getting beaten because you didn’t show up because you were scaredYou will keep going to protests in neighborhoods you gentrified, on behalf of black people you displaced, while act… people are gonna keep being murdered by police, he is gonna keep yelling reform and giving them money, protes…’t say shit about “we can call him out if he messes up” he cut your stimulus down by $600 and y’all said “it’s o… did not vote out racism. You voted in quiet racism that you can go back to ignoring. @themaglo Honestly same. I made a song yesterday and was like “God damn. Is this me when I stop giving a shit?” @themaglo Always but ai do think you are a stronger lyricist than meI can out rap most of y’all @camstacey_ Did you eat all the detos?
@kaherbert97 Not in my legs @kaherbert97 It’s all I have Kendall!Nobody: British niggas: AWROIGHT! FANK YOOOW VAWRY MOCH!
@Danez_Smif TELL THEM!!!!Reminder to call the state’s attorney to drop the charges for protestors like myself and Shaundric Mann who were br… @PessimistDaddy Nah. He was still creepy to Simba’s mom Serabi @katyjacobss Not even Trident Layer?! Wack
ALSO: Ed the one that doesn’t talk, licked his lips before they jumped on Scar heavily implying they were gonna eat…“I’ve been in many demonstrations all across the South, but I can say that I have never seen, even in Mississippi a…
Retweeted by Mohawk Johnson @TYG_KO @TYG_KO This shit is activating my flight or fight @TYG_KO Somebody confiscate his credit card4. Scar is evil. Scar is petty. I can literally hear Scar saying “ Me? Eat Mufasa? Disgusting. Too much muscle, no… Lions don’t usually cannibalize full grown lions. Make lions will kill and eat cubs sired by other males after c… The 3 main hyenas legit tried to kill and eat Simba and Nala when they were cubs. “hYenAs dONt eAt LiONs”. Well… YES THEY DO. It doesn’t happen often but lions and hyenas clash over prey, kill each other and sometimes eat eac… (probably) DID NOT EAT MUFASA a thread: I keep seeing some be about the baddest bitch of all lions eating his… to the white fork that y’all hated Dr. King. Y’all hated him, beat him, jailed him, criticized his methods… factory reset my life by holding my bellybutton down with a pen cap for 15 seconds. Wish me luck @mollykuhlman I hit cook on accident. Get pizza
I now rebuke the notion of sleep and will be staying awake 24/7I had a dream that I was sleeping with someone and when they turned around they face turned to Lin-Manuel Miranda d… @supernaira I eat with bothMade this yesterday has y’all fucked upI am angry at other poor people’s bag even though the company I work for is owned by a bald white man who wears swe… @yingdaii Exactly @yingdaii EeeewI literally don’t care if the govt is spying on us. All you’re gonna see is me watching tiktoks for hours, crying,…
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I am reading the character letters you all sent me and deciding to feel loved because I am