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People-watcher, travelling through time.

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@LloydMathias @COVIDNewsByMIB @CovidIndiaSeva The spirit of enterpriseNot enough hospitals, not enough crematoriums... #COVIDー19 is revealing every possible crack we have: Open All Hour… evidence of #DigitalTransformation in a legacy sector and spurred by the #lockdown. Delighted that @Giza8774
This is simply outstanding! @namchu @thesatbir @meajay @tistathinks @sourabhmishra @Oinx_roy @HelloMilkbasket Can you get someone to call me please? Your chatbot can’t address my issue...
@JioMart_Support Thanks. Really surprised that you send groceries as loose items and not packed in a bag. Just beca… experience with @JioMart and it’s mixed feelings: order gets delivered in 27 hours. But five items come separ…! @dhimant do see. does it even need the country’s top judiciary to get the #NCR functioning smoothly? Decide On Common Travel Pol… @rajeshlalwani Thank you so much!Would anyone know if an office/retail outlet in #Gurgaon needs a hardworking and honest young man to serve either a… in #Mumbai, #Nisarga is an #anagram of Sangria 😀 @tistathinks @eastbengal @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta : What’s behind Chinese intrusions? Beijing needs to save face globally. Expect a long LAC faceoff an…
Retweeted by Mohit HiraThe residents' WhatsApp group is abuzz with folks asking for reccos on dishwashers and other domestic-help-replacin…
@cyclopsee Demented. Totally demented people.This would’ve been funny if it wasn’t traumatic at the same time... Changes one’s idea about #Goa forever. A 'vacat… @babitabaruah Makes my blood boil: had to post a public appeal in our building to prod some neighbours to pay what… @debupurkayastha @RajrishiSinghal @parthodasgupta @tistathinks @eastbengal @AnantRangaswami It’ll get worse. Stay safe. @Anirban007 @RajrishiSinghal @parthodasgupta @tistathinks @eastbengal @AnantRangaswami Stay away from the windows a…
@DexterousRd Can’t say for sure. Depends on the wind force and direction. But no harm in trying it.Also for @sourabhmishra @geekafterglow @ColvynHarrisPOV @bachikarkaria @gpshots1 @rahulghosh @SunilLulla @endlaw a… in #Mumbai: before #NisargaCyclone hits the city, consider taping your glass windows like this. It helped som… @lisaicdindia Because the medium is the massage? @eastbengal @MirrorNow @karthiks @arunava @AnantRangaswami @Oinx_roy @joybhattacharj @parthodasgupta @thesatbir couldn’t the money spent here have been better used to support a #migrantworker directly?.@Dilbert_Daily Brilliant at so many levels. @eastbengal @parthodasgupta @ituchaudhuri @Giza8774 @The_Karthik #migrantworkers now reading @TOIIndiaNews? This ad is both wrong, and right: targeted at a reader who isn’t her… #Gurgaon, #Delhi and #Noida sealing and unsealing their borders unpredictably during the #lockdown and even…
The residents' WhatsApp group is going ballistic trying to buy face shields, sanitisers, masks (including the ineff… @radharani_m @ascionline @RajrishiSinghal @parthasinha @eastbengal @parthodasgupta @babitabaruah They don’t deserve… @radharani_m @ascionline @RajrishiSinghal @parthasinha @eastbengal @parthodasgupta @babitabaruah Argh! Unfortunatel…
@DrJoyeeta Here... in all its glory: the #DoubleRainbow of the year. @eastbengal @anaggh @beastoftraal @parthodasgupta @LloydMathias @Sanjay_Tripathy @karthiks I like this, though ther… @amithpr @LloydMathias @DebeshiGooptu @vineetalways @thecorpcommguy @khushboo @bharatendukabi @deydreaming @Sanaj07 with a Calcutta connection... please spread the word. @thesatbir @swapanseth @ddey67 @cyclopsee @gpshots1 Brand and their leaders with spine. Someday in India soon, hopefully. #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER 20 years ago, I’d requested a rival advertising agency to “collaborate even as we compete”. They didn’t agree… who’s confused about which #mask to wear, please read this or check with @DrJoyeeta revenge buying save the Indian luxury market? Not just luxury brands, I think several… the twits around us aren’t on @TwitterIndia yet. Mercifully. #SundayMorning @ddey67 @babitabaruah @eastbengal @cyclopsee @ndcnn @beastoftraal @thesatbir @ndtv Yes. The MHA announcement came an hour after my tweet :-)
At Trezi, we’re delighted that our friends in #architecture, #construction and allied industries will be back at wo…
Retweeted by Mohit Hira @ndcnn @beastoftraal @babitabaruah @eastbengal @cyclopsee @thesatbir @SandipGhose True. But he was referring to the… @beastoftraal @babitabaruah @eastbengal @cyclopsee @ndcnn @thesatbir True. Conditions apply, as always. But in Gurg… if we renamed #lockdown5 as #reopen1? Why can’t we be positive for a change? @babitabaruah @eastbengal #SundayStartup session for @easytopitch tomorrow... should be fun! #marketingstrategy #word in #Coronavirus: Us. #CommunitySpread
@lisaicdindia I was oblivious - as always. The rest of the family felt it. Am neither rich nor Richter. @eastbengal @TheEconomist @DuttaAnirudha @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta @anaggh @karthiks @Oinx_roy @sourabhmishra They missed Pakistan.Ok. #Earthquake has happened in #Gurgaon. Shaken. But not stir.Now, that’s an idea! Who else agrees with this? @prasanto @DrJoyeeta Ah...The ITC Sheraton in Saket was already a quarantine centre... a friend’s daughter was ther… God can help West Bengal now... Places Of Worship To Open In Bengal From June 1: Mamata Banerjee @ascionline @ambimgp @radharani_m @SohiniBee @dabas_jeetu @thesatbir @babitabaruah That’s good but, in a digital wo… she’s preening away... morning walker strolling through our apartment complex without wearing a mask 🙃 you’re in #advertising or #marketing, take some time out today to read this. And reflect on it. the lockdown eased,and the Delhi Gurgaon borders opened,there has been a spike of cases in Gurgaon. Double whamm…
Retweeted by Mohit Hira @meajay Read the book.After being flat at 16-18 pages for almost three months now, @TOIGurgaon is at 24 pages today: with #advertisers re… night passed peacefully: perhaps the locusts lost their way and the lone marauder that was spotted was just doi… @foodalistic I’ll check and message you.
A friend in Ridgewood Apartments, DLF Ph 4, has just spotted a #locust in his balcony. Stay safe, people. And block… #faith is all we need to make the world a better place... salute ⁦⁦@ikeagermany⁩ Coronavirus: German Ikea c… @mail2puneetmule Please share your LinkedIn profile - either here or DM me. @roshankokane9 @MeherM Please share your LinkedIn profile - either here or DM me.JOB ALERT: A Delhi-based kickass design agency needs a bright, committed youngster with 1-2 years' experience. Rol… can't be a coincidence that #webinar is an #anagram of 'we in bra', is it?Back to our old ways: a milk delivery chap at the Vyapar Kendra @MotherDairyMilk booth was minus a mask. The adjoin… @YateeshSrivast1 True. But someone has to start somewhere. Today’s front page ad by @HyundaiIndia in ToI is another small stimulus.
Folks who are posting those delicious photos of #lockdown food, do me a favour please: stop ranting about hungry…'s largest #brands plan to resume #advertising... and about time too! The #stimuluspackage won’t increase dema… @radharani_m @RajrishiSinghal @KentROSystems @dreamgirlhema @AnantRangaswami @ambimgp @ascionline @SanSip @Subkam @parthasinha @radharani_m @RajrishiSinghal @KentROSystems @dreamgirlhema @AnantRangaswami @ambimgp @ascionline @parthasinha @radharani_m @RajrishiSinghal @KentROSystems @dreamgirlhema @AnantRangaswami @ambimgp @ascionline @parthasinha @radharani_m @RajrishiSinghal @KentROSystems @dreamgirlhema @AnantRangaswami @ambimgp @ascionline @parthasinha @RajrishiSinghal @KentROSystems @dreamgirlhema @AnantRangaswami @radharani_m @ambimgp @ascionline @radharani_m @babitabaruah @tistathinks @thesatbir Does anyone know who created this? @UshaIntl He came. He fixed it. Thank you. @UshaIntl Your service centre finally answered the phone an hour ago and said they will send someone today. But he… @RajrishiSinghal @KentROSystems @dreamgirlhema @AnantRangaswami @radharani_m @ambimgp @ascionline @SanSip @Subkam @UshaIntl Three days now... do you even care? Your designated service centre and technician don't answer the phone at all. #fail @RajrishiSinghal @KentROSystems @dreamgirlhema @AnantRangaswami @radharani_m @ambimgp @ascionline @SanSip @Subkam @cyclopsee Aiyyo! Has the person’s movements been tracked? And his place of work? Hope some sanity prevails and the…
How to make emails sound cross: "As discussed" "I thought we agreed" "Regards" "Thanks" "I was under the impressio…
Retweeted by Mohit HiraThere is a #Locustswarm headed towards Delhi and Gurgaon. Why can’t we kill the damn pests before they go further a… future of film-watching... socially-distanced, yet immersive. @UshaIntl Still waiting... mercury's rising.Third tweet... no response yet from you or your service technicians. #PatheticUsha dear... perhaps @panda_lalatendu can help? And @SMARTStore_IN should update customers proactively if they want t… @UshaIntl Are you alive and in action? you’re done with #Paatalok and are interested in something more eclectic: Hottest front-room seats: the best the…
Dear @UshaIntl I lodged a #complaint online this morning about a faulty cooler: IC2005250917 Ref. no. 8290. Got two… @geekafterglow @baxiabhishek @sourabhmishra @GoToMeeting I think... @amithpr @DVSadanandGowda He claimed he’s part of the Pharma sector and is exempt... on @IndiaToday 🙄 @endlaw Wanted to. Couldn’t add a fifth option :-(Which of these would you prefer for a #webinar? #WFH
If you enjoy British crime serials, try Five Days on @DisneyplusHSP (though the app’s UX on @amazonfiretv is poor)… future lies in our past. #SundayMotivation