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@rajeshlalwani The same ones who remember Tabassum.Hello @Campaign_India The correct spelling is 'Subhas Ghosal' - that extra 'h' would make God squirm. @MitrajitB @ambimgp When I grow old, I’d like to be like #GeorgeClooney or #MichaelDouglas or #MorganFreeman... but there’s time, still 🙃 @RajrishiSinghal Yup, I remember you coming in to the office :-) @ambimgp Who's old? 😉 @RajrishiSinghal And the reason why their tastes were eclectic is because, as Mr Ghosal once explained to me when I… @RajrishiSinghal You'll kill me... but it's #SubhasGhosal minus the two extra h's ;-)Every word of this resonates so well. Especially the bit about borrowing the projector: there was a time when gentl…
@eastbengal @the_hindu @AnantRangaswami @beastoftraal @anaggh @parthodasgupta @DuttaAnirudha Well said. But, a comm… @ddey67 Thank you :-) @ddey67 This entire year has been sad... losing count of the number of friends and former colleagues from advertisi… @AnantRangaswami So, now brands are also tampering with history...To those who knew him in advertising and in Calcutta, Mr Ram Ray of Response is no more. Another legend gone... #RIP
Still can't believe that Abheek has gone. @tkarun summarises his time with @EconomicTimes here: @eastbengal @parthodasgupta @anaggh @DuttaAnirudha @AnantRangaswami @agrawalsanjeev Ouch! Yes. Maafi. @eastbengal @parthodasgupta @anaggh @DuttaAnirudha @AnantRangaswami @agrawalsanjeev And then it hit $ 9 bn within t…
“We make people cry even when they’re not cutting us”: #onions. @ramkid And some jerks are still kneeling?Ditto with Sindhis too... more so, those born, fried and battered in Calcutta 🙃 after the #AyodhyaJudgment in our print dailies. Went to buy @IndianExpress but couldn’t because they’ve…
@anaggh @thesatbir @LloydMathias @DebeshiGooptu @namchu @ddey67 Then it’ll be a Lit Fest where everyone’s lit. @ddey67 @LloydMathias @thesatbir @DebeshiGooptu @namchu 420. @ddey67 @LloydMathias @thesatbir @DebeshiGooptu @namchu Seen the cowherds chasing their cattle? It’s now called karat and stick! @ddey67 @LloydMathias @thesatbir @DebeshiGooptu @namchu All those ‘Cash for Gold’ shops... hence Gold Course Road ;-)And what’s ‘heat’ @Flipkart Your bot needs a proofreader. @namchu @thesatbir @LloydMathias @DebeshiGooptu @ddey67 Why not Patanjali Ghee?Now, here’s a bot in action: it’ll help if a human at @Flipkart would read my tweet and then respond. Here’s the tw… Why has my refund been initiated when you’d promised to deliver the item today? And why aren’t you respondin… @foodalistic @AmazonHelp Really? My first time. Compounded by the erroneous message that had some other courier’s n… @namchu @thesatbir @AnantRangaswami @beastoftraal @FRIEDFOODBRAIN @tistathinks @babitabaruah @AmazonHelp After your customer support gent assured me last night that my order would be delivered today, th… back to work, India. The #AYODHYAVERDICT is out. And reside in peace.Give us this day our stale bread @rajeshlalwani will be more than familiar with this, @thesatbir may not be.Stirred. Not shaken. #anagrams
@IshaniDg @gurgaonpolice किसी की शादी, बाक़ी सब की बर्बादी 🙃Our @gurgaonpolice Is there no way you can stop the idiots bursting crackers while they’re getting married today? D… @Being_Sufia @amazonIN @Uber_India Ouch! Typo... team, not tram. Calcutta hangover. @Being_Sufia @amazonIN My experience with Amazon has been very good until now. Looks like a system glitch. The gent… @AmazonHelp I did respond to an IVR call from +91 40-66115601 and also submitted feedback on the seller for non-del… experience with @amazonIN today: something I’d ordered doesn’t get delivered & I get a message that I’ve re… @shivens Bummer.Via @Forbes "...the skills employers will seek from their human workforce and what professionals need to develop as…
Retweeted by Mohit Hira @cyclopsee @Uber_Delhi Yuck!
When it comes to remembering names and faces, you have to hand it to @amithpr 🙃 assemblies are a boon for the hospitality business: First, Karnataka, now #Maharashtra @rajeshlalwani @The_Karthik @AmexIndia @OberoiHotels @airvistara @Marriott Yes, I'd add @Decathlon_India to the lis… @guptamehul @AmexIndia @OberoiHotels @airvistara Disagree: for consumers who want the lowest price, these aren't th… that's what one calls a #CashCow @AmexIndia @OberoiHotels @airvistara Sadly, @VodafoneIN could've been one such brand but isn't. Apart from their pa… sure if the #realestate booster by the @FinMinIndia will spur the economy but it has certainly led to a spurt i… @The_Karthik @AmexIndia @OberoiHotels @airvistara Heartening to know that. Haven't stayed as often at a @Marriott h… #CustomerService brands in their respective categories: @AmexIndia @OberoiHotels and @airvistara They set… smog is back, the masks are out... just another day in Paradise. #AirPollution
@cyclopsee @noidapolice @Uppolice Aiyyo! @hchawlah Also bathroom taps... should come with a nifty usage guide.
While @Microsoft experiments with a #4DayWeek India is thinking of adding another hour to the daily grind: @SGanguly99 to put #Kolkata in the spotlight... advertising too. @ascionline should be alerted. the typo: ‘eight-year old...’ not ‘eight=year old...’ 🙃Discovered an eight=year old girl in our building who's stuck at home because #Gurgaon schools are closed. Spends t… #startups are reconsidering #Gurgaon as their base: Will @PMOIndia @cmohry and… #AirPollution in Delhi NCR is finally impacting corporates: Air Pollution: H&M, Dabur, Coke say work from home
@parthodasgupta Illuminating. But, dear @TVREV, the addition of an 'of' before 'crummy metrics' in the headline would've been good. @eastbengal @Choyons @EconomicTimes @ShephaliBhatt @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @paritoshZero @eastbengal @AshokaUniv @JindalGlobalUNI I was wondering about outstation students... ask him to call me if he needs any help.
@ashishkashyap And @AshokaUniv has shut down for the entire week, starting tomorrow. Pathetic state of affairs with… #AirPollution in #Sonipat is so bad that @AshokaUniv is shutting down for a week. @JindalGlobalUNI however can’… @parthodasgupta @eastbengal @EconomicTimes @ShephaliBhatt @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @paritoshZero @beastoftraal Have… @vsengupta Oh! We were in Times at the same time. @horror06 Delhi pollution: Flight operations affected due to low visibility @horror06 @airvistara This smog is a dog! @Giza8774 @joybhattacharj @iamsrk Just :-) @ddey67 @joybhattacharj As @cyclopsee says “Too much effa...” 🙃 @eastbengal @ShephaliBhatt @anaggh @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami @Oinx_roy @DuttaAnirudha @sourabhmishra Kudos…’s #AirQualityIndex score: Mumbai 77, #Gurgaon 691. But the headline says something else...#DOOMSDAY @ddey67 @joybhattacharj Didi: this was 1989. Doordarshan. Even they had a tough time uplinking to their satellites.…
In the Nehru Centenary year, I beat #ShahRukhKhan in a quiz on Doordarshan that Siddharth Basu was conducting.… @AnantRangaswami Actually, if cricketers and heads of states boycotted Delhi NCR, the government might just wake up… @MeenMenon Everything except that last word... in Delhi NCR. #AirPollutionIt’s getting worse... and @GermanyinIndia is going to bring Chancellor Merkel to Manesar today. #brave
Was there any decisive action taken to curb #airpollution @cmohry? I may have spoken too soon: some twits are bursting crackers again... #chhathpuja2019Google’s largest acquisitions: Motorola Mobility $12.5 billion Nest Labs $3.2 billion Doubleclick $3.1 billion Lo…
Retweeted by Mohit HiraA gentle breeze all evening has helped clear the skies over #Gurgaon to some extent. Visibility has improved. Keep… the photos of kids during #halloween2019 were shared on the WhatsApp group, came several horrific ones: kids…'ll be coughin' all the way to the coffin. #DelhiChokes #DelhiPollution yet we insist on playing a cricket match this Sunday. #madness is the new tea...
@tistathinks @WunThompsonSA @samshri @RohiniSaldanha @TarunRai_JWT Hope the Lakshmi Building office is still there?… @eastbengal @carlsberg @beastoftraal @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @agrawalsanjeev @thesatbir I’ve worked in Sri Lanka m… when cricketers, celebrities, CXOs and foreign delegates boycott Delhi, will something be done about the… @vidhusagar @AnantRangaswami @Swatibhattacha Yes. missed that. Good catch. @PradeepDwivedi @timesofindia @LloydMathias @AnantRangaswami @INMAorg @inmasouthasia @DIVITIAE_IN @nandieux @vidhusagar @AnantRangaswami @Swatibhattacha American spelling of Anaemia. Not a typo unless, somewhere else in the… @kushanmitra Not just him but also @cmohry because @mlkhattar has been governing Haryana, the other culprit state f… @AmexIndia Update: a lady from @AmexIndia called yesterday. Unlike the twits at @VodafoneIN or @Airtel_Presence she…
My son studies at @JindalGlobalUNI and the daughter at @AshokaUniv but between the #dengue mosquitoes and…, the tele-caller from @AmexIndia offering me accident insurance believes in a #ParallelUniverse: he said… this is why newspapers must be printed 🙃’t have said it better. So apt @AnantRangaswami and so needed for anyone who’s in #advertising today, and per…