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Who called him #BernieSanders and not meme-saheb?Should there be a 'Meme of the Year' category at Cannes? @agracadabra @AnantRangaswami @thesatbir @meajay @tistathinks #advertising @jvbakshi Is it then a way to pressurise Amazon to backoff from blocking the Reliance-Future deal? Devious but possible. @jvbakshi Also known as 'chance pe dance'. Or: 'washing one's hand in the flowing Ganges'.If parlours in Gurgaon offer special hair-removal packages for those who will get vaccinated so that their arms loo… word for this: outdated. Unless @ramkid can come up with a better one..., this is: if a web series can malign the image of a state, then the powers-that-be must be really insecur…
The real star of #JoeBidenInauguration is #AmandaGormanThe world needed this spectacle to be inspired. Again. #JoeBidenInauguration
दर्द का दूसरा नाम: Paine. #INDvAUSAfter what @RishabhPant17 and the gang pulled off today, am reminded of the lyrics of this classic TVC by… @ddey67 @veenavenugopal Don't lose your shirt over it.Dear Australia: ज़ोर का झटका ऐसे ही लगता है🙃#INDvAUSEr... can I take that tweet back please?! 🤦‍♂️One Washington goes into lockdown. Another Washington opens up and blasts away. #INDvAUSHow many times has he seen Terminal, I wonder? @tomhanks visit to the barber after 10 months... who would’ve thought this simple act would result in a sense of both, acco… India... yet again!
And while we’re busy building (and collecting donations for) a temple... Exclusive: China Has Built Village In Arun… like a good controversy to kindle interest in what they say is an average production... #TandavOnPrime shou… @moonsez This is the real Tandav that should be banned... why waste time on a fictional OTT series? @thesatbir WFH now means White Fog Here #GurgaonAs the 1970 Lynn Anderson song goes: “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a Rose Garden...”: #Trump to issue ar…
Evidently, the #BengalElections are a free-for-all... more “outsiders” for Didi to rail against: Shiv Sena Will Con… @Suparna_Singh @ndtv @PrannoyRoyNDTV @soniandtv @VishnuNDTV Thank you for noticing and responding. @shoppersstop @Dumbledoo Dear @shoppersstop it’s ‘concerned’ and not ‘concern’. Though even that is an oxymoron her… @ndtv is it really necessary to add ‘Watch’ to the headline of this tragic news report? How much longer will m… @eastbengal @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami Disgusting how he’s being treated and how the bigger players are free.…’s in a name? Much, it seems... The US has 6.3M surnames in use, while China has just 6,000. Here's why only the sceptics would set aside their petty politics and unitedly communicate the need for an entire nation to…
Even if you don’t read the entire article, the opening para will leave you in splits! The 15 most notable lies of D… be the outcome of this investigation, can anyone be treated like this in custody? Could @parthodasgupta no…
@jvbakshi Precisely why it needs to be initiated now. At some point the govt. will step in, accuse the industry of… @thesatbir Absolutely. And this is where @TheAdClub_India should focus. Having been on all three sides of the busin… to insist on a pitch fee?
If 70% of Twitter users block content they don't like we reach herd immunity.
Retweeted by Mohit HiraWho called it a vaccination and not 'Jab We Met'?Amidst all the excitement about #Teslaindia, a serious question for folks in Gurgaon who'll be driving the car: giv… this is why the entire #Brexit saga has been played out ham-handedly...
@sohinichat Been there too :-)Right after @BYJUSApp strikes a billion-dollar deal to acquire @AakashClasses comes this: @amazonIN launches 'Amazo… via WhatsApp (not Signal/Telegram): the story of our lives in #advertising ⁦@thesatbir⁩ ⁦@namchu⁩ ⁦… just media or #BigTech but also #brands... everyone’s got their knives out for #Trump: This Veganuary campaign… @eastbengal @AnantRangaswami And that URL... evidently someone in the agency or the advertiser’s team hasn’t heard of URL shorteners 🤦‍♂️
The consequences of dividing not just a nation but the entire digital world... this is a debate that’s only beginni… seems like Kolkata doesn’t need a vaccine... collective #COVIDIOTS
@jvbakshi @sidin Also known as Singal.There you go! ⁦@ambimgp⁩ Sebamed-HUL ad row | Bombay High Court restrains Sebamed commercial from all mediums pandemic, it is time to relook at the digital opportunity in India. We are on the cusp of a once-in-a-lifeti…
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As @Apple steers its way into an AI-driven future, this article is extremely insightful. But it also encapsulates t… @ambimgp @piyush_prime @usv @IndiaSebamed @ascionline @HUL_News @ndcnn @ProsaicView @MartianSpeak @b50 True. Dove should not be hawkish. @ambimgp @usv @IndiaSebamed @ascionline @HUL_News @ndcnn @ProsaicView @MartianSpeak @b50 The trick with any surgica… full with just one movie ticket!
@sm63 But we both know that they dare not, and will not 🙃 And that’s not quite the same thing. Anyway, at least the… @sm63 That’s what I’d tweeted yesterday when FB did this. It’s late for sure. But even then, I can’t see this happe… freedom to protest works both ways: an American company bans its own President... do you see this happening any…
Absolutely loved moderating this session! exactly does this work? Does he look at himself in a mirror and pardon himself? Shades of the evil queen in th…
A tad late in the day, aren’t we? are not the people. You are some people.
Retweeted by Mohit Hira @vikasmehta64 Not sure what/who you are referring to.Historically, #America has been quick to condemn almost every country. Thanks to #Trump it’s now at the receiving e… really does need to bless America. #Trump
@ddey67 And we have hailstones now... close enough. @eastbengal @AnantRangaswami The only piece I’ve read thus far that spells it out like it is. Almost. The silence o…
Sense and sensibility: Boris Johnson Cancels Republic Day Visit To India Over Covid Crisis In UK via @ndtvUdta Dada? 🙃 #SouravGanguly fit enough to fly plane, run marathon, his heart is strong: Dr Devi Shetty few years ago, I had caught enough flights to have flown around the Earth one and half times in 12 months. Today,… @vsengupta True. But distancing is also desirable.Evidently, there is no concept of social distancing in the highest echelons of the West Bengal Govt. :-(
Is Kalimpong Covid-free? @GaulinChief @RawPressery Dickheads! @dilliniwasee @AnantRangaswami @LloydMathias Can't comment on whether it's a scam or a witch hunt. If bribes have b… you can't get responses from advertisers (the only constituency that really matters) but end up quoting unnamed… from the #vaccine against #COVID19 what else would you like protection from? @Modhgil @DrJoyeeta Bhaisahab: did I even mention his name? I am referring to the entire breed of politicians. I’d… @DrJoyeeta Why isn’t there a vaccine to inoculate us from politicians?
Is there a vaccine against politicians? @eastbengal @AnantRangaswami As the guy said, “यहाँ सब कुछ बिकता है।”.@thesatbir some relief for the farmers... @ddey67 No snow. Just more rain. Plus Macbeth-like thunder and lightning.
Backing up files on iCloud Drive to download and work on is not compatible with frequent power cuts. #GurgaonGyan @ddey67 Let Jan 3rd dawn and we shall see :-) @ambimgp @fssaiindia @beastoftraal @ndcnn @S_kotnala @ramkid @swapanseth There's a business model in here: publish… @ramkid All weekends are followed by strong beginnings. @AnantRangaswami @moneycontrolcom @ShereenBhan Chalo... it’s been corrected. ⁦@moneycontrolcom⁩ It’s “dummy’s” and not the plural form you’ve used here. ⁦@AnantRangaswami⁩ will be aghast! @sm63 I remember going back one station to Borivali from Kandivali only to ensure I get a seat on a train all the w… @SanSip Cold and wet... in the ‘Gaon.Jan 1: cold at 1.1 degrees. Jan 2: rain and power cuts. Jan 3: snow? Looks like 2021 has some stuff in store for us.
Dear @BlackberrysMens Thank you for downgrading me at the start of 2021. It took a while to figure out who you were…
To the twit who abruptly added me - and 35 random others - to a random group and then promptly exited it himself, m…’s a dense fog outside the window: symbolic of the year that’s ending or the one that’s coming? Either way, th…
When you exit before you enter. Coitus nonexistus Rajnican’t.
Retweeted by Mohit HiraWhen the Copy Desk supervisor at the newspaper gets inspired by @Amul_Coop 🙃 The other headlines with MCG aren’t ab…
In a #WFH world, if you're bored of the view from your window, try this... @Girishivani @eastbengal @paritoshZero @ramkid @agracadabra Eew! @thesatbir Argh! @thesatbir Bandhu: don't even suggest it. Given the way the winds are blowing in the run up to the elections, it co… recall another agency doing this... well played @sidharthrao & gang!