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Founder of @BrainFizzVR - Moto / Bicycle Junkie - Roller Derby Nut - Formula 1 Sidecar Racer - OG 90's era Virtual Reality Lunatic - Lover of all pointless tech

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Even better, on the left is the cooked square o-ring between the PCV valve and valvecover on the Abarth engine that… Sunday evening fixing a couple oil leaks on the turbo nugget's valvecover. This engine is so adorable and tiny…
The turbo nugget made it back intact. There was a small stop South of Sacramento to replace a failed 1157 brake bul…
I don't get in it so much as put it on, and the radio seems to only play SKA.I paid 4800 cash, private sale, but @pacrimgirl and I did have to drive to Chico to pick it up. Original window sti… just bought a turbo nugget for BFVR Labs as the official company car. a long time fan of @guymartinracing I was amused to see this bit on Guy Martin Proper using the wireless Vive Pr… @XaosPrincess @SLeBaron "Developed using ethically sourced farm to table free range project management."
TONIGHT @TheWaveXR: PAX South Party! For my set I'll be playing 🎶 from Bastion, Undertale, Transistor, Stardew Va…
Retweeted by Michael Jones @ BFVR LabsOne cave, 2 DJs in a B2B Boilerroom set. 2 hours of some intense music featuring @DJScottMarshall and myself. Jam u…
Retweeted by Michael Jones @ BFVR LabsI'm beat. Running the VRDJ rig, the streaming rig, and making sure everything is working properly the entire show i… Channel - Sequence 19 - Starting at 9:05 in @TheWaveXR - Get in early and pre-load - Livestream on YouTube at - @TheWaveXR @res_wave Oh, and @yur_fit we're going to find out this evening how many calories I burn during a show.… @TheWaveXR @res_wave Dead Channel URL livestream for this evening -
Tonight at 9PM Pacific - Dead Channel - Sequence 19 in @TheWaveXR - Join me for an evening of excellent Goth / Indu… @Tundra_LabsGoing live from BFVR Labs - Installing a Tundra Labs 12VDC Power Kit for Head Mounted Displays in the dedicated Val…
Rain and biting-cold doesn't seem to be easing off any time soon for me to get in consistent 10~16 mile days on the… @iheartlinux @UploadVR @iheartlinux @UploadVR And that would be? @iheartlinux Which one... @iheartlinux Who is, 'He' for clarification.After a couple days straight of dealing with soul-sucking scum-of-the-earth used car dealership employees I've foun… @Shinkaze It's been one of those, "I wonder why nobody's..." ideas in the back of my head, good to see someone taking a crack at it. @bai0 @TheWaveXR Wishing I could use html objects in the scene creator tool so I could use video walls fed from Vimeo/s3 etc @DevRelCallum Totally one of my bad carryover habits from my IRC days.Tool puts on a good show, found myself fascinated by the shaders they project behind the band during some of the so… @JonVirtual He's actually not whom I am talking about. @JonVirtual Check out the feed of that Swedish dude that was a YouTube VR 'influencer' and recently became an official Pimax rep...Watching this Pimax rep social media meltdown like...
Props to @vr_sam the stickers arrived today, and have been added to the growing stickerbomb collection on the shop… Channel - Sequence 19 - this Thursday the 16th at 9PM Pacific. Only in @TheWaveXR
@inannamute @gameism @hmltn No problem just message over the details and I'll get the tickets started. @inannamute @gameism @hmltn And that's the rub, isn't it? HTC's OG Vive, v1 base stations, and wands are solid, but… @hmltn Oh yeah, the first RMA base station I received as a replacement sounded like running turbine after it spun u… @hmltn Two RMA'ed base stations due to red-dot-of-death, and my controllers will need to be RMA'ed soon due to stic… to used car dealership 'sales managers' today regarding the Abarth 500's they have listed I'm reminded tha… @uncrate @AugustHomeInc @Anticleric @MadRadhu Key the drivers side door while maintaining eye contact, say nothing.
That one in which while training on a test project in Wondershare Filmora I crank out a promo clip for the… to jump into Elite: Dangerous - CMDR Moike in game if you want to join up - Streaming link is live - in, "I don't know how pro streamers do it": The 3-split audio setup on the dedicated Index rig is so convolut…'t wait, got a stack of Sumerian projects I want to deploy once things get updated. :) up, my monthly 'Dead Channel' show in WaveXR that would normally be Tuesday the 14th this month is getting bu…
@VRchazen Guess what I've got spares of now? :) @VRchazen Two v2.0 base stations have been RMA'ed so far due to red light of death. Oddly my controllers are fine. @Dettweiler42 Good show was good, awesome as always, Sir!Now hopping into DJ Dett's show - my POV from the @Jauzofficial Dangerous Waters show in @TheWaveXR in a couple minutes ~ @timoni That said, I see a clean 900SS Superlight pop up, buying it. Get the random dude yet who tells you that he… @timoni It's taken me years of hard work to come to terms with the fact that it's OK to just own one motorcycle. F…
@Fujiyakumo @EliteDangerous Sure, just let me know. I'm grinding up the credits for my own personal fleet carrier i… @nathangwk @pacrimgirl It's an inexpensive turnkey 'VR Ready' HP Omen 870-224 that's had a refurb 1080 swapped in p… @vr_sam I ended up ordering 1x each from two seperate Oculus accounts to get around that tomfoolery. Did you see t… it's only taken me FIVE. YEARS. @EliteDangerous to do a bit of rock hunting in Elite: Dangerous - Stop by and say hi - CMDR Moike in game -
Today in things that can only happen to me, I somehow managed to inhale a mouthful of foam from my body wash deep i… @510home I had that toy.
Here's a link to the adapter in case anybody would like to order one - inexpensive USB A to USB C adapters I bought to go with the Oculus link cable arrived today. Tested a few apps…
If you want to learn how to crack asteroids in Elite: Dangerous. I'm experimenting with dialing in the livestreamin… I don't know how the streaming 'pros' do it. I'm exhausted just from setting all this up and debugging and dial… seems a majority of my setup and configuration issues were the result of playing Elite: Dangerous which is very… the streaming setup from BFVR Labs using the El Gato 60+ and YouTube Live using Elite: Dangerous on the Val…
@bcarlton727 @BOLL7708 @benz145 @ReckonerVR the OG pre-touch CV1 shipped with an actual XB1 controller and the wire… @BOLL7708 @benz145 @ReckonerVR I've been hanging my personal CV1 in my office on the wall next to my desk here at B… @AntonHand @sblomkamp To add on to that, BK-LFE transducers bolted to the shared ceiling/floor joists. Smart-home d…
@tom_forsyth Spokane, Road America, Miller, places with huge straights where I sit in the cockpit, head down, throt… @tom_forsyth One of my favorite tracks on the schedule when I was running Superside America, like racing in a park.… @reverendkjr So something I've found to really make this an easy process on the go is to use a cheap 4G LTE jetpack… @Swizec I didn't even need to look at your profile to know you live in the city.
Happy New Year from the E where the whole neighborhood is going off. past 10 years have been an unbelievable ride. Not all good for sure, but not all bad either. Made some great ne… the end of the decade, I find myself testing a wireless HMD, tracking pucks, and the virtual roller disco I've b… the start of this decade, I was a professional driver for a Formula 1 Sidecar team going really fast around clos… @JonVirtual I'm at the house in SF, we do not have a rig here that has USB-C so I can't test the cable. That will h… @JonVirtual Heh, mine just arrived as well.The mailman just dropped by...
Ok fine, It's only 15 bucks for the W3 GOTY edition and I've never played anything in the series. Let's see what al…
@alfredo_xr Yup... @SteveHofstetter Should include a complimentary ticket to anywhere Air Canada flies to get him kicked off right with a ton of new material.Took a photo for her, best target in her left hand and the shotgun in the right, butt resting on her hip. The Stoeg…'m glad she had fun and felt comfortable. I don't think it's something she'll ever be into to the point of buying… thing I had the toughest time with was not giggling as she wrestled with a shotgun nearly as big as she is. But…'s played enough Duck Season that we went to the range today so she could try a real shotgun. Prior to this her on…
@nimazeighami After the trip home today I think we're just going to veg out and recover tomorrow... But if you do g… @spencerlindsay Because there's a ton of crap crammed in the trunk.
No sweat... Smooth sailing over the grapevine. The snow looks amazing. home... @TheWaveXR Bringing you in the 2020 in style with 4 shows back 2 back so come join the celebrations.. Scott Ma…
Retweeted by Michael Jones @ BFVR Labs @WeAreMajorMega I've been developing VR and building VR haptic hardware a good long while now so as a grizzled vete… out the articulation in the player platform and wind. Hyperdeck at @TwoBitCircus is by far one of the most impressive LBE VR experiences that I've had to date. Aside… @nimazeighami It's been an awesome vacation, having a blast.
@mrallinwonder The bluehairs I don't mind so much, they make for fun rolling chicanes. @VRchazen Some day I'll fix that by taking Electropop off the back burner. @VRchazen A and I still regularly go on VR dates. @DMiyamo3 I'm reminded of the original Street Fighter cabinet with the punch buttons. :) before someone hits me with #notallLAdrivers yes, not everybody I've encountered on the road has been bad. Just…