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Sometimes I do appreciate how far technology has evolved. Instead of hacking up my dashboard and center console t… the ABARTH out for a lunch run when the thermometer hit 105 here in Santa Clara. Good chance to see how the en… AC can't keep up with the heat-soaked concrete walls at BFVR Labs. As far as VR development goes I'm calling it… @phacktweets If that stretch of 101 gets any worse I might have to consider a Baja 1000 trophy truck for my commute. @phacktweets One of those car-swallowing potholes between SFO and 92? @NathieVR VR Bumper Cars? You had my curiosity… but now you have my attention. @JC_3D @HighFidelityXR Awesome! Congrats Jazmin!The passenger side bracket arrived a day early from @plantedbrackets so now there's a matched set of seats in the A… @Diadexxus Just ping if you ever want to drop by the shop when it's not behaving like a convection oven. @Diadexxus I'm just going to leave the shop AC running through the heatwave. It's 11PM and it's still 82 degrees i…
@JonVirtual @JonVirtual @JonVirtual I kinda end up doing that to all my 'performance' vehicles at some point. What starts off as a couple t… team at Canlas Mobile Window Tinting across the way from BFVR Labs did an excellent job laying down the visor s… @alexqgb @panzer I second what Alex has to say, swap to an AiO cooler for the CPU. As far as GPUs go I tend to prefer hybrid AiO cards.
@vr_sam Ahh yes... I understand now. Trousers in this case. The advantage to attending events and expos via XR is… @vr_sam My only references for British pants are Wallace and Gromit and Monty Python., that's one seat installed, the important one. Planted is sending me a new passenger side seat bracket, should… @vr_sam I'm less likely to get yelled at for not wearing pants with the stay-at-home immersive solution. @reverendkjr @JonVirtual ABARTH made it's maiden voyage to the gas station without anything falling off or a fiery crash, so I've got th… @abeysaurus @Victor1erp Seconded, I use Wondershare Filmora and it's actually decent for cranking out quick stuff. @JonVirtual I spent enough time in a wheelchair in my early 20's that I think I could pull that off. Looks fun.
@m_francis @CharlieFink @kylemroche @ericjohnsen @thevrara @NellWaliczek @the8thwall @kirbyshabaga Doubtful, it's n… @JonVirtual I was quite pissed after seeing this - @natti_lin The impact on Hubs is unclear at this time from what I'm reading in the Hubs discord. @natti_lin Apparently.(sigh) I had such high hopes.
Scored a nice electric-height-adjust desk over the weekend at a liquidation sale. Quite the upgrade over the slowly… SGI Challenge S that I have from my Excite@Home days runs IRIX 6.5 and 'fsn' or File System Navigator is fully f…
@deprecatedcoder Sidecars have spoiled me. Setting up the suspension and alignment on this is far easier given just… @deprecatedcoder And that is, well... tedious. I spent seven hours just working with the adjustment points on the l… @deprecatedcoder And I was being overly dramatic because I was frustrated and tired. The big issue is I've added a…'s my hot Gamer ProTip on setting your own caster/camber/toe alignment on your car yourself. Fucking don't. Go… @sutu_eats_flies Quality work as always, I dug it. @MadRadhu Seriously, it's a shame they have to go back.What was ordered vs what was delivered, a photo retrospective. NGL I'm not even mad. These are perfect for the ABA…
@Diadexxus That's the drill press stand, it has to stay where it's at. I've never seen the roomba wedge itself into… @kentbye Me angrily waiting for Steam to get it's poop together and actually launch is the modern equivalent of wai…!!! ROBOT IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE!!!! @alexqgb @iBrews Oh man, they had a Birdly down at @TwoBitCircus when I was there last December. I'd not seen one i… @iBrews Two words... Cable Robot. @Diadexxus It's going to be a bit yet. @ali_heston (sigh) you're right, and personally I do the best I can to call out or offset that behavior online when… @ablitter @dosnostalgic Not in a suitcase format, I saw several prototypes in the early SVVR days at meetups. My so… @benz145 @VRChat That's actually a legit good idea. I've been experimenting with a 'Dark Ride' experience in Web… locked down the jam nuts on both control arm stays and dabbed them with a paint pen so I can easily spot anything… after a bit of fiddling, the wheel now sits center to the wheel arch. Aside from being visually more appealing… the shiny boy with 'LONG' scribbled on it in Sharpie? That's the adjustable stay for the DNA lower control arm.… i'd not touched the adjustment on the DNA lower control arms beyond baseline, my wheels were too far forward…, when you're aligning the wheels on a vehicle the order of adjustments is caster, camber, and toe. The excepti… @JonVirtual @QTAlignment And I'll be keeping the Jenga platforms as fine tuning the handling via corner balancing a… @JonVirtual @QTAlignment Lucky for me I did all my cutting outside and wore gloves and my mask. There was a decent… now, I can't put it off any longer... it's time to do probably around 200 mechanics burpees as I finally align… Need to align the ABARTH, but it sits too low off the lift to reach any adjustments. Solution: trip to th…
Well, wrong seat bracket be dammed. I threw in the OEM drivers seat, dropped it off the lift, and took it for a spi… looking forward to finally getting the seats and 5 point harnesses installed as that was literally the last che… seat brackets arrived. There's a big difference in height between the drivers side bracket and the passenge… @alexqgb @vr_sam @SanbornVR If my pour-over rig wasn't packed in the loft over the office I'd give that a go. @SanbornVR And the bottle is now empty, not bad at all. That's four more shots of @DeathWishCoffee stacked on top… @SanbornVR Honestly I'm sitting here sipping on the bottle while I work and it's pretty good. Still loads of carbon… @vr_sam @SanbornVR I know you know firsthand how much that espresso machine costs :) which is why I'm not going to… @SanbornVR Follow-up video. @SanbornVR First video... @benz145 @Anticleric @DennyCloudhead This explains why the sandwich artists at Subway always look so content. @JonVirtual @Anticleric And ten punches on the card get you a free sandwich. @SanbornVR I have a coffee maker, and a Sodastream. I could see brewing the coffee then carbonating it. But I coul… @benz145 Back in the day I felt like a certified badass because my .plan file was the Danzig skull in ASCII on my N… secondhand plastic rolling cart I picked up over the weekend at a liquidation sale is probably the best 5 dolla… we're at it. Since I can't find any online manuals or documentation, @ForgeMotorsport what does the hex grub… the installation I did notice that the OEM rubber elbow that connects the stock hard line to the stock waste… box has arrived from NGEN, a shiny new @ForgeMotorsport wastegate actuator, which was the last component ne…
@AntonHand I have a similar development workflow. @KittyBoomBoom00 @CipherAuto Luckily, much to my relief, there was not.Once assembled, wipe off the excess loctite, then wipe down with acetone, and hit with a nice anti-rust coating. W… assembled with a bit of loctite you end up with the squish plate sandwiching the unibody stamped frame rail wi…, first it's off to the hardware store to get: ~ 8x 3/8 x 3 inch long hex head bolts. ~ 4x 3/8 fender washers. ~…, hit a snag finishing up the rollbar in the ABARTH. Let's see if someone can spot the problem in these three pho… yeah, they put their fucking mask on... correctly.A shopper in Home Depot just learned that if I politely say, "Hey, six feet, and put your mask on." and they decide…
@Shinkaze @Anticleric @oculus I have my daily driver CV1 on my desk that I use when working, and two spares tucked… on cue, a very large box has arrived from @CipherAuto Packaging is impressive, love the seat bags. The photos o… @Shinkaze @Anticleric @oculus Well, in fairness... If you find yourself in a barroom brawl CV1 touch controllers ca… @Shinkaze @oculus It's like they're made out of candy glass. I somehow cracked one right above the trigger without… time. The front and rear bumper covers are back on the (very dusty) ABARTH for the last time. I fabricate…
@andreeavr Someone could probably make a mint selling small bags of alkaline powder to dump into a running box fan… rolling into BFVR Labs on a Monday at Noon. The clean shop towel I left under the right rear brake fitting… @BOLL7708 Add some cables, servos, a tiny Arduino controller, a couple sensors, a bit of code-glue, and I bet you c… @inannamute @Anticleric Given that I consider both of you friends and respected colleagues... With all due respect,…'ve been pretty tight lipped about VR / my work in VR as of late, for good reason. With that said, I just read th… @DC_Draino Sadly, I can't be like Ian because I have a fully functional brain.I don't want to spoil the Formula 1 race for anybody, but as an ex-professional F1 sidecar racer hats off to…
@spencerlindsay if you ever see a terrified individual running down the sidewalk with me wild eyed and running after them scream… a clean shop towel under the brake line fitting so if it leaks while I'm gone over the weekend I'll see the evi… the lines, brackets, and fittings. Threaded the fittings back together and cinched everything down. One of…, I got it done. Fitted a new 10x1 flare nut, and proceeded to crank out an absolute mint bubble flare with my f… decided to powdercoat the hard brake lines on the 500, meaning standard replacement 10x1 flare nuts do not fit… Woes - The right rear brake line fitting where the hard line from the front of the car meets the soft line a…