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@SanskariNaastik @sluttyoreo @MIT_CSAIL @teenybiscuit Underrated tweet! @Lizz_S2 Couldn't have said it any better, Lizette!How to confuse your Machine Learning model. 😂 #MachineLearning #ML #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #DataScience #STEM @fogle_shane @digitalcloudgal @JolaBurnett @archonsec @TmanSpeaks @alcgroup @ShadRaza1 @Dahl_Consult @DrJDrooghaag #tuesdayvibes Cc: @digitalcloudgal @JolaBurnett @archonsec @TmanSpeaks @alcgroup @moingshaikh
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @i_anic @i_anic Relatable! Does Dev-First #Security Carve the New Path for Security? via @DZoneInc #Devops
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @i_anic 😂 related services powered by #cloudcomputing to soar - research via @ITBriefAU #IoT
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How N95 masks work for trapping the smaller particles? TY @minutephysics via @enricomolinari #ehealth #medtech
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhIf only #AugmentedReality existed during my schooling! #AR as learning device for the periodic table of elements.… @ElaMoscicka @ElaMoscicka Monday blues, maybe 😂 @i_anic @ishiyetaas @OBSProject Great! Thanks for sharing. @ishiyetaas hope this is useful for you. @TomRaftery The bears used lockdown period to upgrade their skills!BLOCKCHAIN: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide! #Security #Bloackchain
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhA survey by @anacondainc found that only 18% of data science students are learning about AI ethics. We need to ensu…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @robmay70 @sallyeaves @PVynckier @DrJDrooghaag @Victoryabro @Dahl_Consult @baski_LA @NeilCattermull @maria_axente The pose tho 😍 @fogle_shane @JolaBurnett @digitalcloudgal @archonsec @TmanSpeaks @alcgroup @ShadRaza1 @Dahl_Consult @DrJDrooghaag #MondayMotivation #gratitude Cc: @JolaBurnett @digitalcloudgal @archonsec @TmanSpeaks @alcgroup
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @ishiyetaas .@i_anic do you have any recommendations in this regard? Thanks in advance!This device can help people with shaky hands perform everyday tasks with ease. Very useful for people with tremors…
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhOrganisations to take to the #cloud post-pandemic, study shows via @ITBrief #COVID19
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @rwang0 @Jonas419 @zoom_us I can't unsee this now 😂#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #MondayMotivaton @DrJDrooghaag @empressbat @Dahl_Consult @tgravel @fogle_shane
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This device can help people with shaky hands perform everyday tasks with ease. Very useful for people with tremors… @CurtisSChin @krispykreme is the WW's 1st machine washable filter for #covid19 TY @StartupSelfieCo @enricomolinari #ehealth #safety
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @baski_LA @postoff25 @ShiCooks @Dahl_Consult @Flickjax @Fabriziobustama @CurieuxExplorer @Goto_paulcastle”Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling o…
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These days, static websites & apps increasingly depend on separately maintained APIs. But this makes it hard to re…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh#SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts Cc: @digitalcloudgal @JolaBurnett @archonsec @moingshaikh @Dahl_Consult
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhWe will control #drones with our brain soon! TY @seeker via @enricomolinari #robotics #sensors #ehealth #fintech
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh#Tesla is ‘very close’ to level 5 #autonomous driving #AI #teslacars #ElonMusk #selfdriving #automotive innovative solution takes mobility and accessibility to next level for specially abled people. #accessibility
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh3 DevOps skills IT leaders need for the next normal via @4enterprisers #DevOps #DevSecOps @DigitalSecArch @IDGTechTalk @Microsoft Thanks for sharing, Wayne. Very useful and indeed very timely initiative fr… and machine learning in finance: use cases in banking, insurance, investment, and CX
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#FridayVibes #FF @JolaBurnett @digitalcloudgal @moingshaikh @archonsec @alcgroup @Dahl_Consult @DrJDrooghaag
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @digitalcloudgal @EvanKirstel @SpirosMargaris @MarshaCollier @rachelloumiller @JoannMoretti @AdamMGrant📌 #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #FridayVibes Here’s to floating through Friday ☀️ Great folks to follow ☀️…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @baski_LA @larrykim @NevilleGaunt @Sharleneisenia @KanezaDiane @Fabriziobustama @MargaretSiegien @fogle_shane's UX Certificate Fall 2020 Schedule is up! Register for a course today:
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhThis innovative solution takes mobility and accessibility to next level for specially abled people. #accessibility @holly Grey-dient = The gradient that comes out of Pink + Grey! @shaanhaider Underrated! @maria_axente Enjoy the serenity algae appearing on a beach 🏖️ in California 🏄! 🌅#FollowFriday #FF 😎 #environment #nature
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhHow to Scale (Faster and More Affordably) in the #Cloud via @DZoneInc #CloudMigration cc:…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh#FridayFun #FF @DrJDrooghaag @empressbat @Dahl_Consult @tgravel @fogle_shane @realColinMac @enricomolinari
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @AmandaRay02 @mrinalsignodia @RagusoSergio @alcgroup @AudreyDesisto @AnnaMamalaki @SDGS4GOOD @lsmurthy99 can’t change the world but we can change ourselves, our mindset and attitude. And, in doing so we change the wor…
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhLeadership In The Future: Go Hard At The Problem, But With Soft Hands #ThoughtLeadership
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Q4: What role do AI and automation play in helping organizations reduce vulnerabilities and interruptions to digita…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @IDGTechTalk @servicenow A2. Be proactive rather than reactive in terms of operations, and security. Having a tri… @digitalcloudgal @EvanKirstel @cybertuff @rwang0 @LoriMoreno @TamaraMcCleary Thanks, Jo, for the kind mention 🙏 Have a fantastic Thursday!📌 #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #thursdayvibes Make sure you add some fun into your day 🏄🏿‍♀️ Great folks…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @IDGTechTalk 🙋‍♂️ #idgtechtalk @fogle_shane @JolaBurnett @digitalcloudgal @archonsec @alcgroup @ShadRaza1 @Dahl_Consult @DrJDrooghaag #ThursdayThoughts Cc: @JolaBurnett @digitalcloudgal @archonsec @alcgroup @moingshaikh @ShadRaza1
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @MeganCaywood Great move. Hope this chain of relief steps will give a much needed boost to the UK economy. @jaypalter @lapalter @TimTamashiro Congratulations! Wish you many more such beautiful occasions 💕When you -$git commit push to local repo and expect changes in the production repo. 😂 Via @afigueiredo #GitHub @maria_axente That big boy needs some haircuts 😁Congratulations @elena_sinel . I am so excited to see you in this list. This incredible woman inspire me and a lot…
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhTOMORROW! How can we improve IT resilience for critical business operations? Join us, moderator @StevenPrentice, an…
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@realColinMac I agree, Colin. However, I must also agree to your statement saying..."#1 in your hearts." @jpsherman @RedHat @cbredesen @AnInternetRobot @EmilyStancil @jillorofino @CodePoetSarah @ke4roh @manisnesan Congratulations, JP. 🎉🥳The best UI designs are self-explainable, driving users from A to B without any hindrance. #UX #UI #DesignThinking #WednesdayMood #WednesdayWisdom Cc: @digitalcloudgal @JolaBurnett @archonsec @alcgroup
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @imoyse @baski_LA @risedotglobal Great accomplishment and recognition, Baski. @supplychnqueen Great choice! Reflects both your work and style. elevates promising early-stage #fintechs using a competitive process led by an independent judg…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @ChristinaDove7 Wonderful news! Congratulations to her, and to the proud mama! 🥳🎉 @MiriamIsaacDsgn I enjoyed these @hotjar lightening talks on all things eCommerce UX @realColinMac Colin 🔥 💯Innovative solution to foster #edtech and make education accessible. Kudos to @TrestleLabs for the NASSCOM Design… study finds #GoogleCloud increases productivity and lowers IT costs via @TechRepublic
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhWhy The Big #Cloud Providers Are Falling Short On Hybrid via @Forbes #HybridCloud
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhThis bed can turn patients in seconds! TY @techinsider via @enricomolinari #medtech #ehealth #marketing #healthtech
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhLearn how to improve IT resilience for critical business operations – Join us and sponsor @servicenow for this week…
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Sidney is 💯% #wind & #solar! TY @wef @enricomolinari #SDGs #renewables #blockchain #fintech #IR4 #IoT @pbucquet
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhWhen designing, a lot of our design decisions come naturally to us. We know instinctively where to place an element…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @MiriamIsaacDsgn Also, your throwing the thoughts definitely resonate with me and many others. Keep 'em coming 😉 @MiriamIsaacDsgn Thank you for such a detailed explanation, Miriam. @sandy_carter @theCUBE @LEGO_Group The @LEGO_Group is powered by @awscloud :D @realColinMac I agree. I often wonder whether Twitter algo is also at play in this. Also, I appreciate all your ho… @Stevewal63 Could the be the next Angry Bird mascot 😂 @MiriamIsaacDsgn Is it safe to call that instinct/intuition a result of our years of experience? Genuinely asking b… @realColinMac Happens with me almost every other day at the same time around 😂, that too with the same accounts involvedWhat does 1GB of #mobile #data cost in every country (with any surprises!)? TY @CableUK via @enricomolinari #5G
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh12 Books Every CTO/CIO Must Read in 2020 #DigitalTransformation #AI #CTO #CIO #CISO #ArtificialInteligence #RPA Myths About Design Thinking #DesignThinking - A human-centred approach to #innovation that draws from the design…
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh @Bisinmotion @Chels_LA @BevEve @treasadovander @EricssonDigital @_TechMode @NolwennGer @adamsconsulting @fogle_shane @digitalcloudgal @JolaBurnett @archonsec @alcgroup @ShadRaza1 @TmanSpeaks @Dahl_Consult @DrJDrooghaag loves chocolate! #WorldChocolateDay Cc: @digitalcloudgal @JolaBurnett @archonsec @alcgroup @moingshaikh
Retweeted by Moin Shaikh3D video sculpture 👍via @alvinfoo #3D #tech #HRTech @Fabriziobustama @MargaretSiegien
Retweeted by Moin ShaikhIt’s tomorrow! Join us for a live chat about #COVID19, #microfluidics and #wearables with hosts @EvanKristel and…
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