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lawyer. writer. jeopardy! champion. trekkie. njpw fan. knitter. cat person. middle-aged queerdo. geek extraordinaire. ✡️☸️ they/he/she icon: @inescaramujo

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I’m pleased to share with you the designs I created for some 1” buttons I’m going to make as prizes for the…
Retweeted by 🐼 panda 🐼 @theBGrass 🎶hey / who’s that playing / mitch guitar🎶
@ryandroyd you and half my high school @ryandroyd everyone trying to get that jars of clay breakthrough @auntymaim i believe that’s a reasonable conclusion to draw!what is more hiromu than removing all of your clothing immediately after returning to your hotel with food?i know other things were happening today but i haven’t seen one gif of that youtube video hiromu posted about his daily routine
Retweeted by 🐼 panda 🐼me making zines like @girlseesthemoon someone ask cogito their secret! @girlseesthemoon wow! dedication! @girlseesthemoon i love @girlseesthemoon pls i miss them @androgyknits it is not wrestling or fandom really but hopefully it is goodi finished writing a zine
@CKRagland i ordered one of them hehe @CKRagland ‼️‼️‼️‼️ movie is exclusively for people who still like the marilyn manson “dope hat” video feel like riker subscribed to the onlyfans of everyone he knows and leaves weirdly wholesome encouraging comments… like “only $5 this month? interesting.”scrolling through the tineline when a friend promotes their onlyfans @alkalinetrejo yet, did not even know ita SWINGERS movie poster @androgyknits i love it so much!!!!
@o_superfood it is a zine by @ourcityburning!honorable mention with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally one… a large pot of soup with a wooden spoon while blasting some thou so i feel like a wizard🙏”it is not sufficient merely to see that sentient beings are suffering. you must also develop a sense of closeness… @sadcypress most romantic one. especially the lies.
tfw the bundt cake comes out of the pan in one piece on the first try life gives you too many carrots, make italian carrot cake shout out to the actor who played him for one of my favorite tweets ever just feel like ENTERPRISE would be better with a lot more dr. phloxthese were so good i made them again tonight
@RowanDalzell I HAD NOT OMG
bonus shoe pic bc i needed to feel like a human today instead of a lump of american giant brand sweats material
Retweeted by 🐼 panda 🐼 @ryandilbert don’t forget allergies @thefoxycritter he does this with them @WrestlingClio my complete brand looking like a sexy virus in this pic were discussing birds earlier.
Retweeted by 🐼 panda 🐼 @willow_catelyn trading recipes. lecter's unsure about armie's bbq rib recipe. @willow_catelyn now i want a fourth season of hannibal with armie hammer. he’s not playing a character, he’s just… deck @HiromuWonBOSJ27 you rn @doctordooms is that allowedwhat is going on
@raehex @abrissverlierer who among us doesn't engage in a little metaphorical vore once in a while? @raehex @abrissverlierer there was also one going around where it's supposedly him talking about wanting to eat som… @wigglyyyworm in the pre yahoo groups era those of us with access to mailing list technology had to step up @wigglyyyworm are you asking about the mailing list i ran when i was 1414 year old me, who runs a rage against the  machine mailing list called BOMBTRAK: FUCK YES TOM MORELLO 37 year ol… @wigglyyyworm the studio just sent them an outlook calendar entry to do thisi just need to tell 14 year old me who lives inside me to stop being excited whenever i see tom morello on a trackserj tankian sounding just like the monarch from venture bros on this track @wigglyyyworm oh my god @TotalHell sets the right tone“greetings, loved ones, i have attached the petition for redetermination for the above-referenced matter. would yo… another day i must resist beginning all my emails with “greetings, loved ones” @thistle_burr brb using the phrase “sparkling boat song” forever now @lwew exactlyMY GENDER IS TAX ENTITY
Garak, hanging outside the infirmary while Julian is working
Retweeted by 🐼 panda 🐼 @erinprovolone very long
the second jeffrey combs character has arrived on ENTERPRISE. @gorgosmog yes! @gorgosmog i also love oasis! @HiromuWonBOSJ27 so much practice! @HiromuWonBOSJ27 right??????? it’s wild! @BrandyJefferys perhaps bothi feel like they showed up at the streaming service naming office around the same time cough showed up at the metal band naming officecw seed: bad name for a streaming service or worst name for a streaming service?
🙏 “only when we see reality clearly do we have any chance of ending our suffering or the suffering of others.” - ma…
the napa cabbage we harvested yesterday is beginning its new journey as kimchi @HiromuWonBOSJ27 a little!! @gridlockjoe YAYYYY!!! and a happy one to you too!!! @HiromuWonBOSJ27 it’s super rare!!!❄️
Retweeted by 🐼 panda 🐼 @valcano very rare but occasional!! is my obligatory tweet about the fact that it’s snowing in austin @o_superfood *teleports you some with my habanero hot sauce*UPDATE🥬 ✨🥬✨🥬
Retweeted by 🐼 panda 🐼harvested four napa cabbages from the garden today. it’s kimchi time!
these tortillas aren’t perfect but they’re mine @E_McDevitt wow @E_McDevitt sure!