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Scottie Mo @MojosWork Parts Unknown

Ice Cream Social, a socially distant art show celebrating the world's greatest frozen treats, is coming soon, from The Official King of X-Men Trivia.™

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A broken clock is still right twice a day. But this guy is a broken hourglass. Soon there will be nothing left.
@BrickheadzX The smart fart!Sitting here thinking how can I help all those on the streets, I'm making my comic with the incredible…
Retweeted by Scottie Mo @MaskedLibrary Regular time. No protests here.During this time of protest, I know we could all use an uplifting story. So I want to tell you about El Negro Matap…
Retweeted by Scottie MoSanta Cruz Police Chief with no riot gear, no back up, just kneeling with the local community, it’s that simple
Retweeted by Scottie MoAlright, this is one of the few ways I can help. So let’s go! Match my donation and I draw you or your pet. I’m ope…
Retweeted by Scottie Mo @hedgehogvampir1 That shit pisses me off like no other. @hedgehogvampir1 People leave their decency at home when they go on vacation. ...and their brains! My all-time fav… @hedgehogvampir1 Shore town. Tourists come, waste their money, leave behind all their trash, beach chairs, umbrella… @hedgehogvampir1 Aw, sorry about Dakota, but much love on the snails. Its surprising how much love you can have for… you asked ANYONE which two cities would have had peaceful protests without police agitation, and WITH police par…, over the past 5 yrs, has invested heavily in de-escalation training and adopted a use-of-force policy that'…
Retweeted by Scottie Mo @ChuckMadrox You can't go wrong with a dog named after the Hot Rod.I sometimes post my weird dreams, but this is a BORiNG DREAM: I was reading a magazine about soil. It had a graphic… @stationmum101 @farmersway Kinda like this "Tiny". @InstaTrent HAHAHA Oh my god I love it. And I literally, just yesterday, said that Hash Browns is a proper noun at all times.Lotta Rat Kings out and about the past week. @MarvelMan616 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ShaneMBailey @ShaneMBailey Holy shit at once?!?!?!?!!? That's a lot of chow. @comicsncats Actually I lied. My mom's name is Jadwiga, but Americanized, its Hedwig. She never actually changed he… @comicsncats True story: this is my mom's name. (They can't all be winners.) @ShaneMBailey Damn! Double fisting on the big dog action. I myself am a big dog guy (had huskies and labs my entire…
@KyleReadsComics Hahaha! Cute dog, and definitely a Waffles. @KyleReadsComics That's beautiful. What kind of dog?I can't look at this shit anymore. ENDING MY TWITTER NITE ON A POSITIVE NOTE: What's your dog's name, and why did…, the other day, "Planet of the Apes" was trending on Twitter, and I was SO SURE it was gonna be some racist bu… impressed that Newark's protest seemed textbook peaceful. Worth noting that there isn't much mention of a poli… @billisreading @christieddleman @strictlyworse YES! But I'm all about the PJS ShopRite these days. Literally every… @SodaTelepaths Building out the site for Ice Cream Social, a socially distant group art show coming July 3rd. @christieddleman @strictlyworse I miss the days (March) when any of my local groceries or Target had Hash Browns* i… your own this-is-impressive whistling sound here) @artsyenterline ROCK IT @DinosaurDracula Clicked on the sound midway through and I was right on point with the lyrics. Heading to the troph… you're black, trans, living in America and need money to buy your meds, DM me. I'm not rich so I can only help…
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@Hateball This is a beautiful rendering of a clearly beautiful person. Love it! @MutantMusings I had the wrong Marvel Boy. Its the original from the 50s that's from NJ. Justice in Saugerties, NY. @MutantMusings Of course Roulette is from AC! Marvel's got a ton of NJ natives. Off-hand: Firestar, Slapstick, Was… @KevinNewburn Do you ever feel guilty about this? I sometimes do.No one thinks of them as from Jersey, so they don't count in my list of the top non-mob affiliated fictional charac… @CrankyRaconteur YOU PUT THAT SELF-LOATHING AWAY RIGHT NOW.Irene Adler and Indiana Jones are both from New Jersey.Hey Black artists!! I will be offering 4 vis dev/ bg design portfolio reviews, offering tips and answering any ques…
Retweeted by Scottie Mo @sommerjam Is that Mephisto speaking? Because its even more perfect if it is. @sommerjam I'll see your golden parachute and raise you a better job:, be prepared to be completely dissatisfied and appalled with how this finally plays out. Slap on the wrist. @TheCarpetIsLava @BattleArmorDad1 Sad, the shit I've wasted my brain cells on. @disaterlaster Stay safe and be well.FINALLY. @TheCarpetIsLava @BattleArmorDad1 I got the names right, and the VHS title wrong! Revenge of the Pharoahs was the episode. @TheCarpetIsLava @BattleArmorDad1 I had him, and It hink his name was Knockdown? They made another fig with the sam… @DazzlerAOA I will back you up on this take to my grave. She was the most interesting thing going before being unce… night I go to bed and kid myself. "This is the worst it'll be." Every morning, I wake up to the realization t… can't believe how relevant this book is. going all in with the geopolitical metaphors! @RevZachary You can also get your licks in here: 2 #2 @danielpgrote @wmqcomics Even though the only Animated Discussions I've listened to is the Justice League: New Fron…“Be a real hero. Be strong enough to be gentle.”
Retweeted by Scottie Mo @RevZachary I was just singing my Havok to sleep. Harry Chapin's Mr. Tanner popped into my head, and as I sang this…
Can you name everyone in this snippet of the Federation History poster? I have a couple left, so you can check your… @Air_Bacon8er He did, that that's what drew me in to click on the page. I could tell it was a celeb form afar, but I had to see who it was.Here's a closer look at Wizard's coverage of the #GenerationX TV movie from 1996. #comicbooks #marvelcomics #XMen
Retweeted by Scottie Mo @chickendynasty The only other Silver Age Stan Lee stuff I've ever read was late last year when I thought I would t… @Air_Bacon8er These old school ads were SO SNEAKY. Aside from the big red title, it looks like the continuation of… @chickendynasty I think it was the Stranger that sent Magneto an Co. away. Lucifer was an alien that had some other… @chickendynasty They were still pretty boring for a long while after that, but there are a few okay ones here and t… time I see an obscure X-Men character trending, they actually aren't. happens to me frequently IRL, and I blame it all on being raised in New Jersey, where yelling is the inside vo… @zachrabiroff @excel522 No argument here. That Namor comic was the Bret Hart of the imprint. @excel522 I think its a combo of latest + compressing threads. So I'll see the middle of a thread, open it and foll… @zachrabiroff @excel522 Tsunami was an interesting time in Marvel's history. @excel522 I love scouring your timeline for a poll I may have missed (just found three), so either way, this is the… @excel522 Oh good! They live to fight another day! Will they be together in the same group for Round Two, or reseeded? @excel522 Gonna be a tough loss for either Pixie or Shatterstar here. Two books I enjoyed. Ditto for either Storm '96 or Gambit '93. @zachrabiroff @excel522 Sentinel also has my vote.A handful of masks I've painted over the years. #prowrestling @KyleReadsComics @excel522 This is the correct answer!Dude. Mike Tyson. This guy is 53 years old? C'mon, man. @ninj_nick @excel522 "A vote for Iceman is a vote for Death of Wolverine!" @excel522 Based on what I've seen the past few days alone, if you scalp your boss and wear the pelt on your head, y…'ve been a patron (pronounced like the tequila) of @wmqcomics for months, but I'm only now just taking the podcast…'m looking for a family friendly podcast that a kid would enjoy, but as a parent, I won't want to commit mass murd… @InstaTrent I'm here for you, brother, and I feel your pain.So many Ice Cream Social submissions in the last 24 hours! This is gonna be cool. ...ahem.
@NeatoCoolville I wasn't ready for this thing to blink at me.This has been an incredibly emotional few weeks. Shad’s death hit me really hard. @Shadbeast @Jtg1284 and I had be…
Retweeted by Scottie Mo @RevZachary Tell him to dissect my avatar next! @MaskedLibrary I knew I would regret looking that up. @DaveShevlin88 @excel522 I knew this about you, but it still escapes me. I'm sometimes wrapping up the day before's… @excel522 This sounds way more peaceful than starting the day with a punch in the mouth from a toddler and chasing… Hall hopped the railing, wrestling in '96 was a bad time. This bit was the catalyst that ignited the most exp… @excel522 @zachrabiroff Check out Console Wars. Great book about the rise and fall of Sega during the 16-bit battle… @comicsncats Oh, my brain does not shut down, so I get you. But I just envy the idea of not being pulled in 1000 di… can't wrap my head around the XSpoilers hashtag at 8am EST. You're not working, don't have kids, and NOT sleeping… @SammyHain Gerg @XavierFiles Apocalypse vs Dracula @excel522 @XavierFiles Preach, my good man, preach!
@arthurstacy @DaveShevlin88 @excel522 @XavierFiles Cheating my way all the way to a title match, fans expect me to…