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J-F Audet @Mokmo000 Quebec, Canada

It's either about: -COSP: My cosplay friends -TOKU: Japanese special effects, Tokusatsu series -POLI: Quebec/Canadian Politics

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L'an dernier j'ai eu un e-mail d'un magasin de meuble avec un reçu pour des meubles à une maison à Québec. Appelé l… @kurteichenwald @seanhannity Was reading something today (Vanity Fair?) that had some sources at Fox saying their l… @kayyybearxo Are the cats ok ? Nice edit btw @DelightDaniTV The bodyart streamers had to quote a community blog for what... over a year ? So many bans for nothing. @Antagoniste_net L'idée de favoriser l'immunité communautaire quand ils connaissent pas le virus tant que ça est re… Seems Twitch has put their bodypainting rule in their official policies and not just some blog post. Good. @RoraPickles A lot of people have signed leases to move in the coming months. Quebec has this weird thing where all… @Antagoniste_net Les Afro-Américains... en général moins assurés, peuvent moins se permettre de s'isoler.
@globeandmail @LaLaKosply Montreal too, Laval too, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu too. You have to be quite the dumbass to e… @pressreset How many are we at now...
@DJSnM Considering all they found n their software audit... @Alanna_Sterling The camera work on this... @valkyrjacosplay @Erik_nsfwart Everyone here isn't working, so it's hard to say what day it is... Some of your hap… @valkyrjacosplay @Erik_nsfwart Oh hi. Weekendx blend in so much with weekdays... @aannggeellll You make it sound as if it would cost you... @FunkyPatricia @WalmartCanada @francoislegault @coalitionavenir Ya plein de stickers sur les étagères pour les prod… @VirgoVain I think the outage is spreading... @Titterpated1 @kurteichenwald The Quebec PM is doing such a good job he'll need one heck of a slip-up to win re-ele… @VirgoVain I don't see these, maybe it's just because i'm like born 4½ hours too early to be a scorpio @Henrickson_ They're a gov. agency. They'll stop as long as the gov says so @Henrickson_ Their calendar shows events in may and june.
@helloitskolo I'm glad i get mostmof these references! @NaomiOop They just show up? How annoying. @VirgoVain Having lived with a scorpio mom and sister, im not sure what's wromg with that... @Walking_Weapon It des wonderful to watch @TheDavidBennett You forgot that humans also need maintenance ;) take care! @richardhetu Pas capable de déléguer ? ouf ça va pas bien. @sarameikasai It's the glasses, at least for Fey and Bayonetta @darcypa63 @fondrenlock As most provinces have done. Here in Quebec they also stopped cutting power to delinquent p… @MollyJongFast So you're in the US ? Border with Canada is closed to non-necessary travel until june 30th. And that's renewable if needed... @valkyrjacosplay It's the same one @tedlieu Seriously, how is this not an issue of national security. Antiquated systems like these are full of holes.… People are still blind enough to try to go to church in the current situation ? Transmitting the Coronavirus… @Antagoniste_net Le masque ? meh c'est tellement de la m... La distanciation fait le 3/4 de la job et le masque comble pas le reste.
@zeekayart Let me guess, the store is essential for other things ... @aannggeellll The container is too big for it, it keeps bouncing around... @katstawp Its a better investment @Soffel I mean, there could be a good reason, but with isolation there's nothing short of catching the virus that c… @Soffel 2 months can happen, but ghosting? Ugh @zeekayart Quebec allowed the old folks to move back with their family but the luggage has to be done by that elder… @BanditSpurs Love the hair on both parts!Hannity. Rush. Dobbs. Ingraham. Pirro. Nunes. Tammy. Geraldo. Doocy. Hegseth. Schlapp. Siegel. Watters. Dr. Drew. H…
Retweeted by J-F AudetIf all goes well the border with the US reopens to non-necessity trafic on june 30th. I don't get why Montreal Comi… @felixseguin J,ai l'impression que les poursuites pour des événements de même qui causent des contagions multiples… @adafruit For a moment, thought you were on a giant roll of duct tape
@DJSnM Welding pressure vessels is hardBack in january, Lotto Max was at a 70 million jackpot, sales in Quebec were at 88 122 530 $ Last Tuesday, same jac…
@aannggeellll Looking wonderful too. Have a great evening :) @SamStrake That documentary where a guy on a mostly veggie diet starts force-feeding himself McDonald's? @aelynn000 The list of movies that went straight to bluray/digital keeps on growing. And these are movies that were… @sarameikasai Habillée en mou qui fait des poses de mou @NaomiOop You're the work of art! @genkimami My beard is overdue for a deep trimming, it doesnt help @genkimami I thought i was decent at not touching my face holes. I fail miserably @KamuiCosplay Are these meant to do patterns? Hope the battery lasts a while @MarleyK20 @nulfiicos That's lassuit material, duty to inform etc @Antagoniste_net Je les ecoute pas bin bin ces temps ci, est-ce que Maurais pousse encore la théorie non prouvée du… @makirollOFC Thing is, even if they were, worshipping can be done from home. So they should stay closed and stream… @genkimami Businesses should deny gloves. Clean hands! @sarameikasai Let it all out! @_aprilgloria @itsginnydi @CosplayRealmMag @ALeeStudios Be still, my little heart... @mcbourbonnais1 Some cosplayers made a "BreadCon" where pretty much everyone recreated the "anime girl late for sch… @AEWrestling @DarbyAllin @CodyRhodes @tntdrama @AEWonTNT dodging skills from the referee right there ! (@RefAubrey ? ) @zeekayart So they're letting them out due to covid ? Studio couldn't maintain a crew i guess.
@Kiwion You bought the domain name ? wow @zeekayart I can't get over how your place has so much window space! @valkyrjacosplay My face when i see..., Pence, the religious guy, telling Americans they should really avoid church services with more than 10 people.… @zeekayart Wow... @vera_chimera Follow posology?Guys, seriously, if your church tells you it's having services for Easter/Holy Week, and they're not doing them thr… @aannggeellll Few years ago met a guy who i impressed just because i knew what the term for his tracheotomy was. He… @zeekayart Meet Dr Arruda, the public health boss in Quebec, telling you to smush that curve!
@helloitskolo @ATablestory My consistent 40/10 seems a priviledge lol... @NaomiOop Your photos always have comfy clothes, i guess this is comfy too. And very nice to see. @AOC If this can't make Americans choose the right option, nothing will! Good luck America. Your chance to become great @TheNextDecade 2-3 weeks stop filming, making sure the whole crew didnt catch it and that he's recovered they can g… @AgentSheenah All legs! 😯 @nyctophobiccos Theyll have you wash your hands at the entrance, much preferable than gloves. @Wisedog4 @maddow Nationalize here is more like "Have one office buy supplies for the whole state". Nowhere near se… @emdrums @MaddowBlog Meanwhile in Quebec, schools closed on march 13th, a week later pushed to may 1st, with cancel… @Manda_like_wine Only in America... Hope you get your sh*t together once this is over...Someone in the house has not been planning ahead, ran out of his morning necessities and i'll just have an anxiety-…
@Walking_Weapon @IMPACTWRESTLING This show was the best thing i had ever seen, you guys were just perfect.MMontréal rend public le nombre de cas de covid par arrondissement, mais les avoir par comtés en dehors de l'île c… @LADYSUNDAE C'est un FPS? @OfficialEGO How does one even kidnap Samoa Joe? @valkyrjacosplay Oh my. Magical flowers appeared! @TheTokuNet @destinyambercos Btw the last sentence of the text says ballpoint not fountain. Unless there's a ballpoint variant? @ChibiTifa Wow, that's ridiculously late... @Dimm4k @LADYSUNDAE Heu, elle a déjà fait Ryuko @MoonllitaArt Did you spot yourself in an ad?Wow... a tweet by @zeekayart made me think of the last time i went out to eat, wasn't really enjoyable, fast food.… @zeekayart Not to mention my quarter pounder was BLT no onion/no pickle, yeah they didn't bother to check when they did the second one... @ChibiTifa Indeed. Your official numbers passed China's official numbers, but many consider that a lot more people… @zeekayart Now that i think of it... the last thing i ate at a restaurant was a McD's quarter-pounder and they mess…
@procrastiranger @Ticketmaster You mean posponed dates dont offer reimbursements? Hownis that legal. @nyctophobiccos Some on TV... i had never seen them even let a regrowth (ismthat the english word) show. @Kiwion Dang it i missed the funeral. But the fight pit was nice @nyctophobiccos Its noticeable now...