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Molekule’s unique technology destroys airborne indoor pollutants instead of just collecting them on filters, bringing truly clean air into your home.

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@jasonbigler Didn't know we came in this shade of green 😉 @UXDJB Great question Jonathan! Both Molekule Air and Air Mini utilize our patented PECO process and that does dest…
Air fresheners in your car or home spread more than just scents—they can give off VOCs. Dr. Purvi Parikh, allergy a… outdoor air in Beijing can be the equivalent of smoking about 4 cigarettes a day.
@IAMChrisEdward @TROLLINGBEWARE @CrumbsCracker @4YrsToday We don't use the UVA as a germicidal element. The UVA lig…
@Yazanator @Steven_McKie @NeerajKA Furthermore, the panel found that our technology is effective to address air pol… @Yazanator @Steven_McKie @NeerajKA We are pleased that the NARB panel for our appeal has determined that Molekule h…
@conwayscience @J5AliveUniverse @elonmusk @stephenpallotta @ajtourville @Teslarati @molekule Appreciate the candid… @conwayscience @J5AliveUniverse @elonmusk @stephenpallotta @ajtourville @Teslarati We have recent testing data here… @conwayscience @J5AliveUniverse @elonmusk @stephenpallotta @ajtourville @Teslarati Important to note, they also sta…
The fact that Bobby Berk from Netflix’s Queer Eye has three Molekule air purifiers at home? We’re not starstruck…at…
Not one, not two … but TEN reasons why @HoustonFamily loves Molekule 💘 We’re honored! Read all ten of them, plus mo… @tiltnotmachines Important to note that CR states they don't test our type of technology. We purify air through pol…
No one loves cockroaches, but did you know they can leave allergens behind? Dr. Purvi Parikh, allergy and immunolog… @ijustine Hey Justine, just wanted to follow up here, did these steps help at all? If not we'd really like to get y… @jaysoncote Not the experience we want you to have. Please contact our support team, let them know you're not just…
@ijustine Sorry! If you've opened it up & taken the PECO-Filter out of the bag, make sure when closing you twist un…
Yum, mold! Let’s breathe it in! Actually...let’s not. Ever again. Molekule's PECO technology can destroy airborne m…
@moorehn @heather_muse Sorry if you've found it to be drying! We don't normally hear that from people, but we're al… @kouotsu This is a big part of why we encourage people to look to nationally recognized testing laboratories to ens… @kouotsu It's important to note that Wirecutter has openly admitted to not being able to test our technology proper… @jaysoncote You definitely shouldn't have to. What version of the app and firmware are you on? Have you updated to our most recent version? @matrotz @ShellyMBoulder @YogiGoswami We strongly recommend that everyone reviews information provided by the CDC a… @matrotz @ShellyMBoulder @YogiGoswami Our PECO technology has been tested against a range of viruses to show destru… @matrotz @ShellyMBoulder @YogiGoswami Hey Maya, if you opened up the device and already made sure to remove the pla…
When, if not now, is the perfect time to refresh your WFH space? Molekule Air Mini made it on the list of top air p… #2020EdisonAwards Winners are changing the way things are done #EA20Gold Molekule Air Mini @molekuleair
Retweeted by Molekule @ImagineGladys Try out @molekuleair, this thing changed our lives here at home!!!
Retweeted by Molekule @StephaniePalosP No, thank you! Let us know what you end up landing on for a name.
@StephaniePalosP It tries to show you it loves you by keeping the air so clean (but you should name it too) 😉 @Brendon_Thomas Just don't show it any videos of Adam Driver.We will never get tired of hearing what you've named your devices 😂 by science. Awarded by experts. Again. Molekule Air Mini named 2020 Gold @EdisonAwards Winner 🏆 #EA20Gold @dreda @RedPillResort @MariusCiocanel @PathfinderEq @DrEricDing Wirecutter has openly stated they're not able to te… @brooklynaguirre We're just happy to help! What was your original reason for getting one? @adamawolf We're still working on the research that our CEO mentioned and hope to release the results soon and change your mind.Loving my @molekuleair air purifier, helps with mold, viruses, dust, and other irritants in the air. I financed mi…
Retweeted by Molekule @adamawolf @JoeWadlington There's documented evidence of us being able to destroy organic pollutants though, and al… @adamawolf @JoeWadlington Which is that we actually destroy pollutants captured by our device in comparison to coll… @adamawolf @JoeWadlington The key area we agreed to change our claims was re: statements where we said things like… God for my @molekuleair
Retweeted by Molekule @adamawolf @JoeWadlington Initial reporting on this may not have been very accurate. There's strong evidence that o… of R&D Jaspreet Dhau and Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dilip Goswami explain how research, science, and innovation…
@aalexis1234 @PAMauric Stay safe! @papoworld_ Very much appreciated! How are you liking your device so far? @papoworld_ We love it! This is a really clean shot. Would you mind if we used it on some of our other social chann… @molekuleair 1|2
Retweeted by Molekule @ScottAumann Appreciate you spreading the word and looking out for others!Throughout 2020, @molekuleair is helping us raise awareness about the importance of reducing pollutants in our…
Retweeted by Molekule @mikelee609 @bengreenfield We're accelerating testing on proxies of the virus, but don't want to make any definitiv… @PAMauric @aalexis1234 @honeywell Each year in March, we just look up at the sky and scream "POLLEN!!" for about 6… @raztazz2001 Hey Wendy, thanks for the heads up on that. Just send a quick email to the support team letting them k… @molekuleair the Mini in my #voiceover studio, keeping the air clean and my voice clear as a bell. 🙂 #MyMolekule
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San Diego resident Naja does cross-country and track and field. Molekule Air helps her get rid of the dust and the… spend most of our time indoors, so breathing healthy air where we live, work and play is critical. To support…
Retweeted by MolekuleWe are totally obsessing over our @molekuleair purifier! I mean who doesn’t love something that destroys microscopi…
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Something cute that depollutes - cleaner air everywhere. 💭❤️That must be our favorite poem to date. Thank you…
@karenkho Important to note, Wirecutter has admitted to not being able to test our technology correctly. We'd sugge… @Laertish Normally this is a lid issue, but if you've secured the base as you're closing it and you're saying it's… @Laertish Have you already opened it up and taken the plastic wrap off of the PECO-Filter inside? If so, do you sti…
@KlueBat This video falsely categorizes several gaseous pollutants as being VOCs when they're not, ammonia being on… @KlueBat Just wanted to follow up here. Wirecutter has openly admitted to not being able to test our devices proper… @S2Swanton Hey Spenser, we'd love to get more details from you in this. Are you on app version 2.1.1 or 2.1?
#InternationalWomensDay is here! ✊ We’re always grateful for all the groundbreaking women in STEM fields who help…
@tatmaxwell There are several issues with Consumer Reports evaluation of our devices, and they've openly stated the… @CeitMcRae We're all in this mission to help eliminate indoor air pollution together. Thank you for all the support… @heitkemper @JeninaPeraza No better compliment for us than reading something like this. Happy to help!Thank you for the LOVE @molekuleair! I love you, too. You save my life, every single day.
Retweeted by Molekule @realsteamsport @wirecutter Molekule wasn’t contacted regarding this piece, and it seems that NAD/NARB weren’t eith… @raztazz2001 Will do! We're constantly working on making improvements to the app experience, so we'd be happy to ge… @raztazz2001 Appreciate all the love! Glad you've been able to see such a noticeable difference. We know we've got… @raztazz2001 Sorry for the trouble here. That's definitely something we can pass along to the dev team. Have you ha…
@wilbanks @nils_gilman Wirecutter has admitted to not being able to test our tec correctly & their findings don't m… @alexromac It’s unfortunate that Wirecutter, owned by the NYT, isn’t following basic journalistic practices. Moleku… Molekule Air Purifier Is as Effective as it is Beautiful
Retweeted by MolekuleProtect yourself and your community from coronavirus with common sense precautions: wash your hands, stay home when…
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@JaradBell @allisongrayce We've got scientific testing on our white papers page showing what our PECO technology is… @DJMortyCoyle @JeninaPeraza Check out if you want a deeper look into the PECO process and t… @INivysHEAD Sorry for the trouble. We know it's frustrating when things don't quite connect the way they should. Fo… @scottlucas @EmmaLBriant @JaneLytv Unfortunately, that Wirecutter reporting is factually inaccurate. If you have an… @ahelwer @noampomsky This is factually inaccurate reporting. There are more details here:
@VoiceOfTrenton Happy to hear it! If you're doing VO work, we can only imagine how important clean air must be for… @molekuleair wanted to say thank you. I have the mini unit I use in my VO studio. Last night our house got filled w…
Retweeted by Molekule @TChalla____ @flyosity @RPSVentures Not saying "everyone is testing it wrong" just the two publications, who both a… the “pollen fest” that was Austin, Ashlee found herself taking her Molekule Air with her from room to room—a… my #Flow2 from @Plume_Labs up and running, today. It measures particulate pollution as small as 1 micron, a maj…
Retweeted by Molekule @ColinHeilbut @dhh We'd say there's a fair amount of evidence from testing done by credible laboratories who are ac… @flyosity @RPSVentures Flawed testing gives little guarantee of accurate results. Our purifiers are rated MERV 16,… @flyosity @RPSVentures Wirecutter has also openly admitted to not being able to test our technology correctly. This…
@LeoLaporteTech @MikeElgan @leolaporte @TWiT Wirecutter mis-reported the facts, we want to set the record straight.… @KateGardiner Hi Kate, Molekule wasn’t contacted regarding this piece, and it seems that NAD/NARB weren’t either. T… @sandofsky @sandofsky There is more to this story than Wirecutter is reporting. While this is an ongoing legal proc… @WyncoBBB @WyncoBBB As Wirecutter alluded to, this matter is still under legal dispute and has not been concluded.… @MattRogish We always respect each person's choice on the products they buy, but wanted to offer that there is more… @tomcoates The testing that's been done as a company is rigorously validated by scientific labs. PECO tech has been… @scottgranneman Molekule wasn’t contacted regarding this piece, it seems that NAD/NARB weren’t either, which is unf… @KateGardiner This is factually inaccurate reporting. There are more details here: @SarahNEmerson Unfortunately, basic journalistic practices weren't followed here. Molekule wasn’t contacted regardi… @Saemin4655 One of our investors actually reached out to josh with additional info because the reporting in the pie… @ianc @leolaporte It’s unfortunate that Wirecutter, backed by the NYT, isn’t following basic journalistic practices…