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Game maker, trouble maker, professor at Carnegie Mellon University. My employer has many, often contradicting, views. @likelikearcade founder. he/him

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@FARTRON Yeah you need to be rich to do so, or to partake of it, rich people are not that many, and they are all co… don't understand folks sharing pictures of Epstein at parties with Trump, Musk, or Clinton like it's some kind of… @radiatoryang What's the opposite of "queering"? Eg Straightening the practice of bee bearding
My contribution to more realistic male representation in videogames to art school in 2020: ∙ Happens on ur computer ∙ Grades r arbitary ∙ Might be good for your career, no guara…
Retweeted by Paolo PederciniI know you've secretly always wanted to make a game or playable art about one of the Amendments in the Bill of Righ… @Sosowski If they have no enemies or spikes they are called "jumping simulators" @DilaraBay_co Canada may be different but do you think having been admitted with a first-year scholarship helped se…
@doktorplirtz But if they get good grades do they get to keep the scholarship till the end?This is very good. Some random highlights: anarchy be like 'i know a place' and take you to everyday existence cr… @tinysubversions I think I like this format better than botsAcademia twitter: does your university offer "drug dealer" scholarships, ie financial aid but only for the first ye… @m_proksch, the world needs to know: was former chief economic advisor Kevin Hassett a reference for the character of Colin Robinson?Yes, he is the same Kevin Hassett of "Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work" can't get over how much this guy looks and sounds like Colin Robinson, the energy vampire from What We Do in the… love Audible's icon for Nonfiction. No fucking unicorns here.
i have a new project launching today at its a browser-based cycle of thousands of videos c…
Retweeted by Paolo Pedercini @everestpipkin Fantastic project and critical text! I've been quite into the "localized narratives" dataset, in w… Army creeping on child gamers as usual. Have they established a recruiting center in animal crossing yet?
pittsburghers be like “i know a spot” & take you to some industrial ruins on a hillside or a slab of concrete that…
Retweeted by Paolo PederciniThat is so wrong! There is a blueprint of a Berger guillotine on archive #STEM Constantine doesn't count so maybe Marcus Aurelius?)Yes, the Dolomites are quite impressive but they could be improved by giant carved faces of Augustus, Constantine,… LOVE this Don Quixotic concept art for a US Army game preparing soldiers for an extremely unlikely symmetrical ta…, artful games are incompatible with capitalism - investors demand 𝖊𝖓𝖌𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙 haven't all civilizations developed halloumi cheese technology?First post-pandemic show! (sort of, the second wave hit Beijing right after the opening) A beautifully installed… @v21 4 UNRELATED game changers? Very impressive, but not unbeatable. Game on! @v21 I'm sorry to confirm that I have 3 unrelated "Game on" in my exhibition record
...will cheaper cloud service encourage more consumption? Right now we are not running AAA games on our phones, but… environmental impact of data centers always comes up when The Cloud is mentioned. I'm quite confident that an e…*game studies voice* but don't game mechanics themselves function as what Agusto Boal's called "Le Flic dans la Têt…, art, and design jam to envision worlds without police hate to play the "Italian card" but I think I should be the one that sets it on fire when the revolution comes @ibogost "original" "glory" @_vrmachado I don't understand how a computer in a data center would consume more energy than a computer in my hous… @vectorpoem I think the point of the article is that only those 3 companies can pull it off. And then there's nintendo @_vrmachado @vectorpoem I think the jury is still out on that. Cloud could mean a more optimized use of hardware, t… @vectorpoem Which outlets cover this stuff in non exhausting ways?Amazing how much investment is directed towards saving users a couple of clicks and denying them ownership of the g… boomers join Facebook to see their nephews' pictures -They instantly make FB uncool for everyb… @AbsolutelyN01 @HartmanAndrew You are born in a hospital which is basically a jail
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@ChateauErin It's on my list! Very intrigued by it @h_a_l_e_x @Gladiabots That reminded me of crescent loom @h_a_l_e_x @Gladiabots Good one! Extra points for being somewhat interesting to look at @JZillW I'm not very familiar with Infinifactory or factorio, I'm not talking about coding puzzles but things that… - what are some interesting bot games, as in: games in which players program entities and let them run aut… @mike_treanor Is... that... you?
You can also remix the Glitch project here: source of last night's @likelikearcade exhibition is on github. It's a kind of engine for multi-user Twine gam… COVID-19 spawned a new genre of extremely gloomy or extremely upbeat electronica yet? @CPriestman There is a LOT of mid century modern retro aesthetic in contemporary design and animation but I think o… no instead of social distancing visitors are clustering at the entrance and passing each other language viruses
Is it a MUD? Is it a Twine? Is it an online exhibition? Find out! this decade, research put out by the Department of Justice estimated that local police officers in the US k…
Retweeted by Paolo Pedercini @glanderco Great, I'm gonna check the game again and I'll DM you @glanderco You know, I think I can turn ART SQOOL into an online multiplayer game so you can sell it as virtual cla… got excited because I thought the image was a delightfully sad online classroom software. Turns out it's just a s… just attended listening session about CMU's predictive policing research in which one hundred righteous and extre… @radiatoryang eh I don't really recommend, at least not in Unity right now. This is all class material that I'm goi… took me a while but I managed to run a multiplayer Unity WebGL app on Glitch (socket io + node.js authoritative… safe, blue counties @OxyOxspring The trick to merge your hobbies and turn them into work or vice versa @OxyOxspring Not sure if that model is supported but have you seen this WIP library?
@tembachi Make it! definitely not my thingI was craving for wide open spaces so I hung out in this beautiful recreation of a corner of Iceland. Mýrdalssandu… first half of the Contrapoints episode on "cringe" is a thoughtful contribution on how we consume amateur/found… usual, Robert wrote a complementary post explaining his process and references which is as enjoyable as the game… Lads - amazing how @radiatoryang created a little game masterpiece by riffing on a little video masterpiece.… @pepelanova @mapto In all fairness, with that quote they meant "this was the kind of predictive policing that sends…
"The model didn't use any racial, demographic or socioeconomic data" but only the crimes' locations which, as we kn… suspended its hotspot-based predictive policing program. It was developed by CMU and never audited. thread of critiques of Prison Architect that continue to ring resoundingly true:
Retweeted by Paolo PederciniI don't know if Tonight We Riot and Democratic Socialism Simulator really represent different assumptions of how to…
The reading list for the @ual_cci new MA Internet Equalities course is now online: you can…
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Even 12 years after its release, Oiligarchy by @molleindustria is still one of my favorite climate change-ish games…
Retweeted by Paolo PederciniNew date! The end of the WORD as we know it LIKELIKE Online is mutating again! This month’s exhibition is taking p…
Retweeted by Paolo Pedercini @bombsfall it has a great retro palette, many bosses, good politics, and a soundtrack that is just begging to be chiptuned @radiatoryang just tagging the first New Yorker that comes to my mindGame Idea: a dancing beat'em up based on West Side Story @johnnemann The first indie game I've ever reviewed had excellent and meaningful rope physics: Zen Bondage from 200…
NEW GAME: Hard Lads is a short masculinity simulator about shirtless hunks who smoke, drink, kiss, and hurt each ot…
Retweeted by Paolo PederciniI'm still thinking about the magical robots made of farming tools from November - the unmissable fantasy/horror mov… up: I tried some state-of-the-art object detectors and they have no issues telling bees and wasps apart, but…
These are not computer errors by the way, the images are from google's training dataset, humans mislabeled them all machine learning rope doesn't push office chair
Seems like a good day to announce that I received a Hellman Fellows award to develop an Open Source Afro Hair Libra…
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Honeyland is an extraordinary documentary following a traditional beekeeper in Macedonia. It's so visually stunnin… issue is incredible and the cover art is one of my all-time favorites. It also includes 1,000 words I wrote…
Retweeted by Paolo Pederciniwell at least we flattened the curve of people posting boring ass animal crossing screenshots
@taleoftales Are you referencing this? we really manage to defund the police, what should all the surplus cops do? @samuelthomson @AlanZucconi Intermediate, they all took a programming class and most of them worked on a game project before
@qDot @golan Teledildonics can definitely be an option but that one time I gave a pen15 board to a student they jus… @visible__world CMU only, but most publishable material will be posted on that siteI doubt America will be done with COVID-19 by the Fall so I'm offering a game design course about Remote Play & Rem…