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Retweeted by Mollie BentleyYou are totally replaceable at work. You’re not replaceable at home. Home is your real life. Keep that perspective. Always.
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@jfinnell86 Hey you!!!! Let’s do it!
Channeling my anxiety in a positive direction. If I get more physically fit, I’ll feel more in control. Come jog wi… @tedbauer2003 @katyb_spencer @ScottOntiveroz @JoelRRenner @kavita1010 @twigliot @TheComicHunter @MattJ_O @HRwhale
Retweeted by Mollie Bentley @Adam_Karpiak @AmberCadabra That's when you need to demonstrate those emotional disturbances by hitting him on the head. @Adam_Karpiak Exactly! The important stuff. @Adam_Karpiak That's so wrong. He should stick to the pertinent questions, like religion and ethnic background. @MattProvostHR And frequently say, "I'm not THAT kind of HR person." @AmberCadabra I love this! If we're all making our individual contributions and all of those are valued, then there… @AdrienneLaF Highlights! @BrendaMKramer @twigliot @katyb_spencer @ScottOntiveroz @tedbauer2003 @MrLexJay @TheComicHunter @ideabloke @DFHobbs
If you’re as sad as I am about RBG’s passing translate it into action. I’m sure she’d agree.
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@Adam_Karpiak I’ve had the longest week. I finally logged off my work laptop at 8:30 to rest and this was the news. I just can’t... @Adam_Karpiak Sigh.
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Retweeted by Mollie Bentley @kylecupp My deepest condolences. You and your family are in my prayers.
@ScottOntiveroz @tedbauer2003 @joshmccormack @DreaVilleneuve @BrendaMKramer @molliebentley @ideabloke @biggreenpen
Retweeted by Mollie Bentley @tedbauer2003 @ideabloke @DreaVilleneuve @ScottOntiveroz @biggreenpen @katyb_spencer @BrendaMKramer @twigliot Who Thought He'd Lost All Hope Loses Last Additional Bit Of Hope He Didn't Even Know He Still Had…
Retweeted by Mollie Bentley @tedbauer2003 @ideabloke @DreaVilleneuve @ScottOntiveroz @biggreenpen @katyb_spencer @BrendaMKramer @twigliot @LeahAhuva @EvanFHerman It was a crazy day that needed a lot of documentation. I survived though!Did you know trees communicate with each other? @EvanFHerman I worked 15 hours yesterday. Not going to any more.I just won’t any more.
@tmrasberry Are you whispering in my ear cause I hear those same voices? Thank you for reminding me to keep forging ahead.
@Adam_Karpiak Did you start off with, “per our prior conversation?” @Adam_Karpiak Wrong. This @garyvee lookalike’s webinar said scheduled posts was the best way to grow my personal br… @Adam_Karpiak I heard it’s supposed to go under the nose, but only if you just don’t like wearing it. 😡 @joshmccormack @ScottOntiveroz @MattJ_O @TheComicHunter @twigliot @molliebentley @DFHobbs @howdydoughty
Retweeted by Mollie Bentley @Adam_Karpiak Why not make it $2m? @Adam_Karpiak Infinity why? @Adam_Karpiak But why? @Adam_Karpiak So why? @tedbauer2003 @DFHobbs @joshmccormack @ScottOntiveroz @twigliot @howdydoughty @JoelRRenner @TheComicHunter
@Adam_Karpiak The longer I spent hanging out in my house, the more paranoid and fearful I got. Heading back to the…
@docaedo @kathrynkaysen You are too kind! I have a doc appointment next week and I decided to wait until then to di…
Everyone wants to make the absolute perfect hire, but nobody wants to look in the mirror and wonder if they would h…
Retweeted by Mollie Bentley @EastSideStaff This makes sense for industries that have the ability to be remote, but I see real value in an in-pe… @DunningKruger_ @johnjmuench @Ryanilbasso Sure, why not check out this hot mess. @Ryanilbasso @JMurray247 @twigliot @GabrielSurfCat @TheComicHunter @MattJ_O @ScottOntiveroz @JoelRRenner @joshmccormack @tedbauer2003 @Adam_Karpiak Jaws at checkout. @LDfromNJ @Frankkramer That probably tops it although right now, in @meijer with Harry behind me, I’m not sure.
Name one thing more anxiety inducing than your kid following you with a grocery cart. @Adam_Karpiak @ImSoSarah Time to loop a video of her sitting at her desk. @Adam_Karpiak Unfortunately, those needy candidates will never bring you the joy you so desire. I'm sorry to be the… are responsible for your own happiness. @LatinaInHR I like that phrase and it helps to make sense of this exhaustion and general malaise I've been feeling. @LatinaInHR Maybe. Although it seems that no matter how much I sleep I'm still tired. Is there such a thing as Pandemic Fatigue? @JC_Garrett I need to make that commitment again.
I've not been writing much lately and I think it's contributing to my discombobulation. I've been prioritizing sle… @tedbauer2003 @ScottOntiveroz @twigliot @ideabloke @BrendaMKramer @TheComicHunter @JoelRRenner @biggreenpen
@LeahAhuva I’m not quite that bad, but it’s a constant struggle to find balance. I think we all have something like this in our life. @LeahAhuva I’m an extreme extrovert and build bridges quickly with people. I frequently overextend to the point tha… @jobu415 And true.The thing that makes you special is the very thing that can destroy you.Looking for experienced field maintenance techs for your grounds crew? @Reds
@plainwildcatfan @tedbauer2003 @twigliot @howdydoughty @ScottOntiveroz @DreaVilleneuve @ideabloke @TheComicHunter @tedbauer2003 @HRwhale @GabrielSurfCat @bikespoke @ideabloke @ScottOntiveroz @TheComicHunter @DreaVilleneuve @tedbauer2003 @HRwhale @GabrielSurfCat @bikespoke @ideabloke @ScottOntiveroz @TheComicHunter @DreaVilleneuve @tedbauer2003 @HRwhale @GabrielSurfCat @bikespoke @ideabloke @ScottOntiveroz @TheComicHunter @DreaVilleneuve @tedbauer2003 @HRwhale @GabrielSurfCat @bikespoke @ideabloke @ScottOntiveroz @TheComicHunter @DreaVilleneuve @HRwhale @tedbauer2003 @GabrielSurfCat @bikespoke @ideabloke @ScottOntiveroz @TheComicHunter @DreaVilleneuve @Adam_Karpiak What, you don’t like waffles? Figures a guy like you would just dismiss waffles entirely. So predictable. @joshmccormack @BrendaMKramer @Nissan Mines paid for too. Come to think of it, that is the dream. Maybe my 2016 Altima is my dream car. Lol
@BrendaMKramer He said, “I guess you could just get a new 2021 @Nissan Altima.” So with that logic, I own my dream car🤷‍♀️My 11-year-old just asked me what my dream car is. I have no clue. This is the epitome of middle age.I heard a story about a new employee who was told how unbelievable it was that she got hired, given that she hadn't…
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@TheGDenise I try to look for the bright spots. I guess there is comfort in knowing we’re all basically alone. @ideabloke @ScottOntiveroz @tedbauer2003 @joshmccormack @twigliot @TheComicHunter @MattJ_O @katyb_spencer @TheGDenise I feel this deep in my soul. I guess it's the human condition, but others don't seem to struggle with it as much as I do. @DFHobbs @joshmccormack @tedbauer2003 @ScottOntiveroz @TheComicHunter @twigliot @MattJ_O @katyb_spencer @areena_mc God Bless the Band Directors!!!!! @kathrynkaysen I do think COVID has forced me into a bit of a rut. I've decided to focus my energy on getting my mi… @KelseyJoH @NancyWalker2 I've yet to find a single company opting in. @Virgini99129786 I like her. @GemmaTothSCP The admin piece is beyond. This helps no one.I’m trying a new thing today. If I tell myself I’m not sleepy, maybe I can trick myself into not feeling exhausted all day. @NancyWalker2 Of course you are! You’re sane. Nobody in their right mind would take that risk with zero reward. @rebelhrguy We’re not opting in, but the entire thing is just nuts. @GemmaTothSCP Me either. It’s too risky. @breea16 We did too. I don’t know any company actually option in. Who would take that risk?How are you doing this week? Like really doing? What's weighing on you? Any recent wins?
@Adam_Karpiak @mjmullady I think I might be onto something!I’ve been perpetually tired for weeks. I’m starting to wonder if it’s boredom.who did this? 😂
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