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Retweeted by Molly KnightThe eagles are absolutely brutal good lord.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and with Steve Cohen's billions, the Mets should copy the Dodgers' blu…
Retweeted by Molly Knight @ScottWAtlas What an absolute disgrace. We won’t forget the irreparable harm you did.In sheer number of lives, one of the most destructive, deadly policy adivsors in recent American history.
Retweeted by Molly KnightDon’t take him back @Stanford morning Los Angeles sports fans. If you had to run the Chargers or the Rams over the next decade, which team w…
Retweeted by Molly Knight
Today is the last day you can subscribe to @TheAthletic for $1 a month. if you’ve been on the fence, give it a try: self-own for the ages. @mikehahn_ @theMRC maybe donald trump should stop tweeting wild conspiracy theoriesshe has had it
Retweeted by Molly KnightThe facts don't care about your feelings guy sure gets his feelings hurt a lot. @LarryHogan you think mitch mcconnell will compromise with joe biden and not obstruct everything he tries to do, in… @LincolnKupchak what about herbert?Good morning Los Angeles sports fans. If you had to run the Chargers or the Rams over the next decade, which team w… @DBrandewie Oh we’re supposed to care about tweets now? That’s cute. @MissDumezweni You were terrific. @SpenserHickey @Lana This show made us all so crazy it might have actually been genius lol @psychteachYhs She goes to my spin class and sits right behind me! In the before times!! @Lana I still think Donald Sutherland did it and the finale did not change my mind!when the digiorno is ready please make a gif of Nicole Kidman running across that bridge it’s an all-timer 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #TheUndoingHBOThe real murderers were the friends we made along the way. the undoing. lololololololme watching every single actor in the undoing
Retweeted by Molly KnightYou said it would be painless It wasn't that at all
Retweeted by Molly KnightSean McVay is extremely blunt tonight. “Our quarterback has got to take better care of the football.”
Retweeted by Molly KnightThese Rams are the rare team that look like they could beat anyone good or lose to anyone bad in any given week. Woof.nope @JoeBiden
Aaron Donald is the best player in the NFL do not @ meI didn’t have Aaron Donald being the Rams offensive player of the game but that is where we arewatching this Rams game like just $1️⃣ a month you'll get a 1️⃣ year subscription to our in-depth coverage of L.A. 🏈 🏀 🏒 ⚾️ from ...…
Retweeted by Molly Knight @chrissyteigen Tough to imagine something funnier than someone mansplaining breastfeeding.The best play in MLB history that you forgot about because the Mets lost... Endy Chavez robs a Scott Rolen home run… signing Kaepernick to play tomorrow is impossible because of Covid protocols anyway. But the Broncos could cer… @pasquiniandrew yeah, that too. so I guess the broncos could sign him to have him ready for next week if they're still in this mess.I want Kaepernick to get a chance obviously but would he be able to come in and run an offense he's never studied o…
@MichaelHardin2 They can play away games. nbdJust take the W over Cal and shut it down. Good season, IMO. @EricTrump Do you really have no clue how much people dislike your father? How is that possible?I hate cancer. I hate watching my child suffer through chemotherapy. Please pray for my little girl if you can she…
Retweeted by Molly KnightYay! My team won big game in the year of the plague!!!! winning Big Game on a blocked extra point is peak 2020. I don’t care. Let me have this.
@Racheldoesstuff The rare sequel that’s better than the original! ☠️Y’all?! I’m not a big Black Friday shopper. In fact, I do not partake. Like ever. But this is a great deal!! Beside…
Retweeted by Molly KnightWhen literally anything good happens in 2020 (2) shows of emotion from David Shaw (!!!!) had season tickets through the Andrew Luck and Christian McCaffrey years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen David S… Gen Z and Millennials please tell me why you’re always saying “SCREAMING” or “Yelling”? Why are you shouting? S…
Retweeted by Molly KnightBad news is I turned on Big Game and Cal scored on the next play. The good news is Fox played Bay Area legend… look it’s Rose Lavelle and the #USWNT bringing me nothing but joy again @realDonaldTrump I thought you said Georgia elections are frauds @TheGoldenRatio4 PARMESANUnrivaled sports coverage. Unbeatable price. Take advantage of our Black Friday deal and get a new subscription t…
Retweeted by Molly Knight @nycsouthpaw And yet it just feels like a sad man in decline with no power screaming at a cloud. @imjdsharp @realDonaldTrump Oh, he’s leaving. The secret service can escort him out. 🖐🏼
On this Thanksgiving I am grateful for the 80 million of you who voted against this creep. ❤️❤️❤️ Maradona, and the darkness that could never obscure the light
Retweeted by Molly KnightGuys we are watching the Saved by the Bell reboot this weekend as well. The reviews are 🔥🔥 @tira_tira_tira hell yes let’s fucking gooooo
it is the perfect long weekend to stay home and binge watch the undoing and the queens gambit and emily in paris. a… you really need to see your older relatives tomorrow? let’s postpone thanksgiving until next July. the pie will… winning the World Series with the Dodgers, Joc Pederson could be taking his powerful left-handed swing elsewh…
Retweeted by Molly KnightMeghan Markle won't see the all of the nasty shit you write about her but your friends who have experienced miscarr…
Retweeted by Molly Knight @JennaEllisEsq What is the end game for you here, Jenna? Trump is famous for not paying his legal bills. @CaseyNewton And their best song is NYC.Big free agent decision #3 for the Dodgers: Joc Pederson can’t hit lefties. Joc Pederson is a natural October dinge…
Retweeted by Molly KnightIn Opinion "I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second," Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex,…
Retweeted by Molly Knight @Malandander212 I really miss going to LAFC gamesI miss Pirate so much it is horrible. Just haven’t tweeted about it because I didn’t want to bum you guys out.Big free agent decision #3 for the Dodgers: Joc Pederson can’t hit lefties. Joc Pederson is a natural October dinge… trickle-down economics worked at all, like even a teeny-tiny bit, people wouldn’t be flocking to food banks righ…
Retweeted by Molly KnightIf you can, please donate your time and/or money to your local food bank or meal service - in Los Angeles, you can…
Retweeted by Molly KnightJulio Urías enfrente de su mural. Hay un nuevo ídolo mexicano en Los Angeles. #YoAmoElBeis
Retweeted by Molly Knight
It should not be divisive to bail out bars and restaurants and then close them down. If we can afford to cut taxes… pulls #ChapelleShow from service after Dave Chapelle requests it be taken down because he wasn’t paid.
Retweeted by Molly Knight @slwein Everyone’s terrible American accent!I feel like this criticism would be in better faith if he didn’t vote for a literal Raytheon lobbyist to be Defense…
Retweeted by Molly KnightFacebook developed but did not implement tools for reducing disinformation and "hate bait" content because it deter…
Retweeted by Molly Knighthe's pouring money into GA to hold a GOP senate *right now*
Retweeted by Molly Knight @marcorubio You supported and enabled Donald Trump even though you know he’s incompetent. You don’t care about Amer… Rams are now 32-0 under Sean McVay when they lead at halftime. That is incredible.Goff just went fumble, delay of game, interception. An intentional grounding short of the calls ever go against tom bradyJust make Ken the permanent host if he wants it. He’s the one. Nobody else can do it. @ronbo101772 @realDonaldTrump The reality is that people in three states decided election by less than 100K votes i… @ronbo101772 @realDonaldTrump I thought that was true but I’m not quite sure. His support was unbelievably stable.… underrated aspect of the 2020 election is how great it is that @realDonaldTrump lost even bigger in the popular…
A little treat for fans of #TheCrown! Bad TV Impressions: The Crown Season 4 #TheCrownSeason4 #impressions #comedy
Retweeted by Molly Knight @KieranCHodgson Holy shit this is amazing @RohnWBishop Rohn, you've always been disenfranchising people. Welcome to the resistance.The government needs to bail out bars and restaurants now: Cruz guaranteed Democratic mayors and governors would stop caring about Covid-19 the week after the election. L…
Justin Herbert is going to turn a lot of people in LA into Charger fans.Are you guys following @JourdanRodrigue and @danielrpopper for your Rams and Chargers coverage yet? Don't miss any… story from Jourdan.. @ericstephen @TheAthletic 😬 @fortunatelyljm @tira_tira_tira the beatles would say the same thing.