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@danclark RustTests are for people that make mistakes 🤣 Learn a new language with me! Me: But I'm just getting good at Ruby 😩It's a puts "-" * 1000 kinda day @yechielk Is there a bonus given out based on PR count? If so, I'm in!Note, the smiley face at the end of #2. That makes all the requests perfectly valid and reasonable.There are 2 types of PR Reviews: 1. LGTM! Ship it! 2. LGTM! Btw, it doesn't relate to this change, but can you add… If you divide 2020 by 5, you get 404. This year is an error message! Me: Um, the same applies for 2015,…
@ScribblingOn I used to judge people that did it for the $, but honestly, if this profession didn't pay well I'd pr… advice to start speaking and writing: Just do it! You're never going to be fully ready, your post is never goin… @catalinmpit Red Rising Series and The Expanse series are some of my favorite recent SciFi books. For anyone who i… @catalinmpit Nope! Intro email usually
@Fisk_CW _looks left_ _looks right_ I cant believe they pay me to do thisOkta's sales bar must be really low if they are starting to recruit developers for the job 😂 talking with my passwords: "Don't listen to all those websites. You are a strong, confident password."
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄 @levisharpe Call the cat over and tell them to eat it @dan_spratling SO TRUE! @JP_Leigh YES!!!! This just made my day, you got this!
@MaritvanDijk77 OMG I want to steal this!!! I didnt realize the 🦊 emoji was so cute!When an experienced dev fixes a bug, I guarantee, the vast majority of the time they didn't "just know what to do".… @thomasheder It's the high that keeps us all coming back @ochostrike YES! I forgot about that one!"Gotcha mother fucker!" OR 🙌 "I win! I win! I WIN!!!!!!!!!!" hours of debugging you finally track down the source of the bug, what are the first words out of your mouth?
Not one person who went for a job interview in 2015 got the answer right to “So where do you see yourself 5 years f…
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄 @kvlly Password Invalid: Your finger count guess was incorrect, please try again.When you try to figure out why you made a code change but the PR description contains nothing but a GIF. @kennohan @Nasser_Junior Or is it branch dream....Dev to Manager: "More investigation is needed to estimate a timeframe" Manager to Director: "We can do it in a mon…'re Googling an error and you see a Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Reddit link Which do you click on first?
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄What merge dreams are made of: 0 Conflicts
How app scaling works: Oh, this is so fast and slick!  1 year later: Eh, this is a little slow but we will survive… since I got back from vacation I literally can't type for shit. Is there a term for this? Vacation fingers or… @mcbobadilla lol I dont even know why I wrote it that way, I'm going to say its for emphasisHiring 101: Hire people who are smarter than you and not ass holes. The end. @catalinmpit As my mom likes to say, it's all about who you know, not what you know.One of the most humbling experiences as a developer is setting up a new dev environment.I REALLY wish when you clicked on a @github notification for a mention it would take you to the actual mention and…
@ReinH detailsMy pull request requirements: 1. Code must be readable 2. Code must have tests 3. Code must be performant 4. Pull r… said logging out of a system should be boring? 🥱 While working on my startup I came up with this collapsing pa…
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄 @astrotoya I hope you can find the help you need! Small tidbit someone posted on here once, if you ask for a test…
When your process just won't quit..."Our tags, in general, are messed up." If you have any concept of a tagging system in your app it's like the law t… code like a girl 💪 @saronyitbarek molly_struve still! But only follow if you want to learn about the other sides of my life(horses, Ma…
@farazamiruddin @jhooks @willjohnsonio I got you! #DEVcommunity able to not worry about your app's memory over a 3 day weekend when no one is deploying is glorious!!! @Denver_80211 My Dad got a good laugh when I showed him this comment 😂 @lisasy Literally! 🤣Dad: Molly!!!! Me: Yeah, Dad? Dad: "There's a fine line between a numerator and a denominator" *starts chuckling…
Treat yourself like a highway and never stop working on yourself no matter how inconvenient it is for everyone else. #StandUpQuoteOfTheDay
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄How regular parents threaten their children: 1... 2... Don't make me get to 3 How Dev parents threaten their child… are worse ways to start the day ❤️ code I wrote that is more than 3 months old may as well have been written by someone else.
@flora_codes We had giant memory spikes yesterday and after two days of digging I am no closer to knowing what caused them</COVID-19> Worth a shot...
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄YES, updating/improving documentation counts as an open source contribution!!! To be honest, it's one of the most…
If you are having a bad I suggest deleting something. Code, data, whatever, I promise it will make you feel better… state: I fucking hate computers to working outside, you suddenly realize how horribly disgusting and dirty your laptop screen isI work for the most proactive work/life balance company out there and I STILL feel guilty requesting time off. I ha…✅✅✅ I fixed it!!! *1 hour later* ❌❌❌ Damnit! @valeriecodes HA yeah breaking a config usually gets you a very fast failure.Having a fast test suite is super convenient. No one wants to wait around all day to see if they broke everything. @laurieontech Frame this tweet
My mother always taught me to treat others the way you want to be treated and that means upvoting StackOverflow answers when you use them.And people wonder why side projects never get done... @technicaltuna Expert level 100! @armahillo I do and yet I still find myself hitting the up arrow sometimes more times then I care to admit, usually… If you have never had the urge to chuck your computer out a window then you are doing it wrong.>  🤔 up arrow 20 times  ah, there's my command: grep -r "something"Its hardware that makes a machine fast. It’s software that makes a fast machine slow. #StandUpQuoteOfTheDay
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄 @kvlly Mexican Lettuce Wraps! Cauliflower Rice Grilled Chicken Salsa Avocado Cheese Refried Beans all wrapped in a…
I'm sorry for what I said while I was debugging.
@gabsmashh I watch home reno shows with my dogs. If I'm feeling crazy, maybe put on an episode of Yellowstone or Agents of Shield 🙌 @michaelhood @justizin @alephnaught2tog Sometimes on Monday morning I'll start getting all the reminder pings and… @HackaTrap yml can die in a fiery hell
@justizin @alephnaught2tog Hands down one of my favorite features in Slack! It will change your life!!!5pm Friday means... @yechielk That escalated quicklyAnyone who says you can't change the past has never heard of git rebase @bendhalpern git squash . . . Psh, I knew what I was doing the whole time, see one pretty commit.Typo commiseration thread for anyone who needs it! #DEVCommunity @laurieontech HA, I do that all the time! It's always fun after a couple of weeks to look back and see what's in th…; work hard and say yes to everything. Then; work smarter and say no to most things.
Retweeted by Molly Struve 🦄I will now forever envision tiny cats spinning around in my processor whenever I write an infinite loop. @kvlly Home projects!!! You feel like you really accomplished something yet your mind gets a much needed break. May…
Learning to speak another language is all about memorization. Learning to code another language is all about knowi… Found the bug! What was it? Me: I can't spellGoogle used to be my safe space, now it's even got an opinion about how I search!
I've been a dev for 7+ years and I still can't start a test file from scratch. I always copy and paste the outline… you finally check your Github notifications after ignoring them for most of the day @yechielk 🤣We finally put our big kid pants on at DEV and got ourselves a status page! 🎉 #DEVcommunity
BEST PART about fixing a bug? Closing the 30 tabs you had to open to fix it 🎉Documentation can make or break developer experience. You can have the slickest software out there, but if your doc… @karaluton @ThePracticalDev I've only written a handful of posts in the last few months and THAT'S OK! You gotta ro…