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Writer, Nurse Specialist, London-lover, BBC's 100 Women list, TEDx NHS, HSJ inspirational lady, HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE - OUT NOW! 🇬🇧@PenguinUKBooks 🇺🇸 @wwnorton

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@JudeKelly_ 👋 Hi Jude, I'd love to drop you a message, is there a best way to get in touch? Many thanks, Molly x @BernardineEvari The most congratulations 🙌
Announcing our collaboration with @NursingNow2020 #NightingaleChallenge 🙌 Look out for: Year of the nurse tweet ch…
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Hey, #NurseTwitter- who would like to read this Molly Case book & have a twitter #book club to discuss? Patient Car…
Retweeted by Molly Case @CleverThought @JNJNursing Thank you! 😊DO judge these books by their covers & titles. Then absorb their raw humanity and "How To Treat People"…
Retweeted by Molly CaseAbsolutely over the moon that HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE is reviewed in the @nytimesbooks - huge thanks to @TinaJordanNYT @AmidonChris Thanks so much for the support, guys! 👋
@jamierhale Wonderful article. Thank you for it. I hope you are feeling well. xI wrote about some of what's happened during my 5 months in hospital - but also a tribute to the #NHS staff keeping…
Retweeted by Molly CaseBut, of course! The miraculous Dame @EAnionwu presented with this award for her incredible work revolutionising sic… @mollycasespeaks @ICNurses @NursingNow2020 @bathebrit @elizabeth_iro @HowardCatton @SamSherrington @westwood_greta
Retweeted by Molly Case @WeRGlobalNurses @ICNurses @NursingNow2020 @bathebrit @elizabeth_iro @HowardCatton @SamSherrington @westwood_greta will be doing our bit for Tuesday, 12 May #IND2020 a week early on Wednesday 6th with @mollycasespeaks in conver…
Retweeted by Molly Case @WeRGlobalNurses @ICNurses @NursingNow2020 @bathebrit @elizabeth_iro @HowardCatton @SamSherrington @westwood_greta @WeRGlobalNurses @ICNurses @NursingNow2020 @bathebrit @elizabeth_iro @HowardCatton @SamSherrington @westwood_greta @ICNurses @WeRGlobalNurses @NursingNow2020 @bathebrit @elizabeth_iro @HowardCatton would love to get involved with… failure hospital admissions rise by a third in five years in the #UK More education in the primary care,extr…
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@millihill @gowerst_books @BirthjoyKemi @schillerrrrr @Mumologist @elizabethmoya @faeriesmidwife We had a great tim… @Cardiomyopathy team are all getting ready for national conference this weekend. It's going to be an amazing ev…
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Next year is the Year of the Nurse & Midwife. This is OUR time: to recognise, respect & celebrate the enormous cont…
Retweeted by Molly CaseTonight's sold out #givebirthlikeafeminist event with @millihill @Mumologist @BirthjoyKemi @schillerrrrr and Gower…
Retweeted by Molly CaseUm, okay. How lucky are we to have @RickiLake introduce the @gowerst_books 'Give Birth like a Feminist' event with…📚 Excited to be at @gowerst_books for 'Give Birth Like a Feminist' event with @BirthjoyKemi @schillerrrrr the train now very excited for tonight's discussion at @gowerst_books 'Give Birth Like a Feminist: your body, yo…
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@SteveJFord Thanks Steve, just dropped you a DM. @SteveJFord Hiya Steve, I'd like to drop you a DM or email - whichever is easiest. 😊 thanks!
📚 Hugely looking forward to this literary event next year with the @campdenlitfest team 🥰 Come and join us? recent visit to the heart centre @OUHospitals where my life was saved with a triple bypass in february reminded…
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🚨 Exclusive first look at the #NormalPeople TV adaptation 🚨
Retweeted by Molly Case😷 whoops, think I may have seen too many cardiothoracic chest openings in my time...a little child just asked me wh…
“16-year-olds are too stupid to vote. They don’t know anything about politics!!!!” 16-year-olds:
Retweeted by Molly Case @emmagannon 👋 Hi Emma, absolutely adore your podcast and would (cheekily) love to be a guest. Paperback of my book… of my day Scrub nurse: doctor, what's your favourite dressing? Surgeon: thousand island Scrub nurse: ..…
Retweeted by Molly Case @annemarieraffer Morning Anne Marie! 👋 I've dropped you a DM when you're able to take a look. xBest chat up line this week, from a patient in her 80’s! Patient: Dr Khan, you remind me of my FOURTH husband? Me…
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Not long until the International Maternity Expo (& the chance to win a place & expenses at the ICM 2020 in Bali!).…
Retweeted by Molly Case @BlackwellLiv morning! I've dropped you a DM. Thanks! @jennyeclair Dear Jenny, I'd love to send you a copy of my book - might you drop me an email/|DM with an address to… @TexasNursesAssn Thanks so much for the support! 😊 @sarahmay_w @wwnorton Amazing news! Congratulations!
Our international conference #Nightingale2020 will open in ONE YEAR'S TIME. We'll welcome more than 4,000 nurses an…
Retweeted by Molly Case @westwood_greta Hi Greta, do you mind following me so that I can DM you? Many thanks! MollyIt's time to get your nominations in for the 2019 Clinical Excellence Award! 👇 It's your change to nominate a clin…
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Next year 2020 is the @WHO #YearoftheNurse - @BJCardNursing would like to highlight some of the outstanding work be…
Retweeted by Molly Case @poornabell It happens so frequently and it is infuriating & disappointing. The last one I received emphasised that… is my 13yr old Isabelle. She knows CF is life limiting and she has struggled not just physically but also emot…
Retweeted by Molly Case @eabibb @MattHancock @NHSEngland @VertexPharma @cftrust Sending so much love 💙 @PoppyBrooks1 Thank you so much, Poppy. That's just so lovely. x @manxben4 Wow! Thanks so much Ben. It is so lovely to hear that. Very best of luck with your training!
💙 LISTEN NOW! 🔊 A Beautiful World: A hip hop nurse speaks out on the basic goodness of people…🔊 Such a pleasure to be interviewed by @HMcElhatton for @MPRnews A Beautiful World: 😷 A hip hop nurse speaks out o…
Excellent proposal. I hope everyone responds positively. @NursingNow2020
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@jennyeclair @KingsCollegeNHS 😊 so I see! I must go and get a copy of your book. Congratulations on its success. Pe… @jennyeclair a pleasure to v briefly meet you this morning. Lovely to meet another @KingsCollegeNHS supporter. My f…
We’re delighted to announce that the winners of The #BookerPrize2019 are @MargaretAtwood with The Testaments…
Retweeted by Molly Case @SkyArts keen to watch our author session - NHS on the Frontline - on the Sky Go app but episode 10, listed as thi…
@nathanfiler Thanks! Just realised my comment was full of percentages and I failed GCSE maths so feel free to disre… @nathanfiler I realise I'm too late. We are 100% our worst critics & I bet even your feeling of a 60% effort looked… @dspritely @NorwichStones @norwichnews @NNUH @RCNEastern @uniofeastanglia thanks David! x🧬 Norwich Science Festival! 🔭Really looking forward to this next week! 😷 Nursing friends, are you coming along?…
@louiseckenny @LivUni @LivUniEnglish @BlackwellLiv I had such a wonderful evening & owe most of that to you. Thank…🥰 Gosh @LivUni @LivUniEnglish @BlackwellLiv what a joy to be part of the #LivLitFest we had such a special evening… pleased to welcome @mollycasespeaks to our #LivLitFest! Molly's discussing her novel How To Treat People, as…
Retweeted by Molly Case @ViktoriaCTJ @LivUni @LivUniEnglish @BlackwellLiv @louiseckenny So I've heard!Liverpool Literary Festival starts today here @LivUni! 😁 A brilliant line up across the two days - make sure to go…
Retweeted by Molly Case😷 Nursing friends! Will I see you later? 💙 As @louiseckenny and I discuss poetry, empathy, nursing and what it me… @tomclaytonesque I'm going for ' whoopsie pregnant uni student chic' Maybe it happened at the SU. 🤷‍♀️ #youth @tomclaytonesque I am at Liverpool Uni this weekend and had the exact same feeling. When did we stop looking like uni students?📚 when you're 35 weeks pregnant 🤰 but you've got the wonderful @LivUni @LivUniEnglish @BlackwellLiv fest to attend.… @2tbueser @NIHRresearch @MetcalfeAlison @theAGNC @GeneticCouns @KingsNursing @GSTTnhs Amazing! Congratulations!
@normaglamis1971 @maxwele2 @vsweeney431 Thank you xx @millihill @elizabethmoya @gowerst_books @schillerrrrr @Mumologist @BirthjoyKemi @faeriesmidwife I will be 40 weeks… @ninastibbe I wish it had been me. @millihill @elizabethmoya @gowerst_books @schillerrrrr @Mumologist @BirthjoyKemi @faeriesmidwife got them! Thank yo… @millihill @elizabethmoya @gowerst_books @schillerrrrr @Mumologist @BirthjoyKemi @faeriesmidwife fingers crossed 😊🤞 xx @elizabethmoya @gowerst_books @millihill @schillerrrrr @Mumologist @BirthjoyKemi No! Already sold out! I had them i… crafted book that informs about the human condition and eloquently elucidates the practice of nursing.…
Retweeted by Molly Case @SallyzSaying thank you for the support!Taking a break from the fiction and shining a light on the non-fiction this week! New to our shelves: How to Treat…
Retweeted by Molly Case @RedwoodLibrary gorgeous! Thank you! @LordWillisg Oh goodness, what a pleasure to hear from you! Thank you. I would love to send you a copy of my book H… @RCNi_Justin There's a copy in the @RCNLibraries I'm sure 😊
@RichardatKF @GWRHelp Nice one indeed. It made my day. Very likely, my week. @GWRHelp Brilliant. I was hoping you would ask. He signed the new ticket as: M. Baddeley. At Cheltenam Spa station… you to the immeasurably kind @GWRHelp train chap at Cheltenham Spa that overheard why I had missed the train,… @JaneFish2 @maxwele2 Hoping to make contact with pre reg course leaders & @NursingNow2020 types before the release… @maxwele2 Wow! Thank you so much 😘 that means a huge amount. @JuliaWheeler1 a real treat to meet you. 😊 thanks for a brill discussion @CheltLitFestThis is going to be great - HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE 💙 coming to Liverpool!
@Barnsey02 @hazard_leah @JoannaCannon @CheltLitFest I usually speak from the heart and of my own experiences. Not u… @NurseAdora Aw, thank you! @louiseharvey82 @JoannaCannon @hazard_leah @cheltfestivals So lovely to hear that. Thank you so much! 😘Big thanks to @mollycasespeaks @JoannaCannon @hazard_leah for tonight’s talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival…
Retweeted by Molly Case @Barnsey02 @cheltfestivals @CheltLitFest @VikingBooksUK @RCWLitAgency Thank you! It is. It is called Nursing the Nation and is on YouTube📚 That was fun! Thank you 😁 @cheltfestivals @CheltLitFest stage and the bookshelves are set for @hazard_leah @mollycasespeaks @JoannaCannon at Cheltenham Lit Fest…
Retweeted by Molly Case @rebel_kitchen @NHSEnglandLDN @TEDTalks @BCorpUK I'm 20 years vegetarian 🌱 and very much enjoyed the little mylk tr… 70 years of the world's oldest literature festival. 🙌📚 We'll be live from the Cheltenham Literature Fes…
Retweeted by Molly CaseComing up today at @CheltLitFest 📚📖 🍰 @LiamcBakes 🏔 How To Survive with @JHSurvival 💤 Insomnia with @tombradby
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