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Molly Case @mollycasespeaks

Writer, Nurse Specialist, London-lover, BBC's 100 Women list, TEDx NHS, HSJ inspirational lady, HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE - OUT NOW! 🇬🇧@PenguinUKBooks 🇺🇸 @wwnorton

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@avey_bhatia @GSTTnhs @icabbs So many congratulations! You will be missed @StGeorgesTrust @TotterdellJac x
@Underthecranes so incredibly thrilled @MichaelRosenYes is home - yes!!! Is there anywhere I could send a card to h…
Time to book those days off so you can join us for the online event of the year: #ESCCongress 2020 - The Digital Ex…
Retweeted by Molly Case @sheena_byrom hope you also saw this, inspired by the incredible maternity care I received. x @sheena_byrom @ICNurses 😘 thank you. x
@MrRandyCole23 have a restful time off 🙂 xSpending my days off with @mollycasespeaks’s #HowToTreatPeople. Im on the last couple chapters and I just want to…
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A doctor and nurse from St Thomas’ who had to cancel their wedding due to the #coronavirus outbreak have got marrie…
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@ELBirdxo Wishing you the very best of luck! xI'm going to be a student nurse... This book by @mollycasespeaks is such an eye opener! 👩‍⚕️📚
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@MrRandyCole23 😀Thank you @mollycasespeaks! This definitely jumps up the queue of my reading list. 👌🏽#HowToTreatPeople #MollyCase
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@edmthotiana You and Ruth 4eva. 🍔Mariah Carey as the consultant cardiologist: a thread.
Retweeted by Molly Case @admit_medics So so so funny! @rwilliams1947 Hiya Richard, Brian Case’s daughter here! Are you able to DM me your email address? Dad wants to sen…
@bonfire511 More than welcome 😘Simply can’t wait to start reading this! Thank you so much @mollycasespeaks for my signed copy I am delighted to be…
Retweeted by Molly CaseOn The Lifestyles Show from 1.00 PM CET @MacKenzieSelina is talking to Dr David Deardon and Molly Case (…
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@bonfire511 I’ve DM’d you!This week was both #InternationalNursesDay and the 200th anniversary of the birth of #FlorenceNightingale. Listen b…
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#OTD Mary #Seacole died on the 14th May 1881. She is buried in St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery in Kensal Green, L…
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🌸 For my colleagues, the nurses: "The nurses finishes, takes off her PPE, looks in the mirror, her name badge rea… you watch and share one thing today, please make it this. 'Hold Your Pen Torches High’ is a poem by…
Retweeted by Molly CaseA touching poem for #InternationalNursesDay2020 describing the challenging day to day work of nurses around the wor…
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'Anyone who needs any more convincing that the NHS is our most invaluable asset will find that many times over with…
Retweeted by Molly Case‘Hold Your Pen Torches High’ a poem by @mollycasespeaks. Simply beautiful. If you watch and share one thing toda…
Retweeted by Molly Case @AinsleyFoods thank you for the support! 👩‍⚕️🙌 @richgamlin @teamCNO_ Thank you! x @teamCNO_ @mollycasespeaks Wonderfully written, beautifully recited. One of our greatest poets.
Retweeted by Molly Case➡️ GIVEAWAY! 🙌 Happy International Nurse’s Day! 💙 To celebrate I’d like to giveaway 6 signed copies of my book HOW… @MsLucyClayton I just had two bowls of pasta and two cream cakes. I had lemon drizzle cake for brunch. #breastfeeding. Proud of you. x @hazard_leah such a strange time isn't it... @hazard_leah Agreed. I still look out at her house during the night-feeds and feel warm comfort knowing she's there… @hazard_leah inspired by the care I received and of course, my midwife who lives across the street 🥰Written and performed by @mollycasespeaks, this is a beautiful poem celebrating #IND2020 and those nursing the worl…
Retweeted by Molly Case💕 For the midwives who I am in awe of... 🤲"she calls her midwife who lives across the street, she comes running w…💙Happy International Nurse's Day!👩‍⚕️ More poetry, of course! This to celebrate the NURSES & MIDWIVES for…! And @mollycasespeaks is such a powerful voice. Check out my conversation with her about @howtogotowork
Retweeted by Molly Case @SarahBrownUK Thank you so much for sharing x @gail_tully And to you! x @mollycasespeaks @ICNurses Hi Molly, we are well thanks. Thanks for all your care and the care by all nurses at Kin…
Retweeted by Molly CaseA NEW POEM! For #InternationalNursesDay #yearofthenurseandmidwife with @ICNurses @WHO 🌎 He starts his car, throu… @joef1947 @ICNurses Thank you, Joe. Are you keeping well?Happy Nurses Day to all of my Nursing friends and colleagues. Not heroes, not angels, highly educated, specialist,…
Retweeted by Molly Case @sally_kendall @ICNurses Thank you, always means so much 😘Thank you ⁦@mollycasespeaks⁩ A beautiful reminder of the small part we all play in being one of those 20 million s…
Retweeted by Molly Case🌎 being part of the nursing community is to be part of a global family - our work crosses oceans and borders. I hop… @Dkell999 @ICNurses Thank you 😊 x @KathEvans2 @ICNurses Thank you xAs dawn breaks on #IND2020 across the globe, a special poem commissioned by ICN, written & performed by…
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@HowardCatton @ICNurses @NursingNow2020 A pleasure xHuge thanks to @mollycasespeaks for finding the words to capture both the unique gentleness & strength of our…
Retweeted by Molly Case @Kellyda17646664 @CCAGCVTNursing 😘💫🌙 I am so proud to have worked with @ICNurses on this poem for #IND2020. Thank you to nurses across the globe 🌎 fo…’ve created new gifs for you to use on your Instagram stories for Nurses’ Day. Simply search “royal college of nu…
Retweeted by Molly Case @JaneFish2 @WHO @NHSEngland Thank you. Wishing you very well x @LorraineBewley @BBCWomansHour Thank you so much xThis was beautiful @BBCWomansHour Thank you. @mollycasespeaks
Retweeted by Molly CaseAhead of International Day of the Nurse on Tuesday - we spoke to Ruth May @CNOEngland and nurse and poet…
Retweeted by Molly Case @JaneFish2 @WHO Absolutely. It’s coming out tomorrow with @NHSEnglandI wouldn't expect anything less from the always enthralling @SJSwords - a beautiful poem & film… short video of global response to #COVID19 to date - I’m struck by the clarity of the messages
Retweeted by Molly Case @FBMH_UoM thank you x @WorldBookDayUK Northfields Community Library members had a great chat and shared the books we’re reading - The Mir…
Retweeted by Molly Case @alimstewart @WorldBookDayUK So lovely to see! @nhctls Love this! Thank you!If you can't get to one of our libraries to pick up a copy of May's book of the month How to treat people by Molly…
Retweeted by Molly Case @GeorginaKVL @BBCWomansHour @CNOEngland @NHSEngland 😘 @mollycasespeaks @BBCWomansHour @CNOEngland @NHSEngland So special! Thank you @mollycasespeaks! Also, don’t underes…
Retweeted by Molly CaseLIVE - 'HOLD YOUR PEN TORCHES HIGH' @BBCWomansHour 🎙 To the people that stayed at home with the days drifting by. T… speak to Ruth May @CNOEngland and nurse and poet @mollycasespeaks ahead of International Day of the Nurse and th…
Retweeted by Molly Case🎙 LIVE now on @BBCWomansHour with @CNOEngland @NHSEngland launching my new poem 'HOLD YOUR PEN TORCHES HIGH.'🕯 THAN… with anticipation. @mollycasespeaks poetry is inspirational to us all not just nurses. Can't wait to read y…
Retweeted by Molly Case @LucyLew79 @WHO Thank you! 😘
@helencmeehan @WHO @RUHBath @RUH_NandM Such a shame xx🌎This year it is @WHO Year of the Nurse and Midwife 💫 It is my great pleasure & honour to celebrate my colleagues i…
@TherealNihal morning, hope you’re keeping safe and well - might you follow so I can drop you a message ahead of in…
Next week marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale,- the founder of modern nursing. How doe…
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@MimiThebo I’m so sorry xx
Amazing. 😂
@ruthpadel Thank you, Ruth. That means a great deal. @ruthpadel xx🌍 Earth Day🌞- the glorious Helen Dunmore w/ her final poem 'Hold Out Your Arms' which never fails to move me, repro…🌎🙌 @BBCScotlandNews #bbcnewscoronavirus My father had been hospital bound for 6 months in glasgo…
Retweeted by Molly Case @chilledmamacath @CCriadoPerez thank you! x
🌈 THANK YOU to all of you for your generous responses. I hope to do your profession justice - you are all incredibl… @anniespof @hazard_leah @thelovelymaeve @sheena_byrom @MidwivesRCM Gorgeous x @sheena_byrom @hazard_leah @thelovelymaeve @MidwivesRCM @cate_langley @LinWardRM @LouTurbutt @louise_ann_RM
@sheena_byrom @hazard_leah @thelovelymaeve @MidwivesRCM @cate_langley @LinWardRM @LouTurbutt @louise_ann_RM @OGormanCarmel @hazard_leah @thelovelymaeve @sheena_byrom @MidwivesRCM @josellwright @Natasha47 @JackieScott1604 He…💙 Glorious NHS MIDWIVES! Could you tell me what you are finding the most difficult in these current COVID-19 times,…
@CCriadoPerez This resonates so much with me. Launched in Feb, everything cancelled, all our schools talks, all spe…
Retweeted by Molly Case @CCriadoPerez Thank you 🤗 @CCriadoPerez Many, many thanks. Love from, a fan 😌 x @CCriadoPerez Absolutely. From Amazon Or Hive AND Waterstones @CCriadoPerez So kind. My book HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE was out in PB in Feb. We brought publication 4wrd to get ready f… we go. @robowenmac and I age 20. @bancccouncil @ESC_Journals @2tbueser @BasuJoyee @parry_williams @DrCJMiles @DrAneilMalhotra @theRCN @escardio Bril…