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from the South Bay to the Valley, from the westside to the eastside, everybody’s very happy @Boldt I mean I think pro bowler is a look that could really workhis hair was perfect? @Boldt would it work against your rep as "guy with birk clogs"people say that we got none of the "cool parts" of cyberpunk but this is objectively Very Cool tbh 🦋
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @emilyyoshida bring it to the poddddcongrats to the champs 🏆🏆🏆🏆 @BigSean @FreddieGibbs @Hit_Boy @LAMBOLAMBO @nickwalkerphoto @emilyyoshida that was my first thoughtisn’t Riven the sequel to Myst @emilyyoshida @drivenbyboredom definitely it reframes the first one completely @AngelaKinsey the Starz one explains everything that The Vow leaves out!“In 1992, Shaffer pleaded guilty in Seattle to importing tons of marijuana from Thailand. Authorities said he and h… pic of the dad“Oxenberg is the mother of India Riven Oxenberg (1991), whose father is convicted drug smuggler William Weitz Shaff… @frynaomifry wow wow wow and then Casper Van Dien!guys TWO things!!!! catherine oxenberg is JEWISH on her DAD's side AND she was married to BOB EVANS (rip) for NINE DAYS
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔Craig’s pillow business is THRIVING @emilyyoshida @internetalena oppa manknam style @emilyyoshida @internetalena hahahaha fuck @internetalena @emilyyoshida Ladymank @emilyyoshida you’ve peaked @internetalena @emilyyoshida oh okay I like that. Mankpocalypse Now.maybe Kylie wasn’t there because Kim stripped her for parts? @aardvarsk it has to involve Kylie not being there @internetalena @emilyyoshida ManksyFirst the island. Then the hologram. There has to be a third thing. what is the third thing going to be. If we figu…
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔also possibly doing some Norman Bates shit with his momhe’s definitely building a second Kim @digitalurn so is Starbucks‘ but Dunkin is cheaper @emilyyoshida Mankenstein’s monster @DPD_ @willystaley I didn’t watch it I just had a sense @willystaley @DPD_ is Holidate just They Came Together played straightthe Robert Kardashian hologram is too cursed
yes the CIA is looking into his BDE Investigations #PynchonNames @mayak46 @FNoMTL @quetzalbites @nightcallpod omg @FNoMTL @quetzalbites @mollylambert Right? In all seriousness this whole thing is super disturbing (pun intended).…
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @internetalena I thought you were method showrunning @FNoMTL @quetzalbites @mollylambert so would Allison!!
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @alanamayjohnson let's go to the park again @mollylambert this is the scene it's reminding me of:
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔this is the Waiting For Guffman aspect of The Vow I keep mentioningthank you to @FNoMTL for reading the entire archives where Nxivm members try to force their way into an Albany a ca… when they banish Clare Crawley lives in the attic of The Bachelor houseI'm hearing that The Bachelorette replaces Clare Crawley in the next episode? this is an OUTRAGE @duffymyboy @NicholeGunz CCB! @taylortrudon she doesn’t leave the house
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔The Volk Implosionmy parents saw Diane Di Prima read at The Last Waltza little something about the late diane di prima, a writer who believed in the future but more than that, believed…
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @frynaomifry picturing a van upholstered in corduroy that we pull up to the PTA premiere indid Glenn Greenwald self cancel lololol @HollyAnderson protect Holly at all costs @MVanderby wow I have encountered Raelism! I had no idea it was Canadian @looks_last @mrtesslynch"Everybody called him Nippy, from his middle name, Nippard..." NIPPARD you guys
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔Catherine was convinced the cult would commit group suicide in January 2018 because India went back to Albany with a one way ticketthe Bronfmans gifted Keith a private island outside Fiji and he was planning to take the cult there and establish a country @mollylambert Jesus how large is the NXIUM cinematic universe
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @NicholeGunz it’s an addiction now lol @HaileySayHello @Judnikki it’s a third one that’s got some evidence used in the trial! (fourth including the Investigation Discovery one) @Judnikki it’s on hulu! lol do we have a problemand India got access to her trust fund at 21 and immediately started spending it all on NXIVM classes @tristanbuckner @MarkHarrisNYC wow yes it is, dada 🐶 🐝 🌿Catherine Oxenberg got so into self help because she was recovering from an EDthe Gretchen Carlson NXIUM doc has some info that’s not in the other ones @MarkHarrisNYC that’s what’s so cool about dogs! @lizadye @gabeliedman 😞 @Christina_Owen did you call them after the button did nothing? @Christina_Owen omg how did you get out, this was my childhood fear🤖🥖👠 @sassyblackdiva people on this website have Clare Crawley energy @sassyblackdiva getting blocked by her has become a badge of honor @FNoMTL @mollylambert don't forget to put it in the wayback machine so you can read the insane deleted comments, es…
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔Tired: NXIVM classes Wired: NXIVM volleyball INSPIRED: NXIVM trying to infiltrate an Albany music school’s a capel…
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔cc: @nightcallpod
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @emilyyoshida @davidlsims what about spiritsClare’s vanguard week @billyjoebaldwin we’re all just a bunch of swatch dogs and diet cokeheads! @billyjoebaldwin the latter hahahahaThe Bachelorette kinda like a gender swapped NXIVM @billyjoebaldwin the whole gc got blocked by the same person lolare they playing...midnight dodgeballClare is certifiable @mollysoda the yippies ran a pig for president want a pig for president I want a slug I want a hubbie who loves this recipe I want a former bachelor contestant…
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔I have listened to this a hundred times today thanks Halloween super fan @maxsilvestri for the hot tip @ReallyFeelin1t NO that seems bad
big skel, dru hellthis year I think it took a turn back into the absurdity of reality and thus the big skeleton was born from his skeleton eggI said this on @nightcallpod but the animatronics and projectors reached a peak in 2015 and then after the election… @brigitalgetdown I give Glenrock a B+ how's Glendale looking @mollylambert Your silence on Glendale is DEAFENING
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @gabeliedman @speeeena @nightcallpod hiyeeeeeee welcome to skeleton chat @mollylambert I'm in Silverlake and it's weak. But we made a virtual haunted house for ppl who are sad like us that…
Retweeted by Molly Lambert 🦔 @ariellesallai sad @speeeena that's what I said on @nightcallpod! it's so medieval