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Creator of THE WITCH BOY, THE HIDDEN WITCH, & THE MIDWINTER WITCH (Scholastic) 📚writer on THE OWL HOUSE (Disney) 🦉She/her 🌈 wife to @gingerhazing

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Just throwing it out there that once, at a studio I worked at, we had a meeting where they literally went over numb…
Retweeted by Molly Knox OstertagBREAKING @daisygator I can’t believe you held out on watching it for this long @LilRedAlchemist The kittens are fosters but I agree that two and a pup is a good amount!Additional news @IgnatzHaderach They are all good!!Sorscha update Bear (current name) update update
@Gingerhazing Oh my godTen Candles over Zoom, Noelle GMed a spooky session so well that she thoroughly scared all of us and herself 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯… @Gingerhazing @RianSygh He would
come ON this is ridiculous @sipplesaunter YesOur kitten pooped dramatically in the middle of a live stream but we have toxoplasmosis so it’s okay @MollyOstertag saying that she put on her jumpsuit so she could feel something today is so relatable. I literally p…
Retweeted by Molly Knox OstertagGonna do a little livestream in 5 minutes with the kittens! @CahLac @Gingerhazing WHAT A RASCAL
@meyrude @daisygator daisy helpppfor an actual literal job I have to figure out what my OC's astrological signs are and I'm furious, I have avoided… @warmneutrals IT MIGHT AS WELL BEthank lesbian jesus @EmilyGaikowski @Gingerhazing pretty sure! she's definitely a girl (and is like twice as big as him lol)I was bored.
Retweeted by Molly Knox Ostertag @Gingerhazing Altnerate name for her bro: Mad Martigan, if you’re local to LA all of the Wife City Kitties will be available for adoption through @SanteDOr when they’re old enough!
Retweeted by Molly Knox OstertagThis is Baby. We’ve tried other names but only Baby has stuck so far, because he is a baby. Only happy when snuggle…
Retweeted by Molly Knox OstertagThis is Gurgi, a shy goblin prince. The same age as Sorsha, but half her size. Holds his own in their fights anyway…
Retweeted by Molly Knox OstertagKitten update: this is Sorsha. She’s brave and strong and LOVES to fight. Made a stunning leap today from cat tree…
Retweeted by Molly Knox Ostertag @sipplesaunter Go on walk!!!!!We gave Winston half a sausage thinking he would be happy and instead he’s just really stressed out because he can’… @nmrbk it's such a wonderful show!!! @barbarabot oh whoa i haven't caught up for a while.....things have progressed
come have dinner with your moms in wife city @aatmajapandya Ohhh love this and you @MamaDuck5x1 Handsome boy!!! @theoriginalktdv Foster!! We have enough permanent pets hahaExcited to spend the next two months exclusively hanging out with these lil guys
@coolhighzone @jncobrandjeans i just ordered some stuff from Sprouts and it looks like they have a lot of veg and fruit in stock! @jncobrandjeans oh dang that looks great!!! @sawdustbear This image proves to me that I fundamentally don’t understand animal crossing @cat_harman92 Right!! @coolhighzone Wifey
@Kate_Farina i think it's on hulu, we watched on amazon prime! extremely fun, stressful, G A Y @RachSanders oh my god it's so insane. and I'm now remembering that @Gingerhazing hasn't seen it...perhaps time for a rewatch @whitetuxjaneway hulu and amazon prime i believe!I'm soft for: girls in athletic wear having unhealthy crushes on each other and their terrible coachif you are like me and have a soft spot for campy high school shows, DARE ME is a fun, twisty, very sapphic show ab… @BiIitisSwift God I wish I’d found a good therapist before all thishey just checking if anyone‘s figured out how to process the fact that in the last month everyone in the world has… called. They’re keeping a tally. Call if you haven’t!!!
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@petkanascan that a tiny momentary portal will open up to a dimension of razor blades and i'll cut my veins on them…
@BlanchardAuthor The pilot didn’t grab me but is there a stand out episode you like? The design is lovelyI have trouble watching cartoons when I’m actively working on them but I’m on a break so I want to catch up! So far… @cyelatm 💜💜💜What are some animated kids shows you’re watching right now? Especially ones with fun ensemble casts? Don’t have to… @abellehayford ahhh these are gorgeous! such cool silhouettes! @Shironicchi @Gingerhazing WOW 😻 @meakoopa We truly considered doing it for our first wedding dance it is so gay @meakoopa How do you feel about The Other Side number because we’re obsessed
@StressedDog_ This is so sweet 💕🥺🥺🥺 no pude evitarlo son demasiado bonitas ♡♡ #fanart #digitalart #drawing #NoelleStevenson
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@meyrude @beccacanote 💔someday... @meyrude we even figured out a renn faire look that was still a crop year will be legendaryI can't believe the LA Renaissance Faire was cancelled the year I finally got @meyrude, the Cool Girl to my Nerd Girl, to agree to come @meyrude @CritRoleFaces @Gingerhazing she looks happy @petkanascan i support uHey guys, I need your help. My friend’s sister is an ER doctor at a major LA Hospital and says they desperately nee…
Retweeted by Molly Knox Ostertagalso I saw. SO. many people jogging and not wearing masks or giving each other space? Y'all???dropped off our extra gloves and N95 masks with a nurse today! thank you Noelle for building us an extensive disast… is me trying to touch my cat’s toe beans while she’s ignoring me 8???? Of quarantine????
Retweeted by Molly Knox OstertagCan someone please tell me in a non spoilery way if I will have to be heterosexual in Horizon Zero Dawn @SarahDuyer @e_kubli Gorgeous!! I’ve been needing a planter 🌱 @muhanrouge It’s so gorgeous and so sad!! @fckfacemcgee Yours looks much better groomed haha
I have not gotten any actual work done for a week but my office is cleaner and cozier than its ever been @cat_harman92 @katlyyons I like water, they look like cool science experiments! Just don’t leave it in water for to… @Gingerhazing @cat_harman92 I’m a plant dummy and I’ve propagated one pothos several times! Those things are impossible to kill @jncobrandjeans i --- @nilly_fox Ahh I love this! I used to write stories in a notebook like that when I was a kid @weareshura Cooking and deep cleaning and redecorating and watching my wife play the Sims
Hey, I’ve really benefitted from using the Headspace app to meditate, and they just released a free for all collect… distancing day 6
@KingofToons Read the article? @MsShaneLynch @MaryEMcGlynn We gotta dress up and take over a bar and turn it into a mini Ren faire when we are allowed to congregate again @MaryEMcGlynn Oh nooooo it’s the highlight of the summer for us @barbarabot Yeah! I got a few jars brining right now @barbarabot Oh shit...this is what I’ll do with my over abundant mutant lemon treeThis season!! It’s very good!!!!!!!💖🌈 self-quarantining with my spouse is gonna drive me nuts!! we might kill each other haha! sapphics: finall…
Retweeted by Molly Knox Ostertag @CartaMonir Thank god honestlyUpdate: Sims Noelle has gotten mad at the TV while Sims Me made a fancy dinner for myself. Later Noelle made hersel… @bethpecora THESE ARW PERFECT @LaurenOlson Thank god you can turn off the feminine filter for clothes 💀Noelle is coping with being shut up in a house with me by making Sims that look exactly like us and building a hous…
@jeremy_sorese 😍😍 @CartaMonir Why is this so real