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MoMa Ready @MoMa_Ready Brooklyn, NY

HAUS of ALTR founder• Music producer . I make stuff. bookings/inquiry: NA Eu/Uk :

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LOL “The NYC dance project” made on the 2019 eoy list lol oh the irony in my life. @mbootyspoon @TheLotRadio @jessy_lanza 💕💕💕 @AceM0 FLYYYYYYING 🕊🕊🕊
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @frankiefatgold @AshLauryn313 @Mixmag they brought it up because they know it couldn't be avoided if they were to p… the issue of her horrid response to inquiry re: her Siberian fashion cornrows to a "minor tweetstorm" whit…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyTechno in 2019. 💀
Retweeted by MoMa Readysome positivity for the TL thank god of house and techno's true stars of 2019 @AceM0 paints a vivid picture of the NYC scene with this life-affirmin…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyI also would like to know what exactly she has “endured”. She said hateful racist comments to one of the scenes har…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @iamsherelle @Mixmag NAHHHH fuck these clowns @Mixmag Really not reading the room. The techno scene has gone back to its black and brown roots. Nina, while she m…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @ANDNOTHINGHEART lol entitlement is the reasonthis is a v poor take! invalidating people’s experiences + putting certain artists on pedestals? the industry will…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @AshLauryn313 you already know im down @AshLauryn313 been thinking about this so much lately.we need to stop seeking approval from european publications. expecting them to tell our story is not it. we need so… people in the dance music community are in serious need of own damn music websites. For us, by us. I’m sick o…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyIm not a person that simply complains to be heard. there is some BULLSHIT going on in the background of these commu… as a Black person who worked for racist, druggy ass is this?
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @chinchillaah @Mixmag so blatantWhat a dire state we are in if after all that happened this is still happening. “Minor”. God damn. @Mixmag, come on.
Retweeted by MoMa Readyyall need to get slapped by the goddamn reality stick and wake the hell up @frankiefatgold we stand with you frankie @mariimals @frankiefatgold STRAIGHT JOKES! i cant believe they did that. like...what?!?!this shit makes me so depressed and makes me want to stop. what the fuck is the point is standing up for anything,…
Retweeted by MoMa Readygrow a fucking backbone and stand for something for once in your life
Retweeted by MoMa Readyi feel fucking sick - yall think im some kinda lunatic hardliner for this but LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING!? FUCK HER…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @Nadus @Mixmag Fucking lazy honestlyThat sweeping under the rug shit is weird @Mixmag do better.
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @chinchillaah @aerielist Damnnnnnnnn!!Y’all are not fooling anyone. @frankiefatgold Lol unbelievable @fridgepizza I’m tired 😞I guess you have to “Endure” accountability . As if it’s something to be endured. @Mixmag why is it so hard for yall to understand the serious impact of what kraviz did, stop calling this stuff a tweet storm its lazy.
Retweeted by MoMa Ready7am and already waking up to bs on the TL @Bandcloud That part made my stomach turn. As if accountability is something to be “endured” fucking idiotic idol w… journalism is a jokeLook at them trying to downplay the Nina kraviz situation.. @Mixmag A minor tweet storm??!?!? What she did was straight up racist and so were her responses and she called one…😈 the revolution is near┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we ▔▏┗┛▕▔ ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ listen to @MoMa_Ready's truants mix and vote…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @frankiefatgold Had already confirmed the booking and found out Thursday and wasnt given the option to change it. @frankiefatgold I 100% wasn’t given the option, I wouldn’t haven’t agreed
"somethin, somethin, somethin..intense" @MoMa_Ready I deadass didn’t pull up cause I was confident to stream it the next day and dance my ass off in the co…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyWe premiered this SUPER HERO club track by club master @colorplusss on our SoundCloud! Wake your ass up. Also “mar…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @MoMa_Ready @aerielist Nah don’t even apologize that’s some crazy stuff to pull! Watching your lot radio stream instead 💯
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @JuliaDonheiser @aerielist I’m sorry @lovefingers shit is a shame, typical @_Axm3d Sorry to disappoint @_Axm3d I also was looking forward to seeing them both. To the point that I tweeted this out of frustration @MoMa_Ready Ugh....i was honestly looking forward to seeing tracy tygapaw the is really fucked up shit t…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyWyatt is right. I live it everyday when I say that the artist/art will outlive the establishments/platforms. They a…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyY’all will do anything to keep “dj gate keeper” happy as if PEOPLE don’t start platforms. As if scenes dont change… @kush_jones_ ClassicI’m supposed to stay silent? One of my peers literally told me to not saying anything. I’m not afraid of y’all. Y’a… @MoMa_Ready Wtf I was trying to search for it. Why they do that
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyAsk the other 4 black artist placed off camera I don’t have a stream to post from the boiler room, they put all he black kids in the small room off cameraalso, this track sounds like my brain @el_blanco_nino thank you lol bpm deep house slammers. just how we like it just premiered this wild floor burner on our Soundcloud! Available jan 1st!
Retweeted by MoMa Readypremere of remix for Nancy Music on HAUS OF ALTR!
Retweeted by MoMa Readysitting on an album that'll make your snobby ass cry. shout out to it being the end of the year though.rock the boat for once
Streaming now ☺️
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyThis probably the last thing I am going to put out in 2019. Then next year I am really going to run it up. Been wor…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @MoMa_Ready @AceM0 🥵🥵
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@jalbertofishal Senddddthanks to all my friends rinsing mi unreleased stuff excited to release some things next year!!! 👀👹
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyMuting Miami* and basel* lol y’all are annoyingY'all: "Black boys are coddled." Research: - Highest rates of abuse, abuse resulting in death + youth incarceratio…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @AceM0 Not contributed to any EOY lists but how did Where They At only get a minor mention from... Hyponik? You're…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyBeautiful
Retweeted by MoMa Ready
@AceM0 - Where They At? (ft. John FM) @djswisha_ - Goes to Bossa Once @MoMa_Ready - Holy Water Other @AseManual
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @WyattStevens66 watch it!!!! Especially episode 6 @kilogram973 Blew my mind, I haven’t been this excited about a show in years @starrprophets It’s like my dream super hero show lolThis new Watchmen show is amazing. Wow... i didnt expect them to do this lol wow @757doofus @wavy_bagels Lmaooo deadasss
the big reveal! my brother sage elsesser aka navy blue has arrived. thank your for your undying dedication to truth…
Retweeted by MoMa’s like that. Tomorrow with my kings 😈 on @TheLotRadio w/ @djswisha_, @AceM0 and @MoMa_Ready this Thursday. 6pm-8pm.
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@bookperms Lol gotta peepStop playing mid 2020 @OliveTonic Galcher- parlayCoverage from @FACTmag for @AceM0 full length project! ‘Existential’!
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyWe still going!!
Retweeted by MoMa Ready.@AceM0's first full-length of the year is out now
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @bergsonist @AceM0 Thank you selwa!damn woke up thinking about this song by @AceM0 + @MoMa_Ready & now listening to it and cant stop.…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyAs agents of Earth , we must emphasize the existence of eachother.. 🌏 .. with care, honor and joy, I present to you…
Retweeted by MoMa Ready @ojbartsimpson @AceM0 Neither is tweeting to video chat and not answering. What would be accomplished by that video… @kamaalwilliams @AceM0 Let’s see what’s up guy.
@wavy_bagels Ray midsterio 😭😂😭😂
Wow my friends are talented. Wow.
Retweeted by MoMa Readyi hate when people use your songs for something and they don't credit you! @boilerroomtv please credit my songs + t…
Retweeted by MoMa ReadyThank u all 4 purchasing music. Is very special feeling. No one can take swat your creative power ! Live your truth…
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@kush_jones_ Lol