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Looked at pictures from from when my baby was first born is so sad😭😭 she’s like a completely different baby and it was only 6 months ago @leeeeeeeyo Hmmmm, I may have to try this. I’ve tried all natural deodorant before and it just didn’t work well enough for me 🙁just found this instagram account that’s a kid who calls himself the Shirley Temple King and goes to restaurants an…
Retweeted by kenzHell nahhhh Kobe’s last game. So fucking sad dude 😭
Retweeted by kenzSo, Emerson is learning to crawl, but realizes she can just roll where she needs to faster. It is so hilarious watc… @nikkideejay A!My kid went to bed at 9 pm last night. Woke up at 1 am stayed up till 5:30 am. Woke up again at 8 am and still hasn…
man, we really grew up yelling “KOBE!” when we put up jump shots. Superhero! Such a tragic loss. RIP
Retweeted by kenzVanessa has been with Kobe since she was 17 yrs old. To lose the love of your life AND a child is just unimaginable…
Retweeted by kenz @chelseadeanne 🤦🏼‍♀️ girl I did the online K-12 program when I was a sophomore in highschool lmfao wow I can’t believe I forgot about that @chelseadeanne I keep thinking about this and her daddy really wants her to be homeschooled, but idk if I’m confide… mom took pictures in the background of Emmes photo shoot and she caught my face when she pinched me🤣💀 @rahm3sh @blue_gamesx @JasFamilyy So cute though! ❤️ @JasFamilyy 🥺🥰 my daughter turned 6 months 3 days ago and I got that same dress for her pictures! It came in way too big though😭 @memeslut2005 Dude someone commented and told her to go to a butcher and she was like “no, I want human teeth. And… @memeslut2005 I saw this and was like “I bet I know who this is.” And then it was one of the first things I seen on…
@stupidbitch2006 Yes lolMy parents got an order of protection against my first boyfriend 😳 is what our cat Ov sounds like when we take him to the vet he makes INSANE noises love pussy like young m a I love weed like the S N double o p she call me a dogg
Retweeted by kenz @isabellacgrr And then you snap out of it and are a tota Pinterest home maker who gets shit done
Retweeted by kenzLet’s get real for a second. One of the (many) hard parts of parenthood is going through depressive episodes where…
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It takes a village to raise a baby..but some people don’t have a village. That’s why I praise single mothers so muc…
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@oksanaislame Itll be Jasper this time 😩 we need to hang out soon tho!! Are you getting pedicures with us Saturday?Emerson’s getting her 6 month pictures done tomorrow 😭😭 next thing I know it’ll be time for her first birthday @xxxninetation Nope somebody else’s turnSpent the day shopping and came home to a clean house and dinner already made. 🤩 Good thing we already have a baby… @bbylavv
@daskattt I like both, but red makes you look innocent and sweet and brown is giving bad bitch vibes 😍 @momma_bek @TwoPeasinaBow ❤️❤️❤️💗I just made pepper relish burgers with homemade fries and ohmygod 😍😋🤤🤤
Trying out our new bow from @TwoPeasinaBow 😍🥰 they over priced? Yes. Does the cost keep increasing? Totally. But on my life you will never see me purchase an…
Retweeted by kenzI have this cyst on my leg that keeps coming back every once in awhile and they don’t know why, so they’re making m… season is officially upon us and it’s my time to fuckin shine bitches
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I honestly don’t miss much about my pre-mommyhood life. But imagine... Imagine being able to take a nap wheneverrrrr tf you wanted. 😭😭
Retweeted by kenz @heebun_ Same. I wasn’t allowed to watch it because it had magic in it 🤣🤣
My friends come play with my kids so I can take a shower and eat. Every mom deserves these kinds of friendships.
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I need this bathroom can no longer watch these gun girl interviews. her voice literally ruins my day. i honestly can’t describe the pain it brings me
Retweeted by kenzIs @aaroncarter okay?? Lmfao mans Facebook picture is of me & him and some dude was messaging him last night telling him how beautiful he was… I walk into the gym and see this I’m walking right back out
Retweeted by kenz @krazykupcake21 It’s okay, it’s mainly cancers I dislike 😂 I don’t know very many scorpios tbh @memeslut2005 Honestly yeah😂 I can’t wait till she’s old enough to bring her to shows. Everytime she’s fussy in the… @memeslut2005 I wish🥺 you definitely need to go though!! I saw them in highschool and they were 🔥Cancer, Scorpio, Libra @mommaxunicorn Thank you!🥰 she’s my chunky girl! She’ll be 6 months next week and is already 20 pounds 😂 @mommaxunicorn
I hate pumping with a passion, but like having extra milk stocked just in case. Life is RUFF
🥺🥺🥺 nothing better than these type of messages I swear client wanted chocolate covered strawberries that looked like nugs 😩😂
Retweeted by kenz @SavageMa4 @aquariusxmomma Ayyyy👽 @bridget_fox00 Yessss those or bralettes only 🙌🏼😂 @bridget_fox00 Ugh I hate them so much, but if I don’t wear them I leak milk all through my shirt 😭 @Lauro_Androck I got Rihanna and Kylie Jenner I’m rich bish
Twitters thrift stores: all things cute, wooden & wicker My thrift stores: broken toaster from the 80s
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@heebun_ Hmmm it’s actually all lowercase if that matters🤷🏼‍♀️ what’s yours? I’ll try to add youI hate taking a shower when it’s just me and Emerson when she’s napping because I SWEAR I hear her crying and I get… @heebun_ I’m trash at building 😂 I panic I think mine is xDabluewafflex lol @heebun_ What’s your tag? I just use Tyler’s old account because he has more skins lmao and don’t worry I’m not very good either 😂Randomly got paired up with 2 other girls on fortnite in a random game and it was so fun. I wish I had more girls to play with 😂
Welp. Peach, alien, palm tree, and orchids one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: My dramatic ass imagining the death of someone that I love for absolut…
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This is gonna be @aykay14 if she ever has kids kids mental health gonna be a #1 priority in this household
Retweeted by kenzjust because one breastfeeding mom shames you for formula feeding does not mean that every other breastfeeding mom…
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Damn, we’re only 11 days into 2020 and it’s already been a wild ride.
my mom has the cutest coffee shop ever! they have good vegan options as well! if you live in the lorain, OH please…
Retweeted by kenzStatistics show that young moms get pregnant again in 2 years or less and I just wanna say keep that energy the fuck away from me
Retweeted by kenz @stupidbitch2006 Do you get a paper with your times on them when you clock out? I’d keep them in case they try to “… @stupidbitch2006 I’ve always been told once you turn 18 you can refuse breaksI need more adventurous people in my life. Who want to hike, camp, kayak, and just be outdoors in general. Drinking…
Retweeted by kenz @bridget_fox00 Wowie 😍I can’t help but to watch this EVERY time it comes on my TL 🥺😍 came up for my last name so this is my future last name 😂 smash cake!!! 🌿🍄💐 i always love getting to do flowers
Retweeted by kenzEggs: over easy Steak: medium rare Milk: soy Alcohol: tequila Hot drink: I can’t do any hot drinks😢"Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children" -Malcom X Keep teaching the babies!
Retweeted by kenzBelle!!!!🥺 you are so talented
I’m Tyler time moms: ZIPPERED SLEEPERS. ZIPPERS. No SNAPS no BUTTONS. They’re real cute. They look easy. But at 4am wh…
Retweeted by kenzNow I’m super convinced Emerson looks exactly like her dad times
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“I'm saying we love Americans, but we hate your president” 😭 Are these the "terrorist" we are fighting in the midd…
Retweeted by kenzif i had a dollar every time someone told me i don’t look like i had a kid
Retweeted by kenzhow was i accurately portraying my emotions before the 🥺 emoji existed???? i can’t go a sentence without it now???…
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I hate old people I want to punch them all @bigblckheart She acted like she didn’t hear it😂😂😂As an enormous fan of both (good) memoirs and prozac, am sad to hear that Elizabeth Wurtzel has died. Distinctly re…
Retweeted by kenz @bigblckheart DUDE. I opened this when we were in the hospital right in front of a nurse @bigblckheart Tyler really wants to check out the Harrisburg one, but the recreational has been going so fast we do…
@bigblckheart Granting a certain number of dispensary licenses to start out with. Butttt either way dispensary weed is 🔥 🔥 @bigblckheart Ehhh, quality over quantity though. At least you know what you’re getting and know you won’t get in t…