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@Retor7nt i don’t think many people do lmaoo @Retor7nt u fw me or what @bajabwast go to sleep bitch and we can call later 😤 @legolover42 i mean i’m glad we’re friends but he’s so cute 😶‍🌫️i actually like someone?? @Kxstom @asiri_hattan bc i’m a snack @kayasmells @sw4ggypig my face isn’t that good tho @kayasmells @sw4ggypig omg pls @Retor7nt i know nothing about zodiac signs @Pope5Harry ur astrology sign doesn’t match mine😤 @WelshJordy oh nice! @legolover42 i’m bitchesbitches get hurt by one dude and hate that entire zodiac sign for the rest of they life @Spamtyx i had a really strange one tbf @pinkcloudangel i miss ur era selfies @tarnys_ @v7arb nobody is fckin u @tarnys_ @v7arb shut up dani just got called halal👩‍🍳 @v7arb liverpool???? @v7arb i’m blocking u garb. @bajabwast i will kiss u bitch @rezonxtions @Emxyaa @chiderrz i do it bc everyone is mean to me anyways</3 @Hailos_ let’s do it! @Wicks7er suck my c0ck @legolover42 @lvstys what did u do to me @Wicks7er quit lying to urself @liljaack u tryna disguise ur comment as confusion, i got ur game @legolover42 troy, just say you want me to moan ur name @Zatheria idk who u are but ur @ is cool @dqntknqw you’re giving me conflicted opinions rn @CeIyXO cely if i moaned ur name, i’d squirt again and i can’t wash my sheets again 😔😔😔 @impaIes good bye cruel world. @impaIes don’t comment i’ll tell lauren @5ekaa 15? @ilyVoss not happening ben. @5ekaa why did u comment ur 16comment n I'll moan ur name in dms @Hailos_ it’s ok jacob <3 @Kxstom @lvstys man ion care about saladshoutout to @lvstys for being the best persons ever <3 @Hailos_ i wish i was a sewer ratDad came to visit and brought a bunch of things I left at his place. First thing he says: “Alex why do you have th…
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i’m a victim @zngtr it’s pasta, tomatoes, cheese and dressing. i don’t think it’s that bad?😭 @ABigBeanBag yeah @zngtr it’s just lunch! @Kxstom @zngtr it’s literally pasta with sauce on it?😭 @SupplyCocaine i can’t have much milk so that’s not my fault</3 @_brzrk vag!na @HHepu i wish it was urs 🤤 @legolover42 i don’t know how to spell the words she just used do u think i know what they mean??? @legolover42 his reaction makes me scream every time i watch it @SupplyCocaine the cheese n tomatoes r at the bottom bc i hadn’t flipped the pasta yet @sprRed_ muc @SupplyCocaine no this is a snack, i call him a meal. @liljaack i miss him so much @Alexstreeb it’s literally cum @Alexstreeb pasta @legolover42 you did @chasegilbert555 i just licked my pasta 😖everything reminds me of him😔
@uziSev always too busy🙄 @Vrwhh yes yesBeing called a good girl just hits different
Retweeted by spooky scarly skeleton 👻 @priscyila_ i agree 😭 @lvstys buy me one and i will😵‍💫 @HHepu not spryyyy @lvstys yeh n then u left me for bo4 @lvstys LMAO @DupeTBE i’m good dup hby @DupeTBE hi dup @Inocennts stop😭 @Inocennts fuck u @Nyctxphobia the scratching makes me so uncomfortable @lvstys go on mw @lvstys wtf am i supposed to do with youwho’s not busy @samcaboodles so pretty 🥺🤦🏼‍♀️ not sure my zoom interview panel appreciated my sense of humor today
Retweeted by spooky scarly skeleton 👻 @aciidmami the album cover made me fall in luv w u
@AnimeBaddie not true @AnimeBaddie nothing beats an AnimeBaddie tweet @iamAlfiie screaming and throwing up bc i have to get a degree @RemusHere yeah:)ain’t it fun
Retweeted by spooky scarly skeleton 👻 @6BasedGodGod you broke my heartyou actually hurt my feelings but i’m probably never going to tell u that @balacaveese it’s okay qtpi @lanicole1045_ i was drinking my juice and choked 😭 @Daguar6 i actually respect it?😭 @lanicole1045_ who even knows @pearIdlver @caIIousIy you’re hot @legolover42 WHAT @WelshJordy i’m blocking her on everythingman of my dreams 🥵 @whilstful i did @scarI2t i miss you