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@palmtreehero I used to be a 2wink Stan for YEARS then alkaloid and crazy b hit me like a train.... They're... They… @palmtreehero HAHAHA THEYRE GOOD UNITS TO STAN THO one of the best in the games hehhh that's money well spentKhux is honestly being so generous with jewels lately but then they pull a MoM kairi making my heart confused while… @LezardNeos Yeah ikr... Her abilities are amazing but with khuxs inflation rate she might be replaced sooner than we think too..... @palmtreehero HELLO MY FRIEND I HAVE A LOT OF EMOTIONS AND SLEEP DEPRIVATION we haven't talked in a while HAHAHA I…'t there once like a year long gap of no main story updates?? For khux - like after strelis arc iirc? When they… @palmtreehero YUKA JSJFHAJIXJI know mom just came out like 2weeks ago but now I really want an update on a next kh game........ Or just a main story update pleaseKhux has such a horrible inflation rate for the medal stats /buffs I wonder why I still play this game actively(Khux) I'm wondering... Is the mom kairi medal worth getting - I saved enough jewels for 4 mercy pulls for the stai… was about to sleep and now... I'm wide awake........Fictional world my foot this is real lifeLike..... No wonder... Shibuya in kh... NO WONDERNow the graphics are 3d I wonder how that's gonna feel tho-Twewy gets a new game Kh fanbase : ROARS IN EMOTIONEVERY PAST TWEWY COUNTDOWN... THEY JUST RELEASE SOME REBOOT OF THE FIRST GAME... And out of nowhere BAM SECOND GAME AND ANIME//////HUMS TO TWISTER AGGRESSIVELY ON MY BED/////Honestly glad theyre using new characters bc the nekus story was concluded wonderfullySO IS THIS WHY.... SHIBUYA IN KH.....REJOICE TWEWY FANS, WE'VE WAITED THIS LONG LIKE MORE THAN A DECADESO THATS WHY THEYRE DOING THE ANIMEWE'RE ACTUALLY GETTING A NEW TWEWY GAME IN SUMMER IS THIS REAL LIFEWHATWAIT NEW TWEWY???? @VoicefromMars99 heya! no prob! as long as im credited go ahead! :) @VoiceofCross hello! no prob as long as I credited :) @rin_kkuma_ Awww thank you!!! <3i also want a golden retriever. but thats a different situation altogetheri want xiao...i really really want xiao...when he eventually comes I might max pull other news my cat is learning how to open doors and idk what to feel about itlol whoa twitter trend is treding with spoilers dont clickI do want to draw illustration styled fanart for genshin but....... the really bad experience with art theft is mak… i've been getting some new followers - hi I mainly talk about kingdom hearts most of the time but I am having… me clearing full combo in a stage in proud performer mode: is this what it feels like to defeat Yozoraabout family #GenshinImpact
not sure which one is worse- MoM versus proud mode with tricks on or proud performance mode
the new genshin meteorite quest is making my game really laggy oooof.....
@_Renzo_ nope i dont think it is tracks from the ost that just released recently on the same day as MoM (KH3+2.8+k… is S+ tier this baby too preciousi like how they put chirithy sounds in the versus mode............ it really feels like my partner from khux is with me in MoMonline mode is the battle of who has more rainbow perfects in a full chain @Yuusha312 yep, EACH TIME LOL AND ON PROUD TOOSSS full chain and i still player mode is brutal..................LOST AGAIN BUT IM NOT GIVING UP AAAAAAAAive been playing this person in online vs mode for 6 rounds now and ive lost 5 of them-- but I won 1 so im not givi… feel like the buttons on my controllers are going to die out pretty soon........ im glad i can just buy replaceme… play khux on phone and not tablet too so seeing high res khux kids is such a blessingall gold too no plati my luck is great todayI've pulled for khux+back cover for like at least 30 times now and more than half of the pulls are all just mom---… Finally got the boi!!! @ArchmageTolvan Ahhhh @ArchmageTolvan genuine question: is it a kind of condition or is it a 'just simply not good at this kind of games' thing?then again when i play its like my eyes see: Triangle + R +L my hands: A + R + LI genuinely wonder who the easy stages are designed for.... my guess is really younger kids? or older people?i feel like if i resize the bbs party down making ven's height equal to roxas' height.... axel would probably be al… only reason i can think of for why they put let it go in instead of the field and battle track for arendelle is… @Pixxz_ i actually liked arendelle's field and battle more than...let it i was a bit like 'hmmmmmm'… is so tall....................i keep on switching between days and bbs in the party selection page just to look at the character height compariso… think they were already generous giving us dont think twice and rise of the union...........I was already expecting the roxas+xion+the 13th struggle theme remix in KHIII (Hearts as one) to not be in it bc it… actually a bit sad that face my fears isnt in MoM but theres still a lot of songs in the game so i shouldnt be nitpicky but STILLimagine if the foretellers and mom's theme was on and it was just pure chaos lvl 99999 difficulty - that wouldve been nicei wish MoM had more khux and kh3+remind songs but I guess they were also releasing the ost at the same time too so they couldnt-
speaking of character themes i love how mom's personality is like :D while his theme is like chaotic piano noisesin MoM the track that actually made me feel the most was Rise of the Union--- ephe's face just keeps on flashing in… I used to play The 13th struggle on loop while just telling myself its axel's theme song loltfw theres a track named Xigbar but no track named Lea or AxelI gotta admit that lauriam made my appreciation of marluxia increase by like 1000xMoM has reminded me how much i like marluxia's boss battle themeI do wish we got to play riku a lot more though.....i remember back when i was playing kh3 i was kinda sad that sesalt content was so sparce even tho KHII was so roxas… ventus now has a CHIRITHY with him thats as close of a lead about khux info the gang can get HES RIGHT THERE TALK TO HIMI always thought nameless star was streli and the voice and her lines and the mannerisms (extremely polite) does su… at least i hope it does............The next game will most probably revolve heavily around khux content (some khdr possibly bc scala? HOPEFULLY) Namel… though roxas is soras nobody I think kh has legit just let his arc end- I would wish for more roxas and sora c… times like these that I really wish they put out khux+dr main stories more often, but I get that pacing them ou… expect ventus to play a big part in the next game (or at least I hope he does fldjhghkk)I cleared MoM!!!!!!!!!!!! it ended on a cliffhanger im laughing
Ngl MoM is doing a really good job of making me wanna replay all the games...............\『キングダム ハーツ』関連書籍📖 デジタル版配信開始/ 本日は『キングダム ハーツ メロディ オブ メモリー』発売日🎵 シリーズ関連書籍のうち6冊を電子書籍として配信開始しました✨ 各電子書店さまをご確認ください! #_KH
Retweeted by 可可里丝@摸🐟ingi do wish we get more of kaeya quests (not not just manga content) bc his story made him seem extremely shady and i wanna see that in-game @softbluesail 对啊……ar故事剧情和主线剧情的时间轴到底是……((还是不要想太多))I would really really like Diluc................. like...... pls...... i want himbut my heart still holds a special place for the xiangling-chongyun-xingqiu trio............. i really want chongyu… far my S-tier waifu/best bois are still: Aether, Venti, Xiao @softbluesail 我本来也以为他当时就会被KO了,结果好好的在大树下等着我们跟他谈剧情HHHHHH @weibosleep ohhhhhhh nice thanks!!!! @softbluesail 温迪就是一股小小只的风嘛,手穿过身体可能没物理上(?)的伤害吧HHHH (瞎猜) @softbluesail 对啊之所以不能翻译成“god”,不怎么准确……但翻译成archon和adepti之类的我头脑一下子转不过来……结果耳朵听着中文配音,眼睛看着英文字母结果一个字都没读进去HHH (之前在百度看过有说姐姐是崩坏来的) @softbluesail archon是温迪和钟离等级的神,原神在中文就是原神(如果我没记错的话) @softbluesail 可能仙人和风神等的神还是有差别的(仙位于神之下)可是用英文就很难说明神与仙之别了……再说游戏里的archon好像没到‘god’级别……还有一开始把主角们打趴的姐姐HHHHH 翻译这行果然很难啊 @softbluesail 最喜欢男主的!!((羞 @vvel_um Ahhhh I guess that does makes sense!!! @softbluesail THIS ^^^^^ 到底是谁翻译的HHHHHHh @juicep0x i mean even if he's like childe because... child... hes the youngest........... its still so weird right LOL @softbluesail 天啊……这天籁之声………止不住鼻血了……我已死了别抢救me playing liyue arc in chinese voice but eng sub bc my bro speaks english- chinese voice: complete normal cn fant…