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Racist Islamic Teachers? @MomodouTaal details his experiences of anti-blackness from his own teachers at Al-Azhar.…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿“a black officer was accused of being flown to England from Africa in a crate and taken to London zoo”But racism is… 6 people who got a peerage even though there isn't room for Dr John Sentamu. According to figures from…
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Our legacy will be about how we dealt with institutional racism as believers and changed the status quo, not how mu…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿I love the concept of close friends bc it’s not everybody that needs to know u like that lol
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿I had a lot of fun with this conversation. At the same time we covered a lot of ground in regards to very important…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿Super excited for this one!!
1) Thread: Is Islamic jurisprudence originalist? Short answer: huh? In light of ACB hearings, many have claimed Mu…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿If white racists are agreeing with your take on black issues... Perhaps your take isn’t it 👀You’d think the American constitution was a revealed text the way some Muslims are reacting to Amy Coney Barrett’s…
We don’t have mass incarceration. Mass implies that everyone is affected. We have hyper-incarceration of one partic…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿If, among the poorer sections of the major ethnic groups in Britain the two groups that are most culturally English…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿If you instil strong beliefs in people, when confronted with ideas, they can weigh them up in the ideological scale… Muslims who say that the far left is more of a danger than the far right, because the far right fight is ‘mer… media makes everyone seem more accessible and familiar but please, don’t get too comfortable. Have some respect.
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿In the grand scheme of things. It’s harmless fun that is following a TikTok trend. But whew, given historical conte…’ve always been an advocate of celebrities using their platform for good. But after seeing Ice Cube on Roland Mart… privilege and class privilege are not synonymous lol
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿 @_nadirahp ultimate test of your knowledge is your ability to convey it to another.
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"The fight for racial justice is a war" @MomodouTaal Excellent reflections from speakers at the Muslim Lawyers Ac…
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Stuck somewhere in between being upset @akalamusic isn’t as active on here as much as I’d hope but then being so ha… whole thread man! 🔥 is on point as always!!
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿Same 🤣 thread! For the time in images. A Visual representation of White Supremacy. this leftist that when was the last time you leftist house
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿“Look at the historical record. It’s a record of crimes and follies and greed, but it’s also a record of resistance… is toxic but Muslim Twitter is toxic(er). @IbnMosharraf @MuftiAbuLayth Lol, no one asked me about my view on offensive jokes and humour. But anyways, using m… @IbnMosharraf @MuftiAbuLayth You know full well you didn’t have to bring me in on this. Referencing anti-blackness…“All these _____ is my sons...”’s like instagram is trying it’s hardest to be the worst app
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But why is it true?! 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿Well done to all the Nigerians who have been protesting against SARS - those who made donations to fund organisatio…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿You criticize Noam Chomsky, yet you do so using language, which he invented.
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YES!!!! First date announced and a tour to be ANNOUNCED!!!! BUY YOUR TICKETS NOWWWWW!!!
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿“The Black Radical Tradition is, therefore, unique in its excessive capacity for resistance to the global order pre…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿That part!'t tell him but I'm really proud of this young man. Already an incredible leader and thinker! I'm excited to see…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿If only people took things ruling politicians say as seriously as things comedians say onstage. Then we would have…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿 @naveenaaxo @loneleonean Giving me.... vibes podcast out all major platforms...“Black people ain’t a monolith” = We can have differing views in how we achieve a common goal of empowerment and up…
2020 @MoTheComedian Love to see it! @Margari_Aziza Wait til they learn about the origins of the aqiqa in Islam... @Margari_Aziza Weirdos.My Patreon, support me so I can stop being mistaken for big Narstie at Lidl and get harassed at Waitrose instead
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿Law 1: Never outshine the master else was busy interpreting all the symbols on @Nabilu #NabilAbdulrashid 's jacket during #BGT2020 finals? That…
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Nahhhh this is epic!! for all the support guys. Didn’t get the “W” today but don’t worry.. the marathon continues. Love you all…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿 @JNouril Yeah**BGT SEMI-FINAL** Croydon’s very own Nabil makes his way to Britain’s Got Talent’s Final after a hilarious yet co…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿I’m voting @Nabilu tonight! #NabilMustWin @kreptplaydirty Riding roun’ on ponies - Munya 🐎Why is #EndSARS trending and why are @JohnBoyega and other celebs tweeting about it?
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿 @thetwerkinggirl I will be joining you...!
“I arrived in Accra yesterday from Lagos, Nigeria. The natural beauty and wealth of Nigeria and its people are inde…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿I pray one day I can as a comedian do what @Santandave1 @Wretch32 and @akalamusic do through music
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿If economic conditions play a role in radicalisation... Given the way minorities are treated in America. There woul… and Brown people all over the country live in far greater poverty and aren’t radicalized into kidnapping a Go…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿If economic circumstances are to blame, why don’t we find Black folks plotting to kidnap a Governor?😐 Oh. Maybe it…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿Episode 4 of The Malcolm Effect on black male body positivity... don’t know who needs to hear this but you can have a preference without putting down other races...I’m not crying. You’re crying 🥺 @_nadirahp! Lol Republicans
Are you #TeamNabil?! We are trying to rally a big community of people to vote for @Nabilu and join the team! If you…
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿“My therapist said” is just the “My mama said” of adulthood
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿No one produces more meme content than Dr. Umar Johnson 🤣🤣😭Soooooo.... BLM are the extremists and anarchists, but it was white right wing extremists who hatched a plan to kid… Rights movement in color
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿This was my statement read at the press conference held in front of The United Nations Today #Election2020
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿Episode 3 of The Malcolm Effect is now on YouTube one: Absolutely No One: Joe Rogan: Have you tried psychedelics? 👀Listen in if you haven’t already @loneleonean I know 😭🤣The devil works hard but Munya Chawawa works harder... #ChipvsStormzyI. Have. Written. My. Name. In. The. Email. Why. Are. You. Still. Spelling. It. Wrong?
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿It's like mother nature is trying to tell us something
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿Yeahhhh, THAT POC NEEDS TO BE DROPPED. when non-black POC compare Black people to flies in order to get retweets, all whilst thinking they’re cool.…***sees an insect*** “This reminds me of blacks! I’m very clever.”
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿If racism is a disease, will it be treated as a preexisting condition?
Retweeted by Young Malcolm ✊🏿 @al_quraiish I think we can both agree that this is what we call... A bad take. 🤦🏿‍♂️ @al_quraiish To be honest, it speaks to anti-blackness that is, unfortunately, entrenched the minds of many. Alhamd… @al_quraiish I think that’s very minor. It doesn’t apply to all. It’s like if someone says “white people” or “men”… @al_quraiish She later qualified what she means and it’s do with anti-blackness. It’s very hard to defend people yo… @al_quraiish There’s definitely a context here. And without speaking for her. I sense it comes from a place of frus…’s crazy how no other people are confronted with the question of picking their race or religion to be identified…